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      Humans are the most remarkable creatures of nature, with more than 190
bones, responsible for the smoothness of motions. By their strength joints are
outmatching all artificial mechanical inventions.

Thanks to the joints bones are delivering the ability of movement one to another
and thus we are able to live our life naturally.

The most common joint disease is arthritis and arthritis in hands. It is a serious
disease of our motor system and attacks bigger joints like knees, fingers and hip
joints. The main reason of developing arthritis is inflammatory reaction inside
the joint. That’s why it is very important to pay attention to all the items that are
helping us to prevent inflammatory and keep our joints in perfect conditions.

Recent researches are showing that using healthy bio foods are decreasing the
risk of arthritis in hands and fingers, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.
There are plenty of other diseases like diabetes, heartache diseases, high blood
pressure and many more that can be caused by consuming artificial foods. Bio
foods are containing nearly 50% more minerals and vitamins than the
conventional food. Fruits and vegetables with bad taste are often the ones that
contain most of the useful ingredients and help us to clean our body from toxins.

It is recommended to maintain individually adjusted food regime with balance.
One day of starving in every week is also a positive cleaning diet. Such therapy
gives the body a chance to free from toxins and bad deposits – foods that are
eaten daily are creating acid reactions and sometimes can lead to numerous

On the other hand natural factors like – clean air, water, sun can increase
defensive strength of our immune system. Drinking water with a small quantity
of salt can solve the problem lacking water in joints and treat arthritis.

One other method to relief arthritis is mud baths, which are preferred by a lot of
people, because the results are more than good. There is a theory which states
that the elements in mud are penetrated in the skin and then heal joints and
tissues. Mud baths are also treating whole nerves.

The most important thing is motion. You have to be sure that your blood cells
are circulating throughout your body. The stronger the circulation is the more
blood will reach infected parts. Blood has the ability to clean and heal. Our
common day should include time for exercises like walking or other light
activities. You should not perform heavy tasks that will load seriously the joints.
For every 15 to 20 minutes of exercises you should consider a rest time. The
perfect sport is swimming, because you can load joints while water will
eliminate the force of gravity. Rest and exercise should be changed at even
intervals and escape position of the joints that can lead to trauma.

Alternative to conventional medicine is the herbal treatment, which can treat
arthritis with minimal side effects. Old Indian tradition herbs like turmeric, basil
and others are powerful anti-inflammatory agent and are strong pain relief to all
arthritic diseases.

Modern technology of magnetic fields is gaining popularity. It is used to treat
soft tissues, bones and joints after surgery or other traumatic events.

More information about arthritis and immune system can be found here

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