th Annual Scout Egg Drop Day at Dodger Stadium

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					        11th Annual Scout Egg Drop Day
               at Dodger Stadium 
   Test the laws of gravity! Challenge your scouts to a 6-story Egg Drop Contest
                          DODGERS VS. ASTROS
     at Dodger Stadium! Engineer the perfect device that will keep a raw egg
             SATURDAY, JULY 10, 2004 • 7:10PM
                                   from breaking!
               TICKETS START AT ONLY $6.00!
                      September 29th, TICKETS OR INFO
          CALL 323-224-1565 FOR at TBD*
                        11th Annual Egg Drop Contest Prior to Game!
                       Northridge Hospital Children’s Assault Treatment Services Night
                                 Saturday, July 10th vs. Houston @ 7:10 p.m.

 I would like to order ________# of Outer Reserve tickets at $12.00 each                      = $_________

 I would like to order ________# of Pavilion tickets at $6.00 each        = $_________
                                                            Handling fee  = $5.00
                                                            Total         = $_________
 Method of Payment – Orders will be mailed to customer at address given below.
 Make (1) Check or Money Order payable to Los Angeles Dodgers
 Please Charge my credit card:   [] Mastercard [] Visa [] American Express [] Diner’s Club
 Card Number: ____________________________________
 Exp Date:____________Zip of Billing Address_________ H o w t o pl a c e y our o rd e r:
 Signature: ________________________________________ a i l: Los A ng e les D od g ers
                                                          Ticket Prices n:              Rob e r t T hac k e r
 Name: ___________________________________________ 0 0 0 E lys i a n P ark A ve n ue
                                Preferred Field Box                                          $30
                                                                           L o s A n gel e s , C A 9 0 0 12
 Address: _________________________________________
                       Preferred Loge Box                            $25
                                                  323-224-1565 - phone
 City: __________________________ Zip: ____________ 323-224-1530 – fax $20
                          Infield Reserve
                         Lower Reserve                           
 Phone: ___________________________________________
                                            Reserve                                                      $12
                                     with Field Receipt of this                                  BE RECEIVED BY JULY 2ND
                                                                      ORDERS MUSTpurchase of tickets. All tickets are subject to
    There are no returns or refunds Leftthis offer. Pavilion form does not guarantee a                   $18
                                                   serve basis. The Dodgers and
   availability and are sold on a first come, firstRight Field Pavilion Northridge Hospital are not liable for lost or stolen tickets.
                     All You Can Eat                                                                     $30
                                        Orders must be received by July 2nd and will be mailed to customer.
                                           Top Deck                                                      $10
                           Egg Drop Only Entrance Fee                                                    $10

                         Plus Specialized 2012 Scout Patches for $2 each!

 To order or more info                                                                                         All You Can Eat
  Call 323.224.4287 or                                                                                          Pavilion $30
                                                                                                                 Right Pavilion Ticket
 *GAME TIME SUBJECT                                                                                                       &
                                                                                                               Unlimited Dodger Dogs,
TO CHANGE DUE TO MLB                                                                                          Nachos, Peanuts, Popcorn,
       RULES*                                                                                                   Coca-Cola Products &
                                                                       Scout Day at Dodger Stadium
                                                                                      September 29th, Saturday @ TBD
                                                                                       Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Colorado Rockies
                                                                                     11th Annual Egg Drop Contest Prior to Game!
                                                                                                          For more info call 323.224.4287
                                                                                                                  Ticket Prices
                                                                                   Preferred Field Box                                           $30
                                                                                   Preferred Loge Box                                            $25
                                                                                     Infield Reserve                                             $20
                                                                                     Lower Reserve                                               $15
                                                                                         Reserve                                                 $12
                                                                                    Left Field Pavilion                                          $18
                                                                           All You Can Eat Right Field Pavilion                                  $30
Scout Day at Dodger Stadium                                                              Top Deck                                                $10
                                                                                  Egg Drop Event Only                                            $10

COUNCIL, PACK, UNIT, TROOP NUMBER: ______________________________________________

FIRST & LAST NAME: _____________________________________________________________

SHIPPING ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________

CITY: ________________________ STATE: ____ ZIP: ________ TELEPHONE: ________________

TELEPHONE: ____________ FAX: ____________ EMAIL: _________________________________________

                                                    Ticket                     # of                       Price per
                    Game Date                                                                                                            Total Cost
                                                   Location                  Tickets                       Ticket
 Order 1         Sept., 29 2010                                                                           $
 Order 2         Sept., 29 2010                                                                           $
 Patches         Scout Patches                                                                            $2.00
           MAIL Order Form to: Los Angeles Dodgers                                                       Service Fee                          $10.00
                                Attn: Eric Boujo
                               1000 Elysian Park Avenue
                               Los Angeles, CA 90012
                                                                                                         Grand Total
           FAX Order Form to: 323.224.4294
Or         Order by Phone Call 323.224.4287
           Email: ericb@

METHOD OF PAYMENT:                            CHECK_______              payable to: Dodger Tickets LLC    CREDIT CARD________                 CASH_________

CREDIT CARD NUMBER: ___________________________________BILLING ZIP: __________

EXPIRATION DATE: ________ (circle one):                                       MC              AMEX             VISA

Dodgers would like to send you information about special offers from us and our sponsors. If you do not wish to receive this information, please check this box. ___ For
information on Dodgers ‘ privacy practices, please email Thank You. Please remember that due to the discount, there are NO returns,
exchanges, or refunds. Seating is limited for these special programs and receipt of this form with payment does not guarantee the purchase of tickets. All tickets are
subject to availability and are sold on a first come, first served basis. Ticket orders may be placed in person at the box office, again subject to availability, however a 24
hour period may be required in order to print your ticket order.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: _____________________ DATE MAILED: _____________________________

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