interview job by DanuSuwaryanto


(Job            Hi, I am Agatha. I come for a job interview. I was called two days ago.
Simon           Hi, Agatha. I am Simon. I am the head of the human resource department of this company.
(Interviewer)   How are you today?
Agatha          Fine. How about you?
Simon           I am fine too. Was it difficult to find our office?
Agatha          No. Before I came here, I asked some of my friends about the exact location of this office.
Simon           Can I get you anything?
Agatha          Thank you. A cup of tea, please.

After the breaking the ice dialogue, the interviewer will begin asking questions related to the
work experience and position which the applicant has applied.
                Agatha, in your resume you said that you used to work in Canada. Could you tell me a little
                bit of your work there?
                Yes, after getting a diploma on Travel and Hotel Management from Vancouver Premier
                College, I worked in Metropolitan Hotel in Vancouver city for two years.
Simon           What was your position at that time?
                For the first six months, I was a marketing staff. Then I was tasked to develop eco-tour
                program for guests.
Simon           So, you traveled around Canada a lot.
                Yes, but only around Vancouver city, and to beaches and sea as well as to some marine parks
                and forests in British Columbia.
Simon           Did you enjoy your job?
                Yes. I liked it very much. Unfortunately, I had to leave the country because my husband
                works here.
Simon           That's why you apply for position of tour leader in this company. Can you swim or dive?
                I am a PADI certified divemaster. I believe that my unique skill in scuba diving can bring
Agatha          significant contribution to the company's plan on developing its business in marine
                ecotourism sector.
                It's nice to hear that you are a dive-master. We will open a diving center soon. We hope that
                you can be part of this new business. Can you speak any other languages?
Agatha          I speak English and French.
Simon           Could you tell me your current salary?
                I don't have a job right now. But when I was working in Vancouver, I got 23,000 US dollars
                per annum.
Simon           When can you start?
Agatha          Tomorrow.
Simon           OK, Agatha. I will let you know this afternoon.

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