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					Packaged Dual Fuel

When it comes to power management, a packaged dual fuel system is one of the best options a
homeowner can have. Basically, a packaged dual fuel system uses an energy efficient heat
pump for summer cooling and mild weather heating. When dropping temperatures begin to
adversely affect heat pump efficiency, the packaged dual fuel system activates its gas furnace
to keep the home comfortable. This flexibility can result in substantial savings, especially if your
home is equipped with an outdated gas furnace and air conditioner.

The key to getting the best out of a packaged dual fuel system is to make sure both the heat
pump and gas furnace are high efficiency. The minimum requirement for a new residential heat
pump is 13 SEER. Compared to older air conditioners, 13 SEER is not bad efficiency, but the
better the heat pump’s SEER rating, the less energy you will use to get good air comfort. If you
can afford it, you should invest in a system with a high SEER rating and the higher, the better.

For cold winter heating, you want a packaged dual fuel system that uses a gas furnace with a
high AFUE rating. 80% AFUE is, roughly, the industry minimum and, as with SEER, the higher
you can get, the more money you will save over the long term. The closer your gas furnace
AFUE rating gets to 100%, the less energy you need.

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