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The Villa Pulse - PDF by wuyunyi


									                                S T. J O H N ’ S V I L L A
                                                                                                          Volume 15, Issue 1

             The Villa Pulse                                                                                 January 2008

                                         “Giving Hope for Life”
                                            March 8, 2008
Everywhere one grows at St. John’s,          Sister Helene Mertes and Scott Mon-        members can place advertisements.
there are so many signs of Giving            tavon (Sister Elaine’s nephew from         Pages will be 8 ½ X 5 ½ inches.
Hope for Life! From the youngest             Chicago) are devising a wonderful          ($25 for a 1/8 page ad, $50 for a 1/4
child in the Growing Tree Day Care           menu for this event.) Scott provides       page ad, and $75 for a 1/2 page ad)
learning to walk and talk to the Adult       wonderful dinner menus throughout          Please give a call to Sister Elaine
Day Care for elders who need a good          the Chicagoland area, and will cer-        Weber to set up the space, or St.
deal of physical support and under-          tainly do it again for St. John’s.         John’s can do it for you, if you wish.
                                             Committee members will be working          The evening will again be a wonder-
This year’s event will be directed by        at collecting items for the event. All     ful one beginning at 5:30 p.m. It is
Bill and Darlene Wachsman with the           items are acceptable. IF YOU HAVE          intended not only to entertain our
aid of Matt and Teri Blakney as co-          ANY ITEM/S THAT NEED TO BE                 friends and supporters, but also to
chairs. With this event, the responsi-       PICKED UP, DON’T HESITATE TO               provide assistance to the people
bility will be turned over to two young      CALL ST. JOHN’S AS ITEMS CAN               served at the Villa. A fee of $50
couples who bring a brand new form           BE PICKED UP WITHIN A 75-MILE              entitles the guest/s to the dinner and
of leadership and energy. Both cou-          RADIUS OF ST. JOHN’S.                      submission of bids on items. Please
ples have siblings who are residents of                                                 write or call for tickets. Reserva-
St. John’s.                                  Since so many of the Villa friends live    tions are required. You won’t want
                                             at a distance and would still like to      to miss out on the fun! Call Sister
Although, St. John’s continually pro-        participate, this year we will once        Elaine Weber or Susan Williamson
vides quality service to all the people      again be selling tickets for a special     at 330.627.9789
served here at the Villa and their fami-     drawing to be held the night of the        for information.
lies, the committee recognizes the           auction. The drawing will provide
wonderful work done with the Spirit’s        three prizes at $500, $250, and $100,
guidance. At the same time, the com-         respectively awarded to the winners.
mittee recognizes the need for contin-       Complete the form available on this
ual updating and replacement of              page. If you choose to
needed furnishings and equipment.            purchase more than one                St. John’s Villa Auction Drawing
                                                                               3 Chances to WIN (1 ticket $25 - 5/$100)
The funds generated at the fund-             ticket, and the committee
raising event of the Villa are intended      hopes you will, St. ________Tickets. Amount Enclosed $___________.
to increase quality of life for all the      John’s Villa staff will fill
people served daily at St. John’s!           it out for you. (Tickets Name_________________________________________
                                             will also be available the
Rev. Ronald Klingler of St. John the         night of the auction for Address________________________________________
Baptist Parish and his parishioners in       purchase. Winners need
Canton have been extremely gracious          not be present for the City_________________________________ State_____
over all these years to host this event at   event.)                      Zip_____________ Telephone: ____________________
their parish center! In addition, the                                                  Tickets will be filled out by Villa staff.
Villa greatly enjoys this relationship!      At this auction, busi-                 If you have questions or concerns please call
Again this year, the parish is allowing      nesses, companies, sup-        Sister Elaine Weber or Susan Williamson at 330-627-9789.
                                                                               The three prizes will be $500, $250, and $100.
St. John’s to use this wonderful space.      porters, and/or family
                                      Presidents Perspective
                                             same time that we see our resi-        love and support you give to all of us
                                             dents aging, we also realize           here at St. John’s Villa. Without you and
                                             parents and family members             your support, love, and prayer would not
                                             are aging. These needs per-            be what it is today.
                                             vade our days and all we do at
                                             St. John’s.                            The driving force of our mission is the
                                                                                    prayer of St. Francis of Assisi:
                                              It is exactly in this very arena
                                              that we experience the tremen-        Lord Jesus, make me
                                              dous compassion our people            an instrument of your Peace.
                                              have for one another. At the            Where there is hatred,
                                              same time, we see the people in         Let me sow Love
        Sister Elaine Weber, O.S.F.           our Adult Day Care needing              Where there is injury, Pardon
                 President                                                            Where there I doubt, Faith
                                              more support and assistance in
As we end 2007 and prepare for a          differing areas. The panorama of            Where there is despair, Hope
new year, we at St. John’s are aware      life comes into our view each day           Where there is darkness, Light
of the multitude of gifts that have       as we deal with the challenges of           And where there is sadness, Joy
come to us in a million different         each person. Support is clearly
ways. The residents of the Villa are      visible in each of our caregivers to      O Diving Master,
preparing for the Christmas season        meet the needs of each person.               Grant that I may not so much
and are well aware of the meaning                                                      seek to be consoled as to console,
of Christmas.      Their simplicity       The other side of the equation bal-          to be understood as to
along with that of the children in        ances out as the staff who support           understand,
daycare and adults who are in need        all these people derive a great deal         to be loved as to love; For it is in
of support and care in the Adult          of satisfaction going home at the            pardoning that
Day Care provide a multitude of           end of any shift fully aware of the          we are pardoned,
reminders of the beauty of life to all    needs and love that flow both di-            and it is in dying that we are
of us.                                    rections in each of these situations.        born to eternal life.
                                          St. John’s is truly a family of peo-                    Saint Francis of Assisi
There is so much to be thankful for       ple caring for each other in time of
and yet, a lot of concern for others.     need and support.
                                                                                    May your new year be filled with all the
As we gather as a community in                                                      gifts you and your loved ones most de-
prayer every Tuesday afternoon,           You, our friends and supporters,
                                                                                    sire and need!
staff and residents bring to our          provide the impetus to us to serve
prayer their concerns and support         our people. Our prayer for each of
for one another and for all those         you is that you may be blessed
who are in need of prayer. At the         abundantly in return for all the

                        Massillon Dinner—April 26, 2008
Once again, Bobby David, loyal            Youngstown Diocese graced the
friend of St. John’s Villa, makes         guests with his presence. There
preparations for a festive event to be    is no doubt that a very special
put in place for this annual affair. It   treat will be arranged for this
will again be held at Shady Hollow        year’s event. Bobby thanked
Country Club. The event normally          him for his appearance and
always brings tremendous pleasure         donned him with a Massillon
to the patrons.                           Tigers Cap.

At the same time, Bobby comes up          Bobby has been a true friend to         Sr. Consolata Kline, Bishop George Murry,
with a wonderful treat of entertain-      the Villa since 1998. Mark                  Sr. Elaine Weber, and Bobby David.
ment. Last year, the newly ap-            your calendar today for the
pointed Jesuit Bishop of the              April 26, 2008 event.
                        Resident Spotlight—Robin Reynolds
                                            Robin’s Mom & Dad past away in              look at and share pictures that she
                                            the last two years. Mr. & Mrs. Rey-         gets from home. Robin also enjoys
                                            nolds were great friends of St. John’s      spending time with her friend
                                            Villa. Her sister, Jennifer Garrett         Georgie.
                                            who lives in Cincinnati is Robin’s
                                            guardian. Robin’s sister Stacey             Robin maintains a busy schedule
                                            Zelina lives in Columbus, Ohio and          working at St. John’s Villa Balloon
                                            brother Jeff lives in Montana.              Shop Monday through Friday
                                                                                        where she packages balloons. She
                                            Robin will tell you she lives in            works on building her skills in rec-
                                            House A where her favorite staff            ognizing coins and identifying the
                                            work. She participates in all house-        days of the week with the habilita-
Robin has been part of the family at St.    hold tasks with unloading the dish-         tion dept.
John’s Villa since 1967. She was born       washer being her favorite.
in Akron, Ohio to William & Elsbeth                                                     Robin has grown up at St. John’s
Reynolds. Robin is the 2nd of 4 children.   Robin enjoys going out to eat, to the       Villa and her smile will most cer-
She has a very close relationship with      movies, watching movies at home             tainly warm every heart that has
the members of her family. They keep        and going to the zoo. Her favorite          the opportunity to see it.
in contact with phone calls, cards, and     pastime is to spend time with her
many home visits throughout the year.       family. She loves children, likes to

                                       2007 Fall Walk-a-thon
The St. John’s Villa Seventh Annual          tractor for anyone who
Fall Walk-a-thon event that was held on      wanted to enjoy another hay-
October 20th was a great day of fun for      ride. The weather was beau-
all who joined us.                           tiful and with the changing of
                                             the color of the trees, St.
Several groups joined together for a         John’s grounds glowed with
walk in the woods that surround the          magnificent color and all out
grounds and enjoyed seeing some wild-        beauty.
life on their adventure.
                                             God bless
Exciting activities were planned for the     each of
day, such as the hayride, a bean bag toss    our spon-
game, and a Mad Scientist Interactive        sors who                                                       Above: Becky
Presentation. All had a wonderful time       h a v e                                                      Easterday and her
teaming up for each activity.                been such                                                     Grandmother had
                                             a won-
                                                                                                           a wonderful day.
At noon, everyone shared a lunch of a        derful
hot dog or coney, potato chips, cookies,     support                                                       Left: Everyone
and fruit. After the meal, Joe Gorrell,      to     this                                                  enjoyed a hayride.
maintenance supervisor started up the        event!
                          Mercy Medical of Canton—A Ministry of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine
                                     Truck Sales and Leasing, Inc.—Midvale
                                            Whitacre-Greer Company
             Walter Bishop                          Medi-Wise Pharmacy                         McFadden Insurance
      Claude & Mary Pat Blubaugh                       Myers Tin Shop                         Joseph & Carol Naples
              Capital Fire                             Jennifer Garrett                     Schlabig & Associates, LTD.
           Beverly Chambers                          Dr. & Mrs. Girouard                        Josephine Schulte
            Lillian Coppola                        Sailing & Sue Hayward                           Mel Schumer
        Crown Heating & Cooling                      Jackson Insurance                         Dr. & Mrs. Scott Stine
         Gerald & Ginny Doyle                   Richard T. Kiko Agnecy, Inc. &                The Wachsman Family
      Furey Chrysler Dodge & Jeef                     Kiko Auctioneers                         Janice Walker-Pogue
                                                        Students understanding career
FAMILY SUCCESS —                                        choices to experience self sufficiency!
  A mission of St. John’s Villa                         A Family Literacy Program!

     As we moved into the Harry and Jeanette
  Weinberg Multi-Purpose Building in 2002, the
 Buckeye Career Center was looking for space to
 run an Even Start Program in Carrollton. It was
    so fitting to the Mission of St. John’s, Sister
Elaine made adjustments to the original plans of
    the building to accommodate the program.
    Even start, a government funded program,
     provides education and family living skills
                  to families in need.
  When the program began, immediately young
families (mostly single parent families with small
   children) began to participate. Their children
  were provided with daycare as they attended
classes to receive their GED certificate. They also     Dawn Nichols and Sister Elaine enjoying lunch with Heather Pistory
                                                          and Gloria Rogenski (participants) with Gloria’s Son, Dawson.
 receive a noon meal and eat with their children,
giving staff an opportunity for teaching parenting
                         skills.                      NOW…..
                                                      In 2006 the government discontinued funding for the pro-
                                                      gram. Seeing the need for such a program here in Carroll
                                                      county, Sister Elaine and the Board chose to continue the
                                                      concept, with help from the Sisters of Charity Foundation.

                                                       It is now called Family Success. Under the leadership of
                                                      Dawn Nichols, director, and Mindy Lutton, teacher, help is
                                                      continuing for even more families. In 2007 alone 59 fami-
                                                       lies and 50 children have been served. Transportation is
                                                         provided when there is a need for individual families.

                                                      Not only GED classes but also with the guidance of Mindy,
                                                      college courses on line help the students reach their edu-
                                                      cational goals. Evening classes are now offered. Recently
                                                       more young men have been participating. This sense of
                                                       accomplishment and self-esteem will give these families
                                                               a great start on life and independence.
  Mindy Lutton, Teacher, at work assisting
  Laura McGinnis with her learning goals.
                                                                                                  This story is one
                                           It such a                                             of many that have
 Heather thanks God for                 pleasure to see                                            come through
 allowing all of her life to          Heather bringing
                                                                                                  Family Success!
                                                                                                 A chance to hope
unfold as it did so that she          her children to the                                          for life, giving
 is now prepared to help                Growing Tree,                                                success to
others in similar situations            neatly dressed                                            individuals and
     with compassion                  with such pride in                                        take families out of
                                       her family and in                                        the mire of poverty
    and understanding.                      herself!
                                     A Family Success Story — Reaching for the
                                     Heather Pistory started with the Family Success Program (previously
                                     called Even Start) in 2004. At that time she had a 6-month old baby and
                                     a child of 3 years with no high school diploma and in need of many
                                     Heather worked diligently to get her GED as her children were cared for
                                     in the Growing Tree Daycare. With the help of Dawn Nichols and
                                     Mindy Lutton, she not only met academic success but received a great
                                     deal of help in parenting skills and in self esteem She received her GED
                                     and was accepted into the National Adult Education Honor Society!
                                     But she did not stop there. She now has an associate degree in
Heather’s                            business, and is continuing to go to school to get her BA in Human
Background History                   Service Management from the University of Phoenix. She is now active
                                     in her church and teaches Sunday School there. Heather is also a repre-
  Heather has lived with her 5       sentative for the Head Start program.
siblings (now ranging from ages
       28 to 6 years of age)
      in 39 different homes.
 The family moved two times a        Heather chose to come to the program so that she
   year. She attended 8 public       could be an example to her children and to prove to
schools in 4 years, in foster care
for 2 years then home-schooled.
                                     herself that she could do it.
Her mother married 3 times. Her
 step-father was physically and
 verbally abusive. She delivered     Today... her three sons are enrolled in the Daycare program,
 newspapers when she was 9 to        Kaleb in the summer latch key program, Hadden in preschool
       help feed the family.         receiving assistance from the ELI program (Early Learning Initiative)
                                     and Ethan in the toddler room.

                                                                      Heather at her computer at Family
 Of her six siblings, she and                                          Success Class. When talking to
her sister Emily are making a                                             others, Heather exclaims!
    difference and hoping                                                 “ I found this great
        to influence the                                                       program in
      rest of the family.                                             my area that helped me with
                                                                       education and a chance to
                                                                              better myself;
                                                                         St. John’s Villa Family
                                                                           Success Program”
  Heather, her husband
      and her 3 boys
   now live in a 2 room                 Her husband lays bricks when there is work available.
       mobile home.                            The two of them sell firewood in the winter
  They are buying 2 1/2               and sell vegetables in the summer to help make ends meet.
       acres of land                   She is now ready to join the work force if the opportunity
     and plan to build                    comes, meanwhile she is continuing her education
   as soon as they can.                  and being a mother making a good life for her family.
     EDUCATIONAL                                       Mother’s Day China Drawing
    OPPORTUNITIES                                  Enjoy 8 settings of Mikasa
                                                   “Parchment” China (including —
October 18th—Beth Devitt, Vice President of        dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl,
Finance, and Sandy Hawkins,          Director of
Residential Services attended a Medicaid Reim-
                                                   teacup, and saucer)! Also, a vegetable
bursement for Homemaker Personal Care semi-        bowl and a serving platter.
nar in Canton, OH. The seminar was sponsored
by ODMRDD.                                         In addition, the gift includes silver-
October 19th—Sandy Hawkins, Director of            ware: 8 sets of Julliard Oneida place
Residential Services, attended Annual MUI          settings and serving
Training in Carrollton, OH. The training was
sponsored by CCBMR/DD.                             pieces: slotted spoon,
November 7th & 8th—Dawn Nichols, Director          serving spoon, fork,                       The exquisite Mikasa
of Family Daycare & Education Services and         and a spatula.                             “Parchment” pattern
Susan Williamson, Assistant to the President                                                 and the Julliard Oneida
attended a Grant Writing and Resources training    The drawing will again                    silverware will make an
in Columbus, OH. The training was sponsored
by Zocklein & Associates.
                                                   take place on Mother’s                      elegant dinner table!
November 8th—Sister Helene Mertes, Director        Day. Chances will be sold at $5 each
of Vocational, Food Services, and Safety           or 5 tickets for $20. If you have any questions, they can be ad-
attended a Safety Council Meeting in Canton,       dressed to Susan Williamson or Sister Helene Mertes at 330-627-
OH. The meeting was sponsored by the Stark         9789.
County Safety Council.
November 19th—Beth Devitt, Vice President
of Finance attended OSHA 300 Log Training in           St. John’s Villa China Drawing—Coupon
Canton, OH. The training was sponsored by the
                                                                          (Donation $5.00)
Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce.
November 27th & 28th—Beth Devitt, Vice
President of Finance and Sandy Hawkins,            Please send __________Tickets. Amount Enclosed $____________.
Director of Residential Services attended a
seminar on Legal and Human Resource Issues
and Updates in Dublin, OH. The seminar was         Name___________________________________________________
sponsored by OPRA.
December 13th & 14th—Beth Devitt, Vice
President of Finance and Tammy Brown, Fiscal
Assistant attended a Locking Arms “Conquering
                                                   City____________________________________ State___________
ODMRDD Billing Through Unity, Determina-
tion, & Perseverance” training in Archbold, OH.
The training was sponsored by MRDD                 Zip______________ Telephone: ____________________________

                                    Santa’s Villa Helpers!
The Villa Woodshop and Creative                popular at tailgate
Crafts was been scurrying to fill or-          parties, it can be
ders from the Christmas catalog for            painted with your
wood products, cards, and baskets.             favorite team’s logo/
Besides that the Christmas fruit               colors. It comes with
cakes made by the restaurant are               regulation size “corn”
going fast! The Ohio Knights of                bags and game rules.
Columbus ordered 450 cards im-
printed. Many more large and small             Call the Villa for any
card orders were filled also. The              orders that you are
woodshop sold lots of angel hang-              interested in, either
ings!                                          from our catalog or the
                                               web site. Plans are        Neal Isherwood, Sabrina Seal and her son
Another new item being made in the             being made to take         Austin had a lot of fun playing ‘Bean Bag
woodshop is the game “Corn” also               cookie orders next          Toss’ with resident Becky Hinkle and
known as “Tailgate Bean Bag Toss:”             year!                         Supported Living’s Charlie Weir.
                          A Beautiful Way To Remember Loved Ones
                       When someone loses a loved one, it is often impossible to know what to say.

              A gift in memoriam to St. John’s Villa can be a beautiful way to express your condolences.
                Not only do you show that you care, but your donation will have a direct and positive
                               effect on the adults with disabilities living at St. John’s.

                    The Villa has a nice array of lovely memorial, sympathy, and get well cards.
                          Call Susan Williamson at 330-627-9789 for more information.
                                               October—December 2007
Joseph & Sophia Bushlow                William Reynolds cont...                        Betty Sells
   Mary Ann Bushlow                       Jennifer Garrett                                Rita Whitman
Cathy, Vittoria & Joseph Codispoti       Mr. & Mrs. John Garrett                       Don Smith
   Nick Codispoti                        Gordon & Carol Grober                            Bertha Smith
Janet M. DeVault                         Thomas & Kathleen Helmrath                    Trust
   Kennard D. DeVault                    John & Elizabeth Jossey                       Louis Mattevi
Nick Di Domenico                         Mr. & Mrs. Terry Malish                       Beatrice L. Miller
   Gabe & Donna Sciarretti               Laura Mann                                    James A. Pastore, Sr. Rev Trust
Albert & Eileen Dudek                    Amy Michalkeiwicz                             1,000 and Over
   Kathy Fabian                          Thomas & Mary Ellen Miller                    Chambers Family Foundation
The Ferraro Family                       Bob & Ann Olsen                               Ken Kekich
   Nick & Anna Sama                      Richard & Susan Scheu                         Sympathy
Antonio & Concetta Gatto                 Dr. & Mrs. James Stone                        Bill Berniard
   Nick Codispoti                        Melanie Welsh                                    Donna Sciarretti
Filomena Gentile                         Philip & Deanna Whitaker                      Prayer
   Mary Gentile                          Dave & Judy Williamson                        Marianne Fleming
Louis & Maria Crutina Gentile                                                             Kathy Fabian
   Mary Gentile                        The Sama Family                                 Debbra Kelly
Steve & Julia Ger                         Nick & Anna Sama                                Mrs. Eleanor Kelly
  Emily Minnich                        John Samsa                                      In Honor of
Stephen Ger                               Molly Samsa                                  Dolores & Vincent Castaldo
   Emily Minnich                       Richard Schulte                                    50th Wedding Anniversery
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Kekich                   Paul & Dolores Nelson                           Lillian & Frank Coppola
   Ken Kekich
Mr. & Mrs. John Kress
   Rita Whitman                                                                The Villa Family wishes to
Frank Minnich, Jr.                                                            express deepest and sincerest
   Emily Minnich                                                                    sympathy to the
Margaret Patterson                                                                family and friends of
   John Patterson                                                                     Bill Reynolds
Donna Pfolsgrof                                                                  Loving father of resident,
   Mary Lou Glaser                                                                   Robin Reynolds
The Pisani Family
   Nick & Anna Sama
William Reynolds
   Mark & Leslie Brereton
                                         Our thoughts and prayers are with you
   Mr. & Mrs. S. Bumgarner                       in this time of sorrow.
   Tom & Barb Daugherty & Family                      May you find
   Lucille Edwards                    comfort in knowing that we care and may the
   Edwards Accounting, Inc.                    sorrow of your heart be less
   Thomas Edwards                           difficult to bear. Be assured of
   Brian Fraley                             a remembrance in our prayers.
   Mr.& Mrs. Jared Friesner
               “Holiday Rejoicing”                                                          Residents
      with the children of the Growing Tree                                               Christmas Party
                                                   punch. We are so blessed
                                                   to be a part in so many chil-
                                                   dren and families lives.
                                                   Thank you to all for making
                                                   this a truly joyous occasion.

                                                          Below L to R:
                                                   September Wardell, Cassie
                                                    Lipari, Jennifer Gotschall,         Sam Monk enjoys time with Santa!
As you can see all the children really enjoyed       and Kaitlyn Wells gave a
          entertaining an audience.                 wonderful performance of         St. John’s Villa residents celebrated
                                                   choice songs from the movie       Christmas together on December
          (Well, almost all of them!)                  High School Musical.
                Aren’t they cute?                                                    15th. Everyone enjoyed a gift ex-
                                                                                     change, cookies, and punch. The big
The annual winter program                                                            surprise was when Santa came to visit
was held on December 7th                                                             and each of the residents had their
with approximately 200 peo-                                                          picture taken with him. Everyone
ple attending. The staff and                                                         enjoyed being together.
children spent many hours
practicing for their perform-
ances which included finger                                                          A special thank you to Mr. Monk for
plays, poetry, singing and                                                           helping make this another wonderful
dancing.     Afterwards the                                                          Christmas Season for residents and
families and staff shared in                                                         staff.
making crafts, followed by
fellowship, cookies, and

     St. John’s Villa                                                                           St. John’s Villa
      2008 Annual                                       Appeal                                   701 Crest Street
   Fund Raising Events                                                                            P.O. Box 457
                                                                                              Carrollton, OH 44615
     End of the Year Gifts                   St. John’s Villa requests financial
                                                                                              Phone: 330-627-9789
        Eleventh Annual                      gifts once a year, for all the people
                                             who are served at the Villa. Begin-
                                                                                               Fax: 330-627-4826
        Dinner/Auction                                                                       Website:
                                             ning on Thanksgiving day, this ap-
         March 8, 2008
                                             peal opens and closes the end of
  Massillon Women’s Dinner                   January. Each year our generous                   Published quarterly
          April 26, 2008                     benefactors help us to meet a goal of        President: Sister Elaine Weber
          Mother’s Day                       $50,000 for our programs. Your                   Contributing Writers:
         China Drawing                       generosity is very much appreciated.        Sr. Helene Mertes, Sandy Hawkins,
          May 11, 2008                                                                             Dawn Nichols,
       Sixteenth Annual                      God bless you for your generosity                    Sr. Elaine Weber,
           Golf Outing                       and best wishes for a peace-filled                and Susan Williamson.
       September 5, 2008                     and productive year! The family of
                                                                                            Photographers & Layout:
   Fall Festival/Walk-a-thon                 St. John’s prays for its benefactors
                                                                                             Sister Helene Mertes &
         October, 2008                                                                          Susan Williamson

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