Meaningful Learning by ewghwehws


									Meaningful Learning

  The Constuctivist Theory of
Meaningful Learning is
• Students must be doing something
  to learn
  • In this activity students will complete a
    Constitution scavenger hunt.
  • They will complete research in the
    computer lab
  • Students will present their findings to
    the class
  • Students will vote on a final resolution
Meaningful Learning is
• Students must connect new information to
  previous knowledge
  • Students will become acquainted to the
    Constitution through exposure to the primary
    document in the scavenger hunt and through
    lecture in class.
  • The textbook will outline the debate surrounding
    the Philadelphia Convention
  • Students will use this previous knowledge and
    connect it to the new information they uncover
    during research
  • Students will construct their opinion on the
    proper role and way to organize government
Meaningful Learning is
• Students will learn with a specific
  goal in mind.
  • The Constitution is the organizing
    document that has governed our country
    for over 200 years. It’s essential that
    students are exposed to this document.
    Their specific goal is to uncover how
    this document came to be while also
    discovering the backbone of American
    government: compromise.
Meaningful Learning is
• Meaningful learning occurs in
  situations that are real for students.
  • Students will form some opinions that
    they may carry with them the rest of
    their lives. The issue of the role of
    government will help them determine
    their political ideals. They will share
    these ideals in ongoing blog entries.
    Learning about the Constitution is also
    an important civics lesson. Every
    citizen should be well acquainted with
    this document.
Meaningful Learning is
• Others are involved in helping
  students learn.
  • Students will work in groups to aid each
    other in their exploration of the
    Constitution and research of a particular
    state. Students will also debate in small
    and large group settings on the role of
  • The teacher will provide scaffolding in
    the form of lectures and helpful

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