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					                            Scripture & Leadership Training

“Keep salt in yourselves and you will have peace with one another“
                           Mark 9:50.
                A program of
   The School of Theology and Ministry

       Seattle University

    SALT responds the Word of Jesus:
“You are the salt of the earth.” Matthew 5:13
SALT gathers people together in local faith
communities for regular sessions of Scripture study with a
focus on biblical spirituality and leadership training

                       Biblical Spirituality & Leadership
                          •Three Year Course of Study
                          •Two Seasons per Year
                          •Nine Sessions each Season
pursues critical interpretation of Scripture
in the Catholic Christian Tradition common to Ecumenical Churches

YEAR ONE: The Biblical Narrative
Overview in Season One of Exodus in the
Pentateuch from the Hebrew Scriptures
and in Season Two an overview of The
Gospel of Mark from the Christian Scriptures
using an in-depth study of both texts.
SALT Forms people
    For prophetic leadership in their faith communities
   YEAR TWO: The Prophetic Texts
   Season One: The Hebrew Prophets
   Season Two: The Pauline Literature
          (Paul in Letters) of the Prophetic Christian Scriptures
SALT helps participants grow in understanding through prayer
and reflection, by sharing a variety of experiences in small groups and
with focused instruction.
 YEAR THREE: The Wisdom Writings
 The Psalms in the Wisdom literature of the Hebrew Scriptures are
 handled in Season One. The Christian Scriptures Wisdom writings of
 John are examined in Season Two.
Each Weekly Session includes
Opening Prayer
Home Assignment prepared beforehand with a study guide
Small Group Faith Sharing flows from home preparation
Hospitality & Fellowship
Presentation by the Instructor
Short Focus on Leadership Skills
Closing Prayer Ritual
• Cost to the individual $80
• Cost to the parish $0 (unless they choose
  to provide a $80 scholarship making the
  cost $0 to the parishioner)
• Plus cost of Bible if needed
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