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                      6 Area Business Leaders On Their Views of Tomorrow
Looking forward
together with confidence

Build your financial future
When you’re ready to build on your achievements, our trusted experts are ready
to support your personal and professional goals. Our bankers live and work in
your community and know that good relationships make us all stronger. With our
customized tools and services, we can help you build a legacy of wealth and success.

      S HAPIRO D AVIS , I NC .
  A Proven Track Record in Litigation - A Reputation for Results

                                         The law firm of Robinson Calcagnie Robinson Shapiro Davis, Inc. (RCRSD) has built a
                                         national reputation for providing the highest quality of legal representation and obtaining
                                         substantial jury verdicts, judgments, and settlements. From defective cars to dangerous drugs to
                                         hazardous roadways, the firm has represented thousands of consumers in individual suits, class
                                         actions and mass torts over the
                                         past four decades.

                                         Robinson Calcagnie Robinson
                                         Shapiro Davis, Inc. specializes
                                         in representing plaintiffs in cases
                                         involving catastrophic injury,
                                         wrongful death and substantial
                                         economic losses and damages.
                                         Although known as one of the
                                         leading products liability firms in
                                                                                         Our Partners: Standing L-R: Scot D. Wilson, Daniel S. Robinson,
                                         the country, the firm’s attorneys                   Karen Barth Menzies, Allan F. Davis, William D. Shapiro.
                                         have built a reputation for success                  Seated L-R: Kevin F. Calcagnie, Mark P. Robinson, Jr.,
                                                                                                              Jeoffrey L. Robinson
                                         in all areas of civil litigation.

                                         PRACTICE AREAS
                                         Personal Injury & Products Liability

                                         AUTO & TRUCKING                        •   Brain Damage                      DEFECTIVE
     William D. Shapiro                  ACCIDENTS                              •   Spinal Cord Injuries              PHARMACEUTICALS &
                                                                                                                      MEDICAL DEVICES
                                         • Automotive Defects                   •   Wrongful Death
   Serving the Inland Empire             • Dangerous Roadways                                                         • Antidepressant Related Birth
                                                                                •   Amputation
      for Over 3 Decades                 • Pedestrian Accidents                                                         Defects - Zoloft, Celexa,
                                                                                CLASS ACTIONS                           Effexor, Lexapro, Prozac &
                                         • SUV Rollovers                                                                Other Antidepressants
                                         • Roof Crush                           • False Advertising
                                                                                                                      • Actos Bladder Cancer
The Inland Empire office is led by       • Brake Failures                       • Personal Injuries
                                                                                • Privacy Violations                  • Fosamax Femur Fractures
Partner William D. Shapiro, who for      • Toyota Uncontrolled Sudden                                                 • Hip & Knee Implant Revisions
                                           Acceleration                         • Unfair or Fraudulent
over 33 years has represented            • Airbag / Seatbelt Defects              Business Practices                  • Transvaginal Mesh & Vaginal
                                                                                                                        Sling Implants
victims of catastrophic injuries.        • Fuel System Fires                    • Wage and Hour Violations
                                                                                                                      • YAZ, Yasmin & Ocella
                                         • Commuter Mass                        CONSTRUCTION SITE                     • Fentanyl Pain Patches
He has won many seven and eight            Transit-Buses, Trains,               ACCIDENTS
                                           Common Carriers                                                            PRODUCTS LIABILITY
figure judgments and settlements,                                               • Fires and Explosions
                                         AVIATION ACCIDENTS                     • Electrical Injuries                 • Asbestos
including a recent $26 million wrong-    • Commercial and Private               • Premises Liability                  • Industrial Machinery
ful death/personal injury judgment.        Aircraft Crashes                     • Heavy Equipment Accidents           • Power Tools
                                         • Fixed Wing and Helicopters           • Structural Failures and Falls       • Household Products
Mr. Shapiro is a Fellow of the           • Design Defects                       • Cal-OSHA Violations                 • Recreational and All-Terrain
                                         • Negligent Maintenance                • Independent Contractors               Vehicles
International Academy of Trial                                                                                        • Other Defective Products
                                                                                • Negligent Supervision
Lawyers, and past president of the       CATASTROPHIC CASES                                                             or Devices
                                         • Birth Defects
Inland Chapters of the American
Board of Trial Advocates, Consumer       Orange County I 19 Corporate Plaza Drive I Newport Beach, CA 92660
Attorneys of California, Inns of Court   p. 949.720.1288 I f. 949.720.1292
and the San Bernardino County Bar        Los Angeles I 600 S. Commonwealth Avenue I LA Superior Courthouse, CCW I Ste. 1254 I Los Angeles, CA 90005
Association. For over 20 years, he       p. 213.355.3525 I f. 213.355.3526
has been a Board Member of San           Inland Empire I 893 East Brier Drive I San Bernardino, CA 92408
Bernardino Legal Aid.                    p. 909.890.1000 I f. 909.890.1001 I orangecountylaw.com
                                                                                                           Donald D. Lorenzi

                                                                                                      Cathy Bonilla MANAGING EDITOR

                                                                                                       Tammy Minn ASSISTANT EDITOR

                                                                                                       Tim Cooney ASSISTANT EDITOR

                                                                                                      Jeanne Boyer ASSISTANT EDITOR

                                                                                                 Aubrey N. Adams EDITORIAL ASSISTANT

                                                                                                      Erin Tobin EDITORIAL ASSISTANT

                                                                                                                Brenda Lorenzi
                                                                                            VICE PRESIDENT, SALES AND MARKETING

                                                                                          Laniea Dominguez NATIONAL ACCOUNT MANAGER

                                                                                                Robert Smith REGIONAL SALES MANAGER

                                                                                                Kathy Yocum REGIONAL SALES MANAGER

                                                                                                Barbara Rome REGIONAL SALES MANAGER

                                                                                          Shanda Wilson-Adkins REGIONAL SALES MANAGER

                                                                                             Sandy Cartwright REGIONAL SALES MANAGER

                                                                                                 Casie Tryon REGIONAL SALES MANAGER

                                                                                                    Tim Cooney PRODUCTION MANAGER

This Month                                    The Lists                                             Cesar Guevara ASSISTANT MANAGER

                                                                                                 Michael Meave PRODUCTION ASSISTANT
Convention Biz / 7                            The Lawyers List / 24
Five components for a successful event        Who to call when you’re in need of
New Biz Models / 8                            legal assistance
                                                                                                       Donna Milligan SUBSCRIPTIONS
Sheer determination breeds success            Executive Degrees / 32
                                                                                                   Amelia Legarreta OFFICE ASSISTANT
Trending / 10                                 A guide to business schools in the
                                                                                              Cody Ennis, Reyjon Anderson DISTRIBUTION
Executive looks in office design              Inland Empire
                                                                                              Michelle Lorenzi DIRECT MAIL COORDINATOR
Tech Watch / 12                               Meetings & Conferences / 34
Preparing workers for future high tech jobs   Venues both large and small offer
                                              amenities for your next business meeting
Cool Cars / 15
                                              Movers & Shakers / 10
Luxury, technology and style                                                                             MEDIA GROUP INC
                                              Names making news around the
Environment / 17                              Inland Empire
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Setting efficient standards at the top                                                                www.inlandempiremagazine.com
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4   IE EXECUTIVE     JULY 2012
                                                   YOU HAVE CHOICES
                                                        Resolve Your Dispute
                                                            Out of Court
                                                          Litigate in Court

                                                          “You Have My FULL
                                                      Commitment, Professionalism
                                                      & Experience Whichever Your
                                                            Choice May Be!”

                                                     Soheila S. Azizi is a Straus-trained
                                                     Mediator/Arbitrator for all your out
                                                     of court disputes or an aggressive,
                                                    highly experienced Trial Lawyer who
                                                         will fight your case in court!


                                                   At Soheila Azizi & Associates, P.C., we build relationships
                                                   based on mutual trust, mutual caring, and respect. We
                                                   listen to our clients’ needs, concerns, and hopes for the
                                                   future and provide compassionate and knowledgeable
                                                   assistance and explain all the options available so that
                                                   our clients can make informed decisions. Our qualified
                                                   lawyers provide knowledgeable legal advice and
                                                   vigorous representation in a wide range of family law
                                                   practice. We know that resolving your legal problem
                                                   effectively and economically means providing you with
                                                   timely and intelligent advice while protecting your
     1-866-484-9992 (909) 484-9992                 best interest. Simply put, we are your law firm for life.
               fax (909) 484-0120                  www.azizilaw.com

10213 Foothill Blvd., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
                             FASTTRACK                                                                                       people places data

                                                                                                                                         INLAND EMPIRE
                                                                                                                                         BY THE
                                                                                                                                         $ 100,000
                                                                                                                                         BE CREATIVE. First prize for
                                                                                                                                         the 2012 Peter F. Drucker Award for
                                                                                                                                         Nonprofit Innovation, given by
                                                                                                                                         Claremont Graduate University.
                                                                                                                                         Application deadline July 1.

                                                                                                                                         CLOCKING IN. Estimated jobs
                                                                                                                                         by 2014 for University of Califor-
                                                                                                                                         nia’s new UCPath Center in River-

                                                                                                                                         side, which processes payroll and
                                                                                                                                         benefits information.

                                             BOB BROWN, PRESIDENT AND CEO OF THE ONTARIO CONVENTION CENTER                               FORTY THOUSAND
                                                                                                                                         FIZZY FEET. About 40,000 wine
                                                                                                                                         bottle corks are popped each
                                                                                                                                         month in Temecula wine country,

                       Convention Biz: Making It Work
                                                                                                                                         which has a program to recycle
                                                                                                                                         them into cork-soled sandals.

                       Five components that help ensure a successful event. by Tammy Minn
                                        seasoned host knows that food, fun,     land Empire’s proximity to everything makes that
                                                                                                                                         90          SECONDS

                                                                                                                                         TALK FAST. Inland Empire Cen-
                                        and flexibility are important—you       trend an easy one to accommodate. “We can offer ex-
                                                                                                                                         ter for Entrepreneurship gives Cal
                                        want people to feel cared for, enter-   cursions to Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead, Palm
                                                                                                                                         State San Bernardino students a
                                        tained, and comfortable. When it        Springs, golf outings, shopping, Temecula’s Wine
                                                                                                                                         chance to make 90-second fast
                                        comes to planning conventions and       Country, and all the things in L.A. and Orange coun-
                                                                                                                                         pitches to a panel of investors.
                                        meetings, the same holds true, says     ties, too. Plus, the airport is just a few blocks away
                                        Bob Brown, president and CEO of         with free shuttle service. We have amenities here
                       the Ontario Convention Center.
                          Here are five ways to ensure success.
                          “Food is a very important component,” says
                                                                                that other places don’t,” Brown says.
                                                                                   Convenience, too is important. To make shipping
                                                                                easier for attendees, Brown worked with UPS to
                                                                                                                                         $1.4 BILLION
                       Brown. “We’re now doing themed wine dinners for          open a store in the convention center. “People often
                                                                                                                                         PROPERTY. UC Riverside gener-
                       conventions and events.” Plus, convention centers                                make pretty good size pur-
                                                                                                                                         ates $1.4 billion in economic activ-
                       like Ontario’s are often hiring their own executive       Bob Brown,             chases when they’re at shows
                                                                                                                                         ity annually in direct spending by
                       chefs to be involved with the plans from the start.                              and conventions. This will
                                                                                 President/CEO                                           the university and spending by
                       Executive chef Marco Ofelio Garcia joined the staff                              make it easier for them to
                                                                                 Ontario                                                 students, visitors, and retirees.
                       at Ontario Convention Center in 2010 and has since                               ship things home,” he says.
                       revamped the menu so it’s suitable for small get-         Convention Center         Pricing and value are im-
                       togethers or large groups.
                          In addition to food, Brown says planners are also
                       “seeking more of an experience when they come to a
                                                                                 2000 E. Convention
                                                                                 Center Way
                                                                                                        portant factors, something
                                                                                                        that extends beyond the meet-
                                                                                                        ing site. For example, Brown
                                                                                                                                         GRAND OPENINGS. Number
                       destination than they have in the past.” Planners         (909) 937-3001         says the many revamped and
                                                                                                                                         of new businesses launched in the
                       often include pre- or post-convention entertainment       ontariocc.com.         remodeled hotels in the re-
                                                                                                                                         city of Murrieta during 2011.
                       options to give attendees a full experience. The In-                             gion add to the amenities.

                                                                                                                                         JULY 2012     IE EXECUTIVE       7

                                                                                                                                                             PHOTO: JIM DORSEY

New Biz Models: Profit On Four Legs
A Riverside businesswoman’s sheer determination breeds success. by Tammy Minn

                      ith a roomy Riverside        fiber produced from alpaca fleece is said to be        animals, getting into the business is not to be
                      property and a love of       “finer than cashmere and softer than cotton,           taken lightly. Females cost an average of
                      animals, Julie Mae           warmer than goose down.”                               $15,000 each, and males run from $1,000 to
                      Campbell was pleasantly         Campbell now owns about 50 alpacas. She             $5,000. Food, maintenance, and care should
                      surprised when her fam-      has parlayed her interest in her four-legged           also be considered. But, as Campbell points
                      ily gave her an alpaca as    friends into a pair of businesses: Fleece Sta-         out, the alpaca fiber industry in the U.S. is
                      a birthday gift a few        tion, an alpaca farm in which she buys, sells,         young. Plus, the fiber is used for such a wide
years ago. Peaceful and easy to tend, it wasn’t    breeds, and leases the animals, and Campbell           array of products, that there’s room for differ-
long before Campbell had another. And an-          Fiber Sales, which brings together alpaca own-         ent grades and qualities, she adds.
other. As she researched these friendly crea-      ers who combine their fleece to be sold at auc-                                 Campbell’s     home-
tures with captivating grins, their underlying     tion. About 65 alpaca owners from across the                                 based companies have a
value emerged: fleece.                             nation send their fleece to Campbell for stor-         Fleece                promising, eco-friendly
   A growing global commodity, alpaca fleece       ing, grading, sorting, and baling. This year, she                            future. The bonus? Those
is used worldwide by knitters, textile manu-       expects to have about 10,000 to 12,000 pounds                                friendly creatures with
                                                                                                          Fiber Sales
facturers and fashion designers (such as           of quality fleece to sell at auction through Roswell                         the captivating grins
Armani), to create a wide range of goods. Soft     Wool, a fiber auction house in New Mexico.             16821 Owl Tree Rd.    make great co-workers
and silky, alpaca fleece is similar to sheep’s        “We’re estimating that we’ll get about $3 per       Riverside             who rarely complain
wool, but lacks the prickle that can cause itch-   pound, but we won’t know until the auction             1-855-435-3323        and never gossip.
ing, and has no lanolin, making it hypoaller-      takes place later this year,” Campbell says.           fleecestation.com        “I love my alpacas,”
genic. With as many as 22 natural colors, the         While alpacas are easier to raise than some                               she says.

8   IE EXECUTIVE     JULY 2012

                                                                                                                                                                   PHOTO COURTESY OF HOOKER FURNITURE
Trending: Dressing Up Your Environment
Set a positive business tone with these trends in office design. by Tammy Minn

                       hether you’ve landed the corner office or are work-        laptops. Select a chair that is attractive, but comfortable. Leather remains
                       ing toward it, your daytime work space should be           a popular choice in executive office chairs.
                       professional and inviting, comfortable and inspir-            Client seating: When clients or potential clients meet with you in your
                       ing, while also reflecting your personal style. Your       office, you’ll want a comfortable place for them to sit. This might mean
                       office space is part of your corporate branding, es-       a pair of chairs across from your desk, or a separate table and chairs in
                       pecially if it’s the main place where you meet with        another part of the room. If space permits, a sofa and coffee table could
                       clients and potential clients. As part of your pro-        serve this purpose well.
fessional identity, you want it to mean business, but you also want it to            Flooring. The popularity of renewable materials is strong in the busi-
be welcoming. In many ways, corporate design trends reflect those in              ness world, as it is in home decorating. Bamboo flooring is an eco-
fashion and home: earth-friendly, ergonomically-designed, and people-             friendly, sustainable hardwood option that is available in a wide variety
pleasing. Here are few to consider if you’re planning an office makeover:         of colors and cuts. Soften it with area rugs.
   Color. Calming earth tones, like blues, greens, and browns are popu-              Storage: Even though we keep most documents on our computers,
lar this year. Shades of khaki, olive, and rustic greens work well in offices.    you’ll still need a place for storing important papers. Your desk may offer
Besides being comforting, these colors provide a nice backdrop for art-           deep drawers, but an attractive hutch or etagere with hidden space for
work and furnishings.                                                             files can be a stylish alternative to metal file cabinets. Book cases can also
   Furniture. Your desk is your cockpit and everything you need should            be incorporated into your overall plan.
be at your fingertips. Warm wood and smooth, rounded lines are re-                    Walls: Choose artwork that you like and include nicely framed cre-
placing the colder look of metal and glass. Choose furniture that works           dentials, diplomas, certificates, and awards. Displaying them lets cus-
well with electronic gadgets and includes charging ports for phones and           tomers and potential clients know that they’re in good hands.

                KEVIN J. ABBOTT joins the                             VALERIE ESCALANTE, a Cornell                           PATRICK ELLIS is the new presi-
                Riverside office of Best Best &                       Law School graduate, is with the                       dent and CEO of the Murrieta
                Krieger LLP as a member of the                        Ontario office of Best Best &                          Chamber of Commerce. He was
                business services practice group.                     Krieger LLP, where she practices                       previously president and CEO of
                He focuses on civil litigation,                       in both the municipal and litiga-                      the Moorpark Chamber of
                including construction cases.                         tion practice groups.                                  Commerce in Ventura County.

10   IE EXECUTIVE      JULY 2012
A. GARY ANDERSON                                  ARE YOU READY
 OF MANAGEMENT                                    FOR SUCCESS?

Become a Qualified CPA
Thanks to globalization, new technologies
and tighter accounting regulations, the
demand for qualified CPAs is strong today
and projected to keep growing. Beginning
in 2014, California will require a fifth year
of accounting and ethics coursework for all
licensed practitioners. Be prepared. Complete
your Master of Professional Accountancy
(MPAc) degree at UC Riverside in less than one

Get Your MBA
Growing businesses and economies need leaders
who can think strategically. The MBA program at
UCR offers a curriculum and faculty with strength
in every discipline on which growth depends. The
program offers an educational experience that trains
students to develop leadership skills and become
responsible leaders.

Learn more: agsm.ucr.edu or (951) 827-6200

                                               Information sessions: agsm.ucr.edu
                                               Apply now for early admission
                                               Space is limited, act now

joins the Ontario office of Best
Best & Krieger LLP, working
as a member of the firm’s mu-
nicipal practice group. Her
practice focuses on land use
planning and zoning issues.
                                    PHOTO: JIM DORSEY

Gomer received her law de-
gree from the Gould School of
Law at USC in 2011.

                                                        Tech Watch: On The Cutting Edge
                                                        A San Bernardino business leader helps prepare skilled workers for
                                                        tomorrow’s high tech jobs. by Tammy Minn

is the new Riverside County                                             ike a lot of kids in the 1960s, Michael      Ed.D., the former head of the San Bernardino Valley
executive officer. Orr’s tenure                                         Gallo grew up with the space program         College Machine Trades Department. They developed
with Riverside County began                                             and watched Neil Armstrong walk on           Technical Employment Training, Inc. (TET) a non-
in 1987, when he became a
                                                                        the moon. Gallo wanted to be an astro-       profit, hands-on program that links businesses like
deputy public defender. He
joined the District Attorney’s                                          naut. That never happened, but he did        Gallo’s with education.
Office the next year. He be-                                            become an officer in the U.S. Air Force         Clarke serves as vice president of training and op-
came Riverside County assis-                                            and followed his love of math and engi-      erations of TET, which has also formed a partnership
tant executive officer in 2008.                         neering into a career in technology, some of which has       with the San Bernardino County Superintendent of
                                                        included work with NASA.                                     Schools.
                                                           As president and CEO of Kelly Space and Technol-             “TET provides advanced manufacturing education
                                                        ogy (KST), a San Bernardino company he co-founded            and hands-on precision machinist skills, but we also
                                                        in 1993 on the grounds of the former Norton Air              prepare students to earn their credential from the Na-
                                                        Force Base, Gallo has helped create high tech rocket         tional Institute for Metalworking Skills,” a plus in
                                                        systems and a variety of other innovations. From bal-        landing certain tech and manufacturing jobs, Gallo
                                                        listics missiles to a mobile burn debridement laser          says. “We have a job placement rate of more than 80
                                                        system for medical applications, KST is on the cut-          percent,” he adds.
                                                        ting edge of research and development in several                With TET launched, Gallo took one more step to
                                                        technical fields.                                            link business with education: he ran for a seat on the
                                                           “We picked San Bernardino, in part, because of its        board of education for the San Bernardino City Uni-
JANE GOODFELLOW                                         proximity to the former air base,” says Gallo. The for-      fied School District. He won and is now vice presi-
is chairman of Pomona Valley                            mer base offered the perfect infrastructure for a tech       dent of the board. The district is working on a
Hospital Medical Center’s                               company, and “There were all these highly skilled            strategic plan to provide students with a more hands-
board of directors, the first                           people who stayed in the region. Now many of them            on educational experience.
woman in the hospital’s 109-
                                                        are working for us,” he says.                                   “We’ve got to engage students early on,” he says,
year history to hold that posi-
tion. She has served on both                               But Gallo was concerned about keeping a ready             adding that it’s vital to develop a technologically
the foundation’s and hospi-                             supply of skilled workers in the pipeline. To help fa-       skilled workforce that will fuel tomorrow’s econ-
tal’s boards since 2007.                                cilitate that, in 2010 he enlisted the aid of Bill Clarke,   omy—and maybe the next trip to the moon.

12    IE EXECUTIVE      JULY 2012
             or nearly a quarter century Brian Brandt has devoted his law
             practice to protecting hard working individuals and their families
             wronged by the negligent or reckless behavior of others. The Law
             Offices of Brian Brandt handles Personal Injury cases involving
serious injuries in the areas of defective vehicles, truck and commercial
vehicle litigation, wrongful death, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents,
product liability, brain/head injuries, spinal cord injuries, premises liability,
medical malpractice, nursing home neglect and vicious dog attacks.
  Mr. Brandt selectively accepts the matters in which he becomes involved
as he believes the close personal attention provided to his clients serves their
interest best.
  Mr. Brandt vigorously pursues the rights and compensation for every
client and his or her family. With assistance, the clients can expect to receive
the compensation they deserve in their personal injury matter, whether their
case involves fractures, a spinal cord injury or a traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  Brian Brandt’s team of lawyers, legal assistants and paralegals have the
experience and resources to go up against the largest corporations and
insurance companies to obtain justice for their clients. This commitment has
resulted in spectacular results including a recent 23.4 million dollar verdict
against Ford Motor Company for a vehicle rollover.
  The Law Offices of Brian Brandt is a local firm representing people in
the communities of Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Alta Loma, Etiwanda,
Ontario, Montclair, Chino, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Pomona, Claremont,
San Dimas, Fontana, Corona, Norco, San Bernardino and surrounding areas
with offices also in San Diego and Orange County.
                                                        IE EXECUTIVE

                                                     Planning for the Future.


     Delivering on our Promise —
      We’re Under Construction

    Auto Mall:                  Enhancing aesthetics to boost revenues that support services
                                like public safety.
    Heacock                     Eliminating the traffic choke point south of Iris to encourage
    Bridge:                     development and bring logistics jobs.

    Cactus                      Installing street improvements to solve traffic problems near
    & Nason:                    shopping and to develop a healthcare corridor / jobs.

     Contact us at www.moval.org or 951-413-3460                                                Roadwork and development
                                                                                                   throughout the City.

          REAL READERS
                                                           M AG A Z I N E

        CALL (951) 682-3026, EXT. 18 FOR ADVERTISING INFORMATION

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                                         Cool Cars
EIGHTYFIVE                               This summer the roads are
THE PERCENTAGE OF adults                 home to exciting new cars
                                                                                               THE BMW 6 SERIES convertible ignites your passion for driving.
in a Harris Poll who think the govern-
                                         that feature luxury,                                  In just a mere 19 seconds the soft top opens to expose a classic
ment should take action to control                                                             convertible. And with its 3.0 liter 315 hp 6 cylinder engine, you’ll
gas prices                               technology and style.                                 catch a lot of wind in your hair. Available at BMW of Riverside

                                                                                               in the Riverside Auto Center.
                                         by Tim Cooney

THE NUMBER OF TIMES                                                                            2012 CADILLAC SRX (left) Brains meets brawn meets beauty. Its
people go online to search for a                                                               potent, new 308 HP power plant is the most powerful engine
vehicle during the shopping process                                                            standard in any luxury crossover, while its brilliant, available glide-
                                                                                               up navigation system will make you feel like the future got here
                                                                                               early. Each new standard leads to another. Available at Dutton
THREEpointFOUR                                                                                 Motor Company in the Riverside Auto Center.
THE NUMBER OF TIMES                                                                                                                                      THE INFINITI
people go to a car dealership during                                                                                                                     G37 (left)
the shopping process                                                                                                                                     Discover
                                         THE ALL-NEW 2013 LEXUS GSF SPORT
                                                                                                                                                         what the
                                         (below) was engineered from the ground up

                                                                                                                                                         wind already
                                         to provide performance and handling that
                                                                                                                                                         knows. The
                                         invigorates, next-generation technology that
                                                                                                                                                         Infiniti G37
                                         empowers you to do more, and unforgettable
                                                                                                                                                         offers a
IN BILLIONS, the amount Ameri-           styling inside and out. From this car forward,
                                                                                                  thrilling ride with its amazing engine performance. And with
cans spend on car insurance each         Lexus will never be the same. Available at
                                                                                                  its power hardtop retractable roof, you get the best of both
year                                     Crown Lexus in Ontario.
                                                                                                  worlds: the drive. Available at Infiniti of Riverside in the

                                                                                                  Riverside Auto Center.
                                                                                                  THE 2012 FIAT 500 ABARTH (below) offers 38 mpg and worry
                                                                                                  free driving with a 4 year, 50,000-mile factory warranty. It
THE AVERAGE number of annual                                                                                                                   is an Insurance
miles Americans drive                                                                                                                          Institute Top Safety
                                                                                                                                               Pick and ranks # 3

THE NUMBER of college students
                                                                                                                                               in cheapest fill-up
                                                                                                                                               at the pump. Buy
                                                                                                                                               it, try it, love it or
                                                                                                                                               leave it. Available
who say it doesn’t matter which car
                                                                                                                                               at Fiat Ontario in
brand they own
                                                                                                                                               the Ontario Auto

SEVENTY SEVEN                                                                                     2012 CADILLAC
                                                                                                  CTS-V (right)
THE PERCENT of 19-year-olds                                                                       Sedan. You’ve
who had driver licenses in 2008,                                                                  made enough
down from 92 percent in 1978                                                                      rational deci-
                                                                                                  sions for one

23+                                      THE ALL NEW ACURA NSX (above) is the car                 lifetime. Wel-
                                         that Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld battled over in         come to a 556
                                         this year’s Super Bowl commercial. The NSX will          HP juggernaut
IN MILLIONS, the number of               be a high demand/limited available super car.            meticulously engineered to take you from 0-60 in just 3.9
California driver licenses currently     Metro Acura in Montclair will offer its vehicles to      seconds. It’s more than a mere mortal needs. That is, until you
issued by the DMV                        current and new customers on a first come—first          really need it. Each new standard leads to another. Available at
     Source: Factbrowser.com; DMV        served basis. Ask how to get on the list.                Mark Christopher Auto Center in Ontario.

                                                                                                                                    JULY 2012    IE EXECUTIVE      15
                                                        IE EXECUTIVE

 Tired of navigating your portfolio THROUGH ROUGH MARKET TERRAIN?

                                               Let Waddell & Reed Guide You With MAP
                                               Waddell & Reed’s Managed Allocation Portfolios
                                               • Several model portfolios to choose from
                                               • Financial planning tools
                                               • Periodic rebalancing
                                               • Exceptional combination of investment managers with strong
                                                 investment selection processes
                                               Contact a Waddell & Reed Financial Advisor to learn more.
                                               MAP is offered by Waddell & Reed, Inc. in its capacity as a registered investment adviser.
                                               As an investor or prospective investor, you should review the fee, cost, Payment, and
                                               conflict of interest information contained in the fund prospectuses and the MAP Advisory
                                               Services Brochure, in order to ensure that you are fully informed before making your
                                               investment decisions.                                                         11603 (09/10)

                                               Financial Advisor
                                               3610 Central Ave., Suite 102, Riverside, CA 92506
                                               951.781.0573 x103 • Fax 951.781.4397
                                               nickmilazzo@wradvisors.com • CA Insurance Lic #0E60251

     If you prefer the personal attention that comes from a
     local community bank, you have a choice. Switch your
     relationship to a bank that believes in local expertise and

                                                                                                YOU’RE SAFE HERE!
     superior customer service. Premier Service Bank is
     locally owned and locally operated by highly experienced
     professionals who are involved, connected and
     committed to our community.

                                                                                                  Where our name says it all.

     3637 Arlington Ave., Suite B,         102 E. 6th St., Suite 100                                    www.premierservicebank.com
     Riverside, CA 92506                   Corona, CA 92879
     (951) 274-2400                                                                              Member FDIC       Equal Housing Lender
                                           (951) 272-3590

16    IE EXECUTIVE   JULY 2012
  HYATT WARD                       Environment: Getting Greener
  WINS NATIONAL                    Setting efficient standards at the top. by Tammy Minn

  A billboard campaign cre-
  ated by Redlands-based
  HyattWard Advertising for
  Riverside Physician Network
  received a Gold Award at the
  29th Annual Healthcare
  Advertising Awards in
  Atlanta, and Gold at the
  Inland Empire American Ad-
  vertising Federation Awards.
      Howard Saner, CEO of
  Riverside Physician Network
  (pictured above with Adrian

                                                   aving energy used to mean turning off       its list of environmental awards by earning a LEED
  Hyatt Ward), says the cam-
                                                   lights in unused rooms. But thanks to       Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Coun-
  paign has worked on multi-
  ple levels, building brand                       technological innovations, businesses       cil.
  awareness, projecting the                        today have many tools to make their            The three-story, 58,000-square-foot building was
  personality of the company,                      companies green, both environmen-           originally designed by SRG Partnership, Inc. to meet
  and fueling growth. This is                      tally and in terms of saving cash.          LEED Silver requirements, but campus architect Don
  the second year in a row the
                                                      For example, six of the newest Stater    Caskey and sustainability coordinator John Cook
  Riverside Physician Network
  billboard campaign has been      Bros. Supermarkets have earned the EPA GreenChill           were able to document that the university had taken
  recognized at the Annual         Gold Award for meeting tough environmental stan-            its environmental efforts to the next level.
  Healthcare Advertising           dards and using ozone-friendly refrigerants in their           Cook’s favorite feature of the building is the auto-
  Awards. Earlier this year, the   stores.                                                     matic solar shades that measure the amount of light
  billboard campaign received
                                      “We are happy to be doing our part to protect the        coming into a room and deploy as necessary. But
  a local American Advertising
  Federation Gold “Addy”           planet,” says Jack H. Brown, president and CEO. The         Cook said there are many behind-the-scenes aspects
  Award.                           stores are at 6989 Schaefer Ave., Chino; 22201              that most people will never see. “That is just the way
      HyattWard Advertising        Barton Rd., Grand Terrace; 67-800 Vista Chino,              you want it. You don’t think about it, but you are able
  provides a full range of         Cathedral City; 29995 Canyon Hills Rd., Lake Elsi-          to see better, to breathe better, to work better,” he says.
  services, including branding,
                                   nore; 14425 Moreno Beach Dr., Moreno Valley; and               For existing businesses, power and utility compa-
  broadcast, print, PR, internet
  as well as strategic media       2687 Gateway Rd., Carlsbad.                                 nies, as well as some private firms, conduct energy
  buying and placement.               Also making the green list is UC Riverside’s School      audits, and may be able to put you on the path to
                                   of Medicine Research Building. It recently added to         green rewards.

WOMEN IN BUSINESS                                                                         FROM FAR LEFT:
                                                                                          Josie Esparza,
The Inland Empire chapter of                                                              Jessica Vargas,
the National Association of                                                               Michelle Skiljan,
Women Business Owners rec-                                                                Monica Brule,
                                                                                          Janet Steiner,
ognized local business talent at                                                          Darlene Tarnoski,
its Amazing Women Event                                                                   Nicole Farrell,
                                                                                          R.J. Jackson
Awards Banquet in Corona.
Here are some attendees…

                                                                                                                        JULY 2012    IE EXECUTIVE      17
Getting Greener, continued
Smart Riverside                                   puter. This is accomplished through donations        For more information about SmartRiverside
   SmartRiverside is a non-profit corporation      of computers, monitors and other electronic        and its programs, call (951) 782-0848 or visit
with the vision of establishing the City of       equipment by large local firms, educational in-     www.smartriverside.org.
Riverside as the innovation center of the In-     stitutions and the public. Systems that meet
land Empire to attract new high technology        the minimum criteria are refurbished by the
                                                                                                     Buick LaCrosse eAssist:
businesses, incubate new start up technology      Digital Inclusion staff. Since 2006, the pro-      Buick’s Newest Technology
companies, create technology jobs through col-    gram has benefited over 5,500 families. The         In Eco-Friendly Trends
laboration with local businesses and education    program is self-sustained through the dona-           Buick is changing their game entirely from
institutions, and provide computers and inter-    tion of e-waste and vehicles (tax deduction re-    old and classic to green and trendy with their
net access to every citizen.                      ceipts provided).                                  brand new 2012 Buick LaCrosse eAssist mid-
   SmartRiverside’s mission is to develop high       A free Dell PC will be presented at the Sixth   size sedan, otherwise known by hybrid car ex-
technology programs and initiatives that ben-     Annual SmartRiverside Golf Charity tourna-         perts as a “green machine.” Drivers will benefit
efit businesses, schools, governments, and res-    ment on October 8 at the Victoria Club. Spon-      from the eAssist model with better fuel econ-
idences through self sustaining revenue           sorships are available; visit smartriverside.org   omy, an increase from the typical 24/32 mpg
sources.                                          for information and a brochure.                    to 25/37 mpg range. This is reached by a gaso-
   The SmartRiverside Digital Inclusion Pro-         In 2007, SmartRiverside inaugurated the         line engine boost or “assist.” The engine is en-
gram is designed for bridging the Digital Di-     annual tournament as the key fund-raising          tirely shut off when the car stops, or the fuel
vide in the City of Riverside. Low-income         event to continuously support and expand the       supply is cut off when the car is coasting. The
families can obtain free computers that can as-   umbrella of programs and services the non-         brand new engine the Buick comes equipped
sist in improving their education, communica-     profit organization offers. Last year's event,      with is super-smooth and responds immedi-
tion and overall quality of life. The Digital     held on Columbus Day at the Victoria Club,         ately to the slightest touch of the accelerator.
Inclusion Program offers free computer train-     had more than 120 participants from all over          If you’re looking for a Buick to suit your
ing to the community. Riverside residents,        the country. The event was also supported by       lifestyle, be sure to visit Dutton Motor Com-
with household incomes less than $45,000 per      more than 100 corporate sponsors and con-          pany located in Riverside, or give us a call at
year, may qualify for a free community com-       tributors from the greater Riverside area.         (951) 687-2020.

     Buick is changing their game entirely from old and
     classic to green and current with the all new 2012
                    Buick LaCrosse eAssist.

               951.687.2020 | www.duttonmotorco.com
       Riverside Auto Center | 8201

18   IE EXECUTIVE    JULY 2012

We reach 50,000 Business readers throughout the region
and so can you. When you advertise with us we’ll take you
inside the Boardrooms and Backrooms, where business
decisions get made. You’ll get your message in front of a
highly selective audience looking for their next expansion.

Call (951) 682-3026 for advertising opportunities in our next
issue or go online at www.inlandempiremagazine.com and
select the link Advertising Sales.

                                                         IE EXECUTIVE

                                Returning Ontario Airport to Local Control

                                         Total loss of over 9,250 jobs.
                                         Total economic loss of $500 million.
                                         In 2011 more than 2 million passengers were forced to LAX,
                                         adding 1.3 million car trips to the region’s gridlock.

                                Set ONT Free from Los Angeles and return the most important economic engine in the
     Like Us On Facebook        Inland Empire to Local Control.

                       LOCAL CONTROL I ONTARIO AIRPORT
20     IE EXECUTIVE        JULY 2012

                    steve RENEKER
                    SMART RIVERSIDE, RIVERSIDE

                    Riverside’s college students are a resource the
                    city is trying to capitalize on for job creation.
                    Today’s top students could be future business
                    owners the city would like to keep as long-term
                    residents, says Steve Reneker, executive direc-
                    tor of the city’s SmartRiverside nonprofit. Cal
                    Baptist, La Sierra University, Riverside City Col-
                                                                         Growth: Moving Faster
                    lege and UC Riverside combined have about            It’s full speed ahead for I.E. innovators. by Tammy Minn
                    55,000 students, and enrollments are increasing.
                       “We’re very fortunate we have a research

                                                                                          ou know the roster: Thomas      innovators are going to be the ones that
                    university here in Riverside,” Reneker says. UCR                      Edison. Steve Jobs. Alexan-     bring us out of the doldrums.”
                    researchers have patented numerous inventions                         der Graham Bell. Marie             He would know. Before joining CSUSB,
                    that have commercial potential.                                       Curie. These are starting       Stull had more than 25 years of entrepre-
                       The Innovation Economy Corporation, founded                        players on a team of innova-    neurial and business experience in both the
                    by entrepreneur Amro Albanna, serves as a                             tors that young Americans       profit and nonprofit sectors. Since becom-
                    business incubator and provides management                            say have had the greatest im-   ing director of the IECE, he has seen the
                    resources to help commercialize inventions by        pact on the economy and on their personal        program grow from a handful of students to
                    local researchers. SmartRiverside’s CEO Forum,       lives, according to the 2012 Lemelson-MIT        nearly 250. Stull has developed 14 major
                    made up of tech leaders and computer com-            Invention Index, an annual survey of Amer-       programs that serve the campus and local
                    pany representatives, helps develop strategies       ican youth that gauges their take on influ-      business community, and he has helped se-
                    to attract and retain high tech companies.           ential inventive thinkers. Facebook’s Mark       cure nearly $12 million in capital through
                    Gordon Bourns of electronic manufacturer Bourns      Zuckerberg, pilot Amelia Earhart, and Tem-       grants, gifts, sponsorships and contracts.
                    Inc. and Sundip Doshi of software company            ple Grandin, a Colorado State University         The IECE has received a variety of national
                    Surado Solutions provide space for start-ups.        professor and autism advocate who in-            rankings and education awards.
                       Riverside could also be “the next solar valley    vented the squeeze machine designed to              The key to the IECE’s success lies in part
                    of California,” Reneker says, based on UCR re-       calm hypersensitive people, also made the        in its inclusive nature. Stull understands the
                    search. Solar storage and delivery businesses        list.                                            importance of linking all the innovative
                    are being drawn to the city by the research cen-       It’s an eclectic line-up, but the 16- to 25-   players together—from the university to
                    ter, Reneker adds.                                   year-olds who were polled seem to get it: in-    businesses to capital providers. He helps
                       New York-based Intelligent Community              novation fuels the engines of change and         students develop their big ideas into viable
                    Forum recently named Riverside as one of the         greases the gears of forward motion. With-       products and services, and acts as a refer-
                    world’s top seven intelligent communities, not-      out it, we stagnate.                             ral agent for anyone who seeks information
                    ing its innovative partnership with private com-        Mike Stull, professor of entrepreneurship     about starting a business. Not all of them
                    panies like Bourns and Surado to stimulate the       and director of the Inland Empire Center         will make it on the open market. Some have
                    growth of tech jobs. Reneker himself was nomi-       for Entrepreneurship (IECE) at Cal State         to go back to the drawing board. But the key
                    nated as a social entrepreneur finalist in the       San Bernardino, says innovative entrepre-        to success? Passion.
                    2011 Spirit of the Entrepreneur awards pre-          neurship “is more important than ever.              “It all starts with that. If you don’t have a
                    sented by Cal State San Bernardino.                  We’re at a transition point. Entrepreneurial     passion for your idea, you’re probably not

                                                                                                                                        JULY 2012    IE EXECUTIVE      21
Growth: Moving Faster                                                                                   ursula MENTJES
going to be successful. Starting a busi-                                                                SALES COACH NOW, RIVERSIDE
ness takes all of your physical, mental
and emotional energies, plus a com-                                                                     When Ursula Mentjes started her
mitment and willingness to take the                                                                     first job in sales, she didn’t like it.
risk. If you’re passionate about some-                                                                  “It was painful,” says Mentjes,
thing, you’re curious to learn all that                                                                 founder of Sales Coach Now, a
you can about it and that’s what keeps                                                                  global sales training firm with an
you going,” Stull says. It also leads to                                                                office in Riverside.
new discoveries, new ideas, and new                                                                        At the time, the sales training
innovations. And that’s important, as                                                                   style was transactional—get the
the Lemelson-MIT survey shows. Be-                                                                      sale, close the deal. She hated
sides the list of top innovators, the                                                                   going to work each day and mak-
poll revealed that as a country, we                                                                     ing 100 phone calls to prospective
have some work to do:                                                                                   clients. “I realized it wasn’t about
   • 47% of respondents said a lack of                                                                  the quantity of the calls, but the
invention will hurt the U.S. economy.                                                                   quality,” she says. When she con-
   • 60% say there are factors that                                                                     nected with her clients and under-
could keep them from pursuing an                                                                        stood their needs, her sales soared.
education or career in science, tech-                                                                   Within eight months she opened a
nology, engineering or math—fields                                                                      new branch of the company and
that yield invention and lead to inno-     john GORDON                    perk: employees can           sales grew to an annual rate of
vation.                                                                   bring their pets to work.     $1 million.
   • 45% said that invention is not                                       Gordon has two golden            Other successes followed, and
given enough attention in their school.    scott WHIPPLE                  retrievers, Winston and       five years after she was hired, she
   • 28% said their education left                                        Murphy, and Whipple           became president. She was re-
them unprepared to enter the fields of     CANIDAE, NORCO                 has a Yorkshire terrier,      sponsible for increasing sales by
science, technology, engineering or                                       Koda Bear.                    90 percent in one year, she says.
math.                                      In the 1990s, John                While the company             Mentjes founded Sales Coach
   • Less than half of respondents         Gordon and Scott               does not release sales fig-   Now (salescoachnow.com) while
have done things like used a hand-         Whipple were selling           ures, Canidae continues       living in Corona in 2004. “I
held power tool or made something          feed and pet food in San       to expand, the owners         thought the Inland Empire was a
out of raw materials in the past year.     Dimas. Big box retailers       say. The food is now          great place to launch a sales train-
   • Most respondents feel that educa-     cut into their market.         made at seven different       ing business because there didn’t
tion is most in need of a new, inven-         “We realized we             U.S. plants, and the com-     seem to be anything like it,” she
tive solution, more than other fields      needed something differ-       pany is building a new        says.
like healthcare, energy and finance.       ent to offer our customers,”   plant in Texas. Canidae          “My personal mission is to help
They also believe there are several        say Gordon, 51, and            plans to add new foods        entrepreneurs grow their busi-
ways to generate aspiring inventors by     Whipple, 45. “The idea         and treats later this year.   nesses so they can give back to
reforming learning experiences both        was born to provide a             Canidae helped pio-        the organizations they care about.”
in and out of the classroom.               new product line of pre-       neer several pet food in-
   • 80% expressed interest in educa-      mium, nutritious, natural      novations, including the
tion training courses to help them be-     and holistic pet foods         addition of live microbi-
come more inventive and creative.          that would be unique to        otics, enzymes, high lev-
   • 58% said an opportunity to par-       the market and only            els of omega fatty acids
ticipate in an invention-related na-       available at independent       and specially formulated
tional service co-op, such as a training   pet food retailers.” They      vitamins, according to
program where aspiring inventors can       formed Canidae Corp. in        Gordon and Whipple.
“shadow” working professionals in          1997, taking the name             They were recognized
science, technology, engineering and       from a Latin word for          recently with the general
math, would encourage aspiring in-         dogs and their relatives.      entrepreneur award for
ventors in the U.S.                        Now based in Norco,            Cal State San Bernar-
   At CSUSB, Mike Stull’s Center for       Canidae makes food for         dino’s Spirit of the Entre-
Entrepreneurship sponsors the an-          dogs, cats and horses,         preneur event. Team
nual Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award,     which is sold across the       players, they credit their
honoring innovative entrepreneurs in       United States and in 32        staff for the award.
the region. We pulled from the list of     countries. Canidae has            See CanidaePetFood.
previous finalists to see who has a leg    more than 40 employees         blogspot.com for more
up on innovation. Here are just a few:     and is adding more. One        information.

22   IE EXECUTIVE      JULY 2012

                    mike KONRAD
                    PRESIDENT, AQUEOUS
                    RANCHO CUCAMONGA

                    Unless you’re familiar with the
                    inner workings of circuit boards,
                    you’ve probably never heard of
                    Aqueous Technologies, Mike
                    Konrad’s Rancho Cucamonga
                    company that plays a vital role in
                                                           PHOTO: JIM DORSEY

                    keeping computers running.
                       With clients like NASA,
                    Raytheon, Lockheed, Motorola,
                    General Electric, and all branches
                    of the military, it’s serious busi-
                    ness. “In some cases, if systems
                    fail, people die,” Konrad says.                            ben COOK                            on building a large facility that   on a degree in biology at Cal
                       Founded in 1992, his company                                                                would attract people from out       State San Bernardino and en-
                    is one of just a handful in the                            OWNER, HANGAR 24, REDLANDS          of town and out of the state,”      rolled in a master brewer pro-
                    world that specialize in cleaning                                                              Cook says, adding that the new      gram at the University of
                    circuit boards, which grow a kind                          Most people have a few beers        building would still be located     California, Davis. The acco-
                    of mold called circuit dendrite                            with friends to escape from         near the Redlands airport. His      lades started rolling in shortly
                    growth. If the boards aren’t cleaned                       work, but Ben Cook of Hangar        beer, on the other hand, left its   after Hangar 24 opened in
                    during assembly to keep this                               24 in Redlands decided to           hometown long ago and is            2008, including Cook being
                    growth at bay, systems can fail.                           make beer his job, and it is        currently on sale at locations      named Emerging Entrepre-
                       “All of our products are made                           paying off. Not only is his busi-   across the I.E. as well as the      neur for the 2009 Spirit of the
                    in the Inland Empire. I believe                            ness hiring, but he is also dou-    state, including Fresno and         Entrepreneur awards and his
                    strongly in American manufactur-                           bling the size of his building      Kings counties. Cook hopes it       product winning some of the
                    ing. We don’t sell the lowest cost                         and increasing his distribution.    will spread even farther.           top awards in the brewing in-
                    products, but we do offer the                                 Talk to Cook about the past          What he never planned,          dustry.
                    highest value to our customers,”                           and future of Hangar 24 and         however, was getting into the          But the real secret to Hangar
                    he says. Aqueous Technologies                              the word “plan” comes up a lot.     brewing business in the first       24’s success, Cook maintains,
                    has received 41 prestigious indus-                         Back in 2000, when the brew-        place. Home brewing started as      isn’t his planning. Instead it is
                    try awards, “more than all of our                          ery was still an idea, he formu-    a suggestion from his wife, Jes-    good beer and employees with
                    competitors combined,” he says.                            lated a business plan to            sica, as a way to beat boredom.     strong work ethics. “We are not
                       Having turned a big idea into a                         convince his parents, both en-      “It snowballed from there,” he      a micro-managing type of com-
                    successful global business, Konrad                         trepreneurs themselves, and         says. “I fell in love with the      pany; we all hang out and have
                    was also a finalist for Cal State                          the bank for the money to get       process and started sharing the     beers on Friday nights,” he says.
                    San Bernardino’s Spirit of the                             him off the ground. Now he’s        beer.” With friends raving          “We work our butts off, but we
                    Entrepreneur Award for 2011.                               expanding. “By 2015, we plan        about his creations, he gave up     have fun doing it.”

                                                                                                                                                        JULY 2012   IE EXECUTIVE     23
       THELISTS                                                                                    attorneys | schools | meetings

                                                                                      and vicious dog attacks. 309 N. Euclid       Sanford A. Kassel
                                                                                      Ave., Upland, (909) 932-1162; 11801          A Professional Law Corp.
                                                                                      Pierce St., Suite 200, Riverside, (800)      At the law offices of Sanford A. Kassel,
                                                                                      983-4467; 1851 E. First St., Suite 900,      A Professional Law Corporation, we
                                                                                      Santa Ana, (714) 547-1900;                   represent victims of serious accidents
                                                                                      brianbrandt.com                              or medical malpractice, due to negli-
                                                                                                                                   gent, reckless or unlawful behavior of
                                                                                      Brown & Lipinsky, LLP                        others. We also work with families who
                                                                                      Brown & Lipinsky LLP has offices in          have lost a loved one due to a wrong-
                                                                                      Chino Hills, Santa Ana and Riverside.        ful death. 334 W. 3rd St., Suite 207,
                                                                                      Daren H. Lipinsky, Esq. is the manag-        San Bernardino; (909) 884-6451,
                                                                                      ing partner of Brown & Lipinsky LLP’s        www.skassellaw.com
                                                                                      employment litigation department.
                                                                                      Areas of practice are employment law,        Kassel & Kassel
                                                                                      employee rights litigation, and civil        Kassel & Kassel is included in the Bar
                                                                                      rights litigation. 5811 Pine Ave., Suite     Register of Preeminent Lawyers by
                                                                                      A, Chino Hills; (909) 597-2445, inland       Martindale Hubbell and is AV rated.
                                                                                      empireemploymentattorney.com                 Kassel & Kassel has worked on a multi-
                                                                                                                                   tude of high profile cases in criminal
                                                                                      DarrasLaw                                    defense. Gregory Kassel is a member
                                                                                      The litigation firm of DarrasLaw is          of the California Attorneys for Criminal
                                                                                      devoted to serving disabled and long-        Justice. He is a sworn attorney in the
                                                                                      term care insurance policyholders.           United States Supreme Court. Philip
                                                                                      Frank N. Darras holds big insurance          Kassel was one of the first District At-
                                                                                      companies accountable. “For over 25          torneys in the Inland Empire. He is an
                                                                                      years, Mr. Darras has dedicated his          American Board of Trial Advocate
                                                                                      life’s work to helping the sick, disabled    member and was recently awarded the
                                                                                      and elderly get the benefits they right-     John B. Surr award for exemplary legal
                                                                                      fully deserve.” www.DarrasLaw.com,           advocacy. 334 W. Third St., Suite 207,
                                                                                      1-800-458-4577                               San Bernardino; (909) 884-6455,
                                                                                      Girardi & Keese
                                                                                      Andre Rekte specializes in the areas of      McMahon Law Firm, Inc.
                                                                                      products liability, medical malpractice,     McMahon Law Firm, Inc. provides effi-
                                                                                      wrongful death, and serious personal         cient legal services in the areas of
                                                                                      injuries. You will find Mr. Rekte practic-   bankruptcy (consumer), all areas of
                                                                                      ing most of his law in the Inland Em-        civil litigation, and business law. The
                                                                                      pire out of the firm’s San Bernardino        attorneys of McMahon Law Firm, Inc.
                                                                                      office. He has tried over 30 cases and       present each client with an up-front
                                                                                      for over 20 years has zealously pur-         evaluation of their case and then work

Showcasing Inland Empire Professionals. The attorneys
                                                                                      sued corporations, businesses and in-
                                                                                      dividuals who have wronged or injured
                                                                                      others. 155 W. Hospitality Lane, Suite
                                                                                      260, San Bernardino. (909) 381-1551,
                                                                                                                                   with them to determine the most
                                                                                                                                   reasonable means of resolution. 980
                                                                                                                                   Montecito Drive, Suite 208, Corona;
                                                                                                                                   (951) 371-6868, www.mcm-law.net
in this special section have chosen to advertise in                                                                                Law Offices of William M.
                                                                                      The Law Office of                            Nassar & Associates, Inc.
IE Executive magazine to provide more information about                               Grech & Firetag                              Providing legal solutions for individu-
                                                                                      Paul Grech, Jr. and Chad W. Firetag.         als, businesses and non-profit organi-
their areas of practice.                                                              We are Certified Criminal Law Special-       zations in the Inland Empire.
                                                                                      ists with a record of excellence in the      Specializing in estate planning, wills
                                                                                      courtroom, and we handle all types of        and trusts; probate and trust adminis-
Law Offices of Soheila Azizi               Virginia M. Blumenthal                     criminal defense cases. 7095 Indiana         tration; business formation and coun-
& Associates, P.C.                         Law Offices                                Ave., Suite 200, Riverside; (951) 682-       seling; and litigation (probate,
Dispute resolution services through        Criminal defense including: homicide,      9311, riversidecriminaldefense.com           business and civil). 300 E. State St.,
California Arbitration & Mediation         sex crimes, white collar crimes,                                                        Suite 485, Redlands; (909) 307-2000
Services, Inc. (C.A.M.S.), a non-profit,   domestic assault, drug offenses, theft,    Greenberg & Greenberg
public benefit corporation founded by      DUI and traffic offenses, juvenile         A Professional Law Corp.                     Sheila S. Trexler
experienced trial lawyers and dispute      crime, and other violent crimes. 3993      At Greenberg & Greenberg, our two            Neil, Dymott, Frank, McFall
resolution professionals. The Law          Market St., Riverside; (951) 682-5110,     highly skilled criminal defense attor-       & Trexler, APLC
Offices of Soheila Azizi & Associates      BlumenthalLawOffices.com                   neys have 40 years of combined               Sheila Trexler, a senior trial lawyer,
advocates justice through zealous rep-                                                experience. Daniel Greenberg brings          joined Neil Dymott in 1986. She has
resentation. Areas include negligence      Law Offices of Brian Brandt                more than 35 years of experience to          been a director of the firm since 2004.
by hospitals and healthcare providers,     The Law Offices of Brian Brandt han-       the practice of criminal law. His experi-    Ms. Trexler specializes in medical and
nursing home neglect and elder abuse,      dles personal injury cases involving se-   ence as a former Deputy District             hospital malpractice. 43920 Margarita
as well as a wide range of options         rious injuries in the areas of defective   Attorney helps him see cases from the        Road, Suite B, Temecula, (951) 303-
from litigation to mediation and col-      vehicles, truck and commercial vehicle     prosecution’s perspective. His son,          3930; 74-900 Highway 111, Suite 226,
laborative approach to family law, di-     litigation, wrongful death, auto acci-     Philip Greenberg, is also a former           Indian Wells, (760) 568-9959;
vorce, custody, support and related        dents, motorcycle accidents, product       Deputy District Attorney. 3750               www.neildymott.com
matters. 10213 Foothill Blvd., Rancho      liability, brain/head injuries, spinal     University Ave., Suite 550, Riverside;
Cucamonga; (909) 484-9992, 1-866-          cord injuries, premises liability, med-    (951) 274-0003, (909) 888-2281,
484-9992, www.camsmediation.com            ical malpractice, nursing home neglect     greenberglawgroup.com                                                    To Page 26

24    IE EXECUTIVE        JULY 2012
               AT T O R N E Y P R O F I L E S

                                                       S HEILA S. T REXLER                                                  • Law School: California
                                                                                                                              Western School of Law,
                                         Neil, Dymott, Frank, McFall & Trexler, APLC                                          J.D.
                                                                                                                            • College: University of
                                                                                                                              Nevada, B.S.N.
                                             Sheila Trexler, a senior trial lawyer, joined Neil Dymott in 1986. She         • College of the Desert,
                                          has been a shareholder of the firm since 1993 and a director of the firm            A.D.N
                                                                                                                            • “Top 50 Women Litigators
                                         since 2004. Ms. Trexler specializes in medical and hospital malprac-                 in California” – Los Angeles
                                         tice. Ms. Trexler is licensed to practice in the U.S. District Courts for the        Daily Journal
                                                                                                                            • “San Diego’s Top 25
                                         Southern and Central Districts of California, the Ninth Circuit Court of             Women” – Super Lawyers
                                                                                                                              for Southern California by
                                          Appeals and the California Supreme Court. Ms. Trexler is a frequent
                                                                                                                              the publishers of Law &
                                          lecturer on medical and legal topics to nurses, physicians and                      Politics Magazine (2007-
                                          attorneys. In 2009, Ms. Trexler became a Fellow in the Litigation
                                                                                                                            • San Diego Defense
                                          Counsel of America. Fellowship in the Litigation Counsel of America is              Lawyer of the Year” – San
43920 Margarita Road, Suite B
                                                                                                                              Diego Defense Lawyers
         Temecula, CA 92592               comprised of less than one-half of one percent of American lawyers, is              (2009)
               (951) 303-3930             highly selective and is by invitation only.                                       • Listed in Best Lawyers of
                                                                                                                              America for Elder Law
   74-900 Highway 111, Suite                 In addition to practicing law, Ms. Trexler is an adjunct professor               and Medical and Profes-
        226 Indian Wells, CA                                                                                                  sional Malpractice Law
                                          at California Western School of Law, where she teaches a course on
              (760) 568-9959                                                                                                  (2008-2011)
                                         medical malpractice litigation. She divides her practice between the
          www.neildymott.com                                                                                                MEMBERSHIPS &
                                          firm’s San Diego, Indian Wells and Temecula offices.                              PROFESSIONAL
          AREAS OF PRACTICE                                                                                                 ASSOCIATIONS
                     Elder Abuse                                                                                            • American Board of Trial
                       Healthcare                                                                                             Advocates
      Medical Malpractice Defense                                                                                           • Association of Defense
                                                                                                                              Trial Attorneys

                                                                                     PAUL GRECH, JR.
                                                                                    & CHAD W. F IRETAG
                                                                              The Law Office of Grech & Firetag
                                                                     The Law Office of Grech & Firetag is the only firm where both partners are
                                                                  certified specialists by the California State Bar in the field of criminal law. Our firm
                                                                  is AV rated by Martindale Hubbell, the highest recognition a law firm can receive,
                                                                  which attests to a lawyer’s ethics and legal ability, and reflects the opinions of
                                                                  numerous attorneys and judges.
                                                                     Collectively they have tried the most serious cases in the Inland Empire, from
7095 Indiana Ave., Suite 200              EDUCATION
                                                                  death penalty murder cases to white-collar securities fraud and have successfully
Riverside, CA 92506                      PAUL GRECH
                                  B.S., State University          defended clients accused in three-strikes, domestic violence and assault cases.
(951) 682-9311
                                    of New York (1979)            Well-regarded as experts in defense of criminal cases, they are much sought-
                          J.D., Southwestern University
defense.com                       School of Law (1982)            after speakers at defense seminars and conferences.
                                      Institute for Criminal         Also specializing in representing individuals accused of white collar criminal
                                Defense Advocacy (1994)
AREA OF PRACTICE                                                  offenses, including tax fraud, political corruption or misappropriation of funds,
                                         National Criminal
                                   Defense College (1996)         their experience has taught them that their team approach to complex cases
                                          CHAD FIRETAG
                                                                  yields the best results for clients. Taking a team approach means no defense
                             B.A., University of California,
                                           Riverside (1998)       goes unexplored and each client receives top-notch representation.
                             J.D., University of California,         Proud of their accomplishments and ability to obtain favorable results for their
                                               Davis (2001)
                                                                  clients, they urge anyone with a criminal matter to call the Law Office of Grech
                                                                  & Firetag. It could perhaps be the most important call he or she will ever make.

                                                                                                                           JULY 2012     IE EXECUTIVE        25
Robinson Calcagnie                                                                              Attorneys from AVVO (10).           years of combined experience
Robinson Shapiro                                                                                We were recently recognized         helping people who have
Davis, Inc.                                                                                     for providing outstanding           been injured in an accident.
The law firm of Robinson                                                                        pro-bono services to the local      Their practice is dedicated ex-
Calcagnie Robinson Shapiro                                                                      communities (Kearny-Nydam           clusively to personal injury.
Davis, Inc. is an established                                                                   Award). 432 N. Arrowhead            Their goal is to achieve a
leader in product liability liti-                                                               Ave., San Bernardino, (909)         maximum recovery for each
gation and personal injury                                                                      381-1000; 777 E. Tahquitz           client in the most effective
law. We have represented                                                                        Canyon Way, Suite 200, Palm         way possible. 42145 Lyndie
clients where corporate negli-                                                                  Springs, (909) 663-4017;            Lane, Suite 126, Temecula;
gence or government reck-                                                                       www.scafiddilaw.com                 1-800-733-4878,
lessness has resulted in                                                                                                            sweeneyattorneys.com
serious injuries, wrongful                                                                      Stutz Artiano Shinoff
death, substantial damages or                                                                   & Holtz, APC                        Welebir Tierney & Weck
business losses to our clients                                                                  Stutz Artiano Shinoff & Holtz       A Professional Law Corp.
and their families. Areas of                                                                    celebrates 30 years in busi-        For over 40 years the trial
practice: serious/catastrophic                                                                  ness. Practice areas include:       lawyers of Welebir Tierney &
personal injury; product                                                                        employment, municipal law,          Weck have represented the
liability; defective drug and                                                                   land use and environmental,         interests and needs of people
medicine devices. 893 E. Brier                                                                  construction, and education.        who have been seriously
Drive, San Bernardino;                                                                          San Diego, Riverside, Orange,       injured as a result of the
(909) 890-1000,                                                                                 Los Angeles, Las Vegas.             conduct of others, whether
orangecountylaw.com                                                                             www.stutzartiano.com, (951)         caused by automobile colli-
                                                                                                676-6996                            sions; big rig truck accidents;
The Law Offices of                                                                                                                  animal attacks; aviation and
Michael A. Scafiddi                                                                             Sweeney, Sweeney &                  railroad accident; dangerous
The Law Offices of Michael A.                                                                   Sweeney                             roadways; or by defective
Scafiddi is a full service gen-                                                                 Attorneys at Law                    products in the workplace, at
eral law office with an empha-                                                                  Founded by William K.               home, in the car or medical
sis on handling DUI and DMV                                                                     Sweeney, and currently con-         devices in the body. 2068
issues as well as serious crimi-                                                                sisting of his two sons, W.         Orange Tree Lane, Suite 215,
nal matters. We have the                                                                        Michael Sweeney and Robert          Redlands; (909) 335-0444,
highest National Rating for                                                                     J. Sweeney, they have over 30       www.wtw-law.com

                                                W ELEBIR T IERNEY & W ECK
                                                                                                                                 MEMBERSHIPS &

                                                   A Professional Law Corporation

                                              It is a passion for the rights of individuals that have driven the trial
                                            lawyers of Welebir Tierney & Weck for more than 40 years in representing
                                            the interests and needs of people who have been seriously injured                     Association
                                            as a result of the conduct of others: whether caused by automobile
                                            collisions; big rig truck accidents; animal attacks; aviation and railroad
                                            accident; dangerous roadways; or, by defective products in the                        Justice
                                            workplace, at home, in the car or medical devices in the body.
                                              We are dedicated through aggressive, prepared, quality representation
                                            to getting the right result for each of our clients whether by trial or               Bar Association
                                            settlement, focused on their needs and a means for their return
                 From Left: Cory Weck,
           James F. Tierney, Shelly Zeise   to normalcy.
              Center: Douglas F. Welebir
                                              Our firm is rated AV, Martindale-Hubbell’s highest rating for legal ability
   2068 Orange Tree Lane, Ste 215           and adherence to ethical standards and continues to be listed in the Bar
             Redlands, CA 92374                                                                                                  AREAS OF PRACTICE
                                            Register of Preeminent Lawyers, a distinction attained by less than 5%
                   (909) 335-0444
               www.wtw-law.com              of all American law firms.
                                              In 2010 U.S. News and World Report listed Welebir Tierney & Weck
                                            among the Best Law Firms in America.

26     IE EXECUTIVE        JULY 2012
              AT T O R N E Y P R O F I L E S

                                                                              T IMOTHY M C M AHON
                                                                              McMahon Law Firm, Inc.
                                                              McMahon Law Firm, Inc. is a defense firm offering extensive experience
                                                            in insurance litigation embracing all phases of personal injury, products
                                                            liability defense, employment law, professional liability, as well as general tort
                                                            and construction litigation. The firm also provides assistance for consumer
980 Montecito Dr., Suite 208        MEMBERSHIPS &
Corona, CA 92879                     PROFESSIONAL           bankruptcy law to help people in rebuilding their lives.
(951) 371-6868                                                Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating cases involving a wide
www.mcm-law.net                                             range of legal issues and disciplines throughout California. Collectively, our

AREAS OF PRACTICE                                           attorneys have over 50 years of experience in insurance litigation matters. We
                                                            use state-of-the-art technology resulting in efficient and effective representation
                                                            of our clients.
                                                              We look forward to providing you with efficient, real-world solutions for your
                                                            legal needs. We present each client with an up-front evaluation of their case
                                                            and then work with them to determine the most reasonable means of resolution.
                                   Inland Empire Claims
EDUCATION                                                     Call us to learn how we can assist you.
                               International Order of the
of Law
                                 The Claims & Litigation

                                    Corona Chamber of

                                                            S WEENEY, S WEENEY & S WEENEY
                                                                                    Attorneys at Law
                                                              Founded by William K. Sweeney, and currently consisting of his two sons,
                                                            W. Michael Sweeney and Robert J. Sweeney, they have over 30 years of combined
                                                            experience helping people who have been injured in an accident. They have
                                                            been serving the Inland Empire for nearly 20 years. Their practice is dedicated
                                                            exclusively to personal injury. Their goal is to achieve a maximum recovery for
                                                            each client in the most effective way possible.
                                                              W. Michael Sweeney has practiced personal injury law since 1990. He has
42145 Lyndie Lane, Suite 126           EDUCATION            served as President of the Hemet-San Jacinto Bar Association. Since 1990 he
Temecula, CA 92591              William K. Sweeney:         has aggressively represented thousands of injured persons.
1-800-733-4878               University of San Diego
                                      School of Law,          Robert. J. Sweeney has practiced personal injury law since 1995. He is admit-
                                 Juris Doctorate, 1971      ted to practice law in California, Arizona and Nevada. He has served as Presi-
                                Advanced Law Degree,
                                                  1993      dent of the Southwest Riverside County Bar Association. In addition, he
AREA OF PRACTICE                  W. Michael Sweeney:       frequently speaks at local area schools regarding the practice of law.
Personal Injury Law                 National University,
                                 Juris Doctorate, 1990
                                   Robert J. Sweeney:
                                      University of San
                                Diego, Juris Doctorate,

                                                                                                                  JULY 2012    IE EXECUTIVE       27
                     AT T O R N E Y P R O F I L E S

                                                                  D AREN L IPINSKY                                               • Skidmore College
                                                                                                                                   Loyola Law School,
                                                                  Brown & Lipinsky, LLP                                            Los Angeles

                                                                                                                                 MEMBERSHIPS &
                                                     Daren H. Lipinsky, Esq. is the managing partner of Brown & Lipinsky         PROFESSIONAL
                                                  LLP’s employment litigation department. For over 14 years, Mr. Lipinsky        ASSOCIATIONS
                                                                                                                                 • California Employment
                                                  has successfully represented clients in all areas of employment litigation,      Lawyers Association
                                                  including cases involving sexual harassment, disability and pregnancy          • National Employment
                                                                                                                                   Lawyers Association
                                                  discrimination, race, age, sexual orientation and gender discrimination,       • American Association
                                                  California Family Rights Act violations, Wage and Hour violations, retali-       for Justice
                                                                                                                                 • Consumer Attorneys of
                                                  ation, and wrongful termination. His aggressive and dedicated approach           California
                                                  to the litigation process and the rights of employees has resulted in          • Eastern and Western
                                                                                                                                   San Bernardino Bar
                                                  numerous successes against some of the nation’s largest employers.               Associations
                                                  Recently, Mr. Lipinsky obtained one of the largest employee/employer           • Riverside Bar
            5811 Pine Ave., Suite A                                                                                                Association
                                                  dispute awards in the nation from a National Association of Secu rities
                    Chino Hills, CA                                                                                              • American Bar
                    (909) 597-2445                Dealers arbitration panel against an international brokerage house on            Association
          inlandempireemployment                                                                                                 • State Bar Association of
                                                  behalf of three employees. Mr. Lipinsky was named a 2012 Super
                      attorney.com                                                                                                 California
                                                  Lawyers Rising Star by Super Lawyers Magazine; has been featured in
               AREAS OF PRACTICE                  Marquis Who’s Who in American Law, 30th Anniversary Edition; and has
                      Employment Law              also been honored by his colleagues in the California Employment
             Employee Rights Litigation
                 Civil Rights Litigation          Lawyers Association (CELA) for his litigation successes. Brown &
                                                  Lipinsky LLP has offices located in Chino Hills, Santa Ana and Riverside.

                                                                                                 A NDRE R EKTE
                                                                                                  Girardi and Keese
                                                                             The law firm of Girardi and Keese has successfully recovered in excess of
                                                                          six billion dollars on behalf of its clients against the largest, most powerful
                                                                          companies in the world. Since 1965 the firm has dedicated its practice to pro-
                                                                          viding aggressive representation of individuals and businesses that have been
                                                                          seriously injured, whether by physical harm, property damage, or d amage to
     155 West Hospitality                            EDUCATION            economic interests. The firm’s office in San Bernardino is overseen by Andre
     Lane, Suite 260                    California State University
                                      Fullerton, B.A. Biochemistry        Rekte. Mr. Rekte has been practicing law at the firm for over 25 years and has
     San Bernardino, CA
                                                              1983        tried over 45 cases. He specializes in the areas of products liability, medical
                                       Pepperdine School of Law,
     (909) 381-1551                                                       malpractice, wrongful death, elder law, business litigation and serious per-
                                                         J.D. 1986
                                                                          sonal injuries. “After all these years I have seen too many unfortunate things
                                               MEMBERSHIPS &
                                                 PROFESSIONAL             happen to children, adults and businesses. You want to know what keeps me
                                                  ASSOCIATIONS            motivated as a lawyer? Making things right for those who have suffered from
     Products Liability
                                           American Board of Trial
     Medical Malpractice             Advocates (ABOTA), Member            the wrongful conduct of other individuals or corporations. Mr. Girardi has al-
     Wrongful Death                        Consumer Attorneys of          ways demanded that the firm’s attorneys place their passions and priorities
     Serious Personal Injuries         California (CAOC), Member
                                                                          on being compassionate, providing determined representation and getting
                                    CAOC Inland Empire Chapter,
                                                 Board of Directors       great results for its clients. I think over the years we’ve shown that we’re pretty
                                     California State Bar, Member
                                                                          good at that.”
                                       San Bernardino County Bar
                                                Association proper
                                 Riverside County Bar Association

28    IE EXECUTIVE      JULY 2012
               AT T O R N E Y P R O F I L E S

                    V IRGINIA B LUMENTHAL
                                     Blumenthal Law Offices

                                                                  he National Trial Lawyers just named Virginia Blumenthal
                                                                  as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in the U.S., and U.S.
                                                                  News Premier listed Blumenthal Law Offices as a Top
                                                                  Ranking Law Firm. California Woman of the Year–2010,
                                                                  Virginia has also been named “One of the Best Women
                                                                  Litigators in California” and as one of the “Most Influential
                                                Attorneys in the State of California,” along with “One of the Best Lawyers in
                                                San Bernardino & Riverside Counties” and “Super Lawyer in California.” This
                                                is only a few of the long list of accolades Ms. Blumenthal has accumulated
                                                in over 37 years of practice, including being listed in Best Lawyers in
                                                America for over 25 years. She has an “AV” rating, the highest possible rat-
                                                ing by the leading national attorney directory, Martindale-Hubbell.
                                                  She is currently on the Riverside Community College District Board of
                                                Trustees. She has served as President of the Riverside County Philharmonic,
                                                is one of the founders of the Riverside County High School Mock Trial
                                                program, and a founding director for the Riverside Police Foundation.
                                                Virginia was a Board of Directors Member for Riverside Boys and Girls Club;
                                                Riverside Opportunity Center Board of Directors Member; League of Women
                                                Voters Member; Riverside County Bar Association; California Attorneys for
                                                Criminal Justice; Head Judge of the Riverside County Spelling Bee for over
                                                30 years; and Monday Morning Group.
                                                  She has received numerous awards and recognitions for her herculean
                                                volunteer contributions to the community, including the distinguished Gold
                                                Key Award from Soroptimist International of Riverside, the Athena Award,
                                                YWCA Women of Achievement Award, NAACP Law & Justice Award, and
                                                was named as a “Person Who Makes a Difference.” Virginia has been
                                                recognized by the President of the United States; the Governor of California;
                                                the Mayor of Riverside; the California State Assembly and State Senate; the
                                                Riverside Board of Supervisors; and the Riverside City Council. She is
                                                mother of 4 children and grandmother to 7 grandchildren.
Riverside Barrister Building
3993 Market Street, Riverside, CA 92501
(951) 682-5110

Criminal Law

                                                                                               JULY 2012   IE EXECUTIVE     29
                     AT T O R N E Y P R O F I L E S

                                              D ANIEL L. G REENBERG &                                                DANIEL L. GREENBERG

                                               P HILIP C. G REENBERG

                                                  Greenberg & Greenberg                                                 (Summa Cum Laude)
                                               A Professional Law Corporation                                        MEMBERSHIPS

                                          Few law firms and even fewer criminal defense firms feature a father-       1975-2012
                                        and-son legal team. At Greenberg & Greenberg, our two highly skilled
                                                                                                                      Association, 1978-2012
                                        criminal defense attorneys have 40 years of combined experience.
                                          Daniel Greenberg brings more that 35 years of experience to the             Criminal Justice, 1998-2012

                                        practice of criminal law. His experience as a former Deputy District          Lawyers Assoc., 1990-2012
                                        Attorney helps him see cases from the prosecution’s perspective.
                                        Philip Greenberg is also a former Deputy District Attorney. He brings        PHILIP C. GREENBERG

                                        youth and vigor to complement his father’s wisdom and experience.            EDUCATION

     3750 University Ave., Suite 550      When you retain Greenberg & Greenberg, you are getting two                  College of Law, J.D.
               Riverside, CA 92501      attorneys who are well regarded as experts in the defense of criminal          Honors: With Honors
                     (951) 274-0003
                     (909) 888-2281     cases by judges and prosecutors. Every client receives top-notch
      www.greenberglawgroup.com         individual representation.
                                          At Greenberg & Greenberg, their demanding work ethic and                    2006-2012
                 AREA OF PRACTICE       aggressive approach has won excellent results for their clients.
                                                                                                                      Year, 2009
                 Criminal Defense Law
                                          If you have been charged with a drug crime, DUI, a violent crime, a
                                        white collar crime, or any type of criminal violation, you should call the
                                        Office of Greenberg & Greenberg immediately.

                                                                                 REAL NUMBERS
                                                                                    REAL READERS
                                                                                  REAL MAGAZINE

                                                                                          CALL (951) 682-3026, EXT. 18
                                                                                        FOR ADVERTISING INFORMATION
                                                                                                        Follow us on Facebook

30    IE EXECUTIVE    JULY 2012
                 AT T O R N E Y P R O F I L E S

                                S ANFORD A. K ASSEL                                                    G REGORY H. K ASSEL &
                            A Professional Law Corporation                                                 P HILIP K ASSEL
                                                                                                                Kassel & Kassel
                            LARGEST Cash Settlement paid in
                            any Wrongful Death case in both San                                         Mr. Gregory Kassel is a past president

                            Bernardino and Riverside Counties!                                        of Inland Trial Lawyers Association and

                            HIGHEST Medical      Malpractice   Jury                                   a member of the California Attorneys for

                            Trial Verdict Awarded in the history                                      Criminal Justice. He is a sworn attorney

                            of San Bernardino County! At the                                          in the United States Supreme Court.

                            Law Offices of Sanford A. Kassel,                                         Philip Kassel was one of the first District
           334 W. 3rd St.   we represent clients involving serious                                    Attorneys in the Inland Empire. He is an
                                                                       334 W. Third Street #207
        Wells Fargo Bank
                            Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice,     San Bernardino, CA 92401        American Board of Trial Advocate
                Suite 207
                                                                                (909) 884-6455
San Bernardino, CA 92401    and Wrongful Death. Our office has                                        member and was recently awarded the
          (909) 884-6451
                            significant experience in representing                                    John B. Surr award for exemplary legal
     www.skassellaw.com                                                   AREA OF PRACTICE
                            families who have lost loved ones due                                     advocacy. He has practiced law since
                                                                                 Criminal Law
                            to Wrongful Death. With over 30 years             Immigration Law         1953. Kassel & Kassel is included in the
      Personal Injury Law   of professional experience with both                                      Bar Register Of Preeminent Lawyers by
          Wrongful Death                                                                              Martindale Hubbell and is AV rated. The
                            statewide and federal, Law Offices
     Medical Malpractice
                            of Sanford A. Kassel provides clients                                     firm has an in-house investigator. Kassel
        Employment Law
         Whistle Blowing    with the expertise and resources to                                       & Kassel has worked on a multitude of
           Discrimination   handle the most complex personal                                          high profile cases in criminal defense.

                            injury, wrongful death and medical
                            malpractice cases.

                                                                                                  Your Local Law Firm with the
                                                                                                  Experience You Need & the
                                                                                                  Personal Attention You Deserve
                                                                                                  Providing legal solutions for
                                                                                                  individuals, businesses & non-profit
                                                                                                  organizations in the Inland Empire

                                                                        William M. Nassar & Associates is a small, well-respected local law
                                                                           firm with the resources, capabilities, experience, expertise and
                                                                         professionalism usually found at much larger firms. What makes
                                                                       William M. Nassar & Associates different is the personal attention you
                                                                        experience. You deserve no less. At William M. Nassar & Associates
                                                                       you’ll find a legal partner that cares about you, your family and your
                                                                                         business. We make friends for life.
                                                                                                   Specializing in

                                                                                                   LAW OFFICES OF

                                                                          William M. Nassar & Associates, Inc.
                                                                       300 EAST STATE STREET, STE. 485, REDLANDS, CA 92373

                                                                          Your Local Legal Partner, Making Friends for Life

                                                                                                                JULY 2012     IE EXECUTIVE      31
                                      Attorneys | Schools | Meetings

                                IE BUSINESS SCHOOLS
                                WHERE TO GET AN
                                EXECUTIVE DEGREE
                                Brandman University                   Margarita Road, Temecula. (760)
                                School of Business and                750-8730, csusm.edu/temecula,
                                Professional Studies                  temecula@csusm.edu
                                Graduates of the MBA program will
                                be prepared for management and        Mount St. Mary’s College
                                leadership positions in many fields   Mount St. Mary’s College MBA
                                including financial management,       program prepares working profes-
                                entrepreneurship, health communi-     sionals for the global marketplace.
                                cation, information security,         Concentrations are offered in
                                e-business, accounting and audit-     entrepreneurship, organizational
                                ing, business operations, human       leadership, and project manage-
                                resources or marketing. 3990 E.       ment, with an opportunity for
                                Concours, Suite 100, Ontario; and     international study. (213) 477-2800,
                                22620 Goldencrest Drive, Suite 105,   msmc.la.edu/graduate-programs,
                                Moreno Valley. 1-877-710-7821,
                                                                      University of California,
                                California State                      Riverside
                                University, San Bernardino            The A. Gary Anderson
                                College of Business and               Graduate School of
                                Public Administration                 Management
                                The Executive MBA Program at          One of the nation's fastest growing
                                California State University, San      business graduate schools, the A.
                                Bernardino provides a high quality    Gary Anderson Graduate School of
                                learning experience for entrepre-     Management at the University of
                                neurs and professional managers,      California, Riverside aims to de-
                                working executives who hold key       velop leading thinkers who will
                                decision-making positions within      stand at the forefront of business
                                their organizations. 5500 Univer-     growth. The Anderson School of-
                                sity Parkway, San Bernardino          fers an MBA program that trains
                                (909) 537-5700, cbpa.csusb.edu        students to develop leadership
                                                                      skills and become responsible lead-
                                                                      ers. And launching fall 2012, the
                                California State                      new Master of Professional Ac-
                                University, San Marcos                countancy (MPAc) program will
                                at Temecula                           prepare students for a new Califor-
                                Cal State San Marcos now offers a     nia law effective 2014 that will re-
                                BS in Business Administration and     quire a fifth year of accounting
                                an MBA at their Temecula campus.      coursework in order to become a
                                Collaborative, cohort-based model.    qualified certified public account-
                                Guaranteed time to completion. Dr.    ant (CPA). Visit agsm.ucr.edu or
                                Regina Eisenbach, dean. 43890         call (951) 827-6200.

                                    IE BUSINESS SCHOOLS

                                                      Your Opportunity to Help
          6th Annual Charity Golf Tournament
                                        The 6th Annual Charity Golf Tournament will be held on
                                      Monday, October 8th, 2012, 10am Shotgun Start, 4 person
                                    scramble at the Victoria Club. The annual tournament is the
                                               key fund-raising event that continues to support
                                                         and expand the umbrella of programs
                                                               and services for Smart Riverside.
                                                                                           For a Brochure go to:
Sponsorships Available:
ACE Sponsors:


Players - $150
Limit to first 130 golfers

                             SmartRiverside, 3900 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Riverside, CA 92522
                             For more information, please contact Bill Bunger at
                             (951) 826-5441 or bbunger@riversideca.gov or
                             Register online at SmartRiverside.org/golf

                                                                       Master of
                                                                Business Administration
                                                                   W EEKEND ONLY CLASSES
                                                                   D OWNTOWN LOCATION
                                                                   T HREE CONCENTRATIONS
                                                                     Organizational Leadership
                                                                     Project Management
                                                                   T UITION INCLUDES          FIELD STUDY
                                                                   IN C HINA

                                                                           “I’m proud to say I EARNED MY MBA from Mount St. Mary’s
                                                                           College Los Angeles. It was one of the most difficult yet rewarding
                                                                           experiences of my life.”

                                                                           Tyronne McLaine | Class of 2010
                                                                           Business Analyst for Tesoro Corporation

                                                                             TO   RSVP FOR THE NEXT INFORMATION SESSION
                                                                        call (213)477-2800 or visit us at www.msmc.la.edu/graduate-programs

                                                                                                                 JULY 2012       IE EXECUTIVE    33
 Attention Event Planners!                                                               THELISTS
                                                                                         Attorneys | Schools | Meetings

                                     #1 Golf Outing Choice in the Inland Empire

          Call 877-594-4069 now to claim your
       FREE Sunday Brunch & Personal Facility Tour
      Sierra Lakes delivers the most flexible packages for seminars,
                business meetings, parties and receptions.
     Picturesque ballrooms comfortably seat you and up to 300 guests
                with views of the surrounding mountains.
             Award winning cuisine by Executive Chef Robert.
                                                                                  IE MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES
      Visit www.Meeting.SierraLakes.com for Ten Reasons to hold
              your next meeting at Sierra Lakes Golf Club!
                                                                                  WHERE TO HOLD
                                                                                  YOUR NEXT MEETING
                                                                                  The Castaway Restaurant                 space. 480 North Main St., Corona,
                                                                                  and Special Events Center               (951) 739-9401; 27645 Jefferson
                                                                                  With spectacular views of the           Ave., Suite 106, Temecula, (951) 506-
                                                                                  mountains and valleys, the Cast-        1800, mantrarestaurants.com
                                                                                  away is the perfect location for your
                                                                                  business event. 670 Kendall Dr., San    Moreno Valley Conference &
                                                                                  Bernardino; (909) 881-1502,             Recreation Center
                                                                                  CastawayRestaurant.com/SanBern          Grand Valley Ballroom offers ap-
                                                                                                                          prox. 8,200 square feet of event
                                                                                  Country Inns & Suites                   space. Two smaller meeting rooms
                                                                                  Meeting space, business center.         are also available, as well as a re-
                                                                                  Close to area attractions, restau-      ception patio and outdoor banquet
                                                                                  rants, Ontario International Airport,   patio. 14075 Frederick St., Moreno
                                                                                  Loma Linda Hospital and University      Valley; (951) 413-3280, moval.org
                                                                                  of Redlands. 1650 Industrial Park
                                                                                  Ave., Redlands; (909) 792-7913,         Radisson Ontario Airport
                                                                                  800-456-4000, countryinns.com           The Radisson offers 21,000 square
                                                                                                                          feet of flexible meeting space, a
                                                                                  Diamond Bar Center                      lobby level grand ballroom, and out-
                                                                                  Breathtaking views of the San           door poolside pavilion for recep-
                                                                                  Gabriel Valley, versatility of more     tions. 2200 E. Holt Blvd., Ontario;
                                                                                  than 14,000 square feet of meeting      (909) 975-5000, radissonont.com
                                                                                  space, and all within minutes of four
                                                                                  counties. 1600 Grand Ave., Diamond      Sierra Lakes Golf Club
                                                                                  Bar; diamondbarcenter.com; (909)        Flexible packages for seminars and
                                                                                  839-7065                                business meetings. Ballrooms seat
                                                                                                                          up to 300 guests with views of the
                                                                                  Fender Center                           surrounding mountains. 16600 Club-
                                                                                  Have your special event at the          house Drive, Fontana; (909) 350-
                                                                                  Fender Center in Corona, sur-           2500, Meeting.SierraLakes.com
                                                                                  rounded by guitar and rock music
                                                                                  memorabilia. Facilities available for   UCLA Lake Arrowhead
                                                                                  your group of 100 to 500-plus.          Conference Center
                                                                                  (951) 735-2440, fendercenter.com        There is 9,000 square feet of meet-
                                                                                                                          ing space and break out rooms for
                                                                                  Mantra Fine Indian Cuisine              groups of 10 to 200 guests. Compli-
                                                                                  Two locations for your banquet or       mentary high-speed internet access
                                                                                  meeting. Corona: 125 people for         in all meeting rooms. A professional
                                                                                  banquet-style, 200 people for con-      conference coordinator is available
                                                                                  ference room-style. Temecula: 35        to assist you. 850 Willow Creek Rd.,
                                                                                  people for business meetings, 200       Lake Arrowhead; (909) 337-2478,
                                                                                  square foot executive meeting           UCLAConferenceCenter.com

34   IE EXECUTIVE     JULY 2012
                          TO ADVERTISE CALL (951) 682-3026, ext. 18

                                       SQ. FT. OF         MIN. # MAX. #                                     SQ. FT. OF  MIN. # MAX. #

Country Inn & Suites, Redlands                   1,034     36       85    Joseph Filippi Winery,                  1,200                   100
                                                                          Rancho Cucamonga
DoubleTree Hotel, Ontario                       23,000      10   2,000
                                                                          Riverside Art Museum              indoor 6,500         5        500
Heritage Inn, Best Western,                      2,300      5      175                                     rooftop 2,450
Rancho Cucamonga
                                                                          Sevilla, Riverside                      8,000         15        500
Hilton San Bernardino                           14,000       1    600
                                                                          Sierra Lakes Golf Club,          indoor 5,500         20        300
Lake Arrowhead Resort                           14,000            450     Fontana                         outdoor 1,500

Morongo Casino Resort Spa, Cabazon              12,000           1,500    UCR Palm Desert                        19,000          2        700
                                                                          Graduate Center
Pechanga Resort & Casino, Temecula             45,000       10   2,000
                                                                          University of Redlands                                      1,400
Sheraton Fairplex Hotel &                       12,000      10    500
Conference Center, Pomona                                                 Fender Center, Corona
                                                                          Visual Arts Gallery                     4,400        100     300
South Coast Winery                       16,900 indoor;     23   1,500    Steve Miller TLC Amphitheatre                               500+
Resort & Spa, Temecula               additional outdoor
                                                                          Balboa Bay Club & Resort,              17,000                   450
UCLA Conference Center,                          8,400      10    200     Newport Beach
Lake Arrowhead
                                                                          Radisson Ontario Airport               28,000          8        550
Ontario Convention Center                     225,000       10   5,000

The Castaway, San Bernardino                     7,294            580     Holiday Inn Ontario Airport             6,000          8        225

Country Club at Soboba Springs                                     350    Nellie Weaver Hall at George          10,000          10        637
                                                                          Ingalls Equestrian Event
Diamond Bar Center                               14,136          1,600    Center, Norco

                                                                                                               JULY 2012   IE EXECUTIVE     35
                                  MEETINGS & CONFERENCES

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                                               Book your next Banquet or Meeting with us!
                                              Banquet Hall 125 people - Corona (projector - audio system - beautiful room)
                                              Executive Meeting Space 35 people - Temecula (projector screen - professional setting)

                                                Lunch Buffet 11am-3pm Daily              Catering Services Available
                                                Over 25 items to Choose From                   Open 7 Days a Week
                                                $7.99   (Saturday & Sunday $8.99) Lunch 11am-3pm • Dinner 5pm-10pm

           Your Perfect Wedding with a View
                                                                              480 North Main St., Corona, CA 92880     BEST
                                                                              27645 Jefferson Ave., #106
                                                                              Temecula, CA 92590 • 951.506.1800
                                                                                                                        of the IE


                                               next event
                                              At the coolest of indoor or out-
                                              door venues in the Inland Empire.
                                              Fender Center sets the stage for
                                                                                                 Outdoor Steve Miller TLC Amphitheatre
                                              your group of 100 to 500+.
                                              Surrounded by guitar and rock music
                                              memorabilia, your guests will feel the
                                              vibe at weddings, parties, meetings,
                                              or concerts.
                                              Call for rates: 951-735-2440 www.fendercenter.com

                            MEETINGS & CONFERENCES

 REAL MAGAZINE                                          Be it business or leisure, Country Inn & Suites offers a
                                                          home away from home to all our guests. With our
                                                       friendly staff and elegantly appointed oversized rooms
                                                                you will feel that you never left home!

                                                          100% Non-smoking                Meeting &                 Extented Stay Suites
                                                          2-Story Jacuzzi Suite        Conference Space                   Cable TV
                                                              Fitness Room          Complimentary Breakfast         Complimentary WI-FI
                                                            Oversized rooms             Business Center          Complimentary Social Hour
                                                           In room Microwave          Outdoor heated pool        King, Queen, 2 Bed Queens
                                                                                       Guest coin laundry
                                                                                  AND MUCH MORE!
                                                        Close to area attractions, restaurants, Ontario International
                                                           Airport, Loma Linda Hospital, University of Redlands
            M AGAZ IN E
   CALL (951) 682-3026, EXT. 18                                          For Reservations:
 FOR ADVERTISING INFORMATION                            909-792-7913 • FAX: 909-747-0252 • 800-456-4000
                                                           1650 Industrial Park Ave., Redlands, CA 92374
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                                  for your special
                                    gathering, meetings
                                        or events.
                                   1600 Grand Av                                   r, CA 91765-4178
                                   60 Fwy, Exit Grand Ave., travel southbound approximately 1.5 miles to the Diamond Bar Center.

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                                 THE MARKET PLACE
                    IN T HE I N L A N D E M P I R E : C A L L ( 951) 682- 3026 X18 FO R DEA DLIN ES A N D R AT ES

                             TO ADVERTISE CALL                                         (951)         682-3026,   X   18

                                         When we help you
                                         choose mutual funds, we                                                     Thornes & Associates, Inc.
                                         think of all the little things.                                                      INVESTMENT SECURITIES
                                                                                                                     412 East State Street Redlands, CA 92373
                                             There’s a lot riding on your selection of mutual funds. A
                                                                                                                              (909) 335-7440 or
                                         secure retirement or a college education for your family.
                                         Different reasons require different strategies. That’s why so                         1-800-835-7440
                                         many investors rely on Thornes & Associates, Inc. Our                                  SECURITIES: NOT FDIC-INSURED/
                                                                                                                            NOT BANK-GUARANTEED/MAY LOSE VALUE
                                         Financial Consultants have access to up-to-date information,
                                         as well as the support of an experienced research staff.                       Prospectuses for mutual funds are available from
                                                                                                                      the respective fund companies. The prospectus for a
                                             What you’ll get is an individualized recommendation                         fund contains complete information, including
                                         from over 9,000 mutual funds. Call today. Some things are                     charges and expenses. Before investing or sending
                                                                                                                         money, read the relevantprospectuses carefully.
                                         too important to be left to chance.                                                    Member FINRA, SIPC, and MSRB.

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