Avera & Smith A Gainesville, Florida Law Firm Launches Social Media Campaign

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					Avera & Smith A Gainesville, Florida Law Firm Launches Social Media

Gainesville, FL, 1-SEP-2012 _ Avera & Smith, the Florida law firm, has
launched a social media campaign designed to help people who are
searching for a knowledgeable and skilled Florida personal injury lawyer,
the information they need. The use of social media will expand the
ability of the law firm to provide information about the steps you can
take when you have been injured.

When interviewed recently, the team shared their commitment to providing
up-to-date, accurate information to anyone who seeks it. "Many people who
are seeking an Ocala motorcycle accident lawyer or personal injury
attorney have already been involved in an incident and do not have time
to search for the answers they need to find the most qualified legal
help. We launched the social media campaign to make it easy and
convenient to get the immediate information a person needs and connect
with the team that will be able to represent their interests most
effectively. By interacting with people through our blog, Twitter, and
other social media, we are recognizing the individual's need for
immediate assistance when they need answers. Our team is continually
striving to enhance and improve services to people who have suffered
unexpected injury through no fault of their own."

When a person has been injured due to the negligence of another, it is
important that they have the assistance of a reputable and skilled
attorney that can provide them with the advice and representation they
will need to navigate the often complex legal system. In many cases an
individual who has been injured will lose money on medical expenses and
lost time from work, in addition to the costs of long-term care if it is

The team at Avera & Smith are committed to providing the vigorous
representation that is needed and meet with the insurance companies and
other individuals who may be representing the negligent party. The
personal injury attorney will keep a client aware of any negotiations
that are taking place and represent the best interests of the client to
ensure that the client can focus on healing without worry.

To get details about the social media campaign that gives people an easy
way to find a Florida personal injury lawyer. Or, to learn about the
knowledgeable Ocala motorcycle accident lawyer that can represent you at
the Avera & Smith Law Firm visit http://avera.com/areas-of-
today. Anyone wishing to get more details about this press release will
find contact information below.

Dawn Vallejos-Nichols

Avera & Smith

2814 SW 13th Street

Gainesville, FL 32608
Telephone: 352.372.9999

Website: http://avera.com/areas-of-practice/personal-injury/

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