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					                                    PEET funded projects

  Project Title       Date                Description                 (expected)      Contact details
                    funding                                           Completion
                     given                                               date

The development     July 1998   The study undertook a review           Feb 1999    Green Alliance
of a coherent                   of the various agencies, boards,                   and PRASEG (the
institutional                   commissions and government                         Parliamentary
framework for                   departments which deliver UK                       Renewable and
sustainable                     energy efficiency policy. It                       Sustainable Energy
energy                          concluded that a radical shake-                    Group).
                                up was required,
                                recommendations being made
                                in a published report with the
                                self-explanatory title “The case
                                for a Sustainable Energy

                                PROJECT COMPLETE.
                                REPORT LAUNCHED AT
                                HOUSE OF COMMONS, FEB
Oxford Ecohouse     Oct 2000    The Oxford Ecohouse was built          Apr 2001    Professor Susan Roaf,
                                in the mid ‘90s. It was                            Oxford Brookes Univ,
                                designed and is occupied by                        01865 483200
                                Prof Susan Roaf. It has PV
                                panels on the roof, and passive                    e mail
                                solar architectural features. It is      
                                well-known, and the subject of
                                many articles. The building has
                                been scientifically monitored.
                                The purpose of the project was
                                to develop computer models to
                                enable the performance of other
                                low energy houses to be
                                predicted at the design stage.

                                PROJECT COMPLETE.
Hydrogen based      Nov 2000    This was to examine the                Mid 2001    Professor Peter Smith,
solar housing:                  feasibility of designing houses                    0114 266 1722
feasibility study               which use hydrogen for all their
                                energy, created from PV via an
                                electrolyser. The intention was
                                to install in an experimental
                                house at the Earth Centre,
                              South Yorkshire, but a suitable
                              house did not become available.

                              PROJECT TERMINATED
                              JULY 2001.
Zero Emission      Dec 2000   This created a web-based           The           Nick White,
Network                       network of SME                     Network is    01636 816902
                              designers/builders of energy-      self-
                              efficient housing, enabling        sustaining.   e mail
                              them to promote the concept                      hhp@hockerton.demo
                              more effectively to a wider            
                              market – (the “whole being
                              bigger than the sum of the
                              parts”). It has provided them                    Biffaward:
                              with promotional tools and a                     Jeff Kersey,
                              technical resource centre.                       01636 670000
                              PEET provided part funding;
                              the bulk has come from                           e mail

                              PROJECT COMPLETE.
A coherent         Jan 2001   This project, conducted by the      Mar 2001     Becky Willis
institutional                 Green Alliance, was based on                     (Green Alliance
framework for                 the premise that too many                        Director),
sustainable                   agencies and government                          020 7233 7433
energy in the UK              departments are involved in
                              delivering the UK’s strategy for                 e mail
                              sustainable energy. By                           ga@green-
                              conducting interviews with all         
                              the key players and interest
                              groups, an alternative – more
                              efficient – structure for
                              delivering the government’s
                              goals was proposed. This
                              project had a high political

                              PROJECT COMPLETE.
                              REPORT LAUNCHED AT
                              SEMINAR, JULY 2001.
Photo-voltaic      Jan 2001   This proposal, from Airflow         Nov 2002     Dr Peter Downing,
powered fan                   Developments Ltd – a                             01494 525252
                              commercial manufacturer of
                              ventilation equipment, was to                    e mail
                              develop a domestic extractor           
                              fan that runs off free PV
                             energy. The development work
                             was done in conjunction with
                             Nottingham University, at their
                             low energy test house. The
                             PEET grant in this case was
                             actually an interest-free loan,
                             repayable from ultimate profits.

                             PROJECT COMPLETE.
                             PRODUCT BROUGHT TO
                             MARKET BY
                             MONODRAUGHT LTD, 2004
Natural (zero    Feb 2001    Recognising that ventilation        Mar 2004   Dr Arthur Quarmby,
energy)                      costs will increase as a                       One 17 AD architects.
ventilation                  proportion of the energy costs                 01484 536553
                             of future buildings, this project
                             sought to find ways in which
                             adequate controlled ventilation
                             can be achieved by “passive”
                             means. An arrangement with
                             Marley was made to test and
                             manufacture any product which
                             might ensue.

                             FUNDING CURTAILED NOV
                             2001, DUE TO INADEQUATE
Market Review    July 2001   This evaluated “renewable”          Mar 2002   Dave Barton or
of Renewable                 insulation materials (ie those                 Claire Bonham-Carter
Insulation                   coming from natural sources,                   Impetus Consulting.
Materials                    such as sheep’s wool, straw,                   020 7924 9988
                             flax), to assess their technical
                             potential and benefits to the UK               e mail
                             agricultural industry.                         info@impetusconsult.
                             PROJECT COMPLETE
Climate Change   Jan 2002    This project took as its starting   May 2004   Fanny Calder,
Communications               point the premise that, until the              Save the Planet.
                             public understands the nature of               0207 287 9286 or
                             climate change (its causes,                    07970 647176
                             consequences and solutions)
                             there will be no change in                     e mail
                             personal energy-efficiency                     fanny.calder@dial.pip
                             behaviour or support for             
                             political action. The project
                             therefore aimed to establish
                                multi-stakeholder support for a                 Jonathan Smales,
                                campaign, and to put together                   Beyond Green.
                                an outline plan and funding                     07968 190560
                                strategy. The PEET grant
                                enabled the initial research,                   e mail
                                stakeholder-building and                        jonathansmales@hot
                                foundations for a long term           
                                activity to be developed.
                                Thereafter the project would be
                                funded by stakeholders, the
                                largest of which it is hoped
                                would be government.                            Note; the Carbon
                                                                                Trust and the Energy
                                PROJECT COMPLETE.                               Saving Trust (quasi-
                                REPORT LAUNCHED AT                              government bodies)
                                PORTCULLIS HOUSE                                have also given some
                                SEMINAR, MAY 2004                               top-up funding
Energy efficient     Mar 2002   This designed and tested a more      Mar 2004   Nick Martin,
electric hot                    efficient domestic hot water                    Hockerton Housing
water system                    system, based on thermal heat                   Project.
                                store principles. Evaluation                    01636 816902
                                took place at the Hockerton low
                                energy housing site.                  
                                PROJECT COMPLETE
Investigation into   Jun 2002   As the title implies, this project   May 2004   Rajat Gupta,
the potential for               looked at the feasibility of                    Professor Susan Roaf,
local carbon                    doing macro assessments of the                  Oxford Brookes
emissions                       energy-efficiency of towns and                  University.
reduction                       of planning macro improvement                   01865 483200
planning to                     strategies.
minimise the CO2                                                                e mail
impacts of UK                                                         

Next Steps for       Jul 2002   Research by the Green Alliance       Nov 2002   Becky Willis
Energy                          into the attitudes and responses                (Green Alliance
Taxation                        of business to the Climate                      Director),
                                Change Levy, with a view to                     020 7233 7433
                                producing a report making
                                recommendations (to                             e mail
                                government) about how the                       ga@green-
                                CCL might be modified, and            
                                about the direction of future
                                energy taxation in general.
                               PROJECT COMPLETE.
                               REPORT LAUNCHED AT
                               SEMINAR, DECEMBER 2002
Cutting Carbon      Jan 2003   Wood pellet burning appliances        Feb 2003   Alan Cox,
with Wood Fuel                 have significant potential as a                  XCO2 Conisbee Ltd.
Appliances                     renewable and zero-carbon                        020 7700 1000
                               alternative to gas or oil boilers.
                               But the current lack of                          e mail
                               information and knowledge of           
                               their benefits creates a barrier to
                               their uptake. The project
                               created a single body of
                               information giving a complete
                               overview of the market, cost,
                               environmental and technical
                               issues relating to wood-pellet

                             PROJECT COMPLETE
Heating/cooling/    May 2003 Photovoltaic (PV) cells create          Feb 2005   Professor Saffa Riffat,
power generation             electricity from the sun, but                      School of the Built
system using PV              typically convert only about                       Environment,
concentration for            10% of the solar energy into                       Nottingham
integration in               useful electricity. This project                   University
high-rise                    will design and evaluate a solar-
buildings.                   concentrating PV system which                      0115 951 3158
                             should provide increased
                             electrical output, combined                        e mail
                             with a system for recovering                       saffa.riffat@nottingha
                             surplus heat from the PVs and            
                             utilising it for cooling or
                             heating the building. The
                             system merges a number of
                             separate existing technologies.
                             It should therefore increase the
                             utilisation of the free solar
                             energy, to reduce the demand of
                             a building for conventional fuel.
                             The project comprises design
                             optimisation of the combined
                             technologies, design of a
                             method for integrating it into
                             the facades of buildings, and an
                             economic and environmental
                             benefit analysis. A full-time
                             research student is conducting
                               the work over an eighteen
                               month period.
                               PROJECT COMPLETE
A research study    Nov 2003   Anecdotally, most volume            May 2004    Austin Baggett,
to examine the                 housebuilders do not supply the                 National Energy
uptake of energy               most efficient domestic                         Services,
efficient                      appliances to their customers,                  Milton Keynes
appliances in new              thereby resulting in much new
build homes                    housing being less energy-                      01908 442231
                               efficient than it could be. This
                               project tests and quantifies this               e mail
                               proposition by undertaking a                    austin.baggett@nesltd
                               systematic survey of                  
                               housebuilders. The results will
                               be given to policy-makers
                               undertaking the current review
                               of Part L of the Building

                               PROJECT COMPLETE.
                               REPORT PUBLISHED JUNE
A thermal diode     Nov 2003   This project will test the          June 2005   Professor Saffa Riffat,
cladding wall for              feasibility of combining two                    School of the Built
integration into               technologies (heat pipes and                    Environment,
buildings                      phase change materials) to                      Nottingham
                               produce a “thermal diode”, ie a                 University
                               system which allows solar
                               energy to be absorbed by the                    0115 951 3158
                               outer skin of buildings, but not
                               lost.                                           e mail
                               PROJECT COMPLETE                      
Integration of      Dec 2003   This project will analyse the       Dec 2005    Professor Paul
energy efficiency              energy data from 200 schools,                   Fleming,
and renewable                  enabling bench-marking,                         Institute of Energy
technologies into              guidelines and design tools to                  and Sustainable
UK schools                     be produced. The output will                    Development,
                               assist facilities managers to                   De Montfort
                               better monitor and improve the                  University
                               performance of their schools.
                               The results will also be                        0116 257 7979
                               converted into a form suitable
                               for teaching pupils about                       e mail
                               PROJECT COMPLETE AND
                            SOFTWARE TOOL
                            PRODUCED MARCH 2007.
Asset value of     Mar 2004 This project is investigating the   Jan 2005   Jacky Pett,
low energy                  extent (if any) to which good                  Association for the
offices                     standards of energy-efficiency                 Conservation of
                            improve the asset value or                     Energy, London
                            rentability of commercial office
                            buildings. It will also produce                0207 359 8000
                            communications materials
                            aimed at demonstrating to                      e mail
                            owners and tenants the benefits      
                            of a more energy-efficient
                            building. PEET has provided
                            part funding; the other
                            contributors being the Carbon
                            Trust and BP.
                            PROJECT COMPLETE.
                            REPORT PUBLISHED
                            JANUARY 2005.
Building-          May 2004 This project will evaluate an       Dec 2005   Professor Saffa Riffat,
integrated                  innovative concept and new                     School of the Built
wind-driven                 technology for generating                      Environment,
electro-                    power from the wind. This                      Nottingham
gasdynamic                  technology would be integrated                 University
power generators            into a building, rather than
                            generating power remotely                      0115 951 3158
                            from it. The project comprises
                            computer modelling and                         e mail
                            laboratory testing of the                      saffa.riffat@nottingha
                            proposed technology. It is           
                            principally evaluating the
                            feasibility of a blue sky idea.
                            PROJECT COMPLETE
New policies for   Jun 2004 In the context of meeting the       Mar 2005   Green Alliance
energy                      goals of the Energy Efficiency                 and
efficiency:                 Commitment, which places                       UK Business Council
getting the                 duties on energy suppliers to                  for Sustainable
incentives right            encourage their customers to                   Energy
                            implement energy efficiency
                            measures, this project will                    Joanna Collins,
                            research the views of                          Green Alliance
                            stakeholders in order to build
                            up a consensus view on what                    020 7233 7433
                            policies could be introduced to
                            unblock current barriers to                    e mail
                            progress. PEET has provided                    jcollins@green-
                              part funding; the other               
                              contributors being British Gas,
                              BG Microgen, B&Q, Powergen
                              and RWE Npower.
                              PROJECT COMPLETE.
                              REPORT PUBLISHED
                              MARCH 2005.
Energy efficiency   Sept 2004 This project will identify and      Sept 2007   Professor Paul
and renewable                 study the most cost effective                   Fleming,
energy in housing             domestic energy efficiency and                  Institute of Energy
                              renewable energy measures                       and Sustainable
                              implemented in dwellings                        Development,
                              within Newark and Sherwood                      De Montfort
                              DC (a progressive council in                    University
                              respect of sustainable housing
                              measures). The results will be                  0116 257 7979
                              collated and used as a basis for
                              promoting to other councils                     e mail
                              measures which they could             
                              adopt, and offering practical
                              guidelines. PEET is providing
Assessing the       Nov 2004 This project calculates the          Jan 2005    Dawn Homer,
impact of the                 carbon savings in new housing                   National Energy
proposed                      that would accrue from the                      Services,
building                      proposed changes to Part L.                     Milton Keynes
regulation                    This is done by performing
revisions for new             SAP calculations on a range of                  01908 672787
housing: Part                 typical house types designed to
L1A                           the 2002 and proposed Part L.                   e mail
                              The results will be fed into                    dawn.homer@nesltd.c
                              ODPM as part of the review            
                              PROJECT COMPLETE.
                              REPORT PUBLISHED
                              MARCH 2005.
Local Authority     Nov 2004 This project takes as its starting   Sept 2005   Joanne Wade,
powers to                     point the premise that Local                    Impetus Consulting,
promote energy                Authorities under-utilise their                 London SW2 1AP
efficiency                    powers to stimulate energy
                              conservation measures. The                      020 7924 9988
                              project will research what legal
                              opportunities are available,                    e mail
                              produce examples of good                        joanne@impetusconsu
                              practice, and develop and             
                              disseminate a toolkit.
                             PROJECT COMPLETE.
                             REPORT ISSUED MAY 2006.
Young people        Jan 2005 The attitudes of 3,500 young         Aug 2006    Julie Thorpe,
and energy                   people to energy use and                         Woodcraft Folk,
efficiency in                renewable energy in buildings                    Halifax HX7 7HR
buildings                    will be researched at a major
                             international youth festival in                  01422 846214
                             2006, using a web-based
                             questionnaire. The festival will                 e mail
                             also incorporate practical                       julie@fieldheadfarm.c
                             demonstrations of energy use in        
                             buildings. The questionnaire,
                             and associated activities, will be
                             developed and piloted at a
                             smaller camp in 2005.
                             PROJECT COMPLETE.
                             REPORT ISSUED OCTOBER
Voluntary energy   June 2005 This project will develop the        Dec 2005    Dr Bill Bordass,
and CO2                      VECD – a means of collecting                     The Usable Buildings
declaration                  data on a building’s energy use                  Trust,
(VECD) for                   and presenting it in a way                       London NW1 8JJ
buildings                    which enables its performance
                             to be understood and compared                    020 7722 2630
                             with that of other buildings.
                             The focus will be on existing                    e mail
                             non-domestic buildings. When           
                             developed, the first use of the
                             VECD is intended to be in the
                             assessment of 60 buildings in
                             the forthcoming RIBA book
                             “Sustainable Architecture UK”.
Economic           July 2005 This will focus on government        July 2006   Guy Thompson or
incentives for               tax and spending policies,                       Russell Marsh,
sustainable                  capitalising on the post-election                Green Alliance,
communities                  window of opportunity with the                   London SW1W 0RE
                             Treasury to research and
                             propose new fiscal policies for                  020 7233 7433
                             incentivising energy efficiency
                             and water efficiency to                          e mail
                             underpin the government’s                        gthompson@green-
                             Sustainable Communities Plan.          
                             The work is being co-funded by
                             PEET; Thames Water being the
                             other major financial supporter.
                             REPORT PUBLISHED
                             FEBRUARY 2006.
Sustainable        June 2005 This will research the current      Oct 2005    Robert Shaw,
energy by                    levels of understanding of                      Town and Country
design                       planners and urban designers of                 Planning Association,
                             sustainable energy issues, and                  London SW1Y 5AS
                             will prepare a guide to show
                             how renewable energy and                        020 7930 8903
                             energy efficiency can be
                             integrated into the earliest                    e mail
                             stages of a development. A            
                             dissemination and training
                             campaign will follow.
                             PROJECT COMPLETE.
                             REPORTS PUBLISHED
                             FEBRUARY 2006 AND
                             AUGUST 2006.
Photo-             Sept 2005 This is a proof-of-concept         March 2007   Professor Saffa Riffat,
piezoelectric                project for a composite material                School of the Built
composite                    comprising thin film                            Environment,
materials for                photovoltaics deposited on a                    Nottingham
dual-energy                  piezoelectric polymer sheet.                    University
conversion                   The concept is that the                         NG7 2RD
                             piezoelectric substrate could
                             respond to wind or wave                         0115 951 3158
                             stimulus, and the PV film
                             would allow solar radiation to                  e mail
                             be converted to electricity                     saffa.riffat@nottingha
                             simultaneously. Computer              
                             modelling and laboratory
                             testing will be conducted.
                             PROJECT COMPLETE.
                             REPORT ISSUED
                             FEBRUARY 2007.
Public              Jan 2006 This will seek ways of              Dec 2006    Simon Retallack,
engagement                   communicating to, and                           Institute for Public
project on                   motivating, the public on the                   Policy Research
climate change               seriousness of and solutions to                 (IPPR),
                             climate change. Through                         London WC2E 7RA
                             workshops and focus groups it
                             will establish what the barriers                0207 470 6152
                             to action are, and recommend
                             messages and policy measures.                   e mail
                             PEET is a co-funder, the              
                             Energy Saving Trust being
                             another of several sponsors.
Cold comfort for   Feb 2006 This project will quantify the      April 2006   Jacky Pett,
Kyoto?                        scale of carbon emissions                      Association for the
                              resulting from the                             Conservation of
                              unconstrained growth of air                    Energy,
                              conditioning in the UK and the                 London N1 8PT
                              consequent threat to meeting
                              our Kyoto targets. Strategies to               0207 359 8000
                              reduce this growth will be
                              developed and tested.                          e mail
                              Dissemination and campaigning        
                              will follow.
                              PROJECT COMPLETE.
                              REPORT PUBLISHED
                              AUGUST 2006.
Micro-wind - a      June 2006 This project aims to evaluate      Sept 2007   Matthew Rhodes,
catalyst for                  roof-mounted wind turbines on                  Encraft Ltd,
change in UK                  ten buildings in the Warwick                   Leamington Spa
energy culture?               area. The research will evaluate               CV32 6HB
                              their technical performance and
                              their social impact. Amongst                   01926 771465
                              other deliverables, the work
                              will be able to conclude                       e mail
                              whether current micro-wind                     matthew.rhodes@encr
                              manufacturers’ claims are            
                              PROJECT COMPLETE.
                              REPORT PUBLISHED
                              MARCH 2008.
The scope for       Nov 2006 This seeks to engage rural          Oct 2007    Julie Robinson,
low impact                    communities in actions to                      Impetus Consulting,
village                       reduce their carbon footprint by               Suite 4,
environments                  identifying real and perceived                 39 Aldwick Road,
                              barriers to the uptake of                      Bognor Regis
                              sustainable energy measures,                   PO21 2LN
                              both motivational and technical,
                              and producing templates of                     01243 869834
                              solutions. Impetus will then
                              work with three village                        e mail
                              communities to see what                        julie@impetusconsult.
                              actions and changes in               
                              behaviour could be achieved in
                              practice. PROJECT
                              COMPLETE. REPORT
                              ISSUED OCTOBER 2007.
An assessment of    Dec 2006 The premise of this project is      July 2007   Dave Shewan,
the potential for             that the current HEC                           Creative
improved Home                 questionnaire used by the                      Environmental
Energy Checks                  Energy Saving Trust does not                    Networks,
(HECs) to                      result in the best quality of                   Ambassador House,
enhance attitudes              advice or behavioural change.                   Brigstock Road,
and behaviour in               The project will therefore                      Thornton Heath
practice                       develop and test an alternative                 CR7 7JG
                               questionnaire and targeted
                               follow-up advice, all based on                  0208 683 6649
                               the segmentation of
                               respondents. Follow-up                          e mail
                               surveys will analyse                  
                               effectiveness and evaluate the
                               initial proposition. The results
                               will be offered to EST, with
                               whom CEN have a working
Super-energy-       Jan 2007   This project will evaluate the     Dec 2008     Professor Saffa Riffat
efficient                      use of bubble technology as a                   and Dr Guohui Gan,
greenhouses                    means of providing                              School of the Built
using bubble                   significantly improved thermal                  Environment,
technology                     insulation for greenhouses in                   Nottingham
                               the horticultural industry. This                University
                               will involve computer                           NG7 2RD
                               modelling, laboratory testing
                               and the construction of a unit                  0115 951 3158
                               for field trial.
                                                                               e mail
ClimateMobile       May 2007 This will develop a personal         Jan 2008     Julie Thorpe,
                             CO2 calculator, to be run on a                    Woodcraft Folk,
                             mobile phone and distributed                      Halifax HX7 7HR
                             using Bluetooth. The target
                             audience is the 13-24 age                         01422 846214
                                                                               e mail

Building low        May 2007 The project will obtain              April 2008   MF Associates
Energy schools               feedback from the four schools                    7 Hawthorne Drive
for the future               in Leicester which have been                      Leicester LE5 6DL
                             built under the government’s
                             Building Schools for the Future                   01162 739185
                             initiative. Lessons will be
                             learnt and recommendations                        e mail
                             made for what further                             margaret.fleming@ntl
                                technologies could be employed        
                                in subsequent school building.
Efficient            Oct 2007   This project is based on the       April 2009   Dr Jie Zhu and
Magnetic                        premise that desiccant                          Dr John Owers-
Desiccant                       dehumidification and cooling                    Bradley
Ventilator                      use less energy than
                                conventional means. The                         School of the Built
                                proposal is to investigate the                  Environment
                                heat and mass transfer                          Nottingham
                                properties of a range of                        University
                                potential materials, develop a                  NG7 2RD
                                computer model for the
                                optimisation of a magnetic                      E mail
                                desiccant ventilator and then to                Jie.zhu@nottingham.a
                                produce a prototype.                  

Real-time energy     Oct 2007   The project will extend            Oct 2008     Graeme Stuart
monitoring in                   previous work by developing a                   Institute of Energy
local authority                 prototype system for automated                  and Sustainable
buildings                       analysis and reporting. Working                 Development
                                with Leicester City Council                     De Montfort
                                (LCC), the system will be used                  University
                                to develop flexible reporting                   Leicester
                                tools and to generate detailed
                                case-studies in support of                      Tel 0116 255 1551
                                energy management activities.
                                                                                E mail

Research to          May 2008 This project starts from the         Dec 2008     Kathryn Rathouse
promote energy-               premise that consumers do not                     Social Research and
efficient personal            make any connection between                       Consultancy
washing                       their hot water usage and                         22 Mount Pleasant
                              energy consumption, and do not                    St Albans
                              ever consider the need to reduce
                              their usage of hot water for                      Tel 01727 830849
                              washing, showering etc. The
                              research will establish the                       E mail
                              views of consumers through six          
                              focus groups. Based on the
                              results, attempts at effecting
                              behavioural change will be
The                  May 2008 This will update and integrate       April 2009   Ian Preston
“Improvement                  two existing computer models                      Centre for Sustainable
Prophet” tool                 related to fuel costs and                         Energy
                            estimates of levels of fuel                       3 St Peter’s Court
                            poverty and costs of eradicating                  Bedminster Parade
                            it. The resulting “Improvement                    Bristol
                            Prophet” will enable
                            government and others to                          Tel 0117 934 1422
                            update fuel poverty statistics,
                            explore the effectiveness of
                            measures and evaluate                             E mail
                            strategies. A second phase of           
                            the project will extend the                       k
                            model to cover Energy
                            Performance Certificates and
                            district heating in flats.
The scope for      May 2008 This will build on the earlier       April 2009   Louise Quarrell
low impact                  Impetus work funded by PEET                       Impetus Consulting
neighbourhood               (Project 31 – Low Impact                          Ltd
communities                 Village Environments). It will                    12 Abbeville Mews
                            extend the process of engaging                    88 Clapham Park
                            with communities and                              Road
                            developing tailored energy-                       London SW4 7BX
                            efficiency strategies, but will do
                            it with three urban                               Tel 020 7819 2430
                            communities. Urban areas of
                            Greater London will be
                            selected, action plans developed                  E mail
                            and a toolkit produced which                      louise.quarrell@impet
                            can be used by urban                    
                            communities elsewhere in the
Testing indoor air May 2008 This will measure the air            April 2009   Dr Hasim Altan
quality in newly            quality in six low energy,                        School of
built energy                airtight test homes which were                    Architecture
efficient homes             built in Bradford in 2006 and                     University of
for the UK social           are occupied by social tenants.                   Sheffield
housing sector              Measurements of comfort, CO2                      S10 2TN
                            levels, bacteria, fungal
                            contamination, as well as the                     Tel 0114 222 0375
                            performance of mechanical
                            ventilation systems, will be
                            taken over a ten month period.                    E mail
                            A report will be issued, to             
                            inform the future design of low                   k
                            energy homes in respect of air

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