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					November 7, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen:

You are invited to submit a proposal to provide Box Office, Ticketing Management and
Development Software solution for the Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza
Performing Arts Center (a/k/a “ The Egg”) in Albany, NY in accordance with the
requirements of the attached specifications. Please send your proposal to Business Manager,
The Egg, PO Box 2065, Albany, NY 12203. On the envelope please write "RFP #
05/06-017, Box Office/Ticketing Managem ent Software". Late responses will not be
accepted and will be returned unopened.

The deadline for responses is 5:00 p.m, Friday, January 13, 2006 at The Egg
Administration Office.

This solicitation does not commit The Egg to award a contract, pay any costs incurred in the
preparation of the response, or to procure or contract for the articles of goods or services.
The Egg reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals or portions thereof and to
cancel in part or in its entirety the response if it is in the best interest of The Egg to do so.

Anyone having questions regarding this request for proposal may address them in writing and
FAX them to Matthew G. Moross, Business Manager, at (518) 473-1061, prior to 5:00 p.m.,
Friday, January 6, 2006. Unless questions are in writing, they will not be considered.


Matthew G. Moross
Business Manager
                            REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
                     Box Office/Ticketing Management Software
                                   RFP # 05/06-017

Date posted and mailed Monday, November 7, 2005

Submit Request for Proposal to:
     Matthew G. Moross, Business Manager
     The Egg
     Physical Address: Empire State Plaza
     Mailing Address: PO Box 2065
     Albany, NY 12220-2065

Direct Questions to:
       Matthew G. Moross, Business Manager
       Phone # (518) 473-1061
       Fax # (518) 473-1848

IMPORTANT: If you are downloading this from the Internet, you must call The Egg
Business Office to register your intent to submit a proposal. Even if you are listed on our
Vendor list, you must contact us again to be added to the Vendor source list relating
specifically to this proposal. This enables us to immediately provide you with any
clarifications or addendums. Failure to do so may disqualify your submission. You can
reach Matthew G. Moross, Business Manager at (518) 473-1061. Please provide your
company's name, contact name, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, and e-
mail address.

Your submittal shall be delivered in an envelope clearly marked:

RFP # 05/06-017, Box Office/Ticketing Management Software

One (1) signed original and three (3) copies of the proposal shall be

Submittals Due: Friday, January 13, 2006 by 5:00 P.M.

Mail RFP: November 7, 2005
Questions Due: January 6, 2006 by 5 PM
Due Date: January 13, 2006 by 5 PM
Vendor Interviews/Demonstrations: January 16 - 20, 2006
(Actual times to be determined)
Award Date: on or about February 15, 2006


From the issuance date of this Request for Proposal until a Vendor is selected and
the selection is announced, Vendor's are not allowed to communicate with any Egg
staff or officials regarding this procurement, other than during interviews,
demonstrations, and/or site visits, except at the direction of Matthew G. Moross,
Business Manager or Peter A. Lesser, Managing Director, the designated
representatives of The Egg.


1) All price and notations must be typewritten or written in ink. No erasures are permitted.
Mistakes may be crossed out, corrections made adjacent must be initialed in ink by the person
signing the proposal.

2) Each proposal must be in a separate sealed envelope with the proposal number on the
outside. They must be received by The Egg, PO Box 2065, Albany, NY 12220 not later than
the hour and day specified hereon, at which time they may be publicly opened and read.
Given the complexity and possible time constraints, proposals may be opened at the
discretion of The Egg management. Purchasing Results will be available upon request.

3) Terms of less than 30 days for cash discount will be considered as net. Cash discount period
will be computed either from the date of delivery and acceptance of the goods ordered or the
date of receipt of correct and proper invoices, prepared in accordance with the terms of our
purchase order, whichever date is later.

4) A responsible officer or employee must sign all proposals with the Vendor's name.
Obligations assumed by such signature must be fulfilled.

5) Prices proposed should not include NYS Sales Tax. The Egg is a not-for-profit entity
under NYS not-for profit laws.

6) No charge for packing, drayage, or for any other purpose will be allowed over and above
the prices proposed on this sheet.
7) The right is reserved, unless otherwise stated, to accept or reject all or any proposal, or
any part thereof, either separately or as a whole, or to waive any informality in a proposal
and to split or make the award in any manner determined by The Egg to be most
advantageous to The Egg.

8) The Egg recognizes that price is only one of several criteria to be used in judging a product
or service, and The Egg is not legally bound to accept the lowest proposal.

9) Samples of items, when required, must be furnished free of expense to The Egg and if
not destroyed by tests, may upon request be returned at the Vendor's expense.

10) In case of default by the Vendor, The Egg may procure the articles or service from other
sources and may deduct from unpaid balance due the Vendor, or may bill for excess costs so
paid, and the prices paid by The Egg shall be considered the prevailing market prices paid at
the time
such purchase is made.

11) The Vendor shall hold The Egg, its officers, agents, servants and employees, harmless
from liability of any nature or kind on account of use of any copyright, or uncopyrighted
composition, secret process, patented or unpatented invention, article or appliance furnished
or used under this proposal.

12) The Vendor will not be held liable for failure or delay in fulfillment if hindered or
prevented by fire, strikes, or Acts of God. Bidder shall be excused from performance
hereunder during the time and to the extent that he/she is prevented from obtaining, delivery
of, or performing in the customary manner, by act of God, fire, war, strike, loss or shortage
of transportation facilities, lockout or commandeering of raw materials, products plants or
facilities by the government. Bidder shall provide The Egg satisfactory evidence that
nonperformance is due to other than fault of negligence on bidder’s part.

13) Any evidence of agreement or collusion among bidders and prospective bidders acting to
illegally restrain freedom of competition by agreement to propose a fixed price, or otherwise
will render the proposal of such bidders void.

14) Advance disclosures of any information to any particular bidder which gives that
particular bidder any advantage over any other interested bidder, in advance of the opening
proposal, whether in response to advertising or an informal request for proposal, made or
permitted by an employee or representative thereof, will operate to void such proposals of
that particular proposal solicitation or request.

15) It is agreed that the successful bidder will not assign, transfer, convey or otherwise dispose
of the contract or its right, title or interest in or to the same, or any part thereof, without
previous written consent of The Egg.

16) Proposals may be disqualified and rejection of proposal may be recommended to The Egg
for any of, but not limited to, the following causes:

        (1) Lack of signature by an authorized representative on the proposal form.
        (2) Failure to properly complete the proposal.
        (3) Evidence of collusion among bidders.

17) Verify your proposal before submission, as they cannot be withdrawn or corrected after
being opened. In the event of an extension error, the unit price shall prevail.
18) The Executive Director and Business Manager must approve assignment of the contract
by the Vendor to The Egg.

19) Conflict of Interest: Your signature hereon certifies that no employee or board member
of The Egg, whose position in the service of the corporation enables them to influence any
award of your offer or any competing offer, shall have any direct or indirect financial
interest in any transaction resulting from this request for proposal.

20) The bidder hereby agrees to promised lead times of the equipment and/or material
described in the specifications.

21) Unless stated otherwise elsewhere in this document, prices shall be firm for 180 days after
the closing date.

22) The bidder further agrees that price escalations beyond the price protection shall be
borne by the Vendor at manufacturer’s invoice cost.

23) The Egg hereby agrees to make payment to bidder’s cost for all government mandated
equipment requirements enacted after the award of proposal, which affect the bidder’s ability
to supply the specified equipment.

24) A written Purchase Order mailed, or otherwise furnished to the successful bidder within
the time for acceptance specified, shall result in a binding contract without further action on
either part. This contract shall be interpreted, construed and given effect in all respects
according to the laws of the State of New York.

25) Termination Clause: In the event The Egg exercises the right to terminate the contract
for dissatisfaction, The Egg will give the Vendor ten (10) days written notice of such
termination. The Egg and the Vendor each reserve the right to cancel, for any reason, all or a
portion of the services covered by this contract. To exercise this right, a thirty (30) day
written notice must be given.

26) The Egg reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Proposals or parts thereto, to
waive any informalities in any Proposal, and to reject the Proposal of any individual or firm
who has been delinquent or unfaithful to any contract with The Egg or the State of NY.

27) Insurance: Vendor shall neither commence work under this Agreement until it has
obtained all insurance required hereunder from a company or companies acceptable to The
Egg, nor shall Vendor allow any sub-Vendor to commence work on a subcontract until all
insurance required of the sub-Vendor has been obtained. Vendor shall take out and maintain at
all times during the term of this Agreement the following policies of insurance:

        (1) Workers' Compensation Insurance: Before beginning work, Vendor shall furnish
to The Egg a certificate of insurance as proof that it has taken out full workers'
compensation insurance for all persons whom it may employ directly or through sub-Vendor
in carrying out the work specified herein, in accordance with the laws of the State of New

         (2) Public Liability and Property Damage: Throughout the term of this Agreement,
at Vendor's sole cost and expense, Vendor shall keep, or cause to be kept, in full force and
effect, for the mutual benefit of The Egg and Vendor, comprehensive, broad form, errors and
omissions, general public liability and automobile insurance against claims and liabilities for
personal injury, death, or property damage arising from Vendor's activities, providing
protection of at least One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) for bodily injury or death to any
one person or for any one accident or
occurrence and at least One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) for property damage. If such
insurance includes an aggregate limit; such aggregate shall be no less than Two Million Dollars

         (3) General Insurance Requirements: All insurance required by express provision of
this Agreement shall be carried only in responsible insurance companies licensed to do
business in the State of New York and policies required under paragraphs 27(1) and 27(2)
shall name as additional insured The Egg, its staff, officers, employees and designated agents.
All policies shall
contain language, to the extent obtainable, to the effect that: (1) the insurer waives the right
subrogation against The Egg and The Egg’s staff, officers, employees, and agents; (2) the
policies are primary and noncontributing with any insurance that may be carried by The Egg;
and (3) they may not be canceled except after thirty (30) days notice by insurer to The Egg
by first class mail. Vendor shall furnish The Egg with copies of all such policies promptly
upon receipt of them, or certificate evidencing insurance. Vendor may effect for its own
account insurance not required under this Agreement.

28) The Proposal shall not be considered received by The Egg until the Proposal is actually
delivered to The Egg Business Office. Delivery to any other location shall not constitute
receipt by The Egg. The Vendor assumes the risk of any delay in the mail or in handling of
the mail by employees of The Egg or any private courier, regardless of whether sent by mail
or by means of personal delivery. The Vendor assumes responsibility for having the Proposal
delivered on time at the place specified.

29) The Egg will consider incorporation of the Vendor's software license agreement and/or
maintenance agreement as Contract Documents, to the extent that the terms and conditions
do not conflict with the terms and conditions in The Egg’s Rental Agreements. Vendors
desiring to include their software license agreement and/or maintenance agreement, must
provide a current copy, including all potential addenda or exhibits, as a part of their Proposal,
and indicate this desire in their response to this section.

30) Vendor shall disclose and list: (1) All outstanding Judgments and Litigation Pending
against the Vendor, its Predecessors, and principle stockholders/owners. (2) Vendor and
Vendor’s representative shall be liable to The Egg upon failure to disclose. (3) Vendor shall
also disclose claims made within the past five (5) years against Vendor or predecessors against
insurance policies (errors and omissions) or other business insurance claims made.

It is the responsibility of the Vendor to identify and address any additional requirements or
information needed in regards to this proposal. No special consideration shall be given to any
proposal because of the Vendors' failure to be knowledgeable of all proposal requirements.


The Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza Performing Arts Center Corporation
(a/k/a The Egg) was created by an act of Legislation in 1979 to provide Upstate New York’s
Capital Region with a world class performing arts center, to present the finest artistic talent in
New York State and to provide a venue for international artists. The Egg presents world class
modern dance and family entertainment, as well as a wide variety of music and theater events
within its two stages, the 980 seat Kitty Carlisle Hart Theater and the 450 seat Lewis A. Swyer
Theater. During its most recent season, The Egg hosted more than 250 events and was visited by
more than 87,000 people. Although predominantly local, The Egg’s audience comes from
Western Massachusetts, Syracuse, Poughkeepsie, the Adirondack Region, as well as national and
international tour groups. Through eclectic and varied programming, The Egg attracts diverse
audiences, bringing them together through the shared experience of artistic creation. The Egg
also provides space and develops programs for civic, governmental, performing arts, and other
cultural and entities, for the benefit of the citizens of New York State, as well as the departments
and agencies of New York State government.


The Egg is seeking a Vendor to provide a complete Box Office/Ticket Management and Fund
Raising/Membership Software system for the two performing arts venues including software
solution, installation, training and support and specified hardware. The Egg is are seeking
comprehensive proposals that include software, installation on networked computers and
field devices, training, support, and implementation. The Egg will consider solutions that
operate either in an in-house/licensed environment, a hosted/out-sourced environment, as an
application service provider (ASP), or a hybrid variation. If it appears that more than one
solution, hosting type, or project approach will meet the needs of The Egg, each solution
must be proposed separately so that The Egg can compare and contrast each proposal on its
own merits. If necessary, the primary Vendor may joint venture or subcontract with
professional service consultants and/or other Vendors; but any such ventures must be clearly
identified in the proposal.

Future Technical Direction
The vision for the future of information flow will be to have web-based applications for
integrating and viewing data from various sources including the Ticketing solution database.
The direction of The Egg is to develop web enabled applications using the generic web
platform, including the use of Internet Information Server (IIS), Visual Studio and FrontPage,
evolving towards a portal-based development approach. Application integration with
Windows-based security management facilities is desired, such as Active Directory. Solutions
that include web based or web-enabled technologies for application access and manipulation
are preferable. The Egg is also pursuing various wireless solutions.


Proposals should consider all aspects of operating Ticketing and Customer Relationship
Management for a complex of similar operational size and scope, including but not limited to
the minimum requirements:

I. General System Informatio n and Technical Requirem ents
Software must be compatible with:
• Microsoft Office

II. Required Box Office Software Modules and Features

        A. General Manageme nt/Event Building/Ticket Sales
              1) Test or training environment
              2) Easy to operate ticket selling system for cashiers
              3) Create and manage multiple venues and seating arrangements
              4) Create and manage ticket price scales, ticket types, service charges
               5) Select various levels of access from administrator to cashier
               6) Print and read bar codes on each ticket (with compatible scanners and
               ticket printers)
               7) Easily organize will call ticket sales, and individual and batch print
               8) Customer to select their own seats with some restrictions
               9) Ability to customize and print tickets with standard graphic formats (Jpeg,
               TIFF, etc)
               10) Viewable, easy to ready seating charts
               11) Accept multiple payment types in single transaction
               12) Support discounts, coupons and account credits
               13) Sell assigned and general seating tickets
               14) Provide reports on a variety of queries (by event, by date, year to year
               comparisons, etc)
               15) Print a variety of ticket formats
               16) All transactions logged in real-time
               17) Alert text on customers or events for cashier’s viewing
               18) Management of season ticket sales, renewals, reminders, waiting lists,
               ticket re-prints, unique ticket ID's
               19) Transactions can consist of multiple events
               20) Print receipts with transaction details
               21) Define additional user fees and charges
               22) Payment processions – handle scheduled payments/installments for
               23) Process in single transaction with multiple payments, scheduled payments
               and donations
               24) Program multiple shipping methods
               25) Quick retrieval of transactions with ability to cancel sales in the
               26) Produce credit or refund vouchers

B. Flexible Ticket Sales System/Subscriptio ns/Memberships
               1) Customize membership programs and collect and track membership data
               and account histories
               2) Identify members or customers as donors
               3) Handle group sales and create and track group sales database
               4) Support season and subscription ticketing requirements.
               5) Track ticket ownership and all transactions, including renewals, exchanges

C. Web Site/Web Sales
            1) Provide real-time information on web sales
            2) Manage web sales in-house (out sourced web sales may also be considered)
            3) Customer friendly format, "shopping cart" approach
            4) Provide web customers with safe and secure transactions
            5) All transactions logged in real-time
            6) Track web accounts; reduce duplication, ability to merge into existing
            7) Allow customers to monitor purchases, memberships and subscriptions
            8) Sell and renew subscriptions and memberships on line
            9) Confirmation e-mails to on-line customers

D. Comprehe nsive and Custo mizable Report Accounting Capabilities
               1) Ability to collect, report on all revenue, and include in event report
               2) Export reports or data into user defined GL accounts
               3) Report by cashier with individual log-ins/passwords
               4) Create fully customizable reports
               5) Interface with City accounting package and export data
               6) General reports such as daily sales, period sales, event reports,
               advertising/sponsors, seating, sales, accounts receivables, cashier reports,
               customer reports/history, member and subscription reports.

E. Credit Card Authorization
              1) Integrated real time credit card/debit card authorization system

F. Marketing
               1) Create mailing lists and labels from customer database
               2) Create e-mail lists and e-mails from customer database
               3) Create coupons and vouchers
               4) Mail merge to labels and word documents

G. Customer/Patron Data Base Managem ent Criteria
            1) Track and look up patrons and accounts using multiple methods of queries
            (i.e. by name, account number, phone number, etc)
            2) Real-time data capture
            3) Build customer profiles and capture customer data, create customer
            histories and preferences
            4) Handle multiple customer names, addresses or phone numbers
            5) Log in comments on customers
            6) Alert system for customer accounts
            7) Track customer history and preferences

H. Security
               1) User determined security access and privileges

I. Installation & Programming

J. Training

K. On-Going Technical Support, Software Updates, and Maintenance

The Egg also desires a solution that can manage memberships and donations. Proposals
containing this functionality should consider all aspects of membership, donation and
campaign management, including but not limited to:

I. Desired Box Office Software Modules/Features
        A. Fund development
               1) Track pledges, donations, sponsorship, create donor database

       B. Volunteer Management
              1) Complete volunteer database, schedules, hours worked, notes, recognitions

       C. Point of Sale System
               1) Process merchandise sales through point of sale system that integrates with
               ticketing software and reports

       D. Concessions
              1) Process food and beverage sales through point of sale system that
              integrates with ticketing software and reports


The Egg Box Office is located on the Concourse Level of the Empire State Plaza
approximately 2 to 4 levels below the physical performing arts center. The box office
consists of 3 customer service windows – two (2) sales and one (1) administrative. The box
office is equipped with two incoming voice phone lines and one data phone line. This
proposal should cover the costs of the software, licenses, installation and training for The
Egg’s set up, and also include an option for networking the other Egg administrative office
computers (approx 7) to access the software at varying times.

* Number of Software Licenses Required: 5 - 7
* Projected Number of Annual Tickets Sold: 90,000 +


Vendors are requested to provide quotations and specifications on the following compatible
hardware/peripheral equipment.

1. Hand held ticket scanners (5)
2. Desk top ticket scanner (1)
3. Thermal ticket printer (1)

Vendors are requested to provide quotations and specifications on the conversion of current
Egg data.


Each proposal must contain, but is not limited to, the following elements to assist the
evaluation team in its review of your Proposal. One (1) signed original and three (3)
copies of the proposal shall be submitted and shall contain the following sections:

A) Cover Letter: The letter shall specifically stipulate that the Vendor accepts all terms and
conditions contained in the Request for Proposal. The letter must also state the name(s) of
the person(s) authorized to represent the Vendor in any negotiations and the name(s) of the
person(s) authorized to sign the contract that may result. The cover letter should not exceed
two (2) pages in length and may summarize the proposal and qualifications. If you are
proposing more than one solution, please provide pricing for each individual solution

B) Proposal:

1) Statement of Qualifications: The statement of qualifications shall be no more than two (2)
pages in length and must include the following:
        a) Company Profile: Include company history, organization, and location
2) References: Vendor must submit as part of their proposal, a minimum of three (3)
references. Preferable references must:
        a) Be of comparable size and mission to The Egg’s and scope of the requirements of
        this RFP
        b) Utilize the same version of the system proposed for a minimum of 90 days
        c) Preferably be located in New York State or the eastern United States.
                 (i) Vendor shall use the provided "Reference Sheet":
                 • Company Name, Business Address, Name and Title of authorized person to
                 sign this RFP and contracts, Phone Number of Contact, Description of
                 System, including version number and date installed.

3) Project Team: Provide the project manager, the names and roles of key staff, and any
Sub-Vendor(s) involved.

       a) Sub-Vendors: If it becomes necessary for the Vendor to substitute and/or add a Sub-
       contractor, the Vendor will identify the proposed new Sub-contractor and the work to
       be performed. The Vendor must provide detailed justification documenting the
       necessity for the substitution or addition. Vendor may submit a Proposal that includes
       products and/or services from several sources, as needed. However, the primary
       Vendor shall be solely responsible to The Egg for the implementation effort. Other
       relationships, if any, shall be clearly identified in the Proposal as sub-Vendors.

4) Implementation Plan: Vendor shall submit a timeline/project schedule for project
implementation. The timeline should begin with the event, “Contract Execution” and end
with the event “ Ticketing Go Live.” Actual dates or elapsed days may be used in developing
the timeline.

       a) All plans identified shall include the actual personnel, hours, materials, travel, etc.
       necessary to accomplish the tasks. Plans shall identify out-of-town travel required
       and the home office of personnel to be used. Vendor shall submit a plan for
       installation of software on networked computers, desktop computers, and field

       b) The Egg is scheduled to start selling tickets for the 2006-2007 season in April
       2006. This deadline dictates the timeline for implementation of the Ticketing
       Solution. Installation will start after approval of the contract on or about February
       15, 2006.
       Vendor must indicate if they are able to deliver the proposed solution within these
       time frames.

5) Training: An Implementation Schedule as defined by The Egg is absolute. The schedule
must be strictly adhered to. The system is being implemented based on this schedule and the
administration of the system must not delay the start date.

       a) The Egg requires technical support and backend training for:
       • Four to six (4 – 6 ) Egg Services Staff ( 2 – 4 end-users and 2 IS Staff).

       b) Vendor shall submit a training plan that outlines the proposed training for the
       system. The Vendor's training plan will identify:
       • Training staff: Describe the size and assumed skill levels of each group and the
       functional responsibilities covered in each session
       • Hours
       • Materials
       c) Assistance and on going training will continue until staff is comfortable with the
       software and hardware

       d) The training will be on site at The Egg in Albany, NY.

6) Minimum Software Requirements: Vendor shall provide detailed information on Minimum
Software Requirements on all hardware needed to run the software. Vendor is asked to provide
the following submittals to assist with the evaluation process:
        a) Samples of menus, screens, and defined reports should be provided as a part of the

       b) A functional diagram of all components of the proposed solution.

       c) A separate table that lists all the components, with following information for each:
               • Product name
               • Brief functional description
               • Indication as to whether the component is essential or optional for each
               level of functionality proposed by the Vendor
               • Indication as to whether the component is owned and developed by the
               Vendor, or is Bundled Technology, or is Third Party Technology.
               • Indication as to whether a Bundled Technology component is licensed under
               any special terms and conditions (e.g., a third-party sublicense agreement).
               • Vendor contact information for any Third Party Technology that is

7) Optional Software: The Egg understands that there may be optional modules or products
that The Egg may not have considered as part of the scope of this RFP. Please list these
optional modules or products in a table titled “Options to The Egg” that lists the same
information as above.

8) System Documentation: The Vendor will provide one copy of system administration
documentation for hardware, operating software and applications software. This system
administration documentation should describe installation procedures, configuration,
troubleshooting, maintenance, workflow/process flow, and contain a system diagram. In
addition, Vendors shall be prepared to supply, in the future, one copy of all user
documentation as well as training manuals to assist in the product evaluation process. The
Egg understands that the Vendor may consider system documentation and training manuals to
be proprietary information. The Egg intends to use these documents during the Proposal
evaluation phase only. Documentation will be returned to Vendor when the evaluation is
completed if requested

9) Hardware Requirements: Vendor shall provide detailed information on all hardware
requirements. Vendor should provide all details and supporting documentation necessary to
prove that the proposed items meet the requirements needed to run the software.

10) Warranty and Support: The solution supplied under this specification shall be fully
guaranteed by the Vendor for a minimum period of one (1) year from the date of acceptance
by The Egg (“Warranty Period”). During the Warranty Period, Vendor warrants that the
solution will function without any deviation between the solution and its documentation. Any
defects of design, workmanship, or materials shall be fully corrected by the Vendor (including
any parts and labor) without cost to The Egg. Vendor shall submit a detailed description of
their warranty
11) Extended Warranty and Maintenance: After the expiration of the Warranty Period, the
Vendor shall provide a continuing maintenance program to begin at the date and time of the
expiration of the Warranty Period. Details and pricing options of extended warranty shall be
included in this section of the RFP including descriptions of software update frequency and
processes, problem tracking procedures, methods of notification, support response times
including Vendor specified business hours and rates, and all after hour rates.

C) Price Proposal: The Vendor must provide pricing for their proposed solution(s). The
Egg reserves the right to pursue direct purchase of any and all items and services proposed.
Include pricing for each separate module or component of the proposed solution, and costs of
any modifications necessary to fully comply with the RFP specifications. If a multi-phase
implementation is required or proposed, the costs for each phase shall be shown separately.
Vendor shall make clear the rationale and basis of calculation for all fees. The Vendor shall
provide price information for:

1) Base Software Solution Pricing:
        a) Ticketing
        b) Customer Relationship Management Functionality
        c) Membership
        d) Donation Functionality
        e) Other Options to the City

2) System Documentation

3) System Requirements: Required Third Party Software and hardware that must be purchased
through Vendor.

4) Custom Work (prices quoted may be Not to Exceed but cannot be TBD or Time and

5) Installation and Setup

6) Training

7) Travel for all work to be performed including but not limited to installation and training
(prices quoted may be Not to Exceed but cannot be TBD or Time and Materials)

8) Maintenance:
        a) Year one (1) Maintenance and Support (to begin concurrently with Warranty
        b) Extended Maintenance (Years 2-5)
        c) Basis for Extending Maintenance beyond Year 5 (i.e., maintenance will be
        extended with a certain percentage increase maximum)

9) Software License Fees:
        a) Explain all factors that could affect licensing fees
        b) Make clear what type of license is offered for each price (perpetual, annual, named
        user, concurrent user, installed copies, MIPS-based, etc.)
        c) Indicate which Product versions, Operating Platform(s), and machine classes are
        included for each price
        d) Indicate whether a Product is for “server” or “client,” as appropriate
       e) Make clear the extent of any implementation services that are included in the
       license fees (installation, configuration, training, etc.)
10) Hardware:
       a) Ticket Printers
       b) Handheld scanners
       c) Desktop scanners

D) Security Components: For in-house or hybrid solutions, Vendor shall describe and
identify System security components including, but not limited to:

1) System Controls including - backup requirements, methods or capabilities, proprietary
built-in security features, and active user account requirements.

2) Account Management including privilege levels, functions that require database or system
administrative authority, and ability to configure passwords and account lockout settings

3) System Vulnerabilities

4) System Authentication Methods

5) System Communication Methods including how web, application, and/or database systems
communicate between systems.

6) System Auditing Capabilities including what auditing is configurable and recommended to
monitor for unauthorized access

7) Encryption Methods including what kind of encryption is used for data, certificates, and
user credentials.

8) Remote Access Methods available or required including what management and use of the
application can/will be done over the Internet

9) System Architecture including the requirements for integration into The Egg’s

10) Physical Security including what measure of physical security for servers beyond The
Egg’s standard controlled data center environment should be of some concern.

11) Operating System Security including any permission that should be set on files and
directories to further mitigate the risk of system compromise and what level of access users
of the application require to critical or sensitive application/database files. If the proposed
system is web enabled, identify if the system validates input on all fields, identify the process
used to perform input validation, identify if the proposed system uses web listeners and what
listeners are used, and identify if the proposed system relies on client side data.

12) If any part of the proposed solution is hosted at a location under the control of the
Vendor, the Vendor must provide a description of the security infrastructure for such a hosted


Selection of qualified Vendors to advance for further evaluation will be based on, but not
limited to, the following: quality and completeness of submitted proposal; understanding of
project objectives; project approach; experience and expertise with public agencies and
similar types of efforts and references. Interviews will be held with the most qualified
  Interviews will be held at The Egg, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12220 and will last
approximately 60 minutes. Candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview on:
DATE: January 9 – January 13, 2006
TIME: Between the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM.
LOCATION: The Egg Administrative Offices located on the concourse level.


Selection of the successful proposal will be based on a weighted evaluation of: price; verifiable
references of projects of a similar size; the vendor's ability to meet The Egg's schedule; the
proposed system's overall design and appropriateness to meet The Egg’s needs, training
schedule and documentation.

The Egg expressly reserves the right to negotiate with several Vendors simultaneously and,
thereafter, to award a contract to the Vendor presenting the most favorable proposal and
terms to The Egg. Negotiations may or may not be conducted with Vendors; therefore, the
proposal(s) submitted should contain Vendor's most favorable terms and conditions, with
detailed specifications as proposed, since the selection and award may be made without
discussion with any Vendor.


Reference at least three (3) clients that are similar in size and mission to The Egg and have
completed projects similar to this request for proposal. Please list other performing arts
venues first.

Co mpany Name        :
Co mpany Address :
Co ntact Name & Title           :
Telephone #          :
Fax #                :
E-Mail Address       :
Project Descriptio n :

Co mpany Name        :
Co mpany Address :
Co ntact Name & Title           :
Telephone #          :
Fax #                :
E-Mail Address       :
Project Descriptio n :

Co mpany Name        :
Co mpany Address :
Co ntact Name & Title           :
Telephone #          :
Fax #                :
E-Mail Address       :
Project Descriptio n :


The Egg is requesting the Vendor to submit added options as specified in this RFP. Should
budget allow, The Egg may or may not accept any or all options proposed by Vendor and
shall not be held to any obligation. The decision to accept one or more of available options
will be solely based on funds available. Options are considered to software, hardware, etc., that
is for the purpose of enhancing the minimum required modules, components, etc, for a
functional solution. These options shall be listed and priced separately from the minimum
requirements of proposed system.


Below is a pricing for summarization of your proposal as submitted based on the above
requirements for "Price Proposal" on page 15, letter "C".

1) Base Software Solution                                       $_____________________

2) Options                                                      $_____________________

3) Training Program Charges                                     $_____________________

4) Installation Charges                                         $_____________________

5) Other Charges                                                $_____________________

6) TOTAL                                                        $_____________________


The Vendor hereby acknowledges that Addenda Nos._____, _____, _____, to this proposal
have been received, if any (Vendor insert Addendum No. Of each Addendum received).
Vendor understands failure to acknowledge any addenda issued may cause the proposal to be
considered non-responsive. Vendor may contact Matthew Moross at 518-473-1851 at The
Egg to confirm the number of addenda (if any) that have been sent.

You may submit a pricing sheet detailing your price submittal if the above form does not
correctly reflect all charges and cost. Description of items and their corresponding pricing
must be clear and concise. Use a separate sheet clearly marked PRICING SHEET.


Our complete proposal is attached. Other supporting documentation as requested or required
is also attached.

Co mpany Name          :

Co ntact               :

Title                  :

Address                :

City & State           :

Telephone #            :

Fax #                  :

E-Mail Address         :

Cash discount terms :

Signed/Corporate Office                                        Date


*** Submittals Due: January 13, 2006 by 5:00 P.M.***

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