Practical Features To Look For In Cute Diaper Bags

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					Practical Features To Look For
     In Cute Diaper Bags
Diaper bags are no longer boring. These
       they're                accessory,
 days they re a chic fashion accessory
 available in colors and patterns to suit
 any taste. Designer brands cater to the
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 up-market Mommy.
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Trendy Dad bags make baby-care cool.
 But no matter how great the carrier looks
 on the outside, it must also be functional.
 When shopping for cute diaper bags, look
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 for the following useful features.
A waterproof exterior and lining makes it
 easy to wipe the bag clean. Soft cotton
 fabric can easily be ruined if a baby spits
 up on it. A laminated surface is far more

A filled bottle or a container of baby food
 may leak inside the carrier, so make sure
 the internal compartments are seam-
 sealed and impermeable.
Lots of organizing pockets will help you
 to find what you need when you need it it.
 In addition to diapers, wipes and
 ointments, you'll often be lugging around
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 baby accessories including bottles, toys
 and extra clothing. Your bag should have
 a place to accommodate everything, with
 zippered outside pockets for frequently
 used items Look for carriers with special
 compartments for items such as a pen,
 cell phone and wallet so you can leave
 your purse at home.
Multi-use strapping systems allow you to
 carry the bag in the most convenient
 way. A long adjustable strap lets you
 sling it over y
     g         your shoulder while shorter
 handles let you hold it like a tote.

Look for carriers designed to securely
 hook onto a stroller or shopping cart with
 integrated snap fasteners. They literally
 let you take a load off.
A changing mat is an important part of
 your diaper bag kit It should be strong
 and sturdy as well as cushioned and
 comfortable. Ensure that it is wide
 enough to accommodate a squirming
 baby. A wipe-clean surface is essential.
The bag should be designed to hold used
 diapers as well as fresh ones Even if you
 use disposables, it's not always easy to
 find a place to throw them away when
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For hygiene reasons, they shouldn't be
 stored in pockets that may be used for
 other items, especially bottles, food or
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 pacifiers. Look for a bag with a separate
 zippered pouch for soiled diapers which
 fits inside its own designated
Cute diaper bags are available with a
 number of other useful features An
 insulated bottle bag keeps formula warm.
 An easy-access compartment for baby
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 wipes keeps them handy. A base with
 metal feet will protect the bag on wet or
 dirty surfaces.
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Description: Diaper bags are no longer boring. These days they're a chic fashion accessory, available in colors and patterns to suit any taste. Designer brands cater to the up-market Mommy.