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									                       April 2009

A Sporting Future for London
                       April 2009

A Sporting Future for London
Greater London Authority
April 2009

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Contents                        3

 Mayor’s Foreword           5

 Foreword by Kate Hoey      7

1 Introduction              9

2 The current picture      11

3 Delivering the Mayor’s
  commitment               17

4 London’s legacy goals    19

 Appendix A                39

 Endnotes                  41
4   A Sporting Future for London
Mayor’s Foreword                                                                        5

Now that the spectacular Beijing
Olympics are fading in the collective
memory like a firework on closing
night, the eyes of the world turn to
London as we prepare for the
2012 Games.

One of the main reasons we were
awarded the Games was that we
made a firm commitment to use them            work together – the 33 boroughs,
to transform the sporting landscape –         Sport England, the national governing
providing a lasting legacy of engaging        bodies of sport, and all those groups
people in sport and providing the             and organisations already doing
infrastructure and support necessary          wonderful things in our communities.
for them to enjoy it.
                                              With a co-ordinated effort from all
There are now just over three years           of us our goals can be realised, and
remaining until 2012, and this                a genuine legacy can be assured that
document outlines how we intend               will last long after the Games have
to achieve this. We will be doing             drawn to a close, securing London in
so because sport for sports sake              its position as the true home of sport.
should be celebrated. But we will
also be doing so because of the
huge benefits that it brings to our
community. Sport can act as a great
leveller – allowing people from all           Boris Johnson
backgrounds to come together and              Mayor of London
join in positive activity. It can help
our young people stay healthy, and
it can help tackle issues such as
obesity, academic underachievement,
and crime.

I am personally committed to making
sport and physical activity accessible
to all, and this is a rallying call for all
those involved with their delivery to
6   A Sporting Future for London
Foreword by Kate Hoey                                                                 7

Throughout my long involvement            bring about a sustained increase
in sport in London, I have been           in participation in sport and
humbled by the dedication,                physical activity.
innovation and enthusiasm of the
people at the grass-roots – those         The reality is that, despite all that
who go far beyond the call of duty;       has gone before, we face huge
giving up many hours of their             challenges of rising obesity and
time to provide opportunities for         falling participation. Our objective
participation to people of all ages.      must be to find new ways to engage
With this document, we are seeking        people of all ages, and to empower
to highlight some of this good work       our communities and clubs, acting as
and to set us on a path that will         a catalyst for genuine change. This
allow these people to do what they        plan provides a foundation on which
do best, bringing the great joy of        we all can build.
sport and physical activity to every
single Londoner.                          The new London Community Sports
                                          Board will provide a strategic forum to
From day one, the Mayor pledged           be the driving force. The key people
to provide new investment for grass-      from the public, private, voluntary
roots sport in London and now he is       and charitable sectors will ensure that
delivering on that pledge. At least       the proposals are delivered. It will also
£30 million will be invested into         be a focal point for sport in London
London over the next three years. As      and an independent-minded forum
Commissioner for Sport, I recognise       with the best interests of Londoners
that this commitment is unique – not      at its heart. With this in place; with
just in terms of the investment, but      the Mayor’s investment; and while
also in terms of the high priority that   sport speaks with one clear voice, I
he has given to grass-roots sport.        am confident that when the curtain
                                          comes down on 2012, every Londoner
This document has been supported          will feel that they have gained
by every key stakeholder. For             something worthwhile.
perhaps the first time, everyone
is pulling in the same direction,
determined to grasp the unique
opportunity afforded by the 2012          Kate Hoey
Olympic and Paralympic Games.             Commissioner for Sport
We believe that we can do what
no other Olympic City has ever done:
8   A Sporting Future for London
1 Introduction                                                                     9

1. Why we are publishing                   ring-fence £15.5 million over
this document                              the next three years for investment
London’s successful bid to host the        in programmes associated with
2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games          this plan.
was in no small part based around a
commitment to using the Games to           To maximise the benefits associated
transform the sporting landscape of        with this investment recipients
this country.                              will be required to provide match
                                           funding. This means that we will
It was hoped that the Games would          deliver more than £30 million of
be used as a catalyst to drive up          investment into grass roots sport and
participation across the country and       physical activity in London.
help to tackle issues such as obesity,
ill health and crime.                      4. Strengthening the link
                                           between sport and physical
There are now just over three years        activity
remaining until the Games start. With      This plan is about increasing
this document, the Mayor of London         participation in sport and physical
is seeking to play his part in ensuring    activity.
that the commitment is fulfilled.
                                           Whilst there are definitions of what
2. Aim                                     each of these mean, on the ground
To deliver a grass-roots sporting          the division is far more blurred.
legacy for Londoners from the 2012
Olympic and Paralympic Games by:           We recognise that for many people,
• securing a sustained increase in         particularly older people, physical
   participation in sport and physical     activity is an easier and more
   activity amongst Londoners              appropriate avenue. Initiatives such
• using sport to assist in tackling        as the Green Gym programme1,
   social problems including ill health,   which encourages outdoor activity,
   crime, academic underachievement        are hugely valuable in terms of
   and lack of community cohesion.         improving health, building self-
                                           confidence and, in some cases,
3. The Mayor’s investment in               providing a pathway into sport.
grass-roots sport and physical
activity                                   The nationwide NHS programme,
In January 2009, the Mayor directed        ‘Change for Life’2, which focuses
the London Development Agency to           on getting more people active is
10   A Sporting Future for London

                             supported by the GLA and by                This document is a call to work in
                             Sport England.                             partnership and to give added impetus
                                                                        to ongoing work.
                             The NHS has also produced a
                             promoting activity toolkit aimed at        It is clear from consultation that there
                             increasing levels of physical activity.3   is a need for greater co-ordination
                                                                        and collaboration across London.
                             NHS London is currently developing         A new strategic forum, the London
                             a health legacy plan aimed at              Community Sports Board, will be
                             increasing levels of physical activity     established by the Mayor to improve
                             amongst Londoners. Throughout              co-ordination of ongoing activity,
                             the consultation process, we have          drive delivery and monitor progress
                             worked closely with NHS London             towards meeting the legacy goals
                             to ensure that our approaches are          set out in section four. This will by
                             complementary. This will continue as       chaired by the Mayor’s Commissioner
                             we move forward towards 2012.              for Sport and will have representation
                                                                        from local authorities, Sport England
                             5. Moving forward in                       (in the form of a Ministerial nominee)
                             partnership                                and other key stakeholders. Further
                             There is much good work going on           details are set out in section three.
                             already in London. Local Authorities,
                             Sport England, UK Sport, the               There is likely to be a flurry of activity
                             LDA, the BOA, the five Pro-Active          between now and 2012 at a national
                             Partnerships4, the Youth Sport Trust,      and local level, with new initiatives
                             the national governing bodies of           being developed and launched. More
                             sport, voluntary groups and a number       widely, the landscape in the lead up to
                             of other organisations all have plans      2012 is likely to change considerably.
                             affecting grass roots sport in London.     We will be flexible in our approach
                                                                        and regularly review and update what
                             Primary Care Trusts are also growing       we do to reflect the changing picture
                             more aware of the value of investing       across the UK and London.
                             in sport and physical activity as a
                             means of ‘preventative medicine’.
                             The Mayor has already initiated
                             discussions aimed at developing the
                             role of PCTs in this area.
2 The current picture                                                                11

1. Ongoing work                             badminton, judo, table tennis and
                                            volleyball by 2012
Department for Culture, Media             • the second National School Sports
and Sport (DCMS)                            Week and the fourth School
The DCMS document ‘Before, during           Games, to be held in summer
and after: making the most of the           2009; and
London 2012 Games’5 sets out key          • ‘International Inspiration’ – a global
objectives for London 2012 partners:        programme aiming to get more
• making the UK a world-leading             children participating in sport.
  sporting nation
• transforming the heart of               Local Authorities
  east London                             London’s local authorities fund and
• inspiring a generation of               deliver more sport than all the other
  young people                            ‘sporting’ agencies put together.
• making the Olympic Park a               They have increased their spending
  blueprint for sustainable living; and   on sport and recreation from £836
• demonstrating the UK as a creative,     million in 2006/07 to £93 million in
  inclusive and welcoming place to        2008/09. In addition, they invest
  live in, to visit and for business.     huge sums on the renovation and
                                          development of facilities.
In January 2009, the DCMS
published its ‘London 2012 Olympic
and Paralympic Games Annual
Report’. In respect of sport, key
progress areas included:
• the DCMS Free Swimming
   Programme for the over 60s
   and under 16s, to commence in
   April 2009
• national governing bodies Whole
   Sport Plans to be implemented
   from April 2009 using Sport
   England funding
• the Premier League 4 Sport
   scheme, involving the 20 Premier
   League clubs, that will begin work
   to get 25,000 more children and
   young people participating in
12   A Sporting Future for London

                             Amongst other things, London             Voluntary and Charitable sectors
                             boroughs are the primary funders         The many voluntary sports clubs,
                             of the annual London Youth Games         coaches and other community
                             where 20,000 boys and girls represent    organisations already deliver huge
                             every borough in thirty sports.          sporting opportunities to Londoners
                                                                      at little or no cost to the public purse,
                             London Councils is also a primary        either independently or in partnership
                             funder for the London Sports Forum       with local authorities on whose
                             for Disabled People.                     facilities they play.

                             Local authorities are investing a        Clubs are the delivery arm of the
                             large amount of their own budgets        governing bodies of sport and work
                             in delivering the government’s Free      together in London through the
                             Swimming Programme.                      London Federation of Sport and
                                                                      Recreation and organisations such as
                             Thirteen boroughs have signed up to      London Community Sports Network
                             NI 87, on adult participation in sport   and London Active Communities.
                             and active recreation; an additional
                             two boroughs having signed up to         There are also many independent
                             local targets.                           charities, such as Greenhouse, that
                                                                      draw resources into grass roots sport
                                                                      and deliver invaluable programmes
                                                                      that increase participation and
                                                                      provide sport-based interventions
                                                                      both locally and Londonwide.

                                                                      The Private Sector and
                                                                      Despite the recession many private
                                                                      sector companies continue to support
                                                                      grass-roots sport, both financially
                                                                      and with services in kind. Many of
                                                                      them have been consulted in relation
                                                                      to this document and the Mayor
                                                                      is looking forward to seeing their
                                                                      continued engagement as we move
                                                                      towards 2012.

Sport England                            to 2012-13. This will be achieved
In June 2008, Sport England              through activities identified in their
published its 2008-2011 strategy.        ‘Whole Sport Plans’, which have
This set out an overarching aim to       been agreed with Sport England
build the foundations of sporting        and became operational from April
success through ‘the creation of         2009. Sport England has also set
a world leading community sport          aside around £55 million per annum
system in England’. The key outcomes     for other funding activities including
were identified as:                      facilities, small grants, innovation and
• Excel: developing and accelerating     some ‘themed rounds’.
• Sustain: tackling the drop off         We estimate that the national target
   in sport                              of one million people doing more
• Grow: increasing participation         sport by 2012 means around 150,000
                                         people in London.
As part of its strategy, Sport England
is committed to delivering:              Youth Sports Trust
• one million people doing more          The Youth Sports Trust (YST) and
   sport by 2012-13                      Sport England are responsible for
• a reduction in post-16 drop off in a   delivering the ‘Five Hour Offer’ to
   least five sports by 2012-2013        all school pupils in England. The
• a quantifiable increase in             five hours is made up of two hours
   satisfaction (measure to be           each week of sport and physical
   determined)                           activity within curriculum time and a
• a major contribution to the delivery   further three hours per week outside
   of the Five Hour Offer engaging       school hours.
   more 5-19 year olds in sport.
                                         Sport England works very closely
Each year £120 million has been          with the YST to deliver the ‘out of
allocated to national governing          curriculum’ elements of the Five
bodies to deliver these outcomes up      Hour Offer.
14   A Sporting Future for London

                             With the School Sports Partnerships        time that might otherwise be used to
                             and Sport England the YST has              play sport.
                             identified five key themes to help
                             deliver a sporting legacy from 2012.       3. Participation rates in London
                             They are:                                  There is a wide variation in levels
                             • coaching                                 of participation across London (see
                             • competition                              participation map below). Overall,
                             • school/club links                        adult participation in sport and active
                             • young people leading the way; and        recreation is at 20.2 per cent8, whilst
                             • innovation in delivery.                  participation in sport alone is 16.6 per
                                                                        cent. Almost half of the population
                             Many of the goals and objectives set       is classified as being ‘inactive’ (less
                             out in this plan are closely aligned       than 30 minutes moderate intensity
                             with these five themes and the GLA         exercise in the last 4 weeks). In a
                             will look to add value to the work         national context, the London region
                             already being done by the YST and          has the second lowest levels of
                             Sport England.                             participation of any region.

                             2. The London context                      4. Overweight and obesity
                             London has many characteristics that       In London, 20.8 per cent of 10-11
                             make it challenging for the delivery of    year olds in London are obese. The
                             grass roots sport and physical activity:   concentration of prevalence is in
                             • Social: a high population density        the inner London and east London
                               and an extremely diverse range of        boroughs.
                               citizens and communities
                             • Economic: areas of wealth                Forty two per cent of men and 26
                               alongside areas of deprivation           per cent of women in London are
                             • Political: an elected Mayor and          overweight, whilst 17 per cent of men
                               a London Assembly, 32 local              and 20 per cent of women are obese.
                               authorities and the Corporation          Similar inequalities between London
                               of London who work together on           boroughs also exist.9
                               matters of common interest via
                               London Councils.                         The Mayor is currently developing a
                                                                        Health Inequalities Strategy aimed at
                             In terms of the impact on time for         tackling these issues. The proposals
                             sport, the population is significantly     set out in this strategy will help to
                             transient and commuting consumes           shape the Mayor’s investment in grass
                                                                        roots sport and physical activity.

                                                                                     Harrow                                                              Forest
                                                                                                    Brent                               Islington Hackney
                                                                                                                          Camden                                                Barking and
                                                                                           Ealing                                          City of   Hamlets
                                                                                                                          Westminster      London



                                                                                                                 ns he

                                                                                                                 Ha nd F
                                                                                                                   ing ls

                                                                                                                    mm ul
                                                                                                                      to ea

                                                                                                                       ers ham
                                                                                                               Ke nd C mith
                                                                                Hounslow                                                                                              Bexley
                                                                                      Richmond                                                         Lewisham
                                                                                                    Kingston                                                                                          Regions

© Crown copyright. All rights reserved Sport England 100033111 2009.
                                                                                                    Thames                                                                                            County Sport Partnerships (CSP)

                                                                                                                                                                       Bromley                        Local Authority (LA)

                                                                                                                          Sutton             Croydon                                           APS2 KPI1 - Participation
                                                                                                                                                                                               Quantile classification
                                                                                                                                                                                                      13.3% - 19.4% (low)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        boroughs (Sport England Active People survey 2007/08):10

                                                                                                                                                                                                      19.5% - 21.7% (low-m iddle)
                                                                                                                                                                                                      21.8% - 23.8% (m iddle -high)
                                                                                                                                                                                                      23.9% - 30.9% (high)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Participation rates in sport and active recreation across London’s
16   A Sporting Future for London
3 Delivering the                                                                       17

Mayor’s commitment

1. A new strategic forum                   2. Key delivery partners
for London                                 The GLA is a strategic body, not a
A new forum, the London Community          frontline delivery agency. Equally, there
Sports Board, will supersede Sport         is no plan to expend valuable resources
England’s London Sports Board. The         on establishing any new delivery bodies
Mayor’s Commissioner for Sport will        to implement the Mayor’s ambitions for
act as chair.                              grass roots sport.

Its key roles will be:                     With this in mind, the next stage will
• collaborating with key delivery          be the appointment of key delivery
   partners on the development of          partners, with a proven track record
   action plans for delivery               and an understanding of the sector,
• monitoring progress on the               which will be tasked with:
   implementation of these plans           • delivering programmes associated
• supporting the delivery of                 with the principles set out in this
   stakeholders’ existing aims and           document
   objectives                              • supporting existing networks and
• identifying further ways to align          building new ones to ensure better,
   policies, activities and resources        more co-ordinated provision of
• providing advice to the Mayor to           grass roots sport in London.
   shape policy and decision making
   at national 2012 forums (eg             Selected partners will work with the
   the Olympic Board and the new           GLA Sports Unit and the London
   National Sport Legacy Board)            Community Sports Board to develop
• advising the Mayor about GLA             detailed action plans and timescales,
   policies and future sporting            setting out exactly how and when
   priorities for London.                  the Mayor’s investment in grass roots
                                           sport will be delivered.
Membership of the board will be
confirmed by 31 May 2009.                  Delivery partners will report directly
                                           to the London Community Sports
The Mayor’s Commissioner for Sport         Board and will be required to ensure
will convene the first meeting in June     ongoing monitoring and evaluation of
2009. Its first task will be to finalise   the tasks they are to undertake.
recommendations to the Mayor on the
arrangements for the appointment of
key delivery partners.
18   A Sporting Future for London

                             3. New Media                              deliver information on opportunities
                             Key to the delivery process is ensuring   for participation in sporting and
                             that information is disseminated as       cultural activities to people of all ages.
                             effectively as possible to specific
                             target groups. In recognition of this,    The GLA will actively promote the
                             the GLA is exploring a number of          Department of Health’s physical
                             possible means of using new media         activity toolkit as a means of
                             to engage with Londoners and              disseminating information about
                             encourage participation.                  physical activity.

                             The Mayor has given his support to        The Mayor recognises the huge
                             the Active London web portal being        potential of social media outlets for
                             developed by the five Pro-Active          disseminating targeted information
                             Partnerships. This will provide a         to specific groups of people and for
                             comprehensive database of sports          building participation networks. Sport
                             clubs and facilities in London.           England is engaged in discussions
                                                                       with Facebook on this issue. The GLA
                             The Mayor is also in discussions          will support Sport England in the
                             regarding the roll out across London of   development of this partnership and
                             the PLINGS programme11, which has         will look to add value where possible.
                             been contracted by the Department
                             for Children, Schools and Families to
4 London’s legacy goals                                                                         19

The Mayor has four key goals,
which underpin his commitment to
increasing participation in sport and
physical activity:

    GOAL ONE                   GOAL TWO             GOAL THREE                   GOAL FOUR
    Get more                   Transform            Build capacity               Maximise the
  people active               the sporting            and skills                  benefits of
                             infrastructure                                      sport to our

With a co-ordinated effort from         The GLA is not a front-line provider
all London’s sporting and physical      of sport and physical activity.
activity stakeholders, these goals      However, the Mayor is committed
can be realised and a genuine           to adding value to ongoing work,
sporting legacy for London              co-ordinating activity, helping
established.                            fill gaps in provision and taking a
                                        strategic lead on Londonwide issues
                                        affecting sport and physical activity.
20   A Sporting Future for London

                                                                 GOAL ONE
                                                      Get more people active

                             In support of achieving this goal, the    beyond public health. The involvement
                             Mayor will:                               of young people in structured sporting
                                                                       activity can build self-discipline, self-
                             1.1 tackle inactivity                     respect and self-confidence13.

                             1.2 tackle inequality of access to        The Mayor intends that £15.5
                                 sport and physical activity           million he is making available will be
                                                                       particularly targeted to help currently
                             1.3 take steps to generate increased      inactive people get active. Where
                                 participation from the staging of     appropriate, therefore, programmes to
                                 major events                          receive funding from the GLA will be
                                                                       required to attract a pre-determined
                             1.4 support local initiatives and         percentage of previously inactive
                                 innovative approaches to              people. The exact percentage will be
                                 increasing participation              determined according to the potential
                                                                       of the particular programme, but it
                             1.5 support national campaigns to         will be a minimum of five per cent.
                                 increase participation.
                                                                       The Mayor will use his influence
                             1.1 Tackling inactivity                   to lobby other funding bodies to
                             Nearly 50 per cent of Londoners           incorporate this principle into their
                             are currently defined as ‘inactive’.      own funding requirements. The
                             NHS London puts the cost of this          London Marathon Trust, for example,
                             inactivity at £105 million per year12.    has already agreed to incorporate it in
                             Furthermore, the positive societal        relation to its future funding strategy.
                             impact of sporting activity extends far
                                                                       The GLA will also work with national
                                                                       governing bodies of sport to help
                                                                       deliver the London element of
                                                                       their Whole Sport Plans – again
                                                                       on condition that they agree to
                                                                       incorporate the ‘inactive people’
                                                                       requirement into their work.

                                                                       The GLA will work with national
                                                                       governing bodies, which, like British
                                                                       Judo have identified London as a key
                                                                       strategic priority.

So far, a number of other sports have       British Judo
expressed a desire to work with us,         In their Whole Sport Plan, British Judo has identified
including boxing, athletics, rowing,        increasing participation in London as a key strategic priority.
basketball, rugby, table tennis and         With only 37 clubs and 1,000 licence holders, they recognise
gymnastics.                                 that there is huge scope for growing the sport here.
                                            Judo is better suited to inner cities than many other sports,
The Mayor’s transport strategy,
                                            due to the variety of spaces that can be used as a dojo. It is
which seeks to encourage walking
                                            a relatively inexpensive sport to play and judo clubs often
and cycling, will also play a key role
                                            subsidise the mat fees for people unable to afford them.
in encouraging inactive people to
take the first step towards a healthier,    British Judo has targeted London as an expansion area. With
more active lifestyle.                      this in mind, a full time London development manager has
                                            recently been appointed. British Judo has a fully developed
1.2 Tackling inequality                     London strategy and is working with a number of London
The Mayor is committed to ensuring          boroughs to improve coverage and develop clear pathways to
that every Londoner has an equal            keep people active and allow them to progress.
opportunity to participate in sport
and physical activity and this
commitment will form a key element
of his equality framework for London,      There are a number of programmes
‘Equal Life Chances for All’.              that are addressing the issue of
                                           participation amongst some of these
Currently, some people within certain      groups, such as Street Athletics14.
groups feel excluded from sporting         Across this programme in 2008, 74
activities and/or have particularly        per cent of participants were from
low rates of participation in London.      BME groups.
They include those in lower socio-
economic groups, young women               It is expected that all organisations
aged 14 to 24; older people, black         that the Mayor works with show
and minority ethnic people, disabled       what steps they are taking to ensure
people, lesbian, gay, bisexual and         equality of access and opportunity.
trans people.
                                           As a priority, the London Community
                                           Sports Board will establish a target
                                           for increasing participation amongst
                                           disabled people in London. This will
                                           take into consideration the guidelines
                                           set out in ‘Inclusive and Active’15
22   A Sporting Future for London

      AHOY Centre, Greenwich, an Inclusive                              The London 2012 Equality and
      Sports Provider.                                                  Diversity Forum has been established
      At AHOY, they use the medium of sailing to break                  as the primary vehicle through which
      down barriers and bring people together from many                 the Olympic bodies and stakeholder
      different walks of life. Through the activities and               organisations will work jointly to
      courses at AHOY, they teach people not only how to                support, champion and monitor the
      sail or row but also about helping others, so that they           progress that is being made on the
      can then go on to teach and help others.                          delivery of national and regional
                                                                        equality commitments and objectives
      Their primary objective is working with disadvantaged             for the Games. The Mayor will use
      young people and disabled people. However, the                    this use this forum to promote
      centre caters for the needs of people from all                    equal access to sport and encourage
      backgrounds.                                                      increased physical activity.

      The centre believes that disabled people and non-                 1.3 Increasing participation
      disabled people should be actively encouraged to                  through major events
      interact and be treated as peers in participation,                Over the next decade, an
      leadership and volunteering roles.                                unprecedented number of international
                                                                        sporting events are coming to the UK
      The centre is a recognised Royal Yachting Association             – many of them to London (see the
      (RYA) teaching establishment and ‘Sailability’ Centre             ‘Decade of sport’ chart below).
      and provides professional training towards recognised
      qualifications. The AHOY centre offers its disabled and           Working with Visit London, the
      non-disabled volunteer members the opportunity to                 relevant national governing bodies of
      train for a career in water sports and to compete in              sport and other relevant stakeholders,
      sailing and boating events.                                       the Mayor will look at ways to ensure
                                                                        that the organisers of any events to
                                                                        be hosted in London can demonstrate
                                                                        a co-ordinated strategy for using
                             Initiatives that look to remove barriers   events to generate a sustained
                             and actively engage and motivate           increase in participation in sport
                             particularly hard to reach groups will     – again, with a particular focus on
                             also be welcomed. The Panathlon            inactive people.
                             Challenge, which focuses only on the
                             most profoundly disabled children
                             and young people in special schools,
                             is an example of this.

‘Decade of Sport’ – events to be staged in England; or being bid
for by England:

2009                                 2013
Twenty/20 World Cup                  Beach Volleyball World Championships
The Ashes                            Basketball European Championships
ATP World Tour
World Gymnastics Championships       Tour de France ‘Grand Depart’
Triathlon World Championships        Hockey World Cup
FINA Swimming 10k/5k event           BMX World Cup
Modern Pentathlon World
Championships                        2015
                                     Rugby Union World Cup
2010                                 Women’s Football World Cup
Table Tennis (English Open)
                                     ABA Boxing World Championships
Badminton World Championships
                                     Table Tennis World Cup (2016)
Champions League Final
                                     Solheim Cup (2017)
Olympic and Paralympic test events
                                     Football World Cup (2018)
2012                                 Youth Olympic Games (2018)
Olympic & Paralympic Games
                                     Cricket World Cup (2019)
Olympics test events
                                     The Ashes (2019)
NBA ‘All Star’ event
Track Cycling World Cup test event
24   A Sporting Future for London

                             1.4 Supporting local initiatives          and Londonwide panels will assess
                             and innovative approaches                 applications and decide on awards.
                             The excitement and activity generated
                             in the build-up to 2012 should produce    In recognition of the diverse
                             new and creative ideas for getting        interests of Londoners, the Mayor
                             more people involved in sport and         will consider joining others in
                             physical activity.                        funding alternative and less
                                                                       traditional sporting activities, such as
                             Sport England has established an          dance, skateboarding and BMX.
                             innovation fund to identify and pilot
                             such new ideas in community sport.        The GLA has in recent years been at
                                                                       the forefront of engaging people of all
                             In addition to the £15.5 million          ages in dance, through the Big Dance
                             being made available by the Mayor         event. In consultation with a number of
                             over the next three years, there is       partners including the Women’s Sport
                             already £430,000 per annum ring-          and Fitness Foundation, we will look to
                             fenced by the London Development          build long-term programmes in schools
                             Agency for distribution in small          and workplaces around the current Big
                             grants to grass-roots initiatives aimed   Dance structures, as well as helping to
                             at increasing participation in sport      develop other ongoing programmes
                             and physical activity. Cross-borough

      Dare2Dance is an example of a project which aims to increase participation in physical activity
      through the medium of Street Dance using Hip Hop Dance Techniques. It is led by Pro-Active
      Central, North and South and Independance in collaboration with a number of other partners from
      the public, private and voluntary sector.

      This project aims to attract young women through a medium that they can engage with. Hip hop
      is a dance form that has become the voice of young people, breaking down racial, ethnic, gender,
      class, language and regional barriers.

      In terms of other physical activity, dance also continues to reach out to girls and young women
      many of whom enjoy the more creative physical activity that dance offers.

      The project is made up of several strands including a competition, a participation programme
      and training.

1.5 Supporting national                  With this in mind, we will continue
campaigns                                to work with the government,
Campaigns using the theme of the         Sport England, LOCOG and key
Olympic and Paralympic Games will        stakeholders in London to ensure
be a major factor in inspiring people,   there is a joined up and agreed
particularly young people, to take       approach to these issues.
part in sport. Work is ongoing at a
national level on such campaigns
and the Mayor will play his part
in ensuring they are successful in
London by drawing on relevant
expertise from within the GLA.
26   A Sporting Future for London

                                                                GOAL TWO
                                             Transform the sporting infrastructure

                             In support of achieving this goal, the        Mayor will seek to protect the best
                             Mayor will:                                   interests of all Londoners.

                             2.1 work to secure maximum access for         He will work towards ensuring that the
                                 Londoners to the Olympic Park and         aim of 90 per cent community usage
                                 training facilities beyond 2012;          of the park facilities once the Games
                                                                           have passed is met; and pushing to
                             2.2 initiate a Londonwide facilities          make sure that aspiring elite athletes
                                 strategy;                                 from London have the best possible
                                                                           access to the park facilities, to all
                             2.3 invest in community sports                Games training facilities in London
                                 facilities;                               and to any additional resources and
                                                                           expertise that is to be housed on the
                             2.4 explore ways to ensure more               Olympic Park.
                                 effective usage of existing facilities;
                                                                           2.2 A Londonwide facilities
                             2.5 encourage use of London’s parks           strategy
                                 as sporting facilities;                   As a priority, the Mayor will initiate a
                                                                           facilities strategy for London.
                             2.6 play an active role in the
                                 protection of playing fields and          This will build upon the work already
                                 other existing facilities.                being done by Sport England with
                                                                           a number of London boroughs who
                             2.1 The Olympic Park and                      are developing a robust needs and
                             training facilities                           evidence base for the strategic
                             The London Development Agency has             planning for community sport. The
                             launched the Olympic Park Legacy              report produced by the London
                             master-planning process, to develop           Assembly Economic Development,
                             plans for the transformation of the           Culture, Sport and Tourism Committee
                             park site after the Games and its             on the provision of swimming pools
                             relationship with the surrounding             and diving facilities16 (in conjunction
                             areas. A base plan for the Legacy             with London Swimming) will also be
                             Master Plan was published in March            considered. The Mayor will encourage
                             2009 for public consultation.                 all authorities that have yet to
                                                                           undertake a needs and evidence
                             Through his influence with the new            based approach to planning for
                             Olympic Park Legacy company and               community sport to do so by the end
                             his role on the Olympic Board, the            of 2012.

                                                                                                        © 2012
An assessment of the gaps in            new facilities or refurbish existing
provision will allow a co-ordinated     facilities. The focus will principally
approach to investment for the          be on small, community, park or
benefit of all Londoners – bearing      estate-based projects.
in mind that most Londoners do not
recognise borough boundaries in any
meaningful way.

Using the expertise of the GLA           Mobile swimming pools
planning team, we will work to           Mobile swimming pools can be erected in a wide variety
ensure that the forthcoming Sport        of locations such as school halls, gymnasiums and
England design guide on access for       industrial units. They are not standard size or depth, but
disabled people is applied to all new    they provide extremely convenient and cost-effective
facilities in London.                    opportunities for people of all ages to learn to swim and
                                         to swim recreationally.
A Londonwide strategy would
of course need to be endorsed            Coaching programmes can be embedded around the
by all key agencies and agreed           pools, catering for local schools and for community use.
with local authorities so they can       Deploying two pools in London could mean 10,000 more
build capital investment into their      children learning to swim and 5,000 more adults swimming
own programmes to match fund             recreationally each year.
investment from other sources.
                                         In partnership with public sector and private organisations,
2.3 Investment in facilities             the Mayor will invest in two mobile pools, to be deployed
The Mayor will work with local           in sites (usually schools), located in areas identified
authorities, national governing          as being in need, for twelve-week periods. If it meets
bodies, the Football Foundation,         expectations in the first year, the Mayor will look at
the London Marathon Trust, the           expanding the programme in future years.
private sector and others to provide
28   A Sporting Future for London

                             2.4 Existing facilities                    attractive places to spend time and
                             The GLA will explore ways to               engage in sport and physical activity.
                             maximise community usage of
                             sports facilities in schools (state and     Green Gyms
                             independent) and in the further and         The environmental charity BTCV
                             higher education sectors.                   runs ‘Green Gyms’ throughout
                                                                         the UK. Green Gyms groups
                             The Building Schools for the Future         meet once a week. Gym sessions
                             programme offers a great opportunity        are free and last for up to three
                             to develop and open up sports facilities    hour during which participants
                             for both schoolchildren and the wider       do gardening and environmental
                             community. We will work with Sport          conservation or restoration work -
                             England’s BSF team to help maximise         digging allotments, cutting back
                             the opportunities for London.               invasive plants, laying paths,
                                                                         clearing water courses or building
                             We will also work with the Independent      community gardens.
                             Schools Council and its affiliates to
                             ensure that their willingness to open up    The gyms give people the chance
                             their facilities is capitalised upon.       to do physical work outdoors,
                                                                         improving strength and stamina,
                             The Mayor will continue to engage           giving practical skill training and
                             with the Fitness Industry Association       boosting self-confidence and
                             (FIA) over opportunities for broadening     improve parks and green spaces
                             use of their members’ facilities.           at the same time. Green Gyms
                                                                         are particularly good at engaging
                             We will seek to help those who wish to      people less likely to participate in
                             use other facilities, such as community     competitive sports or other kinds
                             centres and church halls for sport and      of physical activity.17
                             physical activity.

                             2.5 London’s parks and                     The East London Green Grid is
                             open spaces                                an exemplary project, with the
                             London’s parks are already hosts to a      Mayor investing £10 million to
                             huge amount of ‘informal’ sport and        provide accessible green space and
                             physical activity. Through the Mayor’s     infrastructure for Londoners and
                             Priority Parks programme, £6 million       promote positive opportunities for
                             is to be invested in ten parks across      health and physical activity.
                             London, making them even more

In many cases, parks also provide             Tennis in the Community
more formal sporting facilities, in           The Tennis Foundation has embarked on a national
particular tennis courts, football            programme of making park tennis courts free
pitches, or basketball courts. The            to use, as well as establishing ‘beacon’ parks in each
Mayor will support ways to make               local authority area around which coaching programmes
these facilities as accessible and as         and competition structures will be built.
attractive to use as possible.
                                              The website,, will become the online
2.6 Protecting playing fields                 community for people playing in parks and for the local
and other existing facilities                 authorities and coaches operating park tennis courts.
The existing London Plan policy 3A.
18 calls upon boroughs to resist the          The Mayor will assist such London-based programmes
net loss of sports and leisure facilities,    and work with the Boroughs to increase access to and
and to seek increased provision to deal       maintenance of London’s park tennis courts.
with population increases and to meet
existing deficiencies.
                                             work with Fields in Trust to establish
The Mayor is reviewing the London            how best to roll the programme out
Plan in order to strengthen, amongst         across London.
other things, the protection of social
infrastructure, community facilities and     The London Playing Fields Foundation
local amenities.                             (LPFF) is leading work to establish
                                             multi-sport hub sites on playing
The Mayor has made clear his                 fields in London. A working group
commitment to safeguarding London’s          has recently been established
playing fields and outdoor spaces            comprising the LPFF, the GLA, London
and he fully supports the recent             Councils, Sport England, the Football
government action to reduce the              Foundation, Fields in Trust, the London
minimum size of field at which local         Marathon Trust, the LDA and a number
authorities are required to consult with     of national governing bodies of sport.
Sport England from 0.4ha to 0.2ha.           This will ensure a strategic Londonwide
                                             approach to establishing a number of
He is also supportive of the programme       multi-sport hubs by 2012.
being initiated by Fields in Trust
(formerly the National Playing Fields
Association) to identify and protect
2012 outdoor spaces for sport and play
between now and 2012. The GLA will
30   A Sporting Future for London

                                                              GOAL THREE
                                                      Build capacity and skills

                             In support of achieving this goal, the   to share the benefits of top level
                             Mayor will:                              coaching and sports science across
                                                                      the whole of London. We will work
                             3.1 recruit, retain and upskill the      with the Olympic Park Legacy
                                 ‘workforce’                          Company to spread learning and link
                                                                      this to existing courses.
                             3.2 support local sports clubs
                                                                      We will also look at ways of ensuring
                             3.3 support volunteering.                that young people can move from
                                                                      being receivers of sports coaching to
                             3.1 Recruit, retain and upskill          providers – investing in sustainable
                             the ‘workforce’                          programmes such as Move It18
                             The goals set out in this document       encourage young people to gain
                             will not be delivered unless there are   qualifications in their field of interest
                             sufficient well trained, committed       and become young sports leaders.
                             and motivated people within the
                             sector – both paid and voluntary.        As a priority we will work with
                                                                      recognised leaders such as SkillsActive,
                             Retaining people and fully utilising     sportscoach UK, National Governing
                             their skills is also vital With this     Bodies, the LDA and Local Authorities
                             in mind, the Mayor will work with        to ensure a coordinated system of
                             partners to provide support, through     training, qualification and placement is
                             both mentoring and brokerage, to         put in place across London, benefiting
                             match people with skills to sports       all sectors of the community.
                             clubs and other organisations that
                             can best benefit from their services.

                             The presence of a high performance
                             training environment in the Olympic
                             Park will provide an ideal opportunity

Personal Attainment/Community Training (PACT)
As the power of sport as a lever for positive change is recognised, the
demands on coaches grow significantly. Unfamiliar environments with
potentially unwilling, unsure or volatile participants are now par for the
course. Coaches are regularly required to work with young offenders, excluded
pupils or Black and Minority Ethnic communities who have previously been
denied access to mainstream provision. How do we establish a dynamic
workforce that is well equipped to take on these challenges?

The Football Foundation, Rio Ferdinand Live The Dream Foundation, Premier
League, Amateur Boxing Association, London Active Communities and the
Sport Action Zone, have created the Personal Attainment/Community Training
programme (PACT). Initially piloted in 2007, it has now been rolled out
across four training sites in the capital. It trains those who already work in the
community, but also looks to the long-term by developing coaches from within
the communities themselves, focusing on young people not in education,
employment or training giving them the opportunity to gain qualifications and
self-confidence and reintegrate into the mainstream workforce.19
32   A Sporting Future for London

                             3.2 Support local clubs                  The Mayor also recognises the role
                             London’s network of voluntary            played by the London Federation
                             sports clubs is responsible for a huge   of Sport and Recreation – as a
                             amount of grass roots sports delivery.   fundamental driver of communication
                             The Mayor’s investment in grass roots    between local voluntary clubs and
                             sport will benefit these clubs in a      national governing bodies and other
                             number of ways.                          stakeholders; and also as the ‘voice’
                                                                      of voluntary sport in London.
                             Existing clubs will be supported and
                             capacity developed on a sport-by-        The Federation will play a key role
                             sport basis through partnerships         in advising the Mayor and the new
                             between the GLA and individual           London Community Sports Board on
                             national governing bodies.               how best to support and empower
                                                                      voluntary sports clubs and communities
                             The five Pro-Active Partnerships         so that they are equipped to increase
                             are already helping clubs to build       participation in London.
                             capacity. The Mayor’s commitment
                             to supporting the Pro-Active
                             Partnerships will see voluntary clubs
                             benefit further.

3.4 Support volunteering
The Mayor recognises the importance
of volunteering and will use the
forthcoming National Volunteering
Week to further champion it to
Londoners. The London Assembly has
also made clear the value of young
people volunteering in sport. The
GLA is currently in the process of
developing a co-ordinated approach
to the issue.

The Olympic Games provide a massive
opportunity to galvanise the existing
volunteer base and also to grow the
number of volunteers significantly.
With this in mind, the GLA is already
working with LOCOG and other
partners to ensure that potential
London 2012 volunteers are given
encouragement and opportunities to
volunteer in sport between now and
the when the Games start.

Further work is also being done to
develop the Volunteer London20
web portal as a key tool for the
recruitment and placement of
volunteers across the city.
34   A Sporting Future for London

                                                            GOAL FOUR
                                     Maximise the benefits of sport to our society

                             In support of achieving this goal, the
                             Mayor will:

                             4.1 use sport to equip young
                                 people for the future and
                                 prevent violence, as proposed
                                 in ‘Time for Action’

                             4.2 engage with key partners to
                                 deliver sport-based intervention

5.1 Time for Action                       5.2 Sport-based interventions
The Mayor published Time for Action,      There is growing evidence about the
his proposals to equip young people       benefits that regular involvement
for the future and prevent violence, in   in sport and physical activity can
November 2008.                            have on individuals and communities
                                          including reducing anti-social
In Time for Action the Mayor commits      behaviour and tackling crime21.
to building the number of sporting
activities available to all young         As mentioned in the introduction
people, not just those that offend.       to this plan, suitably tailored and
                                          targeted, co-ordinated sporting
Diverse, high quality, community-led,     programmes can only contribute
accessible sporting opportunities can     to the wider social agenda when
play an important part in teaching        accompanied by other interventions.
self-discipline, self-respect and self-   Through the Young Londoners’ Fund,
confidence; which are all essential in    the Mayor has committed over £1.5
diverting children and young people       million to be spent in the next two
from criminality and violence and         years in this area.
encouraging personal and vocational

We will invest in programmes that
use sport to meet the goals set out in
Time for Action.
36   A Sporting Future for London

                             Sport and the Young Londoners’ Fund
                             Through the YLF, the Mayor is supporting the following programmes:

                                                      Themes/Activities                Area/s                Amount
                               The Peabody Trust      Football and education           Islington, Hackney,   £399,990
                                                      programme for young people       Westminster,
                                                      at risk of dropping out or       Southwark and
                                                      being excluded from school       Tower Hamlets
                               The Federation Of      Community action and             Pan-London            £587,677
                               London Youth Clubs     sports based project for young
                                                      people who are NEET, LDD,
                                                      refugees and asylum seekers,
                                                      homeless etc.
                               Beatbullying Limited   Anti-bullying, conflict          Newham, Tower         £407,660
                                                      resolution and anger             Hamlets, Merton,
                                                      management sports based          Wandsworth,
                                                      programme in schools             Redbridge, Bexley,
                                                                                       Barnet, Waltham
                                                                                       Forest and Enfield
                               Highgate Newtown       Sports and Business training     Camden, Islington,    £158,114
                               Community Centre       for young people at risk of      Haringey
                               Ltd                    offending

                                                                                       Total                 £1,553,441

                             The Mayor is committed to
                             supporting further innovative
                             programmes that deliver sports-
                             based interventions as well as
                             building on programmes currently
                             ongoing at a local level.

 Street Athletics
 Street Athletics is a highly effective community-focused youth engagement
 programme targeted at estates in deprived areas. It attracts many
 disengaged, disaffected young people with low self-esteem. It targets
 youngsters who are not engaged in mainstream sports and who can benefit
 from the confidence and motivation that comes from taking part in a
 positive community sports experience.

 We will look to roll out a street athletics-type programme across London by
 2012, as well as developing a related community athletics programme that
 would aim to increase grass roots participation in athletics amongst those
 groups that historically do not engage in this sport. This programme focuses
 on 10-19 year olds.

The programme would look to both             approach to education,
complement and extend any existing           vocational training, community
provision by:                                safety initiatives as well as the
• developing a community-based               opportunity for volunteering in
  model for increasing participation         sport and other areas.
  via Athletics Community Days.
• extending existing programmes           Following the success of the Kickz
  onto pathways into mainstream           programme22 the Mayor will continue
  provision and gifted and talented       to work with the Metropolitan Police
  programmes                              and relevant local authority teams to
• bringing together a strategic group     deliver sport-based interventions to
  of partners and funders to develop      divert Londoners away from crime
  an ongoing programme that will          and disorder.
  develop a best practice community
  participation model for athletics       There is also a body of emerging
  that will ultimately assist the         evidence showing the value of
  national governing body in terms        sport as a tool to help improve the
  of increasing participation and         educational attainment of young
  widening access.                        people. The results from School
• ensuring the programme is a             Sports Partnerships add further
  holistic model that incorporates a      weight to this23.
  co-ordinated pan-London
38   A Sporting Future for London

                             With this in mind, the Mayor will
                             invest in the co-ordination and
                             development of proven initiatives
                             that can demonstrate this link, such
                             as the London Boxing Academy.

                               London Boxing Academy
                               The London Boxing Academy (LBA) is shortly launching its second site
                               in Hackney. At-risk students who have benefited from the sports-based
                               LBA curriculum at the LBA’s first site in Haringey have shown significant
                               improvements in attendance, GCSE results, uptake of further education and
                               employment as well as reduced rates of re-offending.

                               The LBA aims to increase participation, and successfully return excluded
                               young people to sport by re-engaging them through boxing and a
                               wide range of other sports activities. Many LBA students had ceased to
                               participate in sport as their school attendance has fallen and been replaced
                               by gang-related activity.

                               Following normal school hours and terms, the LBA bases a core GCSE
                               curriculum, vocational training and mentoring for young people aged thirteen
                               to sixteen around a daily timetable of sport.

                               It also guides students towards local clubs and has several boxers, footballers
                               and runners who have represented local clubs at national level.

                               Through sport, LBA students are able to understand teamwork, respect for
                               others, self-discipline, a work ethic and benefit from reduced stress levels and
                               improved self-esteem.
Appendix A                                                                           39

Consultation Process                      received a number of written
Genesis Consulting were initially         responses to our plans. Overall, we
commissioned by the GLA, LDA              have engaged with over 400 people
and Sport England to consult with         from over 150 organisations during
key stakeholders in London to help        the consultation process.
identify strategic issues relating to
sport, physical activity and legacy       At all stages, consideration has been
planning in the lead up to and            given to the reports produced by
beyond the 2012 Olympic and               the London Assembly Economic
Paralympic Games. They did this           Development, Culture, Sport and
through analysis of a number of           Tourism Committee24. Many of
local authority and governing body        their recommendations have been
strategies and plans.                     incorporated into this plan and
                                          their further input and scrutiny
Following this initial work, further      is welcomed as we move into the
consultation events have been             implementation phase.
held in each of the five Pro-Active
Partnership areas in London with local    Analysis from the consultation has
sport and physical activity networks      highlighted the following key issues:
including representatives from local
authorities, National Governing           1. Clear agreement about the need
Bodies of Sport (NGBs), the Youth            to meet the commitment to
Sport Trust, Community Sport and             increase participation up to 2012
Physical Activity Networks (CSPANs),         and beyond.
physical activity teams, the voluntary
sector, School Sport Partnerships, HE     2. Targeted measures to tackle
and FE sectors, PE professionals and         inactivity and the health/physical
various ‘umbrella organisations’. In         activity agenda are important -
addition The GLA and Sport England           as are measures to link sports’
jointly hosted a consultation event          potential to deliver wider individual
with national officials of the 46 NGBs.      and social benefits, though this will
                                             need careful consideration to avoid
We have also held meetings with              a loss of focus on sport.
a range of stakeholders from the
public, private and voluntary             3. There is a need to support sporting
sectors, with non-sporting groups            pathways, particularly for young
and have attended forums with a              people. Delivering the ‘five hour
focus on equality. We have further           offer’ will be challenging in London.
40   A Sporting Future for London

                             4. Investment in new facilities is
                                important, but utilising existing
                                provision is required. London needs
                                a facilities strategy.

                             5. There is a need to build capacity in
                                the workforce. Action is required
                                to address the skills shortage,
                                eg coaches (voluntary and
                                professional) and officials. There is
                                a need to encourage and support

                             6. There is a need to find new ways
                                to engage people of all ages,
                                particularly those who are inactive
                                and/or ‘hard to reach’. Constant
                                new ‘initiatives’ do not work.

                             7. Campaigns and marketing should
                                use the Games to inspire people.

                             8. There is scope generally for greater
                                collaboration and co-ordination
                                on sport and legacy issues in
                                London, but a need to utilise
                                existing structures and networks.
                                Strengthen where necessary but
                                don’t ‘re-invent the wheel’.

                             9. There needs to be greater
                                leadership for sport in London. This
                                means adopting a more strategic
                                approach. The Mayor is perfectly
                                placed to take the lead.
Endnotes                                                                          41

1 See goal 2.5
2 http://www.            10 Participation as defined by KPI1:
Marketingmaterials/tabid/195/            30 minutes moderate physical activity
Default.aspx                             3 times a week

3 www.promotingactivitytoolkit.          11 PLINGS collects information about                                    positive activities that are organised
                                         by local authorities, voluntary and
4 Co-ordination and delivery of          private sector organisations for young
grass roots sport in London is led       people in their communities. This
by the five sub-regional Pro-Active      information can be accessed through
Partnerships. These are the London       different websites, social networking
equivalents of the County Sports         and mobile tools and local authority
Partnerships operating across the rest   portals.
of the country.
5 DCMS, June 2008 (http://www.           htm
2012LegacyActionPlan.pdf)                13 Good quality youth activities
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7 NI8 is the percentage of the adult     in a changing world, Margo, J et al,
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and active recreation.
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42   A Sporting Future for London

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                             21 Shaping Places through Sport,
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                             22 Kickz is a Football Foundation/
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                             that uses the power of football and
                             the appeal of professional football
                             club brands to engage young people
                             who may otherwise be difficult to

                             23 Know the Score 2008,
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