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Free Knitting Classes and Knit Patterns From Charity Knit for by leader6


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Free Knitting Classes and Knit Patterns From Charity
Knit for orphans and charity and get free knitting classes and patterns.

  /24-7PressRelease/ - January 21, 2006 - If you enjoy the relaxation of knitting and the feeling of contributing to a good
cause, a non-profit organization called Warm Woolies is just the place for you. Knitting enthusiasts create warm clothing,
which is collected by Warm Woolies and donated to orphanages around the world.

"In 2005, we're knitting for children living in orphanages in Russia, Kazakhstan, and China, and on tribal reservations in
South Dakota," says a spokesperson for the organization. Their goal for this year is to knit 1,500 pieces of warm wool
clothing for these children.

On the website you can gain access to free knitting patterns / instructions and links to free knitting
classes on the web.

If you live in the Denver metro area, Warm Woolies will even supply the yarn, patterns and needles for you to get started. All
you have to do is knit away!

Don't like to knit? You can still help by donating the old-fashioned way with cold, hard cash. Get more information at the
following pages:
How To Contribute
Free Knitting Patterns
Free Knitting Lessons

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