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									                        GENERAL UNKNOWN REPORT

On 20th April 2009 @ 11.48 hrs., I came into the forensics lab and signed in for GU. Then
Ma'am divided all of us into 2 groups. I was in group-I (100). After I came to know my
group I went to Riva Ma'am to receive the evidence and chain of custody form on 20th April
2009 @ 12.00 hrs. Riva Ma'am gave me a sealed brown packet in which evidence was kept
and the sample of the evidence was SXFC-GU-113. This is how I received the evidence.

I received the evidence and chain of custody form after filling the C.O.C. form I returned it
back on the front table. My evidence # was SXFC-GU-113 and it was sealed in a brown
packet having length 11.5 cm. & breadth 11.5 cm & the height was 2 cm. The envelope ws
heavy. It was sealed from all sides, with no marks or scratches on the envelope. I have
sticked the photographs of front side and back side of the sealed envelope with frame 4 and
5 respecetively. Then I opened the packet on 21st April 2009 @ 10.16 hrs. It cut it 1.8 cm
from right side and 10.5 cm. from down. Then I took the photographs with frame # 21 for
front side and frame # 22 for back side.

Then I subpackaged my evidences I subpackaged the soil sample in an eppendorf tube and
also 2 paint chips and 2 pieces of crystals in an eppendorf tube. Then I subpacked a ring
and a black fibre in a druggist fold seperately and then a piece of stone in an eppendorf
tube and then an open golden coloured navtal lock in a brown packet by sealing it with sign
& date. This is how I subpackaged all my evidences. Refer to the photocopy for the
photographs. Then I started analyzing the evidences. Soil sample was not muddy but were
fine pieces of stones which made the soil colourful. Then the 2 paint chips were light brown
in colour. The 2 crystal pieces were of glass but not from the broken torch. The black fibre
was thick enough and is a thread through which clothes are stiched. The open lock was
golden in colour with scratches on it. After analyzing and matching the evidences with
controls I made the summary table as follows :-
                                                                            Evidential value
                   Item            Analytical                                 (i.e. linkage
 Sub evidence                                         Observation
                description     technique used                                established
SXFC-GU-113-A   Soil sample       Microscopy     It is a fine particles    Controls are found
                                                 and is colourful and      from waste basket
                                                 pH       cannot     be    from              men's
                                                 found since there is      washroom            not
                                                 not need                  much        evidential
SXFC-GU-113-B   2 paint chips     Microscopy     Light     brown      in   Controls          match
                                                 colour from front         from      the     paint
                                                 and back side is          chips      from     the
                                                 white.                    bathroom.           Not
                                                                           much        evidential
SXFC-GU-113-C   2 pieces of        Disserting    White     transparent     Conrol       matched
                  crystals        Microscope     pieces with cracks        with storage room.
                                                 and        lots      of   Not               much
                                                 scratches                 evidential value.
SXFC-GU-113-D       Ring                         Circular ring with        No control or no
                                                 rust on it. It looks      evidential value.
                                                 like a kitchen of
SXFC-GU-113-E    A piece of        Disserting    Off white in colour       Control      matched
                   stone          Microscope     with     black     and    with waste basket
                                                 brown spots.              from              mens
                                                                           washroom & also
                                                                           with Matin Attar's
                                                                           sample     #      SXFC-
SXFC-GU-113-F   A black fibre     Compound       Black in colour and       Controls     matched
                                  microscope     thick like a thread       with black T-shirt
                                                 through           which   found from Rahi A
                                                 clothes are stiched       sample     #      SXFC-
                                                                              Evidential value
                       Item             Analytical                              (i.e. linkage
 Sub evidence                                            Observation
                    description      technique used                             established
SXFC-GU-113-G         An open        Magnifying lens   Lock with scratches   Lock has scribbles
                    golden colour                      and scribbling done   with screw drivers
                     navtal lock                       with screw driver     found from Akshita
                                                                             sample No. SXFC-
                                                                             GU-108. It also has
                                                                             finger prints on it
                                                                             which does not
                                                                             matches to Ayaz
                                                                             Khan. Lots of
                                                                             evidential value.

Reconstruction :
Ayaz Khan and attendant were crime partners. Both came early in the morning as Ayaz was
seen by chaiwalla. Then both entered inside by opening the lock but they later tampered
with the lock so that attendent would not get caught. Then they planned a bomb in the
storage room. Then later due to some argument between two of them attendant got hurt
and his green T-shirt was spoilt with blood spot and also was Ayaz's black T-shirt. But since
T-shirt was black Ayaz did not came to know about the blood spot and he asked attendant
to clean his green T-shirt so he went to bathroom for cleaning & Ayaz was still in the
storage room. As security guard saw something irregular in the storage room, he went to
call police, while in the meantime, Ayaz ran away planning the bomb with a note and taking
knapsack and map along with him he then went to bathroom and cleaned everything and
threw the map in the waste basket. Then he ran away from the station and after moving out
of the station, he threw his knapsack in the dustbin outside the station. This is the
reconstruction of the crime scene held on 18th April 2009.

Evidence SXFC-GU-113 speaks much about evidential value. It has scratches which shows
that lock is purposely tampered with screwdriver. The most important vale of lock is that it
had finger prints on it which does not matches with Ayaz Khan. Hence the golden lock
helped out in the overall reconstruction.

For photograph refer to the photocopy attached seperately.

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