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OCDF Chinese Culture Weekend at Holiday Inn - South County Center


									    OCDF Chinese Culture Weekend at Holiday Inn - South County Center
St. Louis, MO
December 5, 2009
Don’t miss this fun-filled weekend with some really special features! Preregister EARLY!
Special Author Programs
Jean MacLeod – Adoption Author/Editor of At Home in this World and Adoption Parenting (and Adoptive Mom)
will conduct the “TEENS Write & Illustrate their Story” Workshop (for teens), “Adoption – Parenting Your
Tween” (for parents), and “Attachment Therapy: A Parent’s Guide to Asking Questions” (for parents)

Special Sessions for Teens and Kids:

Kids Helping Kids and Teens Give Back
One session for kids/teens to make blankets and dolls for orphanages in China

Movie for Teens and Parents: The Blood of Yinzhou District
(Academy Award Winning Documentary about children orphaned when their parents died of AIDS)

Chinese Traditional Arts and Crafts & Games for Kids
Inner Bottle Painting, Kite Decorating, Peking Opera Mask and Puppet-making for The Monkey King Story-telling,
Lantern-making, Calligraphy, and Games Kids Play in China

Special Sessions on China Adoption Issues:
Forum on the Status of Orphanages from China with Dr. Jane Liedtke
Resources for Chinese Culture and Language Learning wth Dr. Jane Liedtke

Special Sessions on Homeland Travel & Living in China
Returning to China with Your Adopted Child and What’s in an Orphanage File? with Dr. Jane Liedtke
Meeting Birthparents in China – When a homeland tour becomes a birthfamily reunion with Dr. Jane Liedtke
Teen Leadership Camp & Tween/Teen and Family Volunteer Programs in China with Dr. Jane Liedtke
What’s it like to go to school in China with Emily Liedtke
                  Not in Use   Shopping   Adult Seminars   Teens         Kids            Family Program     Pool Open
                  by OCDF                 & Workshops      Ages 13-18    Ages 6-12                          Those staying at hotel only.
                                                           Programs      Arts & Crafts

Day        Time            Schobers          Monticello D                     Monticello B                   Monticello C                  Hallway       Pool
                           Ballroom          (100)                            (80)                           (40)
Saturday   8:00-9:00       Set-up                                             Set-up for arts/crafts         Set-up for workshops          Set-up 4
12/5/09    a.m.            marketplace                                                                                                     tables with
                           OCDF Staff                                                                                                      cloth/skirt
           8:30 -10:00     Marketplace       Open Forum on the Status         Kids (and Teens)               Adoption - Parenting          Arrival &     Indoor Pool Open
           a.m.            Open              of Adoption from China           Helping Kids! Ages 6-18        Your Tween                    Welcome       Those staying at hotel.
                           Free entry        Included                         make blankets and dolls for    Jean MacLeod, Author and      Table –
                                             Dr. Jane Liedtke, CEO and        orphanages in China.           Adoptive Parent               pick up
                           Shop for          Founder OCDF                                                                                  your
           10:00-10:15     Chinese           Break                            Break                          Break                         packets
           a.m.            culture                                                                                                         with
           10:15 a.m.-                       Returning to China with          Arts & Crafts #1               What’s it like to go to       tickets!
           11:45 a.m.                        Your Adopted Child &             Ages 6-12                      school in China?
                           books, toys,                                                                                                    OCDF
                                             What’s in an Orphanage           Inner Bottle Painting          Included
                           dolls,            File? Included                   & Calligraphy Couplets         Emily Liedtke                 China
                           clothing, and     Dr. Jane Liedtke,                                                                             Tours &
                           more!             CEO and Founder OCDF                                                                          Volunteer
           11:45 a.m. -                      Lunch on your own                Lunch on your own              Lunch on your own             China
           1:00 p.m.                                                                                                                       Materials
           1:00 -2:30                        Meeting Birthparents –           Arts & Crafts #2               Teen Workshop - Teens
           p.m.                              What happens when a              Ages 6-12                      Write & Illustrate Their
                                             homeland tour becomes a          Peking Opera Masks &           Story Ages 13-18
                                             birth-family reunion?            Puppets                        With Jean MacLeod Author
                                             Dr. Jane Liedtke,                The Story of the Monkey        and Adoptive Parent and
                                             CEO and Founder OCDF             King – Journey to the          Emily Liedtke
           2:30-3:00                         Break                            Break                          Break
           3:00-4:30       Packing up.       Plan ahead!                      Arts & Crafts #3               Attachment Therapy: A
           p.m.            Chen Luo Hu       Teen Leadership Camp &           Ages 6-12                      Parent’s Guide to
                           Patti Walsh       Tween/Teen and Family            Lantern Making and             Asking Questions
                           Lynn Warren       Volunteer Programs in            Kite Decorating                Jean MacLeod, Author and
                                             China Included                                                  Adoptive Parent
                                             Dr. Jane Liedtke,
                                             CEO and Founder OCDF
           4:30-6:00                         Dinner on your own
           6:00-7:30                     Resources for Chinese                                                                        Poolside
           p.m.                          Culture and Language                                                                         tables:
                                         Learning Included                                                                            Try a game of
                                         Dr. Jane Liedtke, CEO and                                                                    Kingka! The
                                         Founder OCDF                                                                                 language
                                                                                                                                      learning tool
           7:30-8:30                     Williamsburg Room:                                                                           that’s easy to
                                         Movie for adults &                                                                           play as a
                                         tweens/teens (ages 12 and                                                                    family.
                                         up) (50):                                                                                    Included
                                         Academy Award Winning
                                         Documentary: The Blood of
                                         Yinzhou District (AIDs in
                                         China has caused 100,000
                                         children to become orphans)
                                         Dr. Jane Liedtke,
                                         CEO and Founder OCDF

Your Options for this OCDF Chinese Culture Weekend:
1.   You can join OCDF for the day (as a commuter from home or work) PREREGISTER WITH OCDF FOR THE CONFERENCE!! See form below.

2.   Or , stay at the hotel with the group! Fly in or drive in! And, Also - PREREGISTER WITH OCDF FOR THE CONFERENCE!!

Call: 1 800 448 2296 to make hotel reservations (tell them you are booking Our Chinese Daughters Foundation) or go to for the link to hotel
reservations or go to and enter booking code OCD for Our Chinese Daughters Foundation. Cost per
night is $79.00/room for the group’s block of rooms. Deadline for group discounted hotel room reservations is November 15, 2009

Overview of the Holiday Inn South County Center, St. Louis:
        Free parking for overnight guests
        149 guestrooms and suites
        In hotel Malone’s Neighborhood Grill and Pub restaurant (kids 12 and under eat free with adult meal purchase)
        24-hour business center with internet access and in-room internet access
        Valet laundry and guest laundry facilities, coin-op laundry available
        Modern fitness center for overnight guests
        Nearby restaurants
         Tucker's Place Location: Adjacent to Hotel

Take I-70 West to I-270 South to I-55 North to Lindbergh Blvd (Exit 197). Make a right onto Lindbergh, and then a left into the Marshall's Plaza and follow to the
hotel. Our address is 6921 S. Lindbergh Blvd.

St. Louis International Airport (STL)
        Distance: 22 MI / 35.4 KM South West to Hotel
        Taxi Charge (one way): $50.00 (USD)
        Time by taxi: 30 - 45 minutes
Spirit of St. Louis (SUS)
        Distance: 15 MI / 24.14 KM South East to Hotel
        Taxi Charge (one way): $40.00 (USD)
        Time by taxi: 30 minutes
        Station Name: Kirkwood Amtrak Station
        Distance: 7 MI / 11.27 KM South to Hotel
        Make a right on Kirkwood Road which will turn into Lindbergh Blvd at I-44. Keep following Lindbergh Blvd approximately 5 miles to Marshall's Plaza on
        the left. Make a left into Marshall's Plaza and follow to the hotel. Our address is 6921 S. Lindbergh.

What’s Nearby?

      Gateway Arch and Laclede's Landing (10 MI / 16.09 KM )
      Edward Jones Dome, Busch Stadium (10 MI / 16.09 KM )
      Grant's Farm (6 MI / 9.66 KM )
      Six Flags (18 MI / 28.97 KM )
      St. Louis International Airport - Lambert Field (22 MI / 35.4 KM )
      Union Station (10 MI / 16.09 KM )
      Missouri Botanical Gardens (12 MI / 19.31 KM )
      Riverboat Gaming (10 MI / 16.09 KM )
      St. Louis Zoo, Science Center, Forest Park (14 MI / 22.53 KM )
      Anheuser Busch Brewery (8 MI / 12.87 KM )
      Busch Soccer Park (Fenton) (7 MI / 11.27 KM )
      Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery (3 MI / 4.83 KM )
      Downtown St. Louis (9 MI / 14.48 KM )
      Magic House (8 MI / 12.87 KM )
      City Museum (11 MI / 17.7 KM )
     OCDF Chinese Culture Day – St. Louis, MO – December 5th
Adoptive Family and Agency Registration Form
Submit with your check payable to OCDF and mail to: OCDF, 109 West Monroe St., Bloomington, IL 61701
Or, email for to: and call 309-829-8202 for credit card payment (Visa or Mastercard).
Questions call: 1-866-460-OCDF or 309-829-8202 and ask for Lynn or Jane.

Deadline for group discounted hotel room reservations is November 5, 2009

Return this form for your Family Registration to OCDF by November 15, 2009. Remember space is limited!

Contact Name: ___________________________________________________                          Telephone: ________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________                          City: _____________________ State: ________ Zip: __________

Email: ______________________________________________

Names as they should appear on nametags: (Add name/agess if you have more people in your family)
Room A
Adult 1 ___________________________________ Child 1 __________________________ Age ________ Child 2 __________________________ Age ________

Adult 2 ___________________________________ Child 3 __________________________ Age ________ Child 4 __________________________ Age ________

Room B
Adult 1 ___________________________________ Child 1 __________________________ Age ________ Child 2 __________________________ Age ________

Adult 2 ___________________________________ Child 3 __________________________ Age ________ Child 4 __________________________ Age ________

We are (circle one): Staying at the Holiday Inn St. Louis   Commuting from Home/Work            Staying with Friends in the Area

Registration Total (see bottom of registration form): $______________________

Payment Method: Check Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard)           Credit Card Number ______________________________________ Expiration Date __________

                                                                 Name as it appears on the card __________________________

                                                                Signature ________________________________________________
                                                                (if emailing, then write OK to process)
Registration for Programs
Some programs are limited in number/space. Registrations will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis with ALL sessions requiring preregistration by
November 15th. At least 1 adult must be registered to register teens or kids. Each adult attending seminars needs to be preregistered. We will have your tickets
and nametags at the OCDF Arrival Table in the meeting room area on Saturday morning. Please be sure all preregistration payments are made by November 15th
or your tickets will be given to other families wishing to attend those sessions. We will do our best to get you into your first choice time-slot but if we can’t, we will
put you in the next available time-slot for that program topic. Remember that Arts and Crafts for kids are for ages 6-12. OCDF staff will only teach the crafts and
provide help but are NOT responsible for your children if they wonder away from the group. We suggest that parents of young children be sure there is one
person available to be with your children while in the pool area. Children ages 5 and under are the responsibility of the parents throughout the weekend.
Questions? Please ASK Lynn 309-829-8202 or

Contact Name _____________________________                                                           Adult Cost Per     Teen Cost Per       Kids Cost Per    Family
                                                                                                     Person             Person              Person
Fees cover our costs for meeting rooms, supplies, and speakers coming from out of town.                                                                      Cost
                                                                                                                        Ages 13-18          Ages 6-12
Indicate #______ of persons (tickets) even for Free programs!
Capacity for each program is listed (Max. #)
                Base cost for family (includes all Free and “Included” programs) $20.00 #____                           $10.00 #____        $5.00 #____
                                                                     Good for attendance Saturday
Saturday, December 5th
Resources for Chinese Culture and Language Learning (Max. 100)                                       Included
Returning to China with Your Adopted Child & What’s in an Orphanage File?* (Max. 100)                Included
*Attend this program and receive a $500 gift certificate - OCDF China Tours group tour program in
Meeting Birthparents – What happens when a homeland tour becomes a birth-family reunion?             $10.00 #____
(Max. 100)
Adoption – Parenting Your Tween (Max. 40)                                                            $10.00 #____
Attachment Therapy: A Parent’s Guide to Asking Questions (Max. 40)                                   $10.00 #___
What’s it like to go to school in China? (Max. 40)                                                   Included           Included            Included
Teen Leadership Camp & Tween/Teen and Family Volunteer Programs in China (Max. 100)                  Included           Included
Kids and Teens Helping Kids! Make blankets and dolls for orphanages in China (Max. 80)                            $15.00 #____       $15.00 #____
Arts & Crafts #1 Inner Bottle Painting and Calligraphy (Max. 80)                                                                     $5.00 #____
Arts & Crafts #2 Peking Opera Masks & The Monkey King Puppets Story-telling (Max. 80)                                                $5.00 #____
Arts & Crafts #3 Lantern Making and Kite Decorating (Max. 80)                                                                        $5.00 #____
Teen Workshop – Teens Write/Illustrate Their Story Ages 13-18 (Max. 40)                                           $20.00 #____
Documentary: The Blood of Yinzhou District (ages 12 and up) (Max. 50) Proceeds go to 900      $5.00 #____         $5.00 #____
Backpacks project for orphans in China – parents died from AIDs
Payments are due in full by check or credit card by November 15, 2009. Unpaid preregistrations will be cancelled at that time to allow for others to
join the program. Questions? Call Lynn 309-829-8202. SAVE A COPY OF THIS FORM FOR YOUR RECORDS!
                                                                                                                                         Total Cost
Include 2 pages when submitting registration.
OCDF Cancelation/Refund and Liability Policies:
  1. Holiday Inn St. Louis sets their own cancellation/refund policies on hotel room reservations. Therefore, if you need to change or cancel your rooms,
      please make arrangements with them directly. See their website for more information or call their reservation number listed previously in this document.
      OCDF does not set the policies for room reservations at this or any hotel where our programs are scheduled. Please work with the hotel staff directly if
      you have questions or concerns.
  2. OCDF Chinese Culture Day/Weekend Programs require preregistration in order for us to prepare program supplies and materials, pay for airfares and
      other transportation/lodging for presenters, and meeting space expenses. Therefore, we will only refund cancellations that we receive prior to November
      15th. In this way we are able to accept other families who wish to join us for this weekend program. Cancellations received after November 15th will not be
      refunded. Remember that OCDF is a 501c3 non-profit organization and not a bank – we must cover all the costs and expenses of our programs.
  3. Waiver of Liability – by registering for this event, each family assumes responsibility and liability for its own family members including children and teens
      as well as any accompanying friends and other family members. Our Chinese Daughters Foundation including its employees/representatives is not
      responsible for your safety in the hotel, meeting areas, indoor pool and hot tub, common areas of the hotel, restaurants, parking areas, and transport
      to/from the event. While we will select a facility with reasonable due diligence, we are not responsible for the acts/actions of the Holiday Inn Waterbury,
      CT – it’s employees, facilities, services, and safety. When using the swimming pool areas, please take care to watch your children carefully and provide
      suitable safety gear while in the water and around water-related activities.

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