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Watch out for that Bar_


									                                                                                 Summer 2011 Newsletter
                                                                                              Volume 3 • Issue 3

   Watch out for that Bar!
             By: Koren L. R.H. King Academy, member, Youth in Control, Youth Advisory Committee

As teenagers get older, wild house parties may no
longer be the preferred spot to spend a Friday night.   4. Don’t drink so much that you
Local bars, clubs, and classy lounges seem much            cannot make proper decisions.
more appealing, especially for graduates heading off        Being at a bar is a completely different environ-
to university. You may have heard these safety tips         ment than being at your own home or a friend’s
before, but do not simply disregard them thinking           place. It is too easy to get yourself into dangerous
they are common sense. Make the effort and follow           situations when you are so intoxicated you
through with these guidelines to ensure your                cannot think. “I was too drunk” is not an excuse.
own safety.

1. Don’t leave your drink behind.                       5. Know how much drinks cost
    Also do not accept drinks from strangers.
                                                           before you order.
    Spiked drinks are no joke! It is easy to get            Drinks are extremely expensive, and at the end of
    distracted and leave your drink unattended.             the night, you do not want to be paying a bill that
    There are people at the bar you do not know, so         is worth twice the amount of your cab ride home!
    this is a definite danger.
                                                        6. Do not give out too much personal
2. Make sure you go with friends                           information to strangers.
   who will not leave you.                                  Make sure your ID is safe. This tip is self
    Always go with friends you can trust and know           explanatory so you can be safe. This goes along
    will watch out for each other. If your friend is        with being aware of your surroundings.
    notorious for leaving spontaneously without
    notifying you, you may want to rethink your plan    Use these guidelines to get you in the mindset
    for the night.                                      of having a safe night out with friends.

3. Plan ahead and make sure you have                    Not long ago, there was an incident when two doctors
   a safe way of getting home.                          drugged a young woman at a downtown Toronto bar.
                                                        These shocking stories may seem as though they only
    Bring enough money for a cab ride home, or          appear in newspapers, but they can happen so it is up
    arrange for a pick up. Someone you just met at      to you to make the right decisions and choices. Take
    the bar doesn’t count!                              this list of advice to heart and show responsibility so
                                                        you can count on having an exciting and safe night!

 in control                                                       S u m m e r      2 0 1 1    Vo l u m e     3   •   I s s u e     3

   It’s not good for you even if Miley’s doing it!
                   By Aaron T., Woburn Collegiate, member, Youth in Control, Youth Advisory Committee.
 Salvia is a potent hallucinogenic drug, which is also known       Don’t be fooled into taking it because a friend offers it to
 as Magic Mint and Diviner’s sage, Salvia when smoked gives        you or you have seen something on u-tube. If somebody
 the user an experience similar to LSD, a very strong drug.        offers it to you, decline the offer and walk away.
 The effects of Salvia kick in five minutes after ingestion and    Better to be teased than to damage your body with a drug.
 last up to an hour.                                               As with all drugs, do not take Salvia since you do not know
 According to Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring             how it will affect your body. It could make you high or it
 Survey, 7.3 per cent of Canadians between the ages of 15-24       could put you in the hospital.
 have ounce used, or are currently using,Salvia regularly.         Party safe, be safe!
 Health Canada is proposing to add the plant Salvia
 divinorum to it’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

                                       Prom After Parties
                   By Welsen P,. Woburn Collegiate, member, Youth in Control, Youth Advisory Committee.
 Don’t feel comfortable at an after-party where there is           Here are some activities you can do after prom :
 alcohol? Well, why not host your own?
                                                                   	    •	Have	a	dinner	with	your	friends
 Round up some of your close friends and plan your own             	    •	Have	a	sleep	over	
 event before prom or organize an after-party. All you need        	    •	Movie	night	with	the	friends
 to have fun is a great attitude and your best friends!            	    •	Go	to	an	all	ages	club	event	with	your	friends
                                                                   Remember just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t
                                                                   mean you have to. Be a leader and make your own choice.

         Message from MADD Toronto Chapter
 MADD Toronto sends a big thank you to all the students            Toronto and MADD Canada websites. MADD Canada’s
 who participated in MADD events over the past year.               website has a specific section for youth with helpful
 Students helped us raise awareness about the dangers of           hints on “Safe Prom” and “Contract for Life”. If you need
 driving impaired by walking in the Canada Day and St.             statistics on impaired driving this is a great place to look.
 Patrick’s Day parades. Many students also volunteered             Due to the generous donations of LCBO customers,
 during MADD’s annual Red Ribbon Campaign in                       many schools were able to see MADD’s multi-media
 November, where they raised funds for the Chapter by              presentation “Shattered”, a powerful depiction of the
 handing out Red Ribbons at TTC stations. Special thanks           terrible consequences of driving impaired.
 go to the students and staff from Loretta Abbey and St.
 Joseph’s College who did an absolutely amazing job!               The 2011-2012 production, called “Damages” is close to
                                                                   completion and will again be a dynamic presentation. A
  MADD Toronto has many resources to help with school              preview will soon be available at Contact
 projects. Volunteers can speak to your class or attend            the National Office at this website to put your school on
 impaired driving awareness events. Our office can provide         the list for next year. We hope all your schools will get an
 materials, and there is useful information on the MADD            opportunity to see it.

S u m m e r       2 0 1 1     Vo l u m e       3   •   I s s u e      3
                                                                                                                     in control
     We are looking for new members for the Youth Advisory Committee!
                     By Aaron T., Woburn Collegiate, member, Youth in Control, Youth Advisory Committee.

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is a group of                          “Since I joined YIC I have learned quite a bit about decision
youth, assisted by two Toronto Public Health Nurses,                      making and substance abuse. They demonstrated the
who work together to enhance the Youth in Control                         consequences of certain actions and taught me that by assessing
(YIC) program.                                                            the situation and making choices accordingly I can reduce the
Why join the Youth Advisory Committee? Learn how to:                      risk of hurting myself and others during those hard-to-avoid
                                                                          occasions. YIC also taught me that the momentary gain from
	 •	 Make	a	difference	by	being	leaders	in	your	school/                   substance abuse does not outweigh the long term loss. Under any
     community by promoting YIC messages                                  circumstance, I should obey the law and not have peers pressure
	 •	 Create	and	publish	a	newsletter                                      me into doing something I am not comfortable with.”
                                                                          – Welsen P., Wobun Collegiate
	 •	 Facilitate	meetings
                                                                          “I have a learned a lot since volunteering with the Youth Advisory.
	 •	 Speak	in	public
                                                                          In particular, I learned quite a bit about alcohol poisoning and
	 •	 Network	with	other	youth	who	are	interested	                         the negative effects of drugs; issues that are present in everyday
     in YIC  issues                                                       adolescent life. The use of alcohol is talked about everywhere in
Share ideas, have fun and make friends!                                   high school, for example in the halls and classrooms. What struck
                                                                          me the most is alcohol poisoning. The symptoms are so subtle,
Take action on YIC program issues
                                                                          someone who has alcohol poisoning may look like they are just
What are the expectations?                                                resting when in actual fact they are unconscious. This was really
Attend three meetings throughout the 2011-2012 school                     shocking to me, because I thought, how can teens know if a person
year (snacks and TTC coupons will be provided)                            is sleeping or unconscious at first sight? If they are sleeping, you
                                                                          don’t want to make them up, but if you do not check up on them
Here’s what members for the 2010-2011 Youth Advisory
                                                                          they can die. Before, I thought that at most you would puke all
Committee have to say:
                                                                          the alcohol out and have a hangover. Now I understand that
“Despite the short time period as a new member, I have learned            alcohol poisoning can commonly lead to death if untreated. The
a lot regarding the cause and message of YIC. Discussing issues           Youth Advisory has taught me a significant amount about alcohol
with other members in the group, such as the dangers of binge             use, which is something for me to consider when I move on to
drinking, ways to party responsibly, and how to spot symptoms             university next year. Although I have only been to two meetings, in
of alcohol poisoning, has given me knowledge and expertise that           that time the Youth Advisory has affected my life positively.”
I can now bring back to my school environment. The group also             -- Aaron T., Woburn Collegiate
has opened my eyes to the rising issues involving alcohol and the
                                                                          “ ‘The consequences of today are determined by the actions of
younger demographic. This is important since gaining knowledge
                                                                          the past. To change your future, alter your decisions today.’ This
is the first step in achieving positive change. Being a part of YIC
                                                                          is a quote that I feel reflects the experience and knowledge that I
has made me aware of serious issues that my fellow peers must
                                                                          have gain from the program. We had discussions and workshops
also be knowledgeable of.”
                                                                          on how to make better decisions, which I believe can help many
-- Koren L., R.H. King Academy
                                                                          individuals to realize the consequence of their action on themselves
                                                                          and EVERYONE else. Without the program, I would not have
                                                                          been aware of many of the new laws and regulations that have
                                                                          recently been implemented.”
                                                                           -- Raymond D., Woburn Collegiate

 in control                                                    S u m m e r     2 0 1 1   Vo l u m e     3    •    I s s u e   3

 Thank you for participating in the Youth in Control program to promote safer partying and safer driving. These schools
 participated in the YIC program in the 2010-2011 school year.

  Albert Campbell
                                         Seed Alternative School                    Loretto College School
  Collegiate Institute

  Cardinal Carter Academy For the                                                   Madonna Catholic
                                         Serve Canada
  Arts                                                                              Secondary School

                                         Archbishop Romero Catholic
  L’Amoreaux Collegiate Institute                                                   Marshal McLuhan Catholic
                                         Secondary School

  Leaside High School                    Bishop Allen Academy                       Richview Collegiate Institute

  Malvern Collegiate Institute           Bloor Collegiate Institute                 Runnymede Collegiate Institute

  Mary Ward Catholic                     Father John Redmond Catholic               Sir Sanford Fleming
  Secondary School                       Secondary School                           Academy School

  Monarch Park
                                         Forest Hill C.I.                           St. Basil-the-Great College School
  Collegiate Institute

  Monsignor Fraser College
                                         George Harvey Collegiate Institute         St. Joseph’s College School
  (Isabella Campus)

  Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate
                                         Harbord Collegiate Institute               Ursula Franklin Academy

  Senator O’Connor                                                                  William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate
                                         Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute
  College School                                                                    Institute

  St. Joseph’s Morrow Park Catholic      Michael Power/St. Joseph Catholic          Western Technical
  High School                            Secondary School                           -Commercial School

                                         Loretto Abbey Catholic
  Woburn Collegiate Institute                                                       York Memorial Collegiate Institute
                                         Secondary School

 Once again, congratulations for all the hard work you did this school year.
 Have a safe and fun summer and see you all next year!

 Let’s stay connected!
 The	next	newsletter	will	come	out	in	the	Fall	2011.	We	would	like	to	include your	accomplishments	and	activities.	
 We are also looking for your creative ideas and suggestions to promote the safer partying and safer driving messages.
 Send in your ideas and articles to
 Visit our website for more information about the program and links to other sites.


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