Buddys Big Adventure by leader6


									                                  Buddy’s Big Adventure

Hello, my name is Buddy and I am an eleven week old Golden Retriever. My mother is Sophie
and my father is Ryder. I am being raised as a future leader dog for Leader Dogs for the Blind in
Rochester Michigan. I am being raised by Dave Norkus, Dave is a first time puppy raiser and we
live on a lake in Waterford Township Michigan.

My big adventure started when I was asked to represent Leader Dog at a golf fund raising event
in Scottsdale, Arizona. I didn’t know what golf was, but I was told this was a big event and I felt
much honored to have such a big responsibility. I knew I would represent the school and my
fellow puppies in the best possible way.

When the day arrived for me to leave for Arizona, I was escorted to something I heard was called
an airport by Gary Frick. Gary was to take care of me on my trip; I knew he would do a good
job because his family has raised eighteen puppies for Leader Dogs and knew about the school.
When we arrived at the airport there were all kinds of things taking place, strange noises and lots
of people who seemed to be in a hurry. Gary did something called check- in at the airport and I
met all kinds of nice people from U.S. Airways who treated me very nice. I was something they
called a service dog, which I knew was big honor and they gave us some special seats on an
airplane. After we checked- in we were directed to something called a security check point.

The security check point was also a place where I met some very nice people. They checked our
papers and sent us to a machine that would check us for stuff that shouldn’t be on an airplane.
Gary was taking off his shoes, belt and emptying is pockets so that he could walk through this
special machine. Gary had to pass me through this machine also and when he did it started
making this funny noise, silly Gary, he forgot to take off my collar which made the machine
make the funny noise. Once we made it through this security check we went walking to
something called the gate. It was a long walk and along the way I met a lot of nice people who
were asking Gary a lot of questions and telling me what a good looking young man I was and
that I had a big job ahead of me.

At the gate we waited for our airplane to be ready and we again met a lot of nice people from
U.S. Airways. I didn’t know what this airplane was but there were lots of other people who were
there to ride to Arizona with us. When it came time to get on the plane we walked down this
long passage into this round shaped tube with rows and rows of seats in it, so this is an airplane I
learned. There were some ladies here that worked for U.S. Airways and they helped us to our
seats and asked if they could do anything for us, they were so nice. When other people started to
get on the plane there were several people who said I could come and sit beside them, but I
stayed with Gary. We waited for all the other people to get on the plane and I went to sleep.

I felt the plane start to move and I thought this is like riding in a car, so I went back to sleep. All
of a sudden the plane started making this loud noise and I could tell we were going very fast, this
woke me up. I was looking around and just as fast as the noise and bumpy ride started it stopped
and things were very smooth again. Someone came on a speaker and told everyone how glad
they were to have everyone on their airplane and it would be about a four hour ride to Arizona,

so I went back to sleep. I was sleeping very nicely when again there was a large bump and the
plane started to make loud noises again. I heard someone on the speaker say welcome to
Phoenix, Arizona; it didn’t seem like four hours of sleeping to me. Gary and I got to get off the
plane in front of most of the other people since we were sitting near the front of the plane and we
started walking to find Gary’s luggage. Along the way Gary was asked a lot of questions and
people petted me and talked to me also, I was feeling very special again.

Gary found his luggage and we went out doors to meet Jane from Leader Dog who was picking
us up to go to the hotel, some place we would be staying while we were in Arizona. Wow, it was
hot after coming from cool Michigan and I was glad Jane had the air conditioner on in the car
she was driving. Jane was asking about our trip and telling us a little bit about what we would be
doing while we were in Arizona. We drove for awhile on our way to the hotel and this funny
machine kept talking to Jane about where she was going, she said she was glad it was talking to
her so we wouldn’t get lost.

When we got to our hotel, I think it was the Marriott at McDowell Mountain; we again met some
very nice people who worked there. I also met Melissa from Leader Dog and she, Jane, Gary
and I went out to some golf course, I think it was called TPC. At this golf course we met Greg
and Rod from Leader Dog and some other nice people who were from Michigan; they were
hitting these little round white balls, so this is golf. I watched them hit these balls very intently,
but I didn’t chase one of them. Greg was hitting balls to the left and right and someone said he
was playing Army golf, right, left, right, left. I didn’t know what that meant, but someone was
laughing, he soon started to hit those little white balls straight though.

After my visit to the TPC golf course we went back to the hotel, had some lunch and I went to
rest because I was told we were going to a party this night. Gary got me ready to go to the party
by brushing me and wiping me with something that made me smell nice. We got into a car and
drove to a very nice house where the party was going to take place.

When we arrived at the house some men met us and took the car away, I hoped they would bring
it back. We went out onto a patio which had a wonderful view of Phoenix and the surrounding
area, it also had a nice pool, but I didn’t jump in. I met Jeff who owned the house and was nice
enough to let us come to the party, I also met his wife, daughter and their little dog. She was
very friendly and a little smaller than me and we got along very well although I didn’t see a lot of
her. At the party I met a lot of people who were helping put together the golf event for the next
day. I learned that the people from the Phoenix area were putting on their Twenty-Third Annual
Leader Dog Golf Classic. What an accomplishment to do this for twenty three years to help
Leader Dog all the way back in Michigan. I was also much honored to be the first dog to attend
the event. Jeff’s family had made some wonderful smelling food, but being a good future leader
dog I didn’t ask for any. Gary said the food was excellent. We also talked to the people who
were organizing the golf outing and told them about the puppy raising program and a lot about
Leader Dogs for the Blind. We answered many questions and I think I did a good job at
representing our program. We listened to Greg talk about Leader Dog and the event and to thank
the people for doing this to support our school. We soon left the party; the men did bring the car
back, and returned to our hotel, it was a long an exciting day filled with many new things in my
young life. I was very tired and went right to sleep in my nice portable crate.

Morning arrived much too soon, I could have slept some more, but I knew this was the big day
and why I made the trip, this was the day of the actual golf outing. We had some breakfast and
got into the car and drove to the Ancala County Club. At the country club there was lots of
activity going on and I met a lot of nice people who thought I was just great, I was doing my best
to be cute and on my best behavior. Gary was asked to golf, something that he didn’t mind at all,
and I was turned over to Jane and Melissa to do my thing for the outing. I got to go onto the
course to have my picture taken as the golfers passed our location. The people at Ancala did
everything possible to make my visit comfortable because it was hot, lots of water and some
cooling ice. I had my own shade provided by an umbrella and I would hop up to get my picture
taken and quickly get back to the shade. Jane and Melissa did a wonderful job of taking care of
me. When the golf was over there was a banquet and something called an auction. The auction
had lots of wonderful things that people were bidding on in hopes of being the highest bidder and
winning. There were trips, pictures, famous sports people items, and just all kinds of things to
help raise money to support Leader Dog. During part of the auction there was this guy who was
talking very fast about the bids on some items and he would mention numbers and all of a
sudden say sold, so I guess someone won something. The other part of the auction people were
just writing on paper numbers to win. Gary and I were again answering questions and telling
people about Leader Dog and the programs that were offered by the school, all of the people we
met were very nice. When the event was over it was time to leave and return to the hotel, again
it had been a very long day and I slept very well.

Morning arrived much too early and it was time to return back to Michigan. We took a car back
to the airport and by this time I felt like a veteran traveler. Again there were some very nice
people from U.S. Airways and the security people and we did a lot of walking again to get to the
gate. We answered questions along the way about me and what I was doing in Arizona and
about the school in Michigan, there were several people from Michigan who knew about the
school and one who said they were going to check into raising a puppy like me for the program.
When we got on the plane there were again some very nice ladies from U.S. Airways helping us
and a man in a uniform who said he was the captain of this airplane and he was very happy to
have me on board. This time I went to sleep and didn’t wake up when all the noise from the
plane started and the bump and noise indicated our trip was over when we landed in Detroit. It
had been a long, interesting and a trip filled with many firsts for a little puppy.

I would like to tank the people of U.S. Airways for allowing me to fly with them and treating me
as special. A big thank you to the good people at the Marriott for making my stay very pleasant.
Jane and Melissa thank you for watching me when Gary was away. Thank you to Leader Dog
for allowing me to represent all future and present leader dogs at this event. Finally, a very big
thank you to the good people from the Phoenix area, Lions from the area, sponsors, the Ancala
Country Club, and all the volunteers who planned and assisted in this event to support Leader
Dogs for the Blind and for making it the success it was. I hoped I helped and I think I was a
good ambassador for the school. I wish I could return next year for the Twenty-Fourth Annual
Leaderdog Classic, but hopefully I will be on my way in my role as a future leader dog.

      Thank You
Buddy, Future Leaderdog
Leaderdogs for the Blind


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