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					                      SAINT FRANCIS HOSPICE (SHOPS) LTD

                                    JOB DESCRIPTION


REPORTS TO                                Operations Manager / Shop Manager
                             With customers and Volunteers working in the shop,
                             with the Operations Manager,
                             with the Office Manager
                             with the General Manager
                             and with the Link Director.
LINE MANAGER FOR                Volunteers working in the shop(s).


 The main purpose of the job is to manage the Charity Shop(s) by optimising sales and
 revenue generation and promoting the good reputation of the Hospice.
 The job incumbent will achieve this by :
    achieving sales targets,
  ensuring that the shop(s) are open during agreed core hours (which are normally from
     9am to 5pm each Monday to Saturday, except on Bank Holidays),
  ensuring that the premises are clean, safe and efficient with available merchandise
     being attractively and interestingly displayed,
  maintaining high standards of customer care and service,
  arranging with the Shops Manager for local collection of stock ,
  managing the handling, sorting and processing of all stock delivered to the shop(s),
  identifying stock which may be better sold if transferred elsewhere and arranging with
     the Operations Manager for its collection,
  cultivating good working relationships with Volunteers working in the shop(s),
  ensuring the maintenance of control systems at shop level,
  helping ensure that the local community can readily perceive that their donations of
     goods and their custom give support for the good work of their local Hospice and
  generally promoting the work of the Hospice.


   1. To achieve sales targets
   2. To encourage donations of quality items and “rags”.
   3. To act as key holder and to be responsible for out-of-hours emergencies.
   4. To ensure that daily/weekly banking of money and the accurate and timely recording of
       all stock & financial transactions affecting the shop(s) are in accordance with the Shops
       Company policies.
   5. To manage the handling, sorting & processing and, when required, the preparation for
       early display of all stock delivered to the shop(s).
   6. To identify stock which may be better sold if transferred elsewhere.
   7. To maintain the standard of items for sale; ensuring they are of the highest quality.
   8. To ensure appropriate pricing of items for sale, in line with the policy.
   9. To ensure appropriate rotation of stock by regularly checking items on display for sale.
   10. To arrange for the disposal of unwanted goods as appropriate; including the transfer of
      stock to other Hospice shops and the regular clearance of rubbish.
   11. To liaise with the Operations Manager concerning the shops’ needs for transport for
      the collection, delivery or transfer of goods.
   12. To report trading results to the Operations Manager and to share ideas for improving
      immediate proceeds (stock turnover, short term changes to pricing etc).
   13. To ensure at all times that all shop fixtures and fittings are kept clean and safe and that
      the sales floors are arranged to best effect ; such that goods are attractively displayed,
      including regular attention to the shop windows.
   14. To recruit, train and manage all volunteer staff; providing support, welfare & guidance
      as appropriate and as may also be directed by the Operations Manager.
   15. To arrange rosters to ensure that, throughout agreed opening hours, there is for the
      shop(s) sufficient cover of Volunteers for :
          the smooth sorting, distribution and display of stock,
          security on the sales floor and
          high quality customer care and service.
   16. To attend, normally at Head Office, regular meetings with the Senior Management and
      all other Shops Managers to discuss how the Shops Company is faring and how
      improvement plans can be taken forward.
   17. To co-operate with the Shops Manager to ensure notice boards and other information is
      up-to-date, including the display of Hospice fundraising materials promoting Hospice
      events and other activities.

   18. To keep fully appraised of all current policies, procedures, Codes of Practice and
      manuals, as approved by the Board of Directors, and to ensure compliance by
      Volunteers working at the shop(s).
  19. To comply with all Regulations from DTI, HSE and the Training Standards Authority,
      details of which are supplied by Head Office
  20. To identify hazards and to ensure that they are quickly remedied.

  21. To carry out weekly tests of fire alarms and to undertake local fire drills; as

   22. from time to time by the Fire Safety Advisor.
   23. To demonstrate at all times an understanding of the diverse needs of individuals and
        actively support equality of opportunity.


The job incumbent must maintain confidentiality, security and integrity of information relating to
staff and other Shops Company matters during the course of duty. Any breach of
Confidentiality may become a disciplinary issue.

It is the responsibility of all staff to be aware of their obligations in respect of the Data
Protection Act 1998.

The Shops Company is committed to the development of positive policies to promote equal
opportunity in employment and has a clear commitment to equal opportunities. All employees
have a responsibility to ensure that they understand the standards expected and that they
promote and adhere to the equal opportunity measures adopted by the Shops Company.

All staff must be familiar with the Health & Safety Policy Statement and be aware of their
responsibilities within this.

The Shops Company acknowledges its responsibility to provide a safe, smoke free
environment, for its employees, volunteers and customers. Smoking is therefore not permitted
at any point whilst on duty, in accordance with the guidelines set down within the No Smoking

The ‘Working Time Regulations 1998’ require that you should not work more than an average
of 48 hours in each week. For example, in a 26 week period you should work no more than
1,248 hours.

  Please note that this job description is not definitive or restrictive in any way. It is a guide to
  the responsibilities of the role. It may be reviewed, in consultation with the job incumbent, in
  light of changing circumstances and the changing needs of the Shops Company, as
  determined by its Board of Directors.

  The job incumbent will be expected to perform any other such duties as might reasonably be
  required by the Board and will work in accordance with all Shops Company Policies and


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