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					               CHILDREN’S ACQUISITIONS MAY 2006

Andreae, Giles, There's a house inside my mommy, ANDREAE
Aston, Dianna Hutts, An egg is quiet, ASTON
Awdry, W., Thomas the tank engine, AWDRY
Bailey, Linda, Stanley's wild ride, BAILEY
Bryan, Sean, A girl and her gator, BRYAN
Chichester Clark, Emma, Will and Squill, CLARK
Coyle, Carmela LaVigna, Do princesses really kiss frogs? COYLE
Coyle, Carmela LaVigna, Do princesses wear hiking boots? COYLE
Danneberg, Julie, Cowboy Slim, DANNEBERG
Fisher, Valorie, How high can a dinosaur count?: and other math mysteries, FISHER
Frazier, Craig, Stanley goes fishing, FRAZIER
Gerstein, Mordicai, Carolinda Clatter GERSTEIN
Henkes, Kevin, Lilly's big day HENKES
Ingpen, Robert R, The Dreamkeeper: a letter to Alice Elizabeth from her grandfather,
Isadora, Rachel, What a family!, ISADORA
Keller, Holly, Farfallina & Marcel, KELLER
Kromhout, Rindert, Little Donkey and the baby-sitter, KROMHOUT
Mayhew, James, The knight who took all day, MAYHEW
McDonnell, Patrick, Art, MCDONNELL
Meschenmoser, Sebastian, Learning to fly, MESCHENMOSER
Moncomble, Gérard, Pippin, MONCOMBLE
O'Leary, Sara, When you were small, O'LEARY
Ryder, Joanne, Won't you be my hugaroo? RYDER
Sakai, Komako, Emily's balloon, SAKAI
Shahan, Sherry, Spicy hot colors: colores picantes, SHAHAN
Simmons, Jane, Quack, Daisy, quack!, SIMMONS
Smith, Lane, John, Paul, George & Ben SMITH
Wargin, Kathy-jo, A mother's wish, WARGIN
Winter, Jeanette, Mama, WINTER
Wise, William, Zany zoo, WISE

Forest, Heather, A big quiet house: a Yiddish folktale, J 398.2 FOREST
Hausman, Gerald, Horses of myth, J 398.2 HAUSMAN
MacDonald, Margaret Read, Conejito: a folktale from Panama, J 398.2 MACDONALD
Oliver, Narelle, Mermaids most amazing, J 398.2 OLIVER

Challoner, Jack, Eyewitness hurricane & tornado, 551.5 CHALLONER
Rylant, Cynthia, The journey: stories of migration, 591.54 RYLANT
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Gonyea, Mark, A book about design: complicated doesn't make it good , 745.4 GONYEA
Vickrey, Anne Einset, The art of feltmaking: basic techniques for making jewelry,
miniatures, dolls, buttons, wearables, puppets, masks, and fine art pieces 746 VICKREY
Okey, Shannon, Knitgrrl 2: learn to knit with 16 all-new patterns, 746.43 OKEY
Suzuki, Katsuno, Finger knitting 1: handknit projects for kids of all ages, 746.43 SUZUKI
Cressy, Judith, Can you find it, too? 759 CRESSY

Florian, Douglas, Handsprings: poems & paintings, 811 FLORIAN
Lewis, J. Patrick, Wing nuts: screwy haiku, 811 JANECZKO

Adams, Simon, World War I, 940.4 ADAMS

Schwartz, David M. Superabuelo, 468 SCHWARTZ

De Paola, Tomie, I'm still scared, DEPAOLA
Bustard, Anne, Buddy: the story of Buddy Holly, HOLLY
Rodriguez, Rachel, Through Georgia's eyes, KEEFE
Millman, Isaac, Hidden child, MILLMAN
Kraske, Robert, Marooned: the strange but true adventures of Alexander Selkirk, the real
Robinson Crusoe, SELKIRK

Bryant, Jennifer, Call me Marianne, BRYANT
Higginson, Hadley, Keeker and the sneaky pony, HIGGINSON
Howe, James, Houndsley and Catina, HOWE
Hurwitz, Johanna, Pee Wee's tale, HURWITZ
Mauner, Claudia, Zoe Sophia in New York: the mystery of the Pink Phoenix papers, MAUNER
Rodda, Emily, The water sprites, RODDA
Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman, Olivia Sharp: the sly spy, SHARMAT
Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman, Olivia Sharp: the green toenails gang, SHARMAT
Tripp, Valerie, Felicity learns a lesson: a school story, TRIPP
Tripp, Valerie, Changes for Felicity: a winter story, TRIPP
Tripp, Valerie, Happy birthday, Felicity! :a springtime story, TRIPP
Tripp, Valerie, Felicity saves the day: a summer story, TRIPP
Tripp, Valerie, Meet Felicity: an American girl, TRIPP
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Bryant, Jennifer, Pieces of Georgia, BRYANT
Cohn, Rachel, Two steps forward, COHN
Colfer, Eoin, Half-Moon investigations, COLFER
Elliott, David, Evangeline Mudd and the great mink escapade, ELLIOTT
Fleischman, Sid, The giant rat of Sumatra: or, Pirates galore, FLEISCHMAN
Holm & Hamel, You only have nine lives: stink files #3, HOLM
Kadohata, Cynthia, Weedflower, KADOHATA
Lawrence, Caroline, The enemies of Jupiter, LAWRENCE
Lerangis, Peter, Smiler's bones, LERANGIS
Levine, Ellen, Catch a tiger by the toe, LEVINE
Lin, Grace, The year of the dog, LIN
MacGregor, Roy, The complete Screech Owls, MACGREGOR
Mason, Simon, The Quigleys in a spin, MASON
Parkinson, Siobhán, Something invisible, PARKINSON
Reiche, Dietlof, The haunting of Freddy: book four in the golden hamster saga, REICHE
Riordan, Rick, The sea of monsters, RIORDAN
Sage, Angie, Flyte, SAGE
Stauffacher, Sue, Harry Sue, STAUFFACHER
Turner, Megan Whalen, The king of Attolia, TURNER
Wolfson, Jill, What I call life, WOLFSON
Yee, Lisa, Stanford Wong flunks big-time, YEE

Averett, Edward, The rhyming season, AVERETT
Budhos, Marina Tamar, Ask me no questions, BUDHOS
Cabot, Meg, Party princess, CABOT
Castellucci, Cecil, The queen of cool, CASTELLUCCI
Jones, Patrick, Nailed, JONES
Knox, Elizabeth, Dreamhunter: book one of the dreamhunter duet, KNOX
Korman, Gordon, Born to rock, KORMAN
Larbalestier, Justine, Magic lessons, LARBALESTIER
Lester, Julius, Time's memory LESTER
Mayall, Beth, Mermaid Park, MAYALL
Patterson, James, Maximum Ride: the angel experiment, PATTERSON
Salisbury, Graham, Eyes of the emperor, SALISBURY
Ursu, Anne, The shadow thieves, URSU
Waltman, Kevin, Learning the game, WALTMAN
Wittlinger, Ellen, Sandpiper, WITTLINGER
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Hirst, Mike, Freedom of belief, 323.44 HIRST
Parks, Peggy J, Exploring Mars, 629.45 PARKS
Seiple, Samantha, Mutants, clones, and killer corn: unlocking the secrets of biotechnology,
660.6 SEIPLE
Clee, Paul, Before Hollywood: from shadow play to the silver screen, 778.5 CLEE
Fandel, Jennifer, Puns, allusions, and other word secrets, 811 FANDEL
Fandel, Jennifer, Rhyme, meter, and other word music, 811 FANDEL
Fandel, Jennifer, Keats, Shakespeare, and other wordsmiths, 811 FANDEL
Fandel, Jennifer, Metaphors, similes, and other word pictures, 811 FANDEL
Barber, Nicola, Everyday life in the Ancient Arab and Islamic world , 909 BARBER
Iraq, 956.704 NAKAYA
Afghanistan, 958.104 EINFELD

Locke, Juliane, England's Jane: the story of Jane Austen , AUSTEN
Fleming, Candace, Our Eleanor: a scrapbook look at Eleanor Roosevelt's remarkable life, E.

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