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Meal Planning


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									Meal Planning
    A two-course

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What should we think about when
planning meals?

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Which dish is more attractive?

                  Dish B
 Dish A
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If you want to have a balanced diet, we can take
the healthy diet pyramid as a guide to plan our

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Principles of meal
   Nutritional balance
   family needs
   attractive food
   seasons and occasions
   economy

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The usual patterns of a two-course
meal in Chinese style
     Pattern 1
     A soup + 1 main dish + plain rice
     An example
     Fish balls and lettuce soup
     Sweet and sour pork

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The usual patterns of a
two-course meal
   Pattern 2
   2 main dishes + plain rice
   An example
   Stir-fried chicken wings with potato
    and carrot
   Stewed mixed vegetables in curry

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Stir-fried chicken fillets
with mango

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Stir-fried chicken Fillets with

     Ingredients
     200 g chicken fillets
     1 large mango
     1/2 green pepper
     1/2 red pepper
     2 tbsp. Oil
     2 shallots

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   Seasoning for
   1/4 tsp salt
   1/4 tsp sugar
   1 tsp corn flour
                               Sauce
                               1 tsp vinegar
   1 tsp light soy sauce
                               1 tbsp sugar
   a little sesame oil
                               1/2 tbsp tomato
                               2 tbsp water

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    1. Clean and dry chicken fillets.
     Cut into strips. Season and mix
    2. Clean and cut the mango, green
     and red peppers into strips. Peel
     and slice the shallots.
    3. Prepare the sauce.

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How to share the tasks
   Student A             Student B
   1. Clean, dry         1. Clean and cut
    chicken fillets.       the mango, green
    Cut into strips        and red peppers
   2. Add                 into strips.
    seasonings. Mix       2. Prepare the
    well.                  sauce.
   3. Wash the           3. Wash the
    utensils.              utensils.

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   4. Heat 2 Tbsp oil and saute the
    shallots. Add the chicken fillets
    and stir fry well.
   5. Add the green and red peppers
    and the sauce. Stir fry until the
    sauce thickens
   6. Add the mango. Stir well. Serve

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