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									The Seashell Primary School Parents Teachers Association

Subject        : PTA minutes of meeting
Date           : 25/05/04
Location       : B7

Those present : John, Saskia, Nettie, Jan Willem, Ulhas, Claire, Jane, Fei Yeen, Bita,
                Barbara, Paul, Steve, Vikas, Zaleha

Next meeting : 22nd June 2004, 8.00pm at Andy’s house (D9)

1 – Minutes of 27/04/04
2 – Planned activities
3 – After school activities
4 – AOB (any other business)

1a)    Special Items

       Extension of Jane’s contract
       John reported that Jane’s contract had been extended for another year.

       Road Safety
       Steve reported that HSE Week Committee met today. Same activities as last year
       were planed for HSE week. Reflectors would be fixed on bicycles during the event.
       Steve would shop around for the reflectors.

       John asked whether cycling proficiency test could be organised as one of the
       activities in the event, and certificates to be issued for those who pass the test. Steve
       would bring this matter up in the next HSE meeting.

       Seashell Website
       Jan Willem got some help from the IT department. Although the website was working,
       there was still some fine tuning needed. It should be ready before summer holidays.

       English Stream Inspector
       Jan Willem said that the school is still waiting for the report from Dutch Stream
       Inspector which may be ready in June. He hopes it could be posted on the Seashell
       Website by then.

       Music Teacher
       There is progress in the music lesson but has yet to achieve the school’s expectation.
       The teacher (from Arabic school) is currently teaching the children singing and
       playing musical instruments. John is still looking for someone with proper music skill
       to fill up this vacancy and preferably someone from outside the school.

       Playground facilities at HAS RC, Green Park and School
       John informed that he has sourced the play gym from a trade house and it should be
       installed after the summer break.

       Nicholas was absent, therefore, no update on the proposed bouncy castle.

       From the previous minutes: Nicholas proposed a bouncy castle (costs GBP 5K-8K)
       which could be installed and dismantled when not in used, to be placed in the sports
       hall. He would find out where to acquire it and obtain approval from RC committee for
       the purchase.

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The Seashell Primary School Parents Teachers Association

2)   Planned Activities (See attachment)

3)    After School Activities

      Swimming class
      There would be 3 teachers in June, i.e. Saskia, Emma and Heinke. There is still a
      need for another assistant. Jane informed that her son, Elliot, might be able to help
      when he comes for holiday in the next few weeks.

      Arts afternoon club
      Helen Couch would not be teaching the art class anymore as she has some other
      commitments. Nettie is currently standing in. John informed that Aimee and Karlien
      have volunteered to take over the class.

      Steve said that the current arrangement, i.e. children split into 2 classes worked well
      as he could concentrate more on the older group for their proficiency test.

4)    AOB

      School Library
      There was an earlier request for an assistant (preferably a Dutch speaking person) to
      replace Nicole. Claire informed that Monique had volunteered. Paul also informed
      that Karlien spoke to Fatma and she might also help.

      Common Playground
      Discussion is still going on between Arabic School and Seashell School. The
      objective of the playground is to improve interaction between children of both schools.
      While there is no confirmed decision yet on this matter, it is not feasible to have
      combined break time due to different time table in both schools.

      New Children
      John informed that Timothy (Dutch stream) had just joined last week. There will be 3
      girls (Dutch stream) coming in a few weeks time and 2 boys (English stream) in
      September. Another 2 children (Dutch stream) may join in September.

      Palak, Adele, Herbert and Herzen would be leaving soon. Palak would leave in
      August. Bita is not sure of the departure date, probably sometime in September.

      School Mission Statement
      John distributed a mission statement to all parents. Ideas were received from parents
      and an improved version is being made but yet to be finalised. Those with better
      suggestions could email John before he forwards it to the Management.

      Class Set-Up Next Year
      With the increased number of children in the next academic year, all teachers would
      be teaching fully. There will be a big number in Early Years class due to 5 children
      coming from Sand Castle playgroup in addition to new comers from outside Oman.
      John requested an assistant teacher and this is well supported by Mr Ali Mashrafi,
      head of GA department. The teacher would teach English language and if possible,
      doubles up as music and PE teacher.

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The Seashell Primary School Parents Teachers Association

Attachment no. 1: Planned and scheduled activities
This attachment will be updated when there is new relevant information available

Crystal Maze – 12/05/04, Wednesday

School Trip to Muscat –June

Jane’s class – 07/06/04
7 children would be going, accompanied by 4 adults, i.e. Jane, Emma, Elliot (Jane’s son) and
his friend. They would most probably stay in Intercontinental Hotel or Grand Hyatt Hotel. Jane
suggested hiring the same drivers as the desert trip. Scheduled to start journey at 7 in the
morning and come back by evening on the next day.

Jan Willem’s class – 13/06/04
This trip is planned in conjunction with the IPC subject that the class is working on. 6 children
would be involved. The children are expected to plan for the trip with Jan Willem’s guidance.
Places to visit include historical sites, mosque and the airport. Heinke would be joining the
trip. They’ll stay for 1 night at the Intercontinental Hotel.

SPLASH! – 05/07/04
An informal event. To be held in the morning.

Summer Cabaret & End of Year Meal, at RC – 06/07/04
It was reported earlier that the theme is ‘Circus’ and a ring would be set up in the table tennis
room. A theme night would follow after this event. Invitation had been sent out this morning to
all the parents and the community. Someone has volunteered to be the ‘clown’. Tony would
assist in the lighting. John welcomes as many as possible volunteers to take part in the acts.

School’s Open Day – 15/06/04
John reported that various educational activities would be arranged within the school
compound. Nettie suggested to have the porta cabin (at the back of school) to be painted by
parents and children on that day.

The date might be changed as it clashes with another event. John to find out.

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