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									                                                    The Help

The birthing blues got hold of Miss Leefolt pretty hard. = postnatal depression
Double major. – двойная специализация (индивидуальный курс обучения в колледже или
университете, в течение которых студент одновременно обучается по двум специальностям)
Miss Myrna has gone shit-house crazy on us. – used for emphasis
Articles? Miss Phelan, it's a cleaning advice column. – колонка в газете с советами по хозяйству
- Here's your pocketbook. – AmE плоская дамская сумочка
You drunk up two glasses of grape juice. I know you got to tee-tee. = to pee
You got some ambrosia? – a variation on the traditional fruit salad. It contains sweetened whipped cream,
sour cream, pineapple, mandarin oranges, miniature marshmallows and coconut. Some versions also
contain maraschino cherries, bananas, strawberries, or crushed pecans. The mixture is then refrigerated for
a few hours.
Well, if it isn't "Long Haul" Skeeter. We didn't ever think you'd leave Ole Miss. – used to express surprise;
букв. долгий путь, зд. «лягушка путешественница»; a nickname for The University of Mississippi
He got held up on the oil rig, Skeeter. It's... It's offshore. :: I'm starting to think this Stuart is a figment of
your imagination. – нефтяная вышка; плод твоего воображения
Just to help me with some of the letters till I get a knack for it. – приноровиться
That tacky girl Johnny married. = vulgar
Oh, she's just upset because the nigra uses the guest bath and so do we. – AmE презрит. негритянка
Tell Raleigh every penny he spends on a colored's bathroom he'll get back in spades when y'all sell. –
цветной (о темнокожих, мулатах); слихвой
That's why I've drafted the Home Health Sanitation Initiative. It's been endorsed by the White Citizens'
Council. – составить проект (закона); одобрять
Sermon on radio – проповедь
After she got that teller job, her mother said she was swimming in proposals. – банковский клерк
Eugenia, your eggs are dying. Would it kill you to go on a date? = soon it will be late for you to have
Just show a little gumption. = initiative
You can write my obituary! – некролог
You have pushed it, young lady. – это уж слишком!
My daughter has upset my cancerous ulcers. – злокачественный; язва
Mama was third runner-up in the Miss South Carolina pageant. = she was the 4th; конкурс красоты
Margaret Mitchell glorified the mammy figure, who dedicates her whole life to a white family. But nobody
ever asked Mammy how she felt about it. – Mammy is a black servant from Mitchell’s novel “Gone with the
The book biz could use a little rattling. – шумиха, встряска
When I'm chopping onions, how do I keep tears out of my eyes? :: Shoot, that's easy. You tell her hold a
matchstick between her teeth. – резать; спичка
I bought you this damn house. I put up with your new clothes and trips to New Orleans, but this takes the
goddamn cake. – это уже чересчур
Why don't you sit down here for a spell. – ненадолго
Scare me more than Jim Crow. – пренебр. негр
But I got her back. – отомстить
White folks like to do they own spanking. – шлепать (детей)
No Sass-mouthing. – дерзить, грубить
It's not like I'd be fibbing. = to lie
Doggone it! – черт возьми!
We are running behind on our coat drive. Hurry up and clean out those closets. – благотворительная
акция по сбору верхней одежды
But our Christmas benefit, however, is right on schedule. – благотворительный вечер
Well, thanks to y'all, I can announce that we already filled every raffle slot for baked goods! Think we can
put a dent in African children's hunger this year? – лотерея; снизить, уменьшить
Baby Girl still gotta wear a diaper when she sleeps at night. – подгузник
You two give me the heart palpitations. – сильное сердцебиение; дрожь, трепет
I need to see you square on at all times. – прямо, лицом к лицу
- I'll take the truck. :: - It's hooked up to the motor grader. – к нему прицеплен автогрейдер
Now remember, no gentleman wants to spend the evening with a sourpuss. – ворчун, зануда, нелюдим
Don't mope! Smile! And for heaven's sakes, don't sit like some squaw Indian! Cross your ankles! – быть ко
всему безучастным, быть угрюмым; скво, индианка (в Северной Америке)
Boys, we'll be right back. Y'all talk about quarterbacks or something. – куортербек (игрок в
американском футболе)
Double Old Kentucky, straight with a water back. Make that two backs. – with no ice and a glass of water
on the side
Oh, um, I can cook cornpone. I can do grits. – кукурузная лепёшка; гритс (блюдо из грубо размолотой
кукурузы,           род           мамалыги;        традиционное          блюдо       южных         штатов)
You got gum in your hair, you got a squeaky door hinge... Crisco. – скрипучие дверные петли;
товарный знак популярного вида кулинарного жира
Looks like frosting. – сахарная глазурь
Want to soften your husband's scaly feet. – шелушащийся
And that Bertha, she's got chutzpah, I'll give her that. – наглость; нужно отдать ей должное
He fell carrying two-by-fours at the mill. That white foreman threw his body on back of a truck. –
деревянный брус сечением два на четыре дюйма; лесопилка; прораб
I am just honored to be hosting Elizabeth's shower. – вечеринка за три-четыре недели до рождения
ребёнка с вручением подарков будущим родителям
I'll be on the lookout. – быть настороже
Love and hate are two horns on the same goat, Eugenia, and you need a goat. – ср. от любви до
ненависти один шаг; herу “a goat” means a boyfriend
Oysters are a vehicle for crackers and ketchup. – устрица; букв. средство распространения
The boys caught me reading your Miss Myrna column on the rig the other day. – нефтяная вышка
- Oh! You're trespassing! – незаконно проникать на чужую территорию
Let's let the merchants down on Capitol Street feel the economic pinch. – экономический спад
KKK shot him. – Ku-Klux-Klan
Chop-chop. – побыстрее!
A nigra walks into a pawn shop with a ring of such size and color. – ломбард
I used to take a shortcut every day when I went to work at Dr. Dixon's house. Cut through that farmer's
lower 40 to get there. – короткий путь; a remote area of the estate
Miss Jolene's a mean woman. Mean for sport. – злой, вредный, гадкий; in joke, not in earnest
Because they know about you getting knocked up by Mr. Johnny. = pregnant
Hilly thinks that I was fooling around with Johnny when they were still going steady. = to date smb (dated)
They hate you 'cause they think you white trash. – бедняки из белого населения южных штатов
I'd hit him over the head with a skillet – сковорода с длинной ручкой
I'm not having my stomach poke out. – я не хочу чтобы у меня торчал живот
Hey, how about a nightcap? – стаканчик спиртного на ночь
It's my fault she pounced on you. – наброситься на кого-то
Now you get your raggedy ass off my porch. – букв. изношенный, потёртый; крыльцо
Fried chicken and okra on the first night? – окра (овощ)
When you returned it, three pieces were missing from the felt wrapper. – войлок; фетр
She's trying to blame it on a toddler. – a young child between the ages of one and two and a half
Then it behooves me to inform you that you are fired, Aibileen. = it’s necessary (dated)

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