Kongu College by arunrajms1



       The project is designed with the aim of providing security regardless domestic or
commercial center.The circuit will be kept in secret place known to an authorized person
alone and it can be operated by him. If the circuit is switched ON and the lock is broken
without switching OFF the circuit the specific design of the circuit facilitates automatic
locking of the door with some time interval.This methods traps the thief inside the
building itself and burglar alarm will alarm the surroundings and police if necessary.
       In order to avoid the confusion of the owner entering the house without switching
OFF the circuit ,a special reset circuit is installed in a concealed place which is
accessible only to the authorized person.


                                                              V.Pranesh,(III-year EIE)

                                                              K.Suresh kumar,(III-year EIE)

                                                              A.Prashanth,(III-year EIE)

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