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					                                                                                              PCM Homes
                                                                                              Going Green
Going green has been taken to a whole new level
here in Oakville. Everyone has heard of green in one
form or another, but green luxury homes, although
available in some areas are a lot less talked about.
Project and Construction Management Inc., PCM,
is in the forefront of energy efficient building in
Oakville and will stop at nothing to ensure the highest
quality of energy efficiency is met. “Setting the
standards that others can follow,” is a statement that
PCM lives by each and everyday.

Everyone enjoys and deserves their comforts and
luxuries, however such a lifestyle is directly linked
to the exorbitant consumption of carbon producing
energy. “First and foremost we would like the next
generations after us to have a planet to live in once
we have lived in it too – and believe it or not, we
can have the same energy consumption and lifestyle
but with the possibility to become more ‘planet’
friendly or conscious which is achieved by the use
of all kinds of readily available technologies today,”
Jardino explains. “These technologies may be a
little costly yet and possibly not as dollar-efficient if
used in average $500,000 homes, but when speaking
about multi-million dollar homes that can consume
an average of $1,500 in utilities per month it really is
stupid that most of these homes are still being built
without green elements such as Geothermal and Solar
Energy. In fact it should be a condition on a building
permit to have proper green elements in all of our
luxury homes.”
                                                            Example of an Energy Star Luxury Home Built by PCM Inc. in South East Oakville.
Although they have been around for decades,
geothermal ground-source heating and cooling
                                                            burning of fossil fuels – as well as with the processing
systems have drastically increased in popularity over
                                                            and transporting of these fuels. The systems also help
the past couple of years. These systems use the earth
                                                            maintain a comfortable humidity level inside homes.
as a direct source of energy, taking advantage of the
                                                            Because they don’t rely on outside air for combustion,
fact that several feet below the ground the earth has
                                                            they minimize the amount of outdoor pollutants and
a fairly consistent temperature. During the winter
                                                            pollens circulating inside the home, which in the end
the ground temperature is warmer than the air, and
                                                            may benefit allergy sufferers.
in the summer it’s cooler than the air. Because of
                                                                                                                       familiar with,” Cooper says. “At the beginning it was
this, heat can be transferred from the earth through        The idea of building a home that has the possibility       just talked about, but now it is being put to use.”
ground loops and channeled indoors. Once inside,            to actually produce more energy than it consumes is
the heat that has been captured by the ground loops         no longer just a thought in Oakville. With more and        Though new homes are now being built to a certain
is gathered in an air handler and distributed by an         more people realizing that this is the future, residents   energy standard, luxury homes certainly surpass the
air delivery system, much like a regular heating and        are taking more of an interest in the green way of         average home’s rates. Because these luxury homes
cooling system. Renewable and storable energy is            thinking. “Oakville is an excellent market for green       do consume a lot more energy, it only makes sense
also being sought out through solar panels that cannot      building,” Willmott believes. “Those building new          to have the most energy efficient system in the home.
only heat a pool but be used as a secondary energy          houses for themselves are generally well educated          “How can consumers reject the idea of a healthy
source throughout a home.                                   business professionals who should understand the           house? As more product hits the market and more in
                                                            value in building green from a health and well-being       consumed, price will not be an obstacle,” Willmott
Although going green can cost an additional $75,000
                                                            point of view, and a long-term financial benefit in        says.
on top of conventional heating and cooling systems
                                                            some cases.”
for a new home, homeowners will see a pay back                                                                         “You either buy into the concept or you don’t. If
from their saving in about four years. The initial          The building process is also starting to become more       you don’t, you aren’t going to get anywhere. As the
cost can be a factor for many people when deciding          green-friendly as well. “Everyone I deal with that is      maturing population gets more educated in this field,
whether this is the best route for them, however there      buying a lot to construct a new home is looking at         they’ll grasp it more. It will be a more natural, self-
are many reasons for this fairly new concept: “A good       how to waste less and reuse,” Dan Cooper, an award         fulfilling phenomena,” Cooper adds.
environmental conscience, a healthier environment,          winning Royal LePage broker who always wanted to
a long-term financial gain both from energy savings         strive to be known as Oakville’s green realtor says.       As more houses are being built with features such
and from an increased house value,” John Willmott of                                                                   as solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling
John Willmott Architect, Inc. says.                         According to a survey by EnerQuality the proportion        systems, it will start to become clear to many that this
                                                            of buyers purchasing energy efficient feature when         is the way the housing market is going.
Geothermal heating and cooling systems significantly        building a home has increased to 60 per cent from 48
reduces energy consumption and cuts down on                 per cent only a year ago. “Within the last five years,     For more information on energy efficient luxury
greenhouse gases and other pollutants created by the        green has become a buzzword that everyone is               homes contact Carlos Jardino at 416-414-6577.

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