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5 Reasons Why Turkey Remains Top Hotspot despite Avian Flu Fears

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The five reasons why Turkey is remaining the number one emerging holiday hotspot for Europeans despite
its recent bird flu fears and the five reasons why Turkey is one of the most exciting destinations in the world
for travelers today.

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According to the latest reports from the tourism industry Turkey remains the number one emerging holiday
hotspot despite recent cases of the human form of avian flu having been discovered in remote areas of the

The appeal of the country for those in search of a dream vacation destination stems from the following five
key reasons: -

1)Turkey is a vast country with a rich historical and cultural background that offers the summer
holidaymaker some of the most stunningly beautiful and unspoilt beaches on the Mediterranean Sea and
some of the most exciting resorts which are becoming increasingly popular with European sports stars and

2)The summer sunshine shines in southern Turkey from March until October giving tourists the chance to
sample the delights of this inimitably interesting nation throughout the spring, summer and autumn.

3)In the winter Turkey plays host to winter sports fans and those in need of some après ski fun in a wide
range of sophisticated ski resorts where prices are far lower than in Austria, Italy or Switzerland but where
the quality of facilities and amenities are on a par with those of the best European winter sport resorts.

4)Prices for holiday accommodation to rent or even buy in Turkey are the lowest in the entire Mediterranean
region and it’s possible for a family of four to rent a villa with sea views and a private pool for a tenth of the
price of a similar property in Spain, Cyprus, Italy or France. Furthermore anyone wishing to buy a holiday
home in the sun will save hundreds of thousands of dollars, euros or pounds by buying property in Turkey
rather than buying property on the Greek Islands or on the Spanish Costas for example.
5)The accessibility of Turkey is improving all the time as more airlines open up more routes to and from
Turkey from across Europe. One of the most recent developments in this area is a new regular British
Airways flights from the UK to Dalaman and in terms of domestic flights within Turkey they are incredibly
affordable which gives the holiday maker a chance to enjoy a dual or multi location holiday in the vast
nation of Turkey.

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