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        Henry Omenogor
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To my Daughters: Mira, I love you my miracle baby. Rachael for your Unique Nature

and to my Son, Bu Boy David, You make me see my mirror.

To Rita my wife and only Love, thanks for Keying into my Entrepreneurial Dream.

To my mummy Comfort Omenogor, for giving me a creative life.

Finally, this book is dedicated to you reading it as you are special to me.


My first acknowledgment goes to God Almighty who gave me a vision, relevance and

ability to impact my quota in the society. Lord, I thank you for deliverance,

sustenance and making me unique in my own way. Thank you for letting me see the

part way easily and seeing possibilities where many see impossibility

My thanks go to Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase, publisher of Success Digest, for being

my mentor. Your words and support made this to be.

My staff have been very wonderful in making this book a reality. Ayonimofe

Gbadeyanka, Cheta Uwadima, Yemi Otukoya and Godwin Udu. To Richard

Edukugho, thanks for editing and correcting. Your suggestions were very helpful.

Chukwudi Enujioke, you are a firm support. Your technical contributions were

enormous. Thanks for absorbing my pressures.


Introduction                        7–8

Chapter One
OWN BUSINESS?                       9 – 12

Chapter Two

Chapter Three
ANSWER YOURSELF                     23 – 25

Chapter Four

Chapter Five
BUSINESS                            30 – 32

And Now
HOME WITH LESS THAN N10,000.00      33 – 49

Conclusion                          50 – 51

“It is the mind that maketh good of ill, that

  maketh wretch or happy, rich or poor”


You have just gotten an idea. You have your idea and Vision. You are

buoyed and all your system is running high with enthusiasm as you speak

and act about your ideas. And your family, friends and relatives are

wondering what is wrong with you and what makes you excited. Congrats to

you as you are just like an entrepreneur ready to start up a business.

You see, your laying your hands on this mini-book is a step in the right

direction. And the next thing that is required is action.

This book will motivate you and still give you step-by-step guide on how to

start your business and manage it. It goes further to give you 33 businesses

you can start with less than N10,000.00 and make millions from.

This book will help you to know that though, starting your own business is a

lot more complicated than a lot of us may think initially, you will realize that

you are not alone in your thoughts, desires, fears and joyful moment of your

business. I have taken great effort to put all you need together so you can

understand them in simple language.

I have been part of several business start-ups in this country. I have been

part of bringing a foreign company to Nigeria and have also established

several companies of mine, which I run and I hope to pass these

experiences to you in a compact but yet easily understandable form. Since I

have been there with mistakes and successes, I have showcased all of them

for you here. And so you have to dwell on these ideas in this book as your




You want to start your business? If yes, then do you think you can be a

successful business owner? Yes you can, as I know this for sure. But why

MUST you start your own business? The reason why you must start your

own business is also the reason why most people don't start any business


If you know why you should start your own business, then how to start will be

easy. Every one of us cannot work for someone but every one of us can own

a second source of income. The secret of the rich and wealthy is based on

several streams of income. While the poor work for money, the rich uses

their money to work for them. Now let me explain this: If you work in a

company and keep working for your monthly pay cheque, you are working

for money since you work to earn it. Now if you run your own business, you

are using your money to work for you. This is because you can employ

others to work for you and you pay them for carrying out their duties for you.

The simple reasons why you need to start your own business is to have

financial freedom, work at any time you want to, be in control of your

passion, ideas or expertise, and make much more than you earn monthly.

The biggest is to be fulfilled in your vision. It will remove you from the craze

for 8am to 6pm job syndrome. It will give you the time to be with your family

and meet your family's financial and moral obligations and responsibilities


You see, no body plans your future for you more than yourself. Your action

of today determines your success for tomorrow and the success of your

entire family and so you must take the bull by the horn today. So even if you

are gainfully and successfully employed, still put it at the back of your mind

that you also need a second income.

As I consult daily, I have seen managers and other group of people who

were sitting on the comfort zone with great job portfolio got into financial

crisis due to the bank and other financial institution's recapitalization policy

(for example) which affected their banks. Most had the opportunity of

establishing a second or third income but never did. Today, they are without

employment and without a business to fall back to.

One of them actually came to me and explained how he had gone through

crisis since the unexpected folding of the bank he had worked with. He was

a manager with computers and Internet in his office but he never felt that he

should know how to use them to his advantage. Today, for desperation, he

had to learn it paying large chunk and not thoroughly as it was supposed to

be since he was desperate.

One advert that has impressed me is an advert by a GSM Company, which

says "Big things Start Small, Start Something today". And to add to it, a

renowned writer and author, Rev, Albert Aina, A Pastor with Four Square

Gospel Church, in his book, "How To Make Your First Million" said "There

are no big Shots Anywhere. Big shots are small shots that keep shooting".

95% of the working class are working to earn a living while the 5% that are

classified in the millionaire league are working to earn for living. You must

start your own business to be in that league. And one of such way is to start

your own business from home. Those who work in the banks had always

reminded me that "there are bank workers and there are bankers". They

often joke with me that bankers are the ones who own the bank and that the

workers work for bankers. Therefore, the only reason you must start your

own business today is the WHY.




Starting a business is easy once you have known Why you must start your

business. However, most people who already know why, have found it still

difficult to start their business for various reasons. Let us look at those

factors and how to conquer them.


Most would-be-entrepreneurs have the fear of their businesses failing and so

would not dare to start at all. You see, if you don't start, you will never fail at

all and so you will never succeed. The truth is that there is no one who is an

expert in anything except he tries and practice. An expert is that man or

woman who has made 1001 mistakes. You must be prepared for failures if

you have to start a business and become successful. Innovations in the

world such as the fluorescent tube, cars and others never came to be just

like that without failures and several trials. You have been created with all

success ingredients inside of you by God and what you need to do is to

bring it out.

You must nurture your ideas, your dreams and ideals into reality.

There is nothing wrong in having fear inside of you as it makes life complete.

But let me address another side of fear that can be used to your own

advantage. It is called Positive Fear. Positive fear will push you into starting

your own business and making money with it. Positive fear is the fear that

you don't want to be poor, that you don't want to be in the crisis of not being

able to pay your children's school fees as and when due, that you want your

children to belong to the rich class and get the best of life, that you would

want to belong to the wealthy club and this motivates you to make it by

taking a bold move.

2.2: SITTING IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE: Most people are earning a living

with their day-job and are completely comfortable with it. The truth is that if

you don't plan for your retirement from today, you are actually not helping

yourself. You see, analysis and reality have shown that most people are rich

between 25 to 40 years of age and there after they are broke. This is

because they have lived on the comfort zone without planning.

I had a friend who was earning N80.000 as a Manager               in    an   IT

Consulting   and Marketing Company and for a long time, was comfortable

with it until I showed him the reasons why he must leave the comfort zone

and establish his own business or start a second income from home.           He

had always told me he had fear and that if he starts a business and it

crashes, he will blame it on me. But I told him the reasons why he should

know that the only man who can make him money is himself.

I also showed him how to negotiate himself out of that job and he did. First, I

had to meet with him and the wife to give me the opportunity to show them

why he must leave that job, how both of them can support each other and

why he must carry the wife along. I had to invite them to one of my seminar

training on money making. I had to show him how I raked in good money in

one day, over thrice above what he earns and got him fired. There and then,

he realized that he was paid peanuts. He saw "the why" he needed to

establish his business. I had to tell him the truth that he will fail several times

and so he should be prepared for it, but will succeed in the end. In the

following two months, he had established a web design and hosting

company, while still in his paid day job. He learnt web designing from me

and I gave him a reseller hosting account for N30, 000.00 per annum and

then he started his web design and hosting business from home. In the next

three months, he had sealed deals of about N300,000.00 and excitedly

called me to inform me that he had rented an office space where he is

gainfully doing Business today.


One of the biggest factors that work against most people starting their own

business is advice from friends or relatives. You see, your friends or relatives

will not live your life out for you. If you have a business idea or an expertise

you want to turn into business, it is healthy to discuss it with your husband,

wife, relatives or friends. But you see, there are those who will dissuade you

from carrying out your dreams. There are those who will kill your dreams.

Dream terminators don't need to be with you. And let me tell you one secret

today, there is nothing wrong with you doing away with dream terminators as

friends. If you have to progress in all aspect of your life; spiritual, financial,

mental and physical, then you will have to decide who your associates

should be. Birds of the same feather flock together. It is better for you to

have too few friends than having a bunch of friends that will prevent you from

making progress. Instead of following flocks of friends for that beer-drinking

spree, use that time to have personal time with yourself to think about why

you were created and what you need to achieve with your life. Withdraw

yourself from the disturbing crowd and think within you to bring out the real

you that will launch you to the next level. Continuously dwelling in your goal

and passion will bring quick result than you think if you apply this principle. In

a January, I had to cut off friends who were not helpful to my progress, had

time for me to reflect my life and achievement as well as dwell on my ideas

and had made a quick progress in no time.

You are uniquely created by God and you can't be everyone's friend. Do

away with friends that will not get you to the next level. Do away with people

with criminal tendencies; do away with people who are questionable. And

associate yourself with those who have been there, model your lifestyle,

business, thinking along with theirs.

If you want to be like Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase, Publisher of Success

Digest and Complete Sport as well as the President of Success Attitude

Development      Center    (SADC),    who     have    raised   more    individual

entrepreneurs in this country than any other person I know in this earth as at

the time of my writing this book, then act the way he acts and reason the

way he reasons and get his attention and be in his organization or company.

If you want to see the secret successes of Dr. David Oyedepo, then be

around him, read his books, and study him as well as act the way he acts.


Though it may seem that you are not there at your goal now, developing a

positive attitude about things of life will help you get there in no time. If you

have faith in God, then you can move mountain. Wars are fought and won

first in the spiritual before it is won physically. Empires were created by faith.

Goals are accomplished first by faith before it comes into physical reality.

You have to act who you want to be. Exercise that faith and see yourself as

that man you want to be. Picture yourself sitting there as the CEO, see

yourself closing deals and impacting lives with your vision and God will bring

all the necessary raw materials needed.

I had a dream and passion to publish a News Magazine by faith and that is

why "Start Your Own Business Magazine" came to reality. Dr. Sunny Obazu-

Ojeagbase quit his day job with a newspaper house and started his business

and that is why it came to reality. Your belief that it will get better even if it's

tough with you today will move you to the next level. For years I started a

business and had it rough. But I had one thing going for me and that is faith.

Because I had faith, I committed everything I had into my business. When

my business was going down, I called my wife and ask that we sell our only

car to fund my business. Though she kicked against it, I made her to see

reasons with me, and we sold the car and used it to bring our business to a

great success. Though, we had to apply other things including discipline,

prayers, faith etc. In no time, we were able to buy another.


If you start and sustain your business, then concentrating on Vision instead

of concentrating on money will bring you to the top. Your vision should be

how to impact positively on the society with your ideas, expertise, your

mistakes, your passion or your hobby. Once your vision is to impact your

business positively to the society is achieved, money will flow along with it. I

had a vision of empowering Nigerians and People globally and so

concentrated on the ideal or goal and not money at first. Today, people are

ready to pay for my expertise and training because of the tremendous

success it has brought to them. If you establish a business to make money

as your core vision instead of impacting positively on the society with your

vision, then your business will be but only transient. Starting a business is

different from managing and sustaining that business. A lot of great ideas

have been sent to the gutter because of concentration on money making

rather than on impacting life. And a lot of ideas have gone international

because of the impact it has on the people and money continues to flow. For

example, Globacom, which is one of the GSM companies in Nigeria, was

founded by a multi millionaire Chief Michael Adenuga with a first sole

purpose of providing GSM Phone services globally and today, there is

money overflowing from that idea. This is because it meets the people’s

need and solves their problems of communication and he is paid for it.



Anyone can start his/her business. The first thing you need is decision and

action. In order to start your business, you must ask yourself certain

questions such as:

What kind of business do I start: The kind of business you can start need

to come within you? It's not just enough to start a business because you saw

Mr. Jones making it big in that business. You must ask yourself if the

business you want to start is viable, close to your passion, expertise, hobby

or mistakes before you start.

Do I run my business from home or I need an office: You must decide on

your own if you need an office or not. If the business does not require you

owning an office, then you will have to decide if you want to run it from


How much do I need to start a particular business: Deciding or Knowing

how much you need to start a business is important as it will enable you

evaluate and price your business most especially if you need a financier.

What are my country's laws as it relates to my proposed business: You

must check and cross check what laws relate to your business if it requires

any special permit to start or not. Don't go against the law.

What is my vision in this business and what impact will it have in the

society as a whole: You must state clearly what your business vision is and

what impact it will have on the society as a whole. You must run a company

that is environmentally and socially responsible.

Who can I consult for advice to start this business: If you have to start a

business, then one of the easiest ways is to climb the shoulders of those

who have been there! This will ease you from making costly mistakes.

Who are the people already running this same business: Knowing

those   who    are   already running    a   business   you   want to start and

understudying them will give you a good advantage? Visit them, price

their items, know what makes them tick      and what makes them weak, and

see what you can improve on from their services

What unique thing do I need to do in order to be different from people

already running this business? Implement that unique thing and have

customers coming.

Who is my role model and how does he run his business: This is

important. You must have a role model if you have to succeed. Identify and

give due respect and honor to who is due, who have been there and you will

get there in no time. Stand on their shoulder and this is leverage.




In starting your business from home or with an office, you need to take your

business as a business. The fact that you want to start a business from your

kitchen or your parlour or garage does not make it different from the

conventional business of an office. The following are what you will therefore

need to do if you have to take your business as a business:

Register Your Company with the Government:

Whether you are establishing a bead making and exporting business, a

creche business or a training and workshop business or information

technology business, or a business center, you will need to register your

company. Now, if you want to register a business name and start your

business, you can do this within two weeks. Visit Corporate Affairs

Commission in your state if you live in Nigeria and pay less than N600 to

search for the name you desire to use as your business name and then

register the name if it is available with less than N6,000.00. This is important

as it will enable you open an account with a bank where all cheque

payments are made. Do not conduct your business without a bank account.

This will also enable you to have your letterheads and complimentary cards

for your business. The above is just a business enterprise registration.

However, if you want to incorporate a Limited Liability Company, then

consult a lawyer who will help you in the registration.

Written Business Plan: The reason why most businesses fail is because

there is no written down business plan. You must clearly state what you want

to achieve, how you want to achieve it and all that is required for you to

achieve this. This is important as one thing most people get disturbing is

finance. But today, you can walk into Micro Finance Banks with the new

capitalization reforms in the finance sector and get loans to finance your

business, but you must have a well written business plans or proposal. It is

also important if you want to source your fund from relatives or friends as

they would better be equipped and willing to give you loan if you have a

good plan. No one is ready to throw his hard earned money away.

Save: Prior to when you have to start your business and you are working,

the first thing you need to do is to save towards a business of your choice.

My advice here is that you have a reserved-locked up account where you

save a particular amount of money daily, weekly or monthly as the case

maybe. This will help you to start off your business and make it easy for you

to get loan if you need it. People or financiers would prefer giving to an

already established business.

Own Your Web Site: If you run a business that require you servicing people

globally or in the whole of Nigeria, owning a website will help you market

your business 24/7. It also gives you the ability to compete with

conglomerates. Your site is your online office. You will be able to develop

your site through a web designer to sell your products or services or

expertise or hobbies. You can personally call me if you want this as my

company develop and host sites for companies and individuals. This will give

you the ability to own your personalized email as,

showcase your goods, services or expertise on your site and have the ability

to reach a global market or local market and have more client-base and rake

in more money.

I write books and sell online and I sell my books at




One of the greatest tools you will need if you want to market your business

farther than your location is to use Cyber-Marketing. Cyber-Marketing simply

means using the Internet to market your products and services. The Internet

is just a term used to describe an interconnection of computers networked

together for the purpose of communication, education and information.

If you do a good job of having an online presence of your company, you can

compete and play with the big guys. Your web presence will make you

compete with the big guys such as MTN, Coca-Cola, 7Up, etc. This is

because nobody visits your company's building but get to see what you the

owner of the site puts on the internet.

The Internet will eliminate a lot of things. It will enable you own your web site

which is and an email address for means of

communication and so you don't have to do any travel. I keep saying that my

office is two seconds from me. This is because my computer and internet

connection is just by my bed and once I wake up; I am with it in 2 seconds

and start attending to my clients and prospects.

For you to get connected to the Internet and launch your web site or web

presence, you will need to contact an Internet Service Provider (ISP) who

will get you connected. The next step is for you to register your domain

name such as with a domain registration company.

Note that your domain name must bear your name and address as the

owner. You can register this on your own at and

pay in Naira. You will need to get a web hosting and developing company

who will help you register your domain, design your site and launch your

company's website. All your products, services and contact details will all be

on your site.

To popularize your site and your company, you will need to run adverts on

Magazines, Newspapers and (or) TV on shoe-string basis. This is because

your site and business need to be known otherwise you will not spread. I sell

my   expertise,   services   and   products    globally   and   nationally   at as well as

And Now...



A large number of people work from home and you can still do it. In most

cases, first time entrepreneurs find it easier to start from home until it

blossoms into a big business.

Home businesses are increasingly becoming the order of the day globally.

And so you should imbibe it in your lifestyle. Even if you are a woman,

getting yourself a business from home and meeting up some financial needs

becomes very important to augment and possibly take the financial

responsibility in case the man goes out of job. I have personally experienced

a couple's case where a husband had always kicked against his wife

working. The wife was later to convince the husband the need for her to

learn Bead making and Tie & Dye (Adire) Craft, which later blossomed into a

big business. The husband was later to lose his job and saw him and the

home being sustained by the wife with income from her business.

I have made clearly 33 Businesses you can start from your home, kitchen or

lobby and start making millions of Naira from, while taking care of your kids

at home even if you are a man or woman.

1.     Bead Making:

Making Beads is one good way to Make Money from home. This is a

business anyone can start from home in days. All you need is less than

N10,000 and you run it from your home. Buy all the accessories needed

such as pliers and beads of various types, learn how to make bead from an

expert trainer and start making it yourself. You can start supplying your

beads from your home, to friends and relatives as well as people in your

church and neighborhood. You can run this from your parlour or bedroom or

your balcony.

2.     Tie and Dye (Adire):

This has a good potential and any woman or man can start it with less than

N10,000. You can start it from your kitchen by getting all the chemicals, buy

the clothes and start making it and supplying. You can start marketing your

finished clothes to neighbors, friends, and relatives and in churches. You can

have people or clients you can supply too or still take it to the market place.

This has a good potential as you can export it abroad too.

3.     Soap Making:

Because every day, people must clean their homes, offices, wash their

clothes and plates, you name it, therefore, there is a very viable potential in

soap making business. And you can start this from your home. Make both

liquid and bar soaps for your personal use first and go commercial with it.

How do you start with this? Learn the trade, start making for your home first

and perfect it. Make for friends for test and advice. After then make and

supply to your neighborhood stores, friends and relatives until you go fully


4.     Hair Weaving:

Women would weave their hair. Female School children will weave their hair

weekly. And so you can start running a weaving service from your home for

women and female children. You can render an at-their-home-service where

you visit their homes and weave their hair once they call you on phone or

you must have already agreed for a particular day of the week when you will

be at a particular client's home or when they will be at your own home to

make their hair.

5.     Business Brokerage:

Business brokerage is a very viable business. People are looking for what to

buy and don't know where to buy it. People are also having items and are

looking for whom to buy them. For example, if someone wants to sell a used

car, you can locate who is looking for a used car to buy and broker the sale.

In brokerage, you will have to bring the buyer and seller together and make

your commission from sale.

6.      Event Management:

Each weekend, there are weddings and various parties of all kind. There are

political gatherings, house warming, burials etc. These people may not have

the time to arrange and organize these events and so you can come in as an

event manager. An event manager manages event. You will be the one to

arrange for buses that will convey people to the venue of the event, arrange

for the drinks, foods, decorations etc. If it is a wedding event, then you will

take up the contract to arrange for the decoration, MC, Venue etc. You are

paid to do all of this on contract basis.

7.      Ice Block Making and supply:

We all use fridges at home. And we know these days there are no stable

power supply from the almighty PHCN. Also, people holding parties need to

have their drinks and other stuffs preserved to be cold. Turn your fridge in

the house to money by making ice blocks and selling to your neighborhood,

and supplying to parties. Start this today and soonest you will be known as

being the one running it. You will make unending income from this daily

8.     Training and Workshop:

Training and workshop is one steady area for anyone to make money from

his/her ideas, expertise, hobby etc. If you know how to make soap, adire,

how to tie gele, how to make money with stock investment, etc, then turn it

into a seminar or workshop where you can teach people on how to do it. I

teach people how to make money on the Internet and how to start and run

their business and I make money with it. All you have to do here is to

advertise your training with any newspaper or magazine such as "Start Your

Own Business Magazine" with a budget of N6.000 and then rent a hall and

teach your attendees. You will be surprised that you can make at least N100,

000.00 in two hours. What you need is your phone number where would be

attendees will call you on phone as well as your website.

9.     Counseling/Advice:

If you know how to counsel people for good, then you can turn it into cash.

You can run a business of counseling and advice agency. If for example you

advise couples on how to have a healthy relationship for free, then you can

do this for money. You can advice people on best ways to get their visa, how

to face interviews, how to invest in stock, how to make money etc

10.    Knotting of Tie

This is one area that people have undermined yet, there is big money from

this business. A lot of corporate people don't know how to knot their ties and

so keep it on the wardrobe once their ties have been knotted. You can make

money here from home knotting ties for people on weekly basis and also by

teaching them how to knot their ties on their own. You can charge free for

one-on-one training.

11.    Tying Gele

This is also one area that is a great money spinner. You see, women tie gele

to Churches on Sundays, occasions and to parties every weekend. And

most of them don't know how to tie gele the right way. You can make money

from home by tying gele for women and also teaching them how to tie gele

on their own.

12.      Mobile Food Vendor

There are eateries people can go and eat. Yes, but people must leave their

offices to eat in these eateries. Besides, some people will prefer African

menu. You can start your business from your home making these foods and

packaging them and supplying directly to office workers. They will be happy

to see you supply them at their offices and you will start building your client

base once you start this. This will be very viable in an office area. All they

need to have is your phone number and you also have their phone number

to call them and ask them the type of menu they want and when they want it.

13    Thrift Collector

As thrift collector, you will have to collect daily or weekly contributions from

your clients. You can target market women, small business owners and

artisans who you visit daily and collect a particular amount of contribution

and you save the money on their behalf in your bank account. What you

need to have here is your card to keep their record of payment. Here you

make money by taking a commission on each contribution. What you need

to start is just your registration with CAC, and printing of Membership Record


14.    Beautician/Makeup Artiste:

As a beautician or makeup artiste, you can start dressing artiste and making

up people who want to look fine for any occasion for a fee. You can

have some on contract basis in which case, you are permanently paid every

month and you render your service as and when due.

15.    Article Writing:

If you know how to write or have flare for writing, then you could convert it

into cash. What you need to do here is to write for magazines who are

looking for unique writers in a particular niche or field. If you "know about

medicine, then you can write for magazines, online magazines, journals etc

for money. You can also run your personal newsletter or journal and write

and sell it for money. You can do this locally or globally. Locally, you will

need to contact local magazines and newspaper. Globally, you can set up a

blog site and start making money with it and you are paid monthly cheques.

16.    International Survey:

Companies are ready and interested in. knowing what the perception of their

product is and are ready to compensate you for your opinion on their

products or services. Some will give gifts while some will give money for this.

You can visit the Internet and take online surveys and be paid. You see,

there are surveys for Nigerians and there are surveys for other countries.

And let me stress this, I have seen a lot of people who pay money to

companies to take survey and this is wrong. Let us assume this: If MTN

Nigeria want to have your opinion on usage of their network in Nigeria, logic

will tell you that they won't ask you to pay money, instead, you will be

compensated with credit for your time. Just go online and type "international

paid survey" and sign up with them and start taking survey. Note also that

surveys that will be given to you will depend on what your background is.

17.     Proof Reading:

Proofreading is one of the easiest ways to make money from home with little

capital to establish. People who have written their books, their web site

content are looking for proofreaders who would proofread and correct their

tenses and sentences to be professionally ok for reading. All you need here

is just your call cards and advertising on classified ads for your services.

18.     Phone Call and Card Sales:

You can establish phone call services and make call from home. You can

turn your GSM to a paid phone call and make money from home. You can

also start selling recharge cards from your home at a profit.

19.     Promotional Items:

A lot of businesses love those catchy little items (pens, key, rings, etc) that

feature the company's name on them. Entrepreneurs have discovered that

customers like them even more. You can start a business taking orders for

these goods and selling them to businesses in your area. Hook up with an

advertising specialty that can fulfill the orders for you and you will be on your

way to wealth.

20.    Apartment Preparers:

The truth is that people who rent apartment or homes could damage the

premises or leave them in a rather unkempt state. You can start a business

from home by coming to prepare the apartment to fit the next tenant by

rendering services in the area of cleaning and straightening up to painting,

furniture refinishing and more. Your charge should be hourly in order for you

to make good money out of these services.

21.    Home Crèche:

Because of the nature of cities like Lagos, Abuja etc not all family have the

time to take care of their children since they work. They have to contend with

both work and family life and there is pressure at all time. You can establish

a crèche from your home where they bring their children and you look after

them and teach them until their parents return from work.

22.    Residential Cleaning:

You can make money as a residential cleaner. People are looking for

cleaners who will keep their environment clean and so you can take over this

business in your community. You will need basic supplies and an ad or a

flyer to generate customers. You can also use word of mouth.

23.    Game Viewing Center:

A lot of people are interested in gathering in one place to view football

matches for the fun of it. You can set up a viewing center and charge them

fees to watch matches. You can start this by converting a space you have

from home to this business. Keep a signboard outside that informs your

prospect when a match is going to take place.

24.    Web Designing and Hosting:

You can start a web developing company for family members, friends, and

small business owners in your community. You should be computer-savvy.

However, there are plenty of software programs (called What You see Is

What You Get-WYSIWYG) that will enable you become a web developer in a

day. Many successful web designers are self-taught. You can charge from

N30.000 designing a web site and also charge additional amount for


25.     Children's Apparel/Clothing Shop:

Kids grow fast! Obsolete clothes can be resold every couple of months. You

can establish a business here. All you have to- do is buy these clothes from

parents, clean them and resell them. You can open a small consignment

right in your home. Take 30% of everything you sell and let the

owners/sellers keep the rest. This will keep them coming back for more.

26.     Senior day Care:

You can make money taking care of elders in your home or in their home.

Many people want their elderly parents taken care of but don't want to put

them in rest homes and so want alternatives. You can provide that


27.     Children Party Services:

This is a good business for any one from home. You can start a business

organizing parties for kids. What you do here is to pick up a space or set up

the parties at the homes of the families hosting their parties. Develop a

number of themes for different age group. You can even develop this as a

mail order business by placing ads offering several themes and packages for

different size group of kids. It's a party-in-a-box and you are the supplier.

28.     Flyer Distributor:

Work from home as a flyer distributor. Try placing a simple ad for your flyer

distribution service. Better still; distribute flyers announcing your business.

Charge your clients a couple of Naira per flyer to be distributed, and pay the

person you hire to distribute the flyers, a particular amount for each flyer

distributed. You keep the other penny per flyer.

29.     Barbecue Specialty:

There is a big business here. People would like to relax themselves, after

work or during weekends. You can contact owners of relaxation centers and

compliment their services by setting up your barbecue. Place an ad in the

newspaper as a master barbecue chef. You set up, cook, serve and perform

all clean up tasks. This is catering barbecue style.

30.     Running an online Blog:

A blog is an online diary. Your blog is also called a web site blog. You can

own a blog with less N10,000 coming with your domain name, your hosting

account and setting up your blog. With your blog, you make money from

advertisers from google adsense, affiliate programs from clickbank,

paydotcom, click2sell and freeiq by adding affiliate links and selling other

people's product on your site and you are paid monthly. You can also sell

your books on your blog.

31.    Creating and selling E-Books:

You can create ebooks with little capital and make millions monthly. Write

and package a book on what you know as a solution to a problem in the

society and package them on CD-Rom and sell. To do this, write your book,

convert it to a pdf file and write them to CD-Rom. Place ad on

newspaper and start selling and raking money to your bank account.

32.    Create Video:

This is one easy and great way to make money with less than N 10,000. You

can create stunning videos on what you know how to do and start selling

too. You can acquire a Digital camera for N8,000 or get a Cam-Studio

Software and install it on your computer and start recording your teaching

and selling.

33.    Computer and Internet Usage Tutor:

A lot of people don't know how to use the Internet and Computers. You can

teach them how to use them and charge them fees for this. You can teach

them in their homes, your home or at Cyber cafes


Home-based businesses are no longer the novelty they once were.

Everything from A to virtually Z can be a business in the home.

Heart, head and market: Not sure which is the pick of the home-office litter

for you? I recommend researching what you're going to do before you strike

out on your own. Use the Heart, head and market method before you start.

Heart is what you like to do. What personally interests you? What are you

passionate about? Whether it's water skiing or computers, it doesn't matter.

What does matter is what you care about, because that's what you'll be

willing to invest your time and money in.

Head is the skills you possess. Most would-be entrepreneurs fair best when

they select a business in which they have expertise and know-how. This isn't

true 100 percent of the time, but is a good general rule to follow.

Market is whether there is a demand for what you want to do. Maybe you

enjoy making apparel for ferrets, but if ferret owners don't have a flair for

dressing up their pets, this probably would not be a profitable enterprise.



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