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Want To Make Money Blogging?
Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 at 2:24 am Edit

What if you could do what you wanted to do, whenever you
wanted to do it, go where you wanted to go, whenever you
wanted to go there, buy what you wanted to buy, whenever you
wanted to buy it?

Sounds like the ideal life, doesn’t it?

Believe it or not, this can all be possible for YOU, if you learn
the strategies on how to make money blogging.

Whether you like to blog late at night on your home computer or
on a laptop in a coffee shop or at a beach-side condo, YOU
can learn to make money blogging ….

How to Make Money Blogging
Let me introduce you to my mentor, Ray Higdon. Ray has risen quickly up the leader boards in not only
his primary business, Numis Network, but also in popular affiliate programs, like My Lead System Pro
and Magnetic Sponsoring.

Ray Higdon has gotten on the fast track to success using this one simple system: blogging.

Of course, truth be told, Ray also does offline strategies too, like PBR’s (Private Business Receptions),
speaking engagements, and personal coaching.

But because he has achieved so much success through blogging and because he believes in the Law
of Abundance, Ray has created a blog training platform called ProBlogAcademy.

In ProBlogAcademy, Ray reveals his secrets to getting 10 – 100 leads a day and recruiting 20+ new
Reps per month through his blog.

Make Money Blogging
Here Is What You Will Learn in ProBlogAcademy:

Module 1: Creating Your Online Income Machine

Module 2: Becoming A Content Creation Machine

Module 3: Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Module 4: Converting Your Traffic

Here Is What I Have Learned So Far in ProBlogAcademy:
        When you attempt to “make money blogging”, you need to remember that you are not selling
      products, you are solving people’s problems.
        You are not writing to just anyone. You need to identify your perfect prospect, then solve their
        Ray’s 13 Must Have Plugins
        Ray’s Persuasion Shell that gets more people to share, retweet, and comment on every single
      one of his posts.
        Ray’s secrets to coming up with ideas for creating content and how to get paid for creating
        The million dollar tip Ray learned from someone who gets paid $100,000 to coach his clients
        SEO tips, including the importance of rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank” to get ranked higher in the
      search engines
        How to address the credibility issue

Personally, I have been looking for a training course like this for a long time.

Unlike the other online marketing strategies I have been introduced to in the back office of My Lead
System Pro, like social media marketing strategies using Facebook PPC, Twitter, and YouTube, I have
always gravitated toward blogging. Maybe it’s because I like to write. Maybe it’s because I like to work
late at night, when the house is quite. I don’t know. I just know I like to blog.

And I like to make money.

So when the introduction to this course came through my inbox, I jumped on the webinar and was sold
on the product within minutes.

Of course, it helped that Ray had emailed me a few weeks earlier, reaching out to me, asking how he
could help me grow my business.

Not telling him that my my internal response was: I’ve come to realize I prefer to blog. More than offline
strategies, like PBR’s (Private Business Receptions). More than online strategies, like Facebook
PPC, Twitter, and YouTube, I like to blog.

(And I like to make money.)

So I felt as if this was an answer to my prayers.

Will it be to yours as well?

If you’re like me, and you want to create a HUGE following of dedicated readers who look forward to
reading and sharing your posts.

If you want to create a money making blog where you position yourself as a leader by solving people’s
problems, if you want to get more traffic, more leads, and more sign ups into your primary business,
then Ray Higdon’s ProBlogAcademy may be just the training you need and deserve.

Let me leave you with this.

Ray is the #1 income earner in his primary business, Numis Network. He has been invited to speak at
LIVE events like No Excuses II & III. He is an L5 in My Lead System Pro. And he definitely has the
know, like, and trust factor goin’ on.

You’d be making a mistake, if you didn’t buy the course.

Want to Make Money Blogging?
Learn from the best: Get ProBlogAcademy.

If you’re at all hesitant about getting this course, let me sweeten the pot a little bit.

When you sign up for the ProBlogAcademy course with me to make money blogging, you will receive
a 5-10 minute blog review from me, after you have completed the course.

I will provide suggestions, tips, and technical know-how on how you can improve your blog to optimize
its money making capabilties.

Please understand, I usually provide blog coaching sessions, where I can go more in depth, for $50 per
every 30 minute session.

But, if you buy the ProBlogAcademy course from me today, I will give you my personal blog coaching
for FREE, just for buying the course.

Juli Becker


                                                       Make Money Blogging

Me: 715.864.4555

Work With Me: Numis Network

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System I Use To Get 20-100 Leads Per Day For My Business. Click Here For
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