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					Making a Difference
  Through LCIF
Great Achievements in 40 Years

 LCIF has awarded:
    more than 8,700 grants totaling $610 million
    $33.7 million last fiscal year, a record
    $211 million in SightFirst funding and saved
     the vision of 24 million and improved vision
     for hundreds of millions

    If every Lion gave $200, we’d surpass
     our $200 million challenge goal for
           What is LCIF?

   The Foundation provides financial
    support for humanitarian service
    projects around the world. It is Lions
    helping Lions help the world.
   The Foundation receives no club dues,
    and 100 percent of all donations go
    directly toward humanitarian projects.
LCIF Highlights for 2006-2007
SightFirst Grants
 US$17.6 million for 71 projects to fight
  avoidable blindness throughout the
  developing world
Standard Grants
 US$8.8 million for 181 humanitarian service
Emergency Grants
 159 grants for US$1.57 million
Core 4 Grants
 37 grants for US$1.8 million
      2006-07 Highlights

 Totalgrants in 2006-07:
 587 for US$33.7 million

      donations to LCIF in 2006-
 Total
 07: US$54.4 million (new record)
      2007-08 Highlights

 Totalgrants in 2007-08 as of
 312 for US$17.1 million

 Totaldonations to LCIF in 2007-
 08 as of March: US$39.6 million

 Core 4                      Int’l Assistance
             Types of LCIF

SightFirst                     Emergency

LCIF Grant Programs -- Overview
(Non-Disaster Grants)
   Standard Grants: Matching grants of
    up to US$75,000 for local humanitarian
    service projects.
   Core 4 Grants: Funds special projects
    in eyesight, disability, health and youth
    (1 per district). Grants up to
   SightFirst Grants: Blindness
    prevention and sight restoration
    projects in neediest areas
   International Assistance Grants:
       Leonard Penner, age 66
   Retired File Maintenance Clerk
Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada
  “The difference is hard to
  describe, how much I can
see now that I missed before.
     Thank you, Lions.”

     ~Leonard Penner~
      Cataract Patient
 Standard Grants
Lions received a standard
 matching grant to purchase
 equipment to upgrade the
 hospital where Penner
 received the surgery.

Last year, LCIF awarded 181
 standard grants for US$8.8
Standard Grant Review and Approval

    Applications due 60 days before board
     mtg; but earlier submission is
    Staff pre-reviews applications;
     clarifications and changes may be
    LCIF Exec. Committee reviews
     applications that meet all preliminary
    Applications are either approved
     (sometimes with conditions), tabled
Standard Grants: Key Criteria
   Funding parameters                 Key Rules:
  Primarily capital funding
                              Several clubs need to be
 only (bricks and mortar)
                             involved (minimum 2-3)
  Funding is for specific
 projects (not general        Local Lions must raise at
 operating support)          least half of required local
  Must address important    matching funds
 humanitarian need           Application must be
  Serves a large population endorsed by district cabinet
  Cost must be beyond local  Project must have a strong
 fundraising capabilities    Lions identity and Lions
  Cost-effective            volunteer involvement
Ivar Knag, 12
Moss, Norway
“Lions Quest is fun, and I’ve
learned a lot. Absolutely, I will
never use drugs after learning
  of the dangers from Lions

        ~Ivar Knag ~
Since 1984, 11 million youths have taken
part in a Lions Quest classroom and more
   than 330,00 educators been trained to
  implement the programs. Lions Quest is
 active in over 46 countries and materials
             Core 4 Grants
   Narrower focus than Standard grants
   Supports special initiatives under the
    four primary service commitments of
    Lions:Preserving Sight Promoting Health
          Serving Youth   Combating Disability

   1 to 2 funding priorities adopted under
    each of the 4 areas on a rotating basis
   Grants are given on a 3-to-1 matching
Current Core 4 Funding Priorities
   Preserving Sight
       Low Vision Projects
       Preschool Vision Screening Program
        (formerly Photoscreening)
   Combating Disability
       Partnership with Habitat for Humanity
       Partnership with Special Olympics
        “Opening Eyes”
   Promoting Health
       Diabetes Prevention and Treatment
   Serving Youth
Example of Lions Quest
Core 4 Grant

   Financial Assistance- Core 4
    - Initiate or expand programs
     - Commitment of MD/district funds
     - US$100,000 available to Multiple
     - US$25,000 for sub-districts
International Assistance Grants (IAG)

     Smaller grants to support international
      twinning-type projects
     Need Lions club in at least 2 countries
      to partner (a sponsor and host club)
     Sponsor club/district raises some
      funding and applies for grant; host club
      helps implement
     Grants are between US$5,000 and
      US$30,000; grants US$10,000 and
      under reviewed continually
     47 grants totaling US$673,695 in
Typical IAG Projects
              Eyeglass and medical missio
              Clean water and wells
              Equipment for Blind and
                Disability Rehab Centers
              Environmental Protection
              Rural Development
 “It's very hard in some parts of Slovenia,
and we are to get more heavy rain. People
will be some months without any drinking
  and sanitary water; in lot of houses it's
         about half a meter of mud.

I am in contact with one store that we can
buy food and drinking water in their shops
with some discount (about 30%), so money
       from LCIF will be well used.

  Thanks to all of our Lions friends and
Emergency Grants
 LCIF’s first-line
response to disaster
 $10,000 available to
districts affected by
natural disasters
 159 grants totaling
US$1.6 million in 2006-
 Lions purchase supplies
to meet immediate needs:
    food, water

    clothing, bedding
    Regulations for Emergency Grants

     Disaster must be large
    in scope, displacing or
    affecting many people
    (100 or more)
     LCIF funds Lions-led
    relief activities
     Grant must be
    requested within days
    of disaster
     Funds must be spent
    within 60 days
“We all know Lions are dedicated
 to helping us until the blinding
parasite disappears completely.
Because of Lions, it is now rare
   to see blind people here.”

Through SightFirst, Lions have provided
114 million Mectizan prescriptions to
prevent river blindness.
Overview of SightFirst Achievements
   Awarded US$211 million for 896 projects in 90
   Provided 7.3 million cataract surgeries
   Prevented serious vision loss for 24 million
   Improved eye care services for hundreds of millions
   Provided 114 million treatments for river blindness
   Built or expanded 300 eye hospitals/clinics/wards
   Upgraded 337 eye centers with equipment
   Provided management training for 115 facilities
   Trained 345,000 ophthalmologists, ophthalmic
    nurses, other professional eye care workers and
    village health workers
   Launched world's first-ever initiative to combat
Why a Second SightFirst Campaign?

  Blindness from trachoma and river
 blindness can be controlled as a public
 health concern within 10 to 15 years
  ½ of all children who need glasses do
 not have them
 Childhood blindness is increasing

  Many under-served regions still need
 your help to meet basic eye care needs
 to prevent millions from needless
  Campaign SightFirst II Update

US$158 million raised for CSFII

“Year of CSFII”

Minimum Goal is
US$150 million
Lions are now looking to the
US$200 million challenge goal
Tips of the Trade
   Contact us before applying
   Submit application ASAP
   No funding for completed projects
   Background information on beneficiary
   Lions financial contributions and
   Full contact information
   Multiple correspondence is possible
Tips of the Trade (cont’d)
   Clearly lay out the project’s
    objectives, including number of
   Fill out the application in its entirety
   Ensure all grant paperwork is signed
    by correct district leaders
   An income and expense budget is
    needed; the more income collected,
    the better
   What meets the higher humanitarian
    Melvin Jones Fellowships
    Did you know?
    MJF Donations support grant programs
    70% of all LCIF donations
    MJF Donations cannot be restricted
     unless board authorized
    Recipient can be named later
    Partial payments possible - $100 min.
    Memorial MJFs
    100% MJF Club Banner when all
       members become MJF
    NEW! Donate online
Melvin Jones Fellowships
Did you know?
  •192 = total
  100 percent
  Melvin Jones
  Fellow clubs
    •261,881 =
   total Melvin
  Jones Fellows
 •46,682 = total
    Contributing Memberships
    What to know?
   Annual Program
   New pin each year
   3 Levels of Support
      Basic - US$20

      Silver - US$50

      Gold - US$100

   Entire clubs can easily become LCIF
    Contributing Members – cost of a dinner out
   100% clubs receive a club banner patch for that
      Basic - US $20

      Silver - US$50 (silver tab)

      Gold - US$100 (gold tab)
New Way To Support Your Foundation:

 LEGACY PROGRAM offers new
  “Planned Giving” options that allow
  you to support LCIF through estate
  plans and annuities…often with tax
 LCIF Charitable Gift Annuities give a
  guaranteed investment return for
  life, with the principle coming to
How to Track Donation Activities?

 Each quarter, LCIF issues reports to
  each district governor and district
  LCIF chairperson showing:
    Donations processed during the
     past quarter from district
    Clubs in a district with available
     donations towards future Melvin
     Jones Fellows
    List of all Melvin Jones Fellows in
Promote LCIF During Club Meetings

    Preparation:
       Check club’s donation history and any
        current balances toward next MJF and
        un-named MJFs
       Check Web site for new information to
        share with club
    Ideas to promote LCIF donation and pride in
       PowerPoints, press releases and other
        promotional materials available free online
       For clubs with limited resources,
        challenge them to become a 100%
LCIF Videos
LCIF: Local Service, Global Impact
Overview of LCIF's major initiatives with a special focus on
SightFirst, Campaign SightFirst II and grants for humanitarian
projects more local in scope.

The Year of CSFII
A look at what Lions have accomplished to date through SightFirst
and why all Lions need to act now to save sight through CSFII.

The Faces of SightFirst
Personal stories of people around the world helped through

**The videos can be viewed and ordered online.
Available in all languages.
Need more info?
Publications, Presentations & Reports

    Visit to
     download grant
     publications and other
     brochures; read current
     news releases and
     program updates
    Brochures in all official
    E-mail:
     for reports on donations
     and grants by district
    Provide your e-mail
   LCIF Staff Can Help

As you serve your local
and world communities,
 LCIF staff is here to
      serve you.

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