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                                                                            Wanda                                            "We have a
                                                                                                                             passion for our
                                                                         Grabowski                                           business and we
                                                                                                                             create every
                                                                                                                             home as if it
                                                                             PRESIDENT, I.G. CONSTRUCTION
                                                                         847.520.1525 | www.igconstruction.com               was our own."

                                                                                            As a native of Poland, Wanda came to the Unites States by
                                                                                            herself shortly after earning her master’s degree in
                                                                                            Sociology, Pedagogics and Education.

                                                                                            After taking small jobs to make ends meet, Wanda met her
                                                                                            husband Adam, who had also come to America with the
                                                                                            same determination to succeed in business. Together they
                                                                                            formed I.G. Construction, naming the company after their
                                                                                            first-born daughter Isabel.

                                                                                            The husband-and-wife team oversees the complete
                                                                                            construction process together, assuring that every standard
                                                                                            is met in the production process from start to finish.

                                                                                            Everything in the high-end luxury homes they create is
                                                                                            flawless from the inside out. With I.G. Construction, its not
                                                                                            just the appearance, but the quality of craftsmanship that
                                                                                            enhances their first-rate reputation. From the quality of
                                                                                            heating in the floor to the stone in the fireplaces, no detail is
                                                                                            overlooked. Wanda and Adam travel across the globe to find
                                                                                            the finest in hand-made cabinetry, hand-crafted wood,
                                                                                            marble and more.

                                                                                            After spending much time across the globe searching for the
                                                                                            best products on the market, Wanda and Adam are currently
                                                                                            expanding their empire to include a new company that will
                                                                                            offer their clients access to top-notch imports like hand-
                                                                                            carved stone, Italian marble, exquisite tiling, statues and
                                                                                            countertops, available exclusively for their elite clientele.

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