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					    A DOGS

     Pepi’s Refugio
     Pedrera, Seville
      President – SITUATION VACANT
       Patron – SITUATION VACANT
        Founders – Alan and Jane Brian
Veterinary Officer – MACARENA SALAMACA
           Gomez.Colegiado no 1581

         October 2009
Las Revueltas, Camino de Hormigo, 41566, Pedrera

Welcome to  our new look newsletter. We hope that you like the
new layout and will find it easier to read. We try to get the
newsletter to as many people as possible, but if, when you have
finished reading it, you could pass it on to friends we will get it
to even more people. The newsletter will also now be available
to download via the website. Just go to and select download newsletter.

If you have any articles that you would like included in the next
newsletter you can drop them off at the refuge, at Pepi’s stall at
Saydo market, or email them directly to:

If you feel that you could help in any way with the admin to
produce the newsletter please contact Nick on the above email.

Re- homing
September has been an excellent month for dogs finding new homes
Boy, the black greyhound has gone off to Finland and is now enjoying
himself in his new home just outside of Helsinki.
Loli, the light brown greyhound has also gone off to Finland and has
settled well into her new home.
Sooty, now known as Harley has found a new home in Badolatosa.
Silk and Suchard, the galgo/pedenco crosses have gone and now live in
Misty, the English Setter has a new home in Fuente de Santiago and is
settling in well.
Zorro, the terrier has found a home in Pedrera and is really enjoying life.
Lunes, the Chihuahua cross has found a home in Badolatosa.
Lilly, the Chihuahua cross has also gone and now lives in Pedrera.

Happy Tails
Our new ‘where are they now’ section this month features:
Lucky, or Boris, as he is now called.
Boris left the refuge in March to go to his new home with John and
Valerie. He had been clubbed on the head when still a puppy and left to
die. Rescued by Alan and Jane he recovered and has grown into a large,
friendly dog.
When we called he positively bounced out to see us; as friendly as ever
and looking a picture of health and happiness. John and Valerie say that
he has fitted in very well and has become something of a local celebrity
in their local hamlet. Pat and Sheila Watts
Misty has only recently left the refuge to live with Nick and Mo in
Fuente de Santiago, Estepa, but is already showing signs of loving her
new life. She has a very large garden to run around in and is already
beginning to gain in confidence and is looking so happy.
Many Setters suffer from congenital deafness and Misty is almost
certainly deaf in one ear, which would explain her habit of spinning
while at the refuge, but even this is beginning to decrease.
Nick and Mo love her to bits and even Willum, the feral cat who lives
there, has a soft spot for her!!
Hi everyone
Shy calling. I am sure that you will remember me as I was at Pepi’s for
a very long time.
My new mum and dad chose me in January and I have settled in well to
my new home; so well in fact that I am not very shy anymore and now
have a new name, Shylo.
I also have a friend called Dougal (he is a large hunting dog), but we get
on ok and I pinch his toys when he is not looking! Must dash now as
it’s dinnertime. Love Shylo

If you have any updates on ex-Pepi dogs for our ‘where are they now’
section please send them in.

Recent Arrivals at the Refuge
We always hope that the numbers of new dogs arriving will decrease,
but, as ever, they continue to arrive to find a place of sanctuary.
A small greyhound puppy, brought to the refuge by a young Spanish
boy. She had a badly broken hind leg and was in a lot of pain. Alan and
Jane both said that in all their time at the refuge they had never known a
dog in such pain. The young boy who left her was in floods of tears as
he kissed her goodbye, so don’t ever let people tell you that Spanish
people don’t care! The pup is now awaiting an operation to fix her leg.
Bobby is a 2/3 year old mixed breed and was brought in by a young
couple who found him abandoned in their village. Bobby was in very
poor condition, with matted fur, ticks and fleas all over him.
Bobby also refused to eat or drink and shunned all contact. After a few
days Bobby started to have fits and was rushed to the vets where he was
given medication. He is now responding well and is eating and drinking
and enjoying life again.
Chika (deceased)
Chika was a small cross breed,6 to 7 years old and was brought to the
refuge by her owner to ask if some tick and flea repellent could be
sprayed on.
Chika was obviously very sick and could not even stand. She was
covered in ticks. Alan and Jane rushed her to their vet where she was
put on a drip. The vet said that this was the worst case of ticks she had
ever seen and, unfortunately, Chika did not recover. The life’s blood
had literally been sucked out of this poor dog and, to make matters
worse, the owner refused to pay the vets bill.
This man now has another dog!!*

Events Section
This part of the newsletter is to advertise forthcoming events and to
report back on those that have taken place since the previous edition.

Pepi’s Open Day
On October 24th Pepi’s Refugio will be having an open day at the refuge
in Pedrera, from 10am until 3pm.
There will be craft stalls and a car boot sale and pitches for these can be
booked for 5 euros each.
Andreas is also preparing one of his special Paellas and there will be a
cake stall as well as hot and cold drinks.
There are many side shows, including Alan’s shooting range, God help
us all! Tombola, hoopla and any other mad ideas that our helpers come
up with!
All in all it sounds as though this could be a great day out so for further
information, to book a pitch, or if you can help on the day please
telephone 662437824, or e mail

Pepi’s Refuge Charity Night
A not to be missed event being held at the Saydo Hotel on Sunday the
18th of October, from 8:30pm until late.
Featuring live music, an auction, raffle and competitions.
Tickets are only 6 euros each and widely available at the refuge or at
Saydo Park.

The Torcal 10
On November the 10th , at 10am an intrepid band of walkers will set off
from the campsite on the main road, the C3310,to walk to the car park at
the top of El Torcal, a distance of some 10k.

This sponsored walk is to raise funds for Pepis Refugio and is being
undertaken by a growing number of people, both old and young.
The walkers are seeking sponsorship and you can sponsor them for each
kilometre or for the complete walk. Forms are available from Pepis or
by emailing so please get your name down,
join the walkers – the money raised is vital for the dogs who desperately
need your help.
For those still standing at the end of the walk, and the band of helpers,
there will be a picnic at the El Torcal visitors centre, (bring your own
Do come along and either take part in the walk, be part of the support
team, or just cheer them on.

The Andalucian Animal Welfare Network
On November the 24th the Saydo Park Hotel will be the venue for the
first meeting of the Network.
Folk at Pepi’s, together with some other refuges and CHAIN, the animal
charity, have been instrumental in pulling together this ground breaking
conference and Alan and Jane will be speaking at the event, to give a
view on what difference a network like this would make to them.
The network will provide an opportunity for all of the refuges and
charities in Andalucia to get together for a common purpose.
The bulk purchasing power of a network like this could enable much
cheaper prices for animal food, cleaning materials and medication.
The network will become a powerful pressure group for animal welfare.
By linking with each others’ web sites the opportunities for re-homing
animals will be greatly increased.
New refuges seeking advice, information and expertise will now have a
host of others to turn to.
This venture could make such a big difference to refuges such as Pepi’s
and we will of course report back in the next edition.

Past Events
It’s all Greek to me!!
On Sunday the 20th of October, Nick and Mo Bishop hosted a Greek
evening at their place.
A total of 28 people turned up and the verdict was a great evening was
had by all. Lots of Greek dishes were prepared by Nick, including
Moussaka, Pita me Piperia (green pepper pie), Prassopita (leek pie),
Keftedes (meat balls) and loads more. There were also those who were
introduced, or, in some cases, re-introduced to the delights of retsina
and ouzo and this only added to the fun of the evening.
A total of 250 euros was raised and Nick is now threatening an Italian
evening early next year, so watch this space!
If you feel that you could organise a fundraising event on behalf of
Pepi’s we would love to hear from you, so just give Alan and Jane a call
or e mail

Situations Vacant
You will see from our new look front cover that we are looking for a
President and for a Patron for Pepi’s.
Both positions are honoury, but it would be good for the refuge to have
someone well known in the position of Patron at least.
If you have any ideas let us know, but we do want someone who will
turn up at least now and again to give us support.

Charitable Status
We are at the moment actively pursuing obtaining charitable status for
Pepi’s. This will be good for the refuge and hopefully increase the
income, as people are far more likely to donate to a registered charity.
The refuge’s finances are very low and having 45 dogs in residents is
very draining on the resources. To get charitable status does not cost
anything but is a complicated business, but we hope by the time of the
next newsletter that Pepi’s will be registered as a charity.
Communication to/from Jane and Alan will also improve as Steve and
Emma Nicoll have kindly donated a laptop so that they can send and
receive emails and use Skype.

Thanks as always to all of our volunteers and supporters, without whose
help Pepi’s would not be able to continue.
We thought that it would be interesting to use each issue to highlight the
role of our volunteers, so in this edition:-
Dog Walkers
That band of people, who, in all weathers, rain or shine, come to the
refuge to make sure that the dogs get a much needed walk. If it were not
for them the dogs would be stuck in their pens without exercise, so three
cheers and a very big woof for all of our walkers.
If you feel that you could join out intrepid band of walkers and get some
wonderful exercise at the same time, please get in contact.

Special Thanks
This month goes to Andrea and Diane from Pedrera, who donated the
van to the refuge. The van arrived just in the nick of time as the old van
had completely given up the ghost and had had more alternators than a
hedgehog has spikes!

A big thank you to the following businesses for their continued support:
Andalucian Auctions
Auction held every two weeks in the Costa del Sol’s largest auction
house based in Campillos. Don’t want to wait for an auction why not
visit our 500sqm secondhand shop. For dates of our next auctions &
opening hours visit or call 952
723/075/666532704. We also offer house clearances.
La Rosa Kennels, Campillos
Where your dog has the freedom to play all day whilst you’re away.
Discounts for long stays or more than one dog. Book now for
Christmas, limited places.
Tel 666526026 or email
Fuente Plumbers and De-scalers
(complete units supplied and fitted)
These units prevent hard water lime scale and soft water corrosion.
They keep pipe work clear and energy costs down. They prevent ‘brown
water’, protect pipe work and help reduce maintenance costs. Safe for
drinking water and all domestic appliances - 100% food grade material.
For single appliances or ‘whole house’water supply. No maintenance
and easy annual silphos top up.
Telephone Dave 605 18 04 55
Supported Holidays Antequera
We provide holidays for people with disabilities of all ages, in beautiful
Antequera, in Southern Spain. Self catering or fully inclusive. Please
visit our web site, email, or telephone us for more details:-
Shaun and Diana Berryman (0034) 671 305 803

                           Pepi’s Refugio,
              Las Revueltas, Camino de Hormigo,
                Pedrera, 41566, Seville, Spain .
                      Tel. (0034) 662 437 824



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