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Friendship Force of Wisconsin_ Inc


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									                         Friendship Force of Wisconsin, Inc.
                                 Board of Directors Meeting
                                        August 22, 2008

Meeting was called to order by Mary Ann Fahl, President of the Friendship Force of Wisconsin, Inc. at 11:30 AM
and a quorum determined with 11 people present. Following people present: Rad Becker,,Judi Blodgett, Donna
Calvert, Mary Ann Fahl, Jerry Fuller, Don Gostomski, Fannie Hicklin, Mary Lindquist, Janet Lonergan, Margaret
Ann Miller, and guest Margo McKnight.
Members Absent: Susan Becker, Judy Engle, Dave Dohler, Ken Koscik, Margo Lindl, Nancy and Richard Mueller,
Lise Skofronick , Jane Kessenich, Bernie and Diana Long.
Minutes of the meeting July 18,2008 were approved. Treasurer Report: None--Diana Long ,treasurer not present.
Regional Conference: April 17 and 18, 2009 -- Bernie Long, Chairperson
The big event will be held at the Howard Johnson Hotel, 3841 E. Washington Ave., Madison, WI.
The time for the April 10,2009 meeting should be changed to 10:00 AM till 11:30 AM.
No further information. Chairperson not in attendance.
Committee members: Co-Chairs - Bernie and Diana Long, Judy Endle, Dave Dohler, Jerry Fuller and Kay Kinney.
Helena, Mt. and Great Falls, Mt. Mary Lindquist, Exchange Director.
The exchange was well done. The Mueller’s and the Wysock’s are still out on an extended tour.
Don Gostomski’s luggage will be delivered by Amtrak representative on Monday, August 25 th.
Unfortunately the Wysock’s luggage had remained at Amtrak in Shelby and will be forwarded. The Helena and
Great Falls group had a great time with the friendly Montana folks. People were a good match. The activities
planned were good. The Kalispell trip was well organized and enjoyed. We stayed at the Hampton Inn. Some of
us were river rafters and some non-rafters We toured the Glacier National Park and the Apgar, Village, The Lake
McDonald Lodge and one of the highlights was on the Red Bus Tour Going To The Sun Road. On Monday,
August 11,2008 we departed our hotel and headed to East Glacier and joined our Montana FF group. They had
activities lined up for us with many tours such as the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, Gates of The Mountains
Boat Tour and many more. Mary Lindquist will have a travelogue for us so we can re-live our experiences. Glad
we traveled AMTRAK.
BAKU,AZERBAIJAN; September 2009, Donna Calvert, Exchange Director
Plans are to leave the last day of August’09 and return September 15, 2009. Judi Blodgett will be treasurer and Janet
Lonergan , council. Donna expects to have cost by the end of August and by mid-October expects to have the flight
cost. Twenty five are interested , Solmaz, Azerbaijan’s E.D. says “if there are more, she will find room.” FF
Azerbaijan’s site is linked to our FFW site so members can familiarize themselves with their group. There is an
abundance of information on the internet about Baku and Sheki.
INBOUND; Derbyshire/Manchester, England , September 13-20,2008 -Don Gostomski, E.D.
August 25, 2008 there will be a workshop at Don’s house. Rad Becker will be there with the store. Judi Bloodgett
will inform us about there area in England. Don’s itinerary has a couple changes. Their activity includes meeting
the Dubuque Club at Washinton Park for lunch. Lunch price is between $5.00 and $6.00. Then leave at 4:00 PM for
a picnic at Eagle Point Park. 5:30 PM return back to Madison. England leaves at 4:45 PM by bus to Canada.
They’ll spend a night in Chicago.
Derbyshire is pronounced: Dar-be-shur. Jerry Fuller is arranging activities. Publicity work with Huibregtse.
Don needs a banner. Janet Lonergan needs flight information

Adopt-A-Highway: Don Gostomski, Chairperson
Planned for October 25th

Mexico -- will come here in ‘09 -- Jerry Fuller, Exchange Director
No further news.

OKLAHOMA; Jane Kessenich, Exchange Director.
Jane not present. Please refer to the exchange in our August Friendship Force of Wisconsin newslettr. Jane gave a
full report.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: Activities -- Fannie Hicklin, Chairperson
October 26th, the Fall Festival. The fall meeting will feature Montana by Mary Lindquist and Lise Skofronich will
feature Canada
December 6th, Holiday lunch ---no location yet.
MEMBERSHIP: Mary Lindquist, Chairperson
Mary has contributed pictures on the internet. She has gotten new people through the representation of the
Friendship Force at the Farmers Market on the Square. Friendship Force of Wisconsin has a total of 226 members
in our Madison Club. Mary discussed the Certificate which we could establish again for our elected members.
More on that at a later time.
MERCHANDISE: Rad Becker, Chairperson
Rad will have his store at Monday’s workshop at Don Gostomski’s. Rad has a new item, a book entitled, VISIONS
for $11.00.
NEWSLETTER: Janet Lonergan, Chairperson
Janet needs news by Tuesday, August 26th, for publishing.
OUTREACH: Nancy Mueller, Chairperson -- not in attendance.
Mary Ann indicated a meeting presentation at Jingles on the 28 th of August by Sertoma. It came about as the result
of FF article in the Neighbor’s edition of our daily newspaper.
NEW BUSINESS; Advertising Strategy FFI will help us. Discussion regarding our Logo whether to be in color or
in black and white. Perhaps a re-designed website.
Survey----At Annual Meeting ----any other way to re- assess on the renewal sheet? We talked about sponsoring
special meetings to new members to welcome them.
Thailand Travel Opportunity: Please refer to our August FF of WI newsletter.
Lawrence Nahlek of Fitchburg has asked FF International to lead a trip to Thailand in Januray 2009.
Lawrence was a Peace Corp volunteer in Thailand in the late 70’s. He speaks Thai and has been visiting that
country for over 30 years.

Mary Ann Fahl, President adjourned the meeting at 12:45 PM.

Next Board Meeting will be September 19th, 2008.

Submitted by: Margaret Ann Miller, Secretary.

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