Apple Mac os x and Microsoft windows are two of the world by Shubham1125


									Apple Mac os x and Microsoft windows are two of the world’s most widely used desktop operating
system. apples Mac os x is more commonly knows as just simply os x and is derived from bsd variant
os it is known being customized and developed by apple computers for their ownlineof the pcs often
referred as Macs

Windows is developed by Microsoft for any pc including apple. Os x windows both have long line of
release in their history. The x in os stands for 10 signifying the 10 the major release of the Macs os
within the Mac os line up there have been incremented sub versions named after felines

Windows began with 1.0 following the numeric system called as utill,3.1,after that version NT,nt4
and windows 2000for the enterprise and windows 95 98 etc both lines merged again starting from
desktop version windows xp followed by windows vista,7 and now the latest windows 8 has just
been released

According to one source windows has a market share of 91.8% compared to Mac os x is 7.3%

the software used by both these os are

1. Web browser:- windows uses internet explorer and apple uses safari

2. Scripting software used:-windows uses power shell and apple uses apple script

3. Media players used:-windows uses media player or media centre and apple uses iTunes or
QuickTime player


Windows large market share has made it a target for hackers creating virus and other malicious
software. Some counts place the number windows/ms dos virus at over is critical that
windows user diligent run antivirus program and keep them up to date

Infection of Macs running os x is extremely rare and there has never been a large scale infections of
computers running Mac os x it is said that Mac os doest have even the firewall because the virus in
Mac os is rare

advantages o f apple
1) Security:-apple computers are much more secured then that of windows pcs viruses and malware
designed for windows based will not run on Mac os

2)reliability:-the people who make Mac software’s are the same persons who make Mac hardware
while windows programmers have to take into mealy infinite variations in hardware these Mac os
are deigned to only for limited computer which is only designed by apple by this we can say that the
system is much more stable the widows

3) Advanced tech:-The current generation of mackbook has pro features like led monitors ,multi
touch mouse track pads etc .Macs desktop features up to 8 core processer and up to 4 terabyte
storage that’s up to 4000gbs

Disadvantages of Mac and advantages of windows os

1) Macs cannot be upgraded that is customized:-there are upgraded options when we buy Macs but
unlike windows we cannot mix and match the componets.try and upgrade Mac os ,it’s better to buy
and new Mac

Price:-Macs are very expensive . Even the very cheapest laptop cost you about 1400$ that is about
78000rs in India rupees but windows machine just cost you about 500$ that is 28000rs in India

2) playing games requires windows:-there are every few games available for Macs if you are a gamer
the Mac is not a best choice for you, you can run it in Mac but you have to run windows

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