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Proportion CRCT Quiz


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Shawna reduced the size of a
rectangle to a height of 2 in.
What is the new width if it was
originally 24 in wide and 12 in
a. 1 in
b. 2 in
c. 6 in
d. 4 in
Ming was planning a trip to
Western Samoa. Before going, she
did some research and learned
that the exchange rate is 6 Tala
for $2. How many Tala would she
get if she exchanged $6?
a. 18 Tala
b. 24 Tala
c. 1 Tala
d. Not enough information
If a chain link fence costs $180
for 20 feet installed, how much
would it cost to install 300
a. $54000
b. $5400
c. $2700
d. $90
The scale on a map is 1 inch
equals 5 feet. What is the
distance between two points on
the map that are 8 ½ inches
apart on the map?
a. 13 ½ ft
b. 42 ft
c. 42 ½ ft
d. 42 ½ in
If there are 1464 calories for
6 servings of pie, how many
calories are there in 1
a. Too many!!!
b. 244 calories
c. 1470 calories
d. Not enough information
The scale factor for a model is
6 cm = 10 in. If the model is
48 cm, what is its actual size?

a. 60 inches
b. 8 inches
c. 80 inches
d. 60 cm

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