List of ASEM Initiatives by Emmure


									                                         List of ASEM Initiatives

                                                         Initiatives with no available information are left blank.

I. Political Pillar

No     Name of Initiative       Proponent                         Status                           Remarks
                                               1st: Singapore in February 1997
                                               2nd: Berlin, Germany in March 1999
                                               3rd: Beijing, China in May 2001
      ASEM Foreign
 1                                             4th: Madrid, Spain in June 2002
      Ministers' Meeting
                                               5th: Bali, Indonesia in July 2003
                                               6th: Kildare, Ireland in April 2004
                                               7th: Kyoto, Japan in May 2005
                                               AECF 2000 sets out the vision, principles,     Adopted at
                                               objectives, priorities and mechanisms for      ASEM II and
 2    Cooperation
                                               the ASEM process for the first decade of the   revised at
      Framework (AECF)
                                               new millennium.                                ASEM III.

      Asia-Europe Vision                                                                      Adopted at
 3                               Korea         AEVG Report presented to ASEM III.
      Group (AEVG)                                                                            ASEM I.
      Asia-Europe Forum
                                                                                              Adopted at
 4    of Governors of           Thailand
                                                                                              ASEM II.
      Cities (AEFGC)
      Seminar on Peace                                                                        Adopted at
 5                           The Philippines
      and Society Building                                                                    ASEM II.

                                               1st: Seoul, Korea in May 2001
      ASEM Roundtable                                                                         Adopted at
 6                           Korea, Sweden     2nd: Malmö, Sweden in March 2003
      on Globalization                                                                        ASEM III.
                                               3rd: Hanoi, Vietnam in October 2004

      Anti-corruption         China, United                                                   Adopted at
      Initiative               Kingdom                                                        ASEM III.

      Symposium on Law
      Organs’Cooperation                                                                      Adopted at
 8                             China, Italy    1st: Beijing, China in September 2001
      in Combating                                                                            ASEM III.

                                               1st: Beijing, China in September 2003
                             China, Denmark,   2nd: Berlin, Germany in October 2004
      ASEM Seminar on                                                                         Adopted at
 9                           Germany, Japan,   3rd: Semarang, Indonesia in November
      Anti-terrorism                                                                          ASEM IV.
                                  Spain             2005
                                               4th: Copenhagen, Denmark in June 2006

      Asia-Europe Young
                                                                                              Adopted at
 10   Political Leaders      China, Denmark    1st: Tianjin, China in November 2005
                                                                                              ASEM V.
                           China, Germany,
     Initiative for
     Strengthening Cyber                                                                  Adopted at
11                          the Philippines,   1st: Seoul, Korea in June 2005
     Security within the                                                                  ASEM V.
                           Poland, Portugal,
     ASEM Region
                                               1st: Strasbourg, France in April 1996
                                               2nd: Manila, Philippines in August 2002
12   Parliamentary
                                               3rd: Hue, Vietnam in March 2004
     Partnership (ASEP)
                                               4th: Helsinki, Finland in May 2006

                                               1st: Lund, Sweden in December 1997
                                               2nd: Beijing, China in June 1999
     ASEM Informal                             3rd: Paris, France in June 2000
13   Seminar on Human      France, Sweden      4th: Bali, Indonesia in July 2001
     Rights                                    5th: Lund, Sweden in May 2003
                                               6th: Suzhou, China in September 2004
                                               7th: Budapest, Hungary in February 2006

     ASEM Prosecutors-        Denmark                                                     Adopted at FMM
14                                             1st: Shenzhen, China in December 2005
     General Conference       Indonesia                                                   VII
                           United Kingdom

                                                                  Total number of Political Initiatives: 14
II. Economic Pillar

No    Name of Initiative   Proponent                       Status                         Remarks
                                       1st: Makuhari, Japan in September 1997
                                       2nd: Berlin, Germany in October 1999
                                       3rd: Hanoi, Vietnam in September 2001
     ASEM Economic
 1                                     4th: Copenhagen, Denmark in September 2002
     Ministers' Meeting
                                       5th: Dalian, China in July 2003
                                       6th: Rotterdam, the Netherlands in September
                                       1st: Bangkok, Thailand in September 1997
                                       2nd: Frankfurt, Germany in January 1999
                           Thailand,   3rd: Kobe, Japan in January 2001
     ASEM Finance                                                                     Adopted at
 2                          United     4th: Copenhagen, Denmark in July 2002
     Ministers' Meeting                                                               ASEM I.
                           Kingdom     5th: Bali, Indonesia in July 2003
                                       6th: Tianjin, China in June 2005
                                       7th: Vienna, Austria in April 2006

     ASEM Environment       China,     1st: Beijing, China in January 2002            Adopted at
     Ministers' Meeting    Germany     2nd: Lecce, Italy in October 2003              ASEM III.

     ASEM Science and
                                                                                      Adopted at
 4   Technology             China      1st: Beijing, China in October 1999
                                                                                      ASEM II.
     Ministers' Meeting
     Trade Facilitation                                                               Adopted at
     Action Plan (TFAP)                                                               ASEM II.
     Investment                        [Refer to Attachment for details]
                                                                                      Adopted at
 6   Promotion Action
                                                                                      ASEM II.
     Plan (IPAP)

                                       1st: Paris, France in October 1996
                                       2nd: Bangkok, Thailand in November 1997
                                       3rd: London, United Kingdom in April 1998
     Asia-Europe                       4th: Seoul, Korea in October 1999
                                                                                      Adopted at
 7   Business Forum                    5th: Wien, Austria in September 2000
                                                                                      ASEM I.
     (AEBF)                            6th: Singapore in October 2001
                                       7th: Copenhagen, Denmark in September 2002
                                       8th: Seoul, Korea in October 2003
                                       9th: Hanoi, Vietnam in October 2004

                                       Experts' Meeting held 10 times till 2002 and
     Environment                                                                      Adopted at
 8                         Thailand    was absorbed into Environment Ministers'
     Technology Centre                                                                ASEM I.
     Studies on the
     Economic Synergy                                                                 Adopted at
 9                           Japan     A report presented to EMM I.
     between Asia and                                                                 ASEM I.
     Study Group on
     Technological                                                                    Adopted at
10                          China      1st: Beijing, China in April 1997
     Exchange and                                                                     ASEM I.
     Asia-Europe Small
     and Medium-sized                                                                         Adopted at
11                               Italy        1st: Napoli, Italy in February 1998
     Enterprise (SME)                                                                         ASEM II.
     ASEM Connect                             - Preparatory meeting held in Singapore in
                                                                                              Adopted at
12   Electronic Resource      Singapore         February 1998.
                                                                                              ASEM II.
     Network for SMEs                         - ASEM Connect was launched at ASEM II.
     Cooperation on
                                United                                                        Adopted at
13   Preparedness
                               Kingdom                                                        ASEM II.
     including both Short
     and Long-Term
                                              - The first ATF phase (ATF I) commenced
     ASEM Trust Fund            United          operations in June 1998 and operated until    Adopted at
     (ATF)                     Kingdom          the end of 2002.                              ASEM II.
                                              - ASEM III decided to launch an ATF II.
     European Financial                   EFEX commenced activities in September
                                                                                              Adopted at
15   Expertise (EFEX)       EU Commission 1998 and has been fully operational since
                                                                                              ASEM II.
     Network                              January 1999.
                                                                                              Adopted at
     Asia-Europe                                                                              ASEM II, but
     Information                                                                              changed to
     Technology and                                                                           “ Asia-Europe
16                             Thailand       1st: Bangkok, Thailand in May 2001
     Telecommunications                                                                       Information and
     Programme                                                                                Telecommunica-
     (AEITTP)                                                                                 tions Seminar” at
                                                                                              ASEM III.
     Asia-Europe                            Asia-Europe Management Programme was
                                                                                              Adopted at
17   Management             The Philippines launched at the Philippine's Asian Institute of
                                                                                              ASEM II.
     Programme                              Management.

     Network of SME                                                                           Adopted at
18                             Thailand
     Centres                                                                                  ASEM II.

                             Commission,      1st: Seoul, Korea in May 2001                   Adopted at
19   Information
                            France, Korea,    2nd: Brussels, Belgium in March 2002            ASEM III.
     Network (TEIN)

                             Japan, Korea,
     ASEM Seminar on                                                                          Adopted at
20                             Portugal,      1st:Tokyo, Japan in March 2001
     Digital Opportunity                                                                      ASEM III.

     Conference on            Belgium,
                                                                                              Adopted at
21   E-commerce and            Finland,       1st: Brussels, Belgium in 2001
                                                                                              ASEM III.
     Logistics                Singapore
     Seminar on Asia-
                               Belgium,                                                       Adopted at
22   Europe Cooperation
                               Thailand                                                       ASEM III.
     in SMEs
     WTO Trade
                            EU Commission,                                                    Adopted at
23   Facilitation                             1st: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in May 2001
                              Malaysia                                                        ASEM III.
     Anti-money                               1st: Bangkok, Thailand in September 2003     Adopted at
24                              United
     Laundering Initiative                    2nd: Berlin, Germany in October 2003         ASEM III.
     Science and
     Cooperation on
                                              1st: China in July 2001                      Adopted at
25   Forestry                China, Finland
                                              2nd: Thailand in April 2002                  ASEM III.
     Conservation and
     Promoting Business
                                                                                           Adopted at
26   Opportunities             Vietnam        A report presented to EMM IV.
                                                                                           ASEM III.
     in ASEM
     Kobe Research                            1st: Kobe, Japan in January 2001             Adopted at
27                               Japan
     Project                                  2nd: Seoul, Korea in January 2002            FMM III.
     Seminar on ASEM
28   and Changing World       Japan, Spain    1st: Tokyo, Japan in March 2002
                                              1st: Chiangmai, Thailand in November 2001
     ASEM Public Debt                         2nd: Copenhagen, Denmark in September 2002   Adopted at
29                             Thailand
     Management Forum                         3rd: Seoul, Korea in October 2003            FMM III.
                                              4th: London, UK in December 2005
     ASEM Seminar on
                             China, France,                                                Adopted at
30   Water Resources                          1st: Changsha, China in June 2002
                               Portugal                                                    FMM IV.
     ASEM Co-operation
     in Training and
31   Technical Assistance
     in the Banking
     Promotion of the
     Exchange of
     Experiences in                                                                        Adopted at
     Planning and                                                                          FMM IV.
     Implementing Fiscal
     Policies in ASEM
     Information and
                                                                                           Adopted at
33   Technology
                                                                                           FMM IV.
     Reference Forum
     ASEM Symposium
     on Multilateral and                                                                   Adopted at
34                               Japan,       1st: Tokyo, Japan in March 2003
     Regional Economic                                                                     ASEM IV.
     ASEM High-level
     Conference on                                                                         Adopted at
35                               China        1st: Beijing, China in November 2003
     Agricultural                                                                          ASEM IV.
     Workshop on
     Building Market
                               Germany,                                                    Adopted at
36   Systems in the                           Concept paper presented to FMM VI.
                               Vietnam                                                     ASEM IV.
     Context of
                                              1st: Madrid, Spain in May 2003
     ASEM Task Force                          2nd: Tokyo, Japan in September 2003
     for Closer Economic                      3rd: Frankfurt, Germany in November 2003         Adopted at
37                           Japan, Spain
     Partnership between                      4th: Bangkok, Thailand in March 2004             ASEM IV.
     Asia and Europe                          - Concluded after presenting a final report to
                                                ASEM V.

     Round of
     Consultation on the        EU                                                             Adopted at
     DDA by WTO              Commission                                                        ASEM IV.

     ASEM PPP (Public                                                                          Organized within
39   Private Partnership)   France, Japan     1st: Tokyo, Japan in May 2004                    the framework of
     Seminar                                                                                   ASEM IPAP.

     ASEM Symposium                                                                            Adopted at
40                          Finland, Korea    1st: Seoul, Korea in June 2004
     on an Iron Silk Road                                                                      FMM VI.

     ASEM Workshop on                         1st: Suzhou & Beijing, China in November         Adopted at
41                              China
     Urban Forestry                               ,2004                                        FMM VI.

     ASEM Workshop on
     EU-ASIA S&T            EU Commission,                                                     Adopted at
42                                            1st: Hanoi, Vietnam in November 2004
     Cooperation Clean         Vietnam                                                         ASEM V.

     ASEM Trade and         Austria, China,
                                                                                               Adopted at
43   Investment               Germany,        1st: Xiamen, China in September 2005
                                                                                               ASEM V.
     Exposition               Thailand

                                                                                               Adopted at
     ASEM Seminar on        EU Commission,                                                     High-level
44                                            1st: Tokyo, Japan in January 2006
     Energy                     Japan                                                          Meeting
                                                                                               (EMM VI)

     ASEM Workshop on
                                                                                               Adopted at
45   Actions for Global     Japan, Sweden     1st: Tokyo, Japan in February / March 2006
                                                                                               FMM VII.

                            Indonesia, the
     The ASEM Ocean                                                                            Adopted at
46                           Philippines,     1st: Manila, the Philippines in March 2006
     Initiative                                                                                FMM VII.

     Seminar on Labour
47                          The Netherlands   1st: Hague, the Netherlands in October 1998

     ASEM Seminar on
     International            China, EU                                                        Adopted at
48                                            1st: Shanghai, China in March 2006
     Financial Report        Commission                                                        FinMM VI.
     Standards (IFRSs)
     ASEM Forum and                                                                     Adopted at the
     Exposition on                                                                      High-level
49                            China        1st: Yantai, China in October 2006
     Tourist Investment                                                                 Meeting
     and Cooperation                                                                    (EMM VI).

     ASEM Workshop on                                                                   Adopted at the
50   Climate Change and   China, Finland   1st: Helsinki, Finland in June 2006          Vienna SOM in
     Energy Security                                                                    March 2006.

                                                                                        Held in the
     Accounting Issues    China, United
51                                         - Workshop held in Shanghai, China in 2005   framework of
     Workshop              Kingdom

                                                               Total number of Economic Initiatives: 51
III. Social/Cultural Pillar

No.    Name of Initiative     Proponent                          Status                        Remarks

      ASEM Culture                           1st: Beijing, China in December 2003         Adopted at
 1                              China
      Ministers' Meeting                     2nd: Paris, France in June 2005              ASEM IV.

      ASEM Labour
 2    Ministers'               Germany       1st: Berlin, Germany in September 2006

      Asia-Europe              France,       ASEF was established in Singapore in 1997
 3                                                                                        Adopted at ASEM I.
      Foundation (ASEF)       Singapore      and has carried out over 300 projects.

      University              Malaysia,
 4                                                                                        Adopted at ASEM I.
      Exchange                Singapore
                                                                                          Organized by the
      Intellectual                           1st: Paris, France in November 1996
                                                                                          Council for Asia-
 5    Exchange between          Japan        2nd: Ditchley Park, UK in May 1997
      Asia and Europe                        3rd: Tokyo, Japan in November 1997
                                             1st: Miyazaki & Tokyo, Japan in March 1997
                                             2nd: Baden bei Wein, Austria in May 1998
                                             3rd: Gangwon Province & Seoul, Korea in
                                                  May 1999
                                             4th: Limerick, Ireland in June 2000
      Asia-Europe Young        Austria,
 6                                           5th: Putrajaya, Malaysia in October 2001     Adopted at ASEM I.
      Leaders Symposium         Japan
                                             6th: Berlin, Germany in June 2002
                                             7th: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in August
                                             8th: The Hague, the Netherlands in
                                                  November / December 2004
      Promoting the                          1st: Manila, the Philippines in June 1997
      Welfare of Children                    2nd: London, UK in October 1998
                              Philippines,                                                Adopted at
 7    including                              3rd: Seoul, Korea in May 2000
                                United                                                    ASEM II.
      Combating Child                        4th: Guangzhou, China in November 2001
      Abuse                                  5th: Manila, the Philippines in March 2003
      Cooperate in
                                United                                                    Adopted at
 8    Combating Illicit
                               Kingdom                                                    ASEM II.
      Protection and
      Promotion on             France,       Held 2 times (detailed information not       Adopted at
      Cultural Heritage in     Vietnam       available)                                   ASEM II.
      ASEM countries
      Cooperation in
      Traditional and                        Held 2 times (detailed information not       Adopted at
 10                            Vietnam
      Modern Medicine                        available)                                   ASEM II.
      and Treatment for
      Community Health
     Educational              United                                                         Adopted at
     Exchange Initiative     Kingdom                                                         ASEM II.

     ASEM Education                        1st: Fontainebleau, France in November 1999       Adopted at
12                           Singapore
     Hubs                                  2nd: Singapore in November 2003                   FMM II.

     Seminar on the
                             Denmark,                                                        Adopted at
13   Roles of State &                      1st: Copenhagen, Denmark in March 1999
                              Korea                                                          ASEM II.

     Initiative to Combat       The
                                           1st: Stockholm, Sweden in November 2000
     Trafficking in         Philippines,                                                     Adopted at
14                                         2nd: Bangkok, Thailand in October 2002
     Women and               Sweden,                                                         ASEM III.
                                           3rd: Bangkok, Thailand in September 2003
     Children                Thailand

     Initiative on                                                                           Adopted at
15                            United
     HIV/AIDS                                                                                ASEM III.

                                           - Secretariat set up in Seoul, Korea in 2001 to
                                                                                             - Adopted at ASEM
                                             facilitate implementation.
                                                                                             III for the period of
                                           - Has provided financial support to enhance
                              France,                                                        2001~2005.
     ASEM DUO                                reciprocal academic exchanges of students,
16                            Korea,                                                         - Adopted at ASEM
     Fellowship Program                      teachers and professors of ASEM member
                             Singapore                                                       V for another
                                                                                             extended period of
                                           - Denmark joined the program at ASEM IV.
                                           - Thailand will join the program at ASEM VI.

     Human Resource
     Development in
                               The                                                           Adopted at
17   Information and
                            Philippines                                                      ASEM III.

     Seminar on Asia-
     Europe Cooperation                                                                      Adopted at
18                          Commission,
     on the Applications                                                                     ASEM III.
     of Information

     Cultural Nuances:         The                                                           Adopted at
     Toward a New           Philippines                                                      ASEM III.
     Public Management

     Conference on                         -First Meeting was held in Lanzarote, Spain in
     Cooperation for the                    April 2002 at Minister level.                    Adopted at
20                           Germany,
     Management of                         -Following meetings were held 4 times at DG       ASEM III.
     Migratory Flows                        level.

                              Ireland,     1st: Denmark and Singapore in 2002                Adopted at
21   Lifelong Learning
                             Malaysia,         A report presented to ASEM VI.                FMM III.
     Promotion of
     ASEM Tourism
     Cooperation for
     Hunger Eradication,
     Elimination, and

     ASEM Information                     ASEM Infoboard website established and run
     Board                                by ASEF.

     Cooperation on          China,
     Promoting              Thailand,                                                   Adopted at
     Awareness in the        United                                                     ASEM IV.
     Young Generation       Kingdom
     of the Drug Problem

     ASEM Symposium        Commission,
                                                                                        Adopted at
25   on Educational          Ireland,  1st: Tsukuba, Japan in November 2003
                                                                                        ASEM IV.
     Exchange                 Japan,
     ASEM Youth                                                                         Adopted at
26                          Thailand      1st: Bangkok, Thailand in June 2005
     Games                                                                              ASEM IV.
     ASEM Workshop
     on the Future of
                            Germany,      3 workshops held. (detailed information not   Adopted at
27   Employment and
                             Ireland,     available)                                    ASEM IV.
     the Quality of

     Human Rights
     Education, Manual
28                           Austria
     on Understanding
     Human Rights

     ASEM Seminar on
     the Management of                                                                  Adopted at
29                            China       1st: Beijing, China in October 2003
     Public Health                                                                      FMM V.
     ASEM Cooperation
                                the       1st: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in November    Adopted at
30   on HIV/AIDS
                           Philippines,        2005                                     ASEM V.
     ASEM Seminar on
     Health Quarantine
     Cooperation to                                                                     Adopted at
31                           Vietnam
     Prevent and Control                                                                ASEM V.
     ASEM Cooperation
     in the Applications
     of ICT in Human                                                                    Adopted at
32                            Japan,     1st: Ha long, Vietnam in June 2006
     Resource                                                                           ASEM V.
     Development and
     Capacity Building

     ASEM Education
     and Research Hub                                                                   Adopted at
33                          Sweden,
     for Lifelong                                                                       ASEM V.

     The Inter-Faith                     1st: Bali, Indonesia in July 2005              Adopted at
34                           United
     Dialogue                            2nd: Larnaca, Cyprus in July 2006              ASEM V.

     Meeting of
35   Officials and                       1st: Dusseldorf, Germany in March 1998
     Transfer Centres

     Asia-Europe Centre/
                                         Asia-Europe Centre was established in 1997
36   Asia-Europe            Malaysia
                                         and upgraded to Asia-Europe Institute.

                              The                                                       Adopted at
37   Research Program
                           Philippines                                                  ASEM III.
     on Networking

     Project for a Euro-
     Asian Network for
     the Monitoring and                                                                 Adopted at
38                           France
     Control of                                                                         ASEM III.
     ASEM Meeting of
     General Directors
     and Experts in the
     Field of Vocational
39   Education and          Germany      1st: Berlin, Germany in February 2006
     Training –
     Human Resources
     through VET”
     A Report on the
                            Finland,     - A final report was submitted to the Vienna   Adopted at
40    Ten
     “ Years of
                             Japan         SOM in March 2006.                           FMM VII.
     An Overview
                                         - A final report was submitted to the Vienna
41   Report on ASEM          Korea
                                           SOM in March 2006.

                                                         Total number of Social/Cultural Initiatives: 41

                                     ASEM TFAP& IPAP Initiatives

I. ASEM Trade Facilitation Action Plan (TFAP)

No              Name of Initiative                              Status
                                          1st : Korea in October 2001
                                          2nd : Finland in September 2002
 1   Meeting on eCommerce                 3rd : Korea in October 2003
                                          4th : United Kingdom in February 2005
                                          5th : China in November 2006
                                          1st : China in June 1996
                                          2nd : Austria in June 1997
                                          3rd : Belgium in June 1999
 2   Customs DG-Commissioner Meeting
                                          4th : Sweden in July 2001
                                          5th : Korea in September 2003
                                          6th : Scotland in June 2005
                                          1st : Belgium in March 1997
                                          2nd : Belgium in March 1998
                                          3rd : Philippines in February 1999
     Customs Procedures Working Group 4th : Belgium in April 2000
     (PWG) Meeting                        5th : Thailand in April 2001
                                          6th : Belgium in March 2002
                                          7th : Indonesia in December 2003
                                          8th : Singapore in April 2005
                                          1st : Belgium in February 1997
                                          2nd : Belgium in February 1998
                                          3rd : Belgium in February 1999
                                          4th : Belgium in February 2000
     Customs Enforcement Working
 4                                        5th : Belgium in March 2001
     Group (EWG) Meeting
                                          6th : Malaysia in February 2002
                                          7th : Malaysia in March 2003
                                          8th : Belgium in May 2005
                                          9th : Korea in April 2006
                                          1st : France in June 1996

     Working Group on Intellectual        2nd : Thailand in March 2000
 5                                        3rd : Vietnam in May 2002
                                          - Seminar on Geographical Indications held in
                                             Thailand in June 2006
                                     1st : Belgium in September 1998
                                     2nd : Korea in March 1999
                                     3rd : Belgium in October 1999
                                     4th : Thailand in February 2000
                                     5th : Belgium in October 2000
     Meeting on Standards and        6th : Belgium in November 2001
     Conformity Assessment (SCA)     7th : China in April 2002
                                     8th : Belgium in December 2002
                                     9th : Vietnam in December 2003
                                     10th : Belgium in April 2004
                                     11th : Japan in February 2005
                                     12th: Austria in May 2006

     Seminar on Government           1st : Germany in September 1999
     Procurement                     2nd : Japan in March 2001

                                     1st : Thailand in February 1999
                                     2nd : China in September 1999
     Working Group on Sanitary and
 8                                   3rd : Netherlands in September 2000
     Phytosanitary Measures
                                     4th : Netherlands in June 2002
                                     5th : Switzerland in April 2003

II. ASEM Investment Promotion Action Plan (IPAP)

No           Name of Initiative                            Status
                                     1st : France in November 1998
                                     2nd : Singapore in February 1999
                                     3rd : Belgium in June 1999
     Investment Experts Group
 1                                   4th : Korea in May 2000
                                     5th : Belgium in July 2001
                                     6th : Indonesia in July 2002
                                     7th : France in June 2003

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