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Objective: To be able to generate traffic to your blog or domain and
convert such traffic to cash.

                                     STEP 1

                 What Is A Blog And Why Are They Popular?

A blog is actually a website. But they are different from the normal websites

which are created directly on your computer using a software installed on your

system and the content uploaded to a server.

The difference between a normal website and blog is encompassing. Blogs

differ from normal websites in the following ways:

1. Articles are listed in chronological order with the newest articles at the

top in a blog.

Blogs have their articles, listed in order from recently published post to old posts

in chronological order from top. This is what makes it an online journal or diary.

Unlike several claims or opinions of earlier time, blog has gone beyond being

about personal life or diary to becoming a place to discuss about virtually

anything to everything including motoring, making money, personal finance etc,
It is about you choosing a topic or a niche and blogging about them to an

audience who are passionately interested in that niche.

2. You can add new content from any location with any computer

connected to Internet without restriction.

A normal website is technical for newbies, cumbersome and time consuming for

anyone including professionals and this scares a lot of people from creating one.

But with blog, anyone can learn it and create a free or paid one in minutes.

3. Content can be uploaded frequently from any location:

Most websites are static and never change. And if you want to change it, you

will have to redesign. With blog, you can change the content from any computer

connected to the Internet and from any location. With blog any one can publish

his or her articles on regular basis without restriction.

4. Blogs allow others a participatory role by leaving comments on topics


With a blog, there is an interaction between the author (referred to as the

blogger) and his readers who comment on topics using the comment box of the

blog, enabling a participatory role of the readers. This makes blog to be a
community. This no doubt enhances trust on the author by the audience or


                                      STEP 2:

               Why should you be involved in setting up blogs?

While some people blog for fun, we are focusing here on why and how you

should make money from blogging. The fundamental truth is that there is a big

difference between blogging as a job and blogging as a business. You should

blog for business and not as a job.

So you should have at the back of your mind that you are involved in setting up

a blog because you want to monetize your blog from your audience. In doing

this therefore, your style, strategy and focus will determine your level or degree

of success.

Whether you are blogging for fun or for money, you must have the fundamental

principles of blogging. This must include primarily the consideration of pillar

content and traffic. We will discuss this in a later chapter.
                                     STEP 3:

                            How Blogs Make Money

Monetizing your blog is very likeable to various ways newspapers and the print

media make money. They monetize their magazine by selling advertising and

the cost of advert will be based on their coverage in terms of circulation,

followership and acceptance.

Blogs are just the same. The more the quality of traffic your blog gets, the more

the influence you have over your audience and this ultimately determines your


This is why bloggers are obsessed with building traffic to make multiple streams

of blogging income.

What exactly make most people blog?

I know when I ask you the above question, you will have one broad answer and

that is “people blog to make money”.

This is a wrong concept and that is why most bloggers fail. You have to blog

based on your passion, hobby, expertise or mistakes. Once you are blogging
with what you are passionate about and people are interested in it, you will make

money from your efforts. And this is passive income, meaning making money

when you sleep. Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers place emphasis on the money

and are therefore ready to blog about any niche, even if he/she is not

knowledgeable, or interested in such niche. The issue of passion, hobby and

expertise has exceptions however. For example, if I am very passionate about

fishing and I have also discovered that not many people are interested in

knowing or reading about it, I will not write in that area as I do not have the

right audience.
                                     STEP 4:

                              How to set up a Blog:

Basically, there are two ways to set up a blog. You can set up a paid or free blog

and both have their advantages. But let us start with the free ways to start a blog.

There are sites that anyone can set up a blog site from for free. They include,

blogger owned by google, moveable type, wordpress and joomla etc. However,

the most common of all is blogger and wordpress. Let us look at setting up a

free blog using blogger.

First, get a Email Account:

To set up your blog, I advice you first visit gmail to sign up for a free email

account. This should take you two minutes. I am advising that you use gmail

since they own google and blogger.

Why did I recommend gmail. Because gmail is free, and its owned by google

and you will use it easily to apply for google adsense if you need to monetize
your blog with pay per click advertising. If you use any other email address,

you can still sign up but it will take a more technical process. So visit to sign up for a free email account as below:

                                                                            Click here to
                                                                            create your

While on, click on create new account. But if you already own an

account, then move to next step of applying for blogger account.
                                               Your email registration

Add all the parameters as above and your account is ready. Once you have

finished, you will log into your account as below:
Congratulations! You have created a gmail account. It is therefore time to set up

your blogger account for free.

Visit site. Just sign into blogger with your email address and your

email password as shown in the picture below:
                                                                     Your email
                                                                     address and
                                                                     password here

Complete your display name, check the terms of service box as below and click

                                on continue.

                                                                    Add your
                                                                    display name
                                                                    here and click
                                                                    on create
Name your blog, add the url (universal resource locator) you want. The url is the

name of your blog and it has to reflect what topic you want to talk about. For

example, this blog I am setting up is about Motivation, Money and Success and

so I have named it Once you have

added your url, check the availability and then proceed.

                                                                    Add your url,
                                                                    then click on

You will be taken to the template option platform. You will need to select the

template you want here as you have several templates to select from. Your

template is just the appearance of your blog. Once you have done this, click on

continue. See the picture in the next diagram
                                                    Themes to
                                                    choose from

Congratulations! You have just created a blog … start posting articles…

                         Newly created blog
                                    STEP 5:

                      Posting Articles on Your Blog:

Now that you have created a free blogger account, let us go into posting articles

on blog with blogger. You must decide what kind of articles you will post on

your blog.

There are two sources to post articles to your blog. Either you write organic

content articles which are original articles or you have free content syndicated


  1. Using Organic or Pillar Articles: These are original articles you develop

     on your own to be added to your blog. To start with, you can post at least

     eight articles. Your articles should be between 300 to 400 words and it must

     have quality Search Engine Optimised (SEO) contents. Pillar or Organic

     contents are original articles written with sound SEO. This is because search

     engines like organic or pillar content sites. SEO means using keywords

     related to your niche so that search engines can index or see your site when

     it is crawled by them especially and, the two most

     popular internet search engines. For example, if I am posting content about

     “how to make money selling domain names” on my blog; my topic title

     would look like “How to make money buying and selling domain names for
   profit”. Here , the key word of my title includes “buying and selling domain

   names”. In my body content, my first few sentences would heavily include

   such words as domain name, domain profit, domain selling, buying, and

   sites related to where I sell my domains. This will result in search engines

   such as google and yahoo, crawling my site and each time someone search

   on them with these words, my site will be presented by google as the result

   of such search resulting in traffic links.

2. Sourced or syndicated Content: These are contents from online ezines,

   private label articles, from public domains or other people’s blog posts. With

   this method, you can build thousands of pages with other people’s content:

   a. Ezine Sources: Article ezines Such as,, etc are good

      sources where you can have free articles and add them to your blog.

      However, you must read carefully to know the terms covering these

      articles. Some would want you to reference the sources on your site. If

      you don’t your could be sued so be careful.
b. Public Domain Works: Public domain works is one of the best kept

   secrets of million dollar articles. These are works in the form of books,

   articles, recordings and pictures whose copyrights have expired because

   they have not been re-registered with copyrights and so enter public

   domains. What this means is that anyone including you can publish,

   republish and/or sell the works without paying a commission to any

   person or organization. One of the best places you can use for this

   purpose is Project Gutenberg which you can access at

c. Another source for content is to take RSS Feeds; RSS means Reality

   Simple Syndication. You can take RSS Feeds from a blog and add it to

   your blog so the summary shows on your site as summary and a link to

   the site being syndicated.
How to Get Articles from Ezines to post on your Free


Let us use ezine sources to post to our newly created blog for experimental

purpose. First, visit , take a category of the topic your

blog is all about… For example, let us write on google adsense… Visit the

adsense and affiliate program section of Internet business on and take articles there. It is important that you

reference the site as your source for your articles as this will conform to

their terms of service, otherwise you could be sued for just taking articles

without referencing the source. See the site in diagram as below
Copy the article content and the subject. To copy, just highlight the article, go to

your “edit” icon on your computer and click on “copy” from the drop down as

Copy also the source as below:

Log into your blogger dashboard, click on new post, add all the content you

copied from your ezine to your blogger and click on publish and your article is

done as below…

                                           Topic Title here

                                                     Body content

Congrats! You have made a post… To add another post, simply click on new

View your new blog as below:
                                    STEP 6

                   Organizing your Free Blog layout:

The look of your blog is important as it will either appeal to your readers or you

lose them, meaning losing money.

You can edit each of the sections for example “About Me” section, “Gadget”

including adding google adsense or other affiliate programs.

To do this, click on Layout, you will be taken directly to page element section.

Here, you can click on edit to change or update any area you want to change as

                                                                      Edit all

For example, click on edit in the “About Me” section and add all about you as

                                                               Click save when

                         How to change your template:

To do this, still on the layout, click on “Pick a new Template” link, select the

template you desire and click on Save and you are done.
                                          Click on Pick a new
                                          template here


And this can make your blog look great!
How to generate trafic to your blog the eay

After making a post on your blog, there is the need for traffic. How do yu
bring traffic to your site?
1. Automated Social Networking Post:
   With the automated social networking system, all your posts are
   automatically posted to your twitter and facebook

   To achieve this, first, visit and sign up with Just click
   on Register Now

                                                          Click to register

You will be taken to where you will fill your details, then click on create
                             Add your email which is still user name

                                             Add passwords

                                             Click to create

Once you are done, congratulations. You can now start creating a new
Add the name you want to give your feed, then add your blog url and
click on test to see its working normal before you.

                                            Chose any name as your
                                            feed name

                                                       Add blog RSS URL
To add the RSS Feed URL, which is the universal resource locator, go
to your site/blog, scroll down, click on atom post as below

                                     Scroll down on
                                     your blog and click

Click on atom post and you will have another site showing your feeds.

                                       Copy FeedURL on
                                       the browser

Copy the feed url and add it to your twitterfeed
                                                          Click on test rss

                                         Insert it here

                     It shows feed ok

Once you click on the test rss feed and its ok, you are done. Scroll down
and click on “advance” link.
Then click on continue. This will bring you to where you can now connect
your facebook and twiter so they can get each post you make on your
blog and then generate traffic.
First click on twitter, follow the instruction and log in by authenticating
your twitter account. If you do not have a twitter account, then visit and sign up for free before using it here.

Click on Autenticate Twitter Account, Add your user name and password
to your twitter and click on allow as below and then it is authenticated
Click on Autenticate and then click on create service and you are done
with twitter. Congrats. Take a cup of water!!
While still on same platform, click on Facebook, it will bring you to the
link below:

       Click on Connect facebook and a pop up appears as below
Then add your facebook user name and password and click on log in

Then you will be taken to the link below. Click on allow and you are
You will see that you are taken back to the twitterfeed platform; click on
create service

Finally, click on All Done button
Click on back to blog board and then see your feeds for traffic.

Now let us test it. Go to your blog again and make a post, then you will
discover it will automatically show or be posted in your twitter and
facebook platform for your followers and friend and that means
immediate traffic from these social platform to your blog and convert
them to cash from your sale of products or click on adsense or other
affiliate programs.

After a post on a blog with link connection, see how it showed below
inside facebook wall of the account owner.
                                        Blog Post via twitter feed.

2. Free Reports: Since you have connected these automated system
   together, it is time to have more viral traffic;
   Create a small report and give it out for free to all your followers.

   And in your report, add links to your major product you are selling or
   your affiliate programs including adsense site.

3. Using Face book Friendship List: Once you have created your
   facebook account, invite and follow a lot of friends. This is leverage as
   you can convert them into cash soonest. Note that facebook has their
   anti spam policy so you should and must make sure you are not
   sending spam mails ( meaning the person does not want your mail).
   Therefore you must make it targeted. How? On your facebook click
   on account link and you will see a drop down menu, then click on edit
   friend link
Then locate a link that says Create New List
As it appears as below, add the name of your list and click on create

Congratulations you have created a list. Now its is time to add your
friends on each list. It is important that you create the list of your
relations/close friends and clients differently so you do not spam.

Now to add your friend(s) on each list, go back to your facebook home
page, you might see friends request for people who want to be your
friend, click on the friend request link or add search for a new friend
on the search bar and then click on add. While here, select which list
you want to add the person.
The click on confirm.

How then do you use this for traffic? Once you have made a post on
your blog, simply log into your facebook, click on message link, click
on create create message, on the to space, type the name of your list
and write your message with the direct link to your new blog post and
click on send. The message will go to your entire friend on that
particular list. Note that facebook allow only a maximum of 20 people
on one facebook list. So you will need to create as much as you have
on your facebook and each time you have a new friend, you add them
to each list you are creating.
Once you send it, they will all receive and that brings immediate traffic
to your site and income.

Using Page/Group:

Facebook Group/Page is one of the best and easiest way to generate
traffic and is far better than the friend list system.

Once you have a lot of people on your group, once you send a mail, it
goes to all of them. This is the best leverage.

To create a group or page, click on account and the drop down menu
comes up, then click on application settings and locate group, then
click on it, Next click on create group and follow the instructions there.

Once you are done, start inviting your friends to join your group
Now that you have created a group, and you have group members,
start emailing to them with your post on your blog or start posting and
writing on your wall. To email them, click on message all members
and compose your mail. Once you send, it will go to all of them.
Finally, you can also use face book ads to promote your product and
services. To do this, just look at the right hand side of your page when
you are logged into your facebook and you will see adverts. These are
all paid adverts. You can click on create ad link there and you create
your own advert. But you will need to pay facebook using credit cards.
Using Autoresponders: Autoresponders are automated email marketing

systems. There are various autoresponders and the advantage is that you can

se t autoresponders and it starts marketing to your prospect without you bring

there. You can use, (this one is free). But

most reliable and easy to use is There is no way you can do

without autoresponders if you are going to do well and become successful

with online business.
Practical Method: Having a great content, nice blog theme is not just enough

to give you money. You will need to match it with traffic. And so you must

figure out all of these before venturing into professional blogging.

Let me give you a practical case of what I do. Normally, I give out free

downloads of ebooks, videos and step by step guides on Fridays which I call

Free Friday Downloads.

Let us assume I have just posted a video messages and my free Friday

download link on my blog. The next job is to make sure that my subscribers

are aware so they can visit and get what I have posted immediately and I will

possibly make money from my post.

Now, the link of my post can be seen directly at

How do I direct them to this link right away? You will not be surprised that

no one will know you have posted at this blog if you do not have a mailing

list. Therefore, the first thing to do is to own your mailing list far before your

blog becomes very big. You must think of long term when creating your

blog. So I taught of this in the beginning and purchased a mailing list account

with You can also use for this. These are for a
monthly budget of $20. You will need to spend money because you are going

to make money.

But hold your peace! You can have a free autoresponder for life if you do not

have this kind of budget. Just go to

Now to see my autoresponder ready to accept people to my list as a sales

funnel, check out my blog at where I am

offering a free ecourse and book. Before you can have access to my course

and the content of my blog, you will need to add your name and email to the

pop up opt-in list as below

 Once you complete your name and email, the system will take you to the

 next page asking you to confirm your email by logging into your email and
clicking on the confirmation link, agreeing that you are opting into the list,

and would be receiving all that I will send to you through my

autoresponder newsletter.

When you check your mail, you will see the message below from me

The content as below will be inside your email and you will need to click

on confirmation in agreement that you are the one that opted to receive

mail from me.

And this is just the beginning. Now how will my list subscriber receive a

mail from me once I have posted an article or a product on my blog.

I will need to log into my aweber or any other autoresponder account to

inform him/her that a new article has been posted.

Let us log into aweber account:
Add your user name and password and you are in your dashboard where

you can now start broadcasting your newsletter or information about your

new post on your blog to your subscribers. To make a broadcast, click on

message icon and use either follow up messages, instant messages or blog


With Follow Up, you set up your newsletters for days (even up to 30 days)

and they deliver on their own without your intervention at set intervals.
These are follow-up that will come in topics on one niche say for example

on how to set up and make money with blog.

With Broadcast Option, you are sending it immediately or on a set

date/time and it will be delivered accordingly.

With blog Broadcast Option, a message goes to all your subscribers

immediately you make any post on your blog. So they receive a message

that is automated. It is also automated to appear on your twitter account.

Now let us concentrate on message. Click on create broadcast message.

You will have access to the message body and title. Add your title and add

the body of your message as below:
Once you have added the message and ready to send, click on save

broadcast message and click on queue and your message is sent to your list

subscribers who starts visiting your blog post instantly as they receive the

message. The best part of this is that the system addresses them in their

individual name they added when opt-in into your list and this is good for

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