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									Global warming is the past ten years an item of debate though, the one
thing agreed upon is that the earth is hot. A pleasant definition is the
one that tells us that greenhouse gases are the cause of the warming of
the earth. The controversy continues into the cause of global warming and
how it will ultimately affect the earth. There is even some controversy
as to whether it exists. There is no argument as the rise in the earth's
temperature rose in the past hundred years, from 0.45 to 0.06 degrees

The controversy caused by those who believe and those who are skeptical.
Feel those who believe that greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide in the
atmosphere is a shield that traps the heat inside the atmosphere.
Temperature rise when increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere See

In the earth's temperature will cause the ice caps to melt and sea levels
rise. The earth's coastline will wash away and there is a fear of the
disease to human life and wildlife.

Those who do not feel that global warming is not a problem for the
environment and the increase in the earth's temperature is not a concern.
The earth's coastline will not disappear and the ice caps.

This graph shows that temperature rises in the middle of the twentieth
century the distribution of carbon dioxide. The graph also shows the
temperature fluctuations over time.

Arguments whether it exists or does   not exist much. The believers in
global warming felt that they prove   its existence by using computer
climate models. The believers state   that these models are not based on
facts and is therefore not reliable   evidence.

And so the arguments with one faction remains   declare that global warming
is something we should be concerned about and   is an issue that is not
taken lightly, and the other faction declared   that global warming is a
natural phenomenon and that there is no cause   for alarm .

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