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AutoBlog Samurai Review
Looking for an AutoBlog Samurai review? Well, you’ve
come to the right place!

In this AutoBlog Samurai review I am going to give you
an honest assessment of why you should or shouldn’t
purchase this product.

As many of you know I am an Internet Network Marketer
who uses blogging as my main business building
strategy. As a blogger who also has a full time J.O.B., I
am constantly looking for simpler ways to automate my
lead generation process. Truth be told, I don’t have a lot
of time to create meaningful content on a consistent basis like all the gurus say I should. So when I
discovered AutoBlog Samurai, I was ecstatic.

In this AutoBlog Samurai review, you will discover the reason why I fully endorse this product, even
though there may be some misconceptions about what it does .

AutoBlog Samurai is a software program designed for those who want to make money through niche
blogging. The product itself promises to create unique content for you that you can then post on your
WordPress and Blogger sites in specific niches that you have identified.

In all honesty, this is not entirely the case.

What AutoBlog Samurai really does is pull content from Ezine Articles, RSS feeds, PLR Articles, Click
Bank, and Amazon. So the content you are auto posting to your blog is NOT unique. It is the exact
replica of someone else’s post.

Truth be told, once I discovered this, I almost asked for a refund.

With the recent Google penguin and Panda updates, I knew that republishing someone else’s content
was NOT going to get me ranked on the first pages of Google like it once did.


Then I realized the content Autoblog Samurai was pulling was posting a live link back to the original
site! This made me realize that I could get as much content as I needed while still doing my due
diligence in giving credit where credit is due! This created valuable backlinks to high authority sites.

AutoBlog Samurai Review: Where I Auto-Syndicate AutoBlog Samurai
As many of you know, I maintain two blogs – this one… and my
Empower Network Blog.

What many of you may not know is that I gave up my Empower
Network blog to focus on maintaining this blog (yes, blogging
can be time consuming!).
But once I did that I soon realized that I wasn’t fully connecting
with my target market in a way that I wanted to. Ever felt that

So I recently revived my Empower Network blog with the help
of AutoBlog Samurai.

With AutoBlog Samurai and the Empower Network I am able to target Realtors, while this blog targets
Internet Network Marketers.

You see, once you choose your automated content with AutoBlog Samurai, the package also contains
a software program to help you generate highly targeted keywords that will optimize your blog posts, so
they can rank better in the search engines.

You will also be targeting the keywords that your buyers are actively typing into Google.

Now, what about duplicate content, you might be wondering…

With Empower Network this has not been an issue for most. In fact, there are many Empower
Networkers who copy their exact same articles from their personal blogs and post it on their Empower
Network blog. And their Empower Network articles get ranked higher on Google!

AutoBlog Samurai Review: Make Money with AutoBlog Samurai and Empower Network
There is no doubt that people are still making money through niche blogging. With AutoBlog
Samurai it’s easy because you get content from sites like Click Bank and Amazon, where you can
make an affiliate commission on every sale. Combine that with a viral blogging platform like Empower
Network, where you get 100% commissions on every sale, and in no time we will be rolling in the

To get your copy of AutoBlog Samurai and start making money on your Empower Network site Click
Here Now!

 Juli Becker Text Me: 715.864.4555 Work With Me: Numis Network

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