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									               How to Build Article Directory Website
WordPress Article Directory Theme
Why should you use a WordPress article directory theme to build your directory? There is no
question that there are many article directory scripts on the market, the only problem if you have
ever checked them is that they are out of date. I mean, for example they are lack of SEO options,
social bookmarking and networking features and their layout is also questionable.

There are many advantages if you build an article directory based on WordPress. Once WP is
search engine optimized and loved by search engines, plus we must not forget about the SEO
plugins we can use to get even better results. Another great thing about it is that is extremely
flexible, I mean plugins can be used for many purposes like customizing the layout, getting better
marketing results, monetization etc. Overall, WordPress is one of the best content management

The WordPress article directory theme I would like to show you is produced by Templatic and I
must say it’s a genuinely effective theme that provide fresh style and plenty of seriously valuable
possibilities, no matter if you want to build a smaller or a bigger directory.

You can see the demos and test this theme here

WordPress Article Directory Theme Review
To tell the truth, I favor the clear style of it. I think it is good for nothing to make an article
directory over-designed, furthermore from SEO aspect it is
also better.

Another excellent benefit of it is that it is included with
various kinds of payment solutions for example Paypal, so
that you can turn your directory paid, if you would like and
since it has integrated discount system you may make your
site more considerate for the writers. It is a fact that, this
functionality can’t be seen in another article directory WP
theme. These functions help you to make your website as
profitable as possible.

Another great feature of it is that includes a mass upload solution – this means you can easily add
hundreds or even thousands of articles. This is very useful as your brand new directory won’t be
without articles, which can be beneficial both from the search engine optimization and authors
point of view. Nowadays, it is really easy to find packages of articles.

Top features of this WP Theme

      Automatic Set up – You just switch on the theme and it works without any modification,
       then you can begin adding entries, description, pictures, content, pages everything you
       need to run your site well.
      Very Simple Create Article Form – The authors can simply create and edit their articles.
      Article Page – The page of the article is neat and extremely search engine friendly which
       is very crucial.
      Integrated money making functions.
      It comes with five color schemes.

By using it you can build a reliable and seo’ed site that is very easy to to generate income from
and customize. In addition to that it comes with an excellent assistance and life-time update. Last,
but not least this WordPress article directory theme is developed by highly trusted and
professional WordPress designers which is guarantee.

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