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					                                MiCOM P342, P343
                                Generator Protection

   MiCOM P342, P343
Generator Protection Relays

                              Protection & Control
MiCOM P342, P343
Generator Protection Relays

Introduction                             Control
The MiCOM generator protection           • Programmable scheme logic
relays provide flexible and reliable
                                         • Programmable optically isolated
integration of protection, control,
                                           inputs and relay outputs
monitoring and measurement
functions. Extensive functionality is    • Multiple settings groups
available to provide complete
protection and control with two          Measurements
models for a wide range of
applications, covering most              • Comprehensive measurement
installations from small generators        values
up to sophisticated systems.               • Instantaneous
                                           • Integrated
Protection                                                                        Figure 1: MiCOM P342

• Generator differential (P343 only)     Post fault analysis
• 100% stator earth fault (P343 only)    • Event and fault records           User friendly interface
• Non-directional phase overcurrent      • Disturbance records               • Liquid crystal display with
• Non-directional earth fault
                                         Monitoring                          • Programmable LED indications
• Neutral displacement/residual
  overvoltage                            • Trip circuit monitoring           • Password protection
• Sensitive directional earth fault      • Breaker state monitoring          • Optional secondary cover
• Restricted earth fault                 • Breaker condition monitoring      • Fully programmable menu text
• Voltage dependent overcurrent/         • Temperature monitoring
  underimpedance                                                             Software support
• Under/overvoltage                      Communications                      Available in conjunction with
                                                                             MiCOM S1 support software:
• Under/overfrequency                    • A choice of protocols
                                                                             • Settings editor
• Reverse power/low forward              • Front and rear communication
  power/overpower                          ports                             • Programmable scheme logic
• Loss of field
                                         Diagnostics                         • Viewing of fault diagnostics and
• Negative phase sequence thermal
                                         • Power-up diagnostics                measurements
• Overfluxing
                                         • Continuous self monitoring        • Disturbance recorder viewer
• Unintentional energisation at
                                         • Test facilities                   • Fully programmable menu text
  standstill (P343 only)
• Pole slipping protection (P343 only)
• 10 RTDs (option)
• Circuit breaker failure
• Voltage transformer supervision
• Current transformer supervision
The MiCOM P342 is suitable for                                                                                                VTS

protection of generators which                                                                                                                   27

require cost effective high quality
protection.                                                                                                                     50        51V         32R
                                                                                                                 CTS                                  32L         40           46
                                                                                                                                51         21         32O
Protection includes overcurrent,
                                                   VTS           Voltage transformer supervision
earth fault, neutral displacement,                 27/59         Under/overvoltage
                                                   81O/81U       Under/overfrequency
sensitive or restricted earth fault,               24            Overfluxing                                                  RTD
voltage dependent overcurrent or                   87G
                                                                 Generator differential
                                                                 10 resistance temperature detectors
underimpedance, under and                          CTS           Current transformer supervision
                                                   50/51         Non-directional phase overcurrent
overvoltage, under and                             51V/21        Voltage dependent overcurrent/ underimpedance
                                                                                                                              51N         64

overfrequency, reverse, low forward                32R/32L/32O
                                                                 Reverse power/low forward power/ overpower
                                                                 Loss of field                                                            Figure 2a: MiCOM P342
or overpower, field failure, negative              46            Negative phase sequence
                                                   50/27         Unintentional energisation at standstill
phase sequence thermal and                         64/67N        Restricted earth fault/sensitive earth fault
                                                   50N\51N       Non-directional earth fault
overfluxing, as well as VT and CT                  27TN          100% stator earth fault

supervision. Figure 2a shows an LV                 59N
                                                                 Residual overvoltage/neutral displacement
                                                                 Sensitive earth fault

application with a solidly earthed                 78            Pole slipping                                                            27         81O

The MiCOM P343 is suitable for                                                                                          32R
protection of larger or more                                                                             87G

important generators, providing                                                                                         RTD
generator differential, 100% stator
                                                                                                                         50         51V        32R                              50
earth fault pole slipping and                                                                     CTS
                                                                                                                         51          21        32L
                                                                                                                                                           40        46

unintentional energisation at
standstill in addition to the features                                                     64
of the P342. Figure 2b shows a                                                                                                      Figure 2b: MiCOM P343
MiCOM P343 application with a                                               27TN     59N

resistance earthed generator.

Protection functions
Three phase generator differential              Figure 2a and 2b

protection is provided to detect
stator phase faults. This can be set
as either a percentage bias scheme       fault elements, provides 100% earth                                           Standard earth fault
with a dual slope characteristic or      fault protection for the stator. This is                                      The standard earth fault element
as a high impedance scheme.              supervised by a three phase                                                   operates from an earth fault input
                                         undervoltage element. Additional                                              connection to measure the fault
Three phase tripping with faulted
                                         supervision using three phase                                                 current in the earth path of the
phase indication is provided for all
                                         active, reactive and apparent                                                 generator.
protection functions.
                                         power can be enabled if required.
Generator differential                                                                                                 Two independent stages are
                                         A third harmonic neutral over                                                 available for each phase
(P343 only)                              voltage protection is also provided                                           overcurrent. Both stages have
Three phase generator differential       for applications where the                                                    definite time (DT) delayed
protection is provided to detect         measurement is available at the                                               characteristics, the first stage may
stator phase faults. This can be set     terminal end of the generator. The                                            also be independently set to one of
as either a percentage bias scheme       blocking features of the under                                                nine inverse definite minimum time
with a dual slope characteristic or      voltage element are not required for                                          (IDMT) curves (IEC and IEEE).
as a high impedance scheme.              this application.
When high impedance is used,                                                                                           Sensitive earth fault
                                         Phase overcurrent
additional stabilising resistance and                                                                                  A core balance CT should be used
metrosil will be required.               Two independent stages are                                                    to drive the sensitive earth fault
                                         available for each phase                                                      function. The directionality is
100% stator earth fault                  overcurrent. Both stages have
(P343 only)                                                                                                            provided by the residual voltage.
                                         definite time (DT) delayed
Third harmonic neutral undervoltage      characteristics, the first stage may
protection covers the final 15% of       also be independently set to one of
the stator winding and, in               nine inverse definite minimum time
conjunction with the other earth         (IDMT) curves (IEC and IEEE).

Wattmetric                                Under/overvoltage                         Negative phase sequence
The sensitive earth fault protection is   Under/overvoltage protection may          To protect against unbalanced stator
also suitable for Petersen Coil           be configured to operate from             currents caused by external faults or
earthed systems by enabling a             either phase-phase or phase-neutral       unbalanced loading, two stages of
wattmetric element. This form of          voltage elements. Two independent         negative sequence protection are
protection uses the sensitive earth       stages with definite time elements        provided. These comprise a definite
fault protection directional              are available. The first stage can        time alarm stage and a trip stage
characteristic, but with a directional    also be configured to an inverse          that operates with a thermal
residual power threshold providing        characteristic.                           characteristic.
an additional constraint on
operation.                                Under/overfrequency                       Overfluxing
                                          Two independent stages of                 To protect the generator, or
Restricted earth fault
                                          overfrequency and four of under           connected transformer, against
The restricted earth fault protection     frequency are provided. Each stage        overexcitation a two stage V/Hz
may be configured as either high          functions as a definite time element.     element is provided. The first stage
impedance or low impedance                                                          is a definite time alarm, the second
biased differential. When high            Power protection                          stage can be used to provide an
impedance is used, additional             The power protection element              inverse/definite time trip
stabilising resistance and metrolsil      provides two stages which may be          characteristic.
will be required.                         independently configured to operate
                                                                                    Unintentional energisation at
                                          as reverse power, over power or
Voltage dependent                                                                   standstill (P343 only)
                                          low forward power protection.
                                          These can be used to provide              If the machine circuit breaker is
In order to provide backup                simple overload protection,               closed accidentally, when the
protection for phase faults, an           protection against motoring and/or        machine is not running, very high
element is included which can be          CB interlocking to prevent                current will result. A voltage
set as either voltage controlled          overspeeding during machine               supervised overcurrent scheme is
overcurrent, voltage restrained           shutdown.                                 available to protect against this
overcurrent or underimpedance.                                                      condition. When the machine
                                          In addition to the standard 3 phase
                                                                                    voltage is low, that is, the machine
If selected as voltage controlled or      reverse power protection, (minimum
                                                                                    is not running, an instantaneous
voltage restrained overcurrent, the       setting 2% Pn) a sensitive single
                                                                                    overcurrent element is enabled.
timing characteristic can be set as       phase reverse power protection
                                                                                    Timers ensure that the element will
either definite time or IDMT.             element can be used, (minimum
                                                                                    be stable for normal voltage dips
                                          setting 0.5% Pn) which uses the
If selected as underimpedance, a                                                    that could occur for system faults or
                                          sensitive earth fault current input.
three phase non-directional                                                         machine reconnection.
underimpedance element is                 Loss of field
provided.                                                                           Pole slipping (P343 only)
                                          To detect failure of the machine
                                                                                    The pole slipping protection uses
Neutral                                   excitation a two stage offset mho
                                                                                    the variation in “apparent”
displacement/residual                     impedance element is provided.
                                                                                    impedance as seen at the
overvoltage                               This allows a small instantaneous
                                                                                    generator’s terminals to detect pole
                                          characteristic to be used to provide
Residual overvoltage protection is                                                  slipping. If the measured
                                          fast tripping for loss of excitation at
available for detecting earth faults                                                impedance crosses the two halves
                                          high power outputs, where system
where there is an isolated or high                                                  of the lens characteristic and spends
                                          stability could be affected.
impedance earth. The residual                                                       longer than a specified time in each
                                          The second stage can be set with a
voltage can be measured from a                                                      half a pole slip is counted. Two
                                          larger time delayed characteristic to
broken delta VT, from the secondary                                                 zones are created by a reactance
                                          provide stable, secure tripping
winding of a distribution                                                           line which is used to distinguish
                                          under low power conditions.
transformer earth at the generator                                                  whether the impedance centre of
neutral, or can be calculated from        Integrating timers are provided to        the pole slip is located in the power
the three phase to neutral voltage        enable the impedance characteristic       system or in the generator. Separate
measurements.                             to provide time delayed pole              counters are used to count pole
                                          slipping protection.                      slips in the 2 zones. A setting is
Two independent stages of
protection are provided, each can         A power factor alarm element is           also provided to determine whether
be set with a definite time delay         also available to offer more              the protection operates in a
and one stage can be configured to        sensitive protection for unusual          generating mode, motoring mode
have an inverse time characteristic.      operating conditions, for example a       or both.
                                          lightly loaded unit operating as an
                                          induction generator.

                                         Figure 3:
                               Blinder                                                     Control
                  X      ZA              Pole slipping protection using blinder and
                                         lenticular characteristic
                      Zone 2
 Reactance line                 ZC                                                         Programmable scheme logic
                                                                                           Programmable scheme logic allows
                  Zone 1
                                                                                           the user to customise the protection
                                                                                           and control functions. It is also used
                                   R                                                       to programme the functionality of
                                                                                           the optically isolated inputs, relay
                                                                                           outputs and LED indications.
                                         Voltage transformer
                        Lens                                                               The programmable scheme logic
                                                                                           comprises gate logic and general
       ZB                                Voltage transformer supervision                   purpose timers. The gate logic
                                         (VTS) is provided to detect loss of               includes OR, AND and majority
                                         one, two or three VT signals,                     gate functions, with the ability to
                                         providing indication and inhibition               invert the inputs and outputs, and
                                         of voltage dependent protection                   provide feedback. The system is
                                         elements.                                         optimised to evaluate changes to
                                         An optically isolated input may also              the scheme logic signals and thus
Resistance temperature
                                         be configured to initiate the voltage             minimise any delays in logic
detectors (RTDs)
                                         transformer supervision alarm and                 execution.
In order to monitor temperature          blocking when used with miniature
accurately, an option allowing           circuit breakers (MCBs) or other                  The programmable scheme logic
measurement of temperatures using        external forms of voltage                         may be configured using the
up to 10 platinum RTDs is                transformer supervision.                          graphical MiCOM S1 PC based
available. This provides an                                                                support software, as illustrated in
instantaneous alarm and time-            Current transformer                               Figure 4.
delayed trip output for each RTD.        supervision
                                                                                           The required logic is drawn as
                                         Current transformer supervision                   shown and is then downloaded
Blocked overcurrent logic
                                         (CTS) is provided to detect loss of               directly into the relay. The logic
Each stage of overcurrent and earth      phase CT signals and inhibit the                  may also be uploaded from the
fault protection can be blocked by       operation of current dependent                    relay and then modified using
an optically isolated input.             protection elements.                              MiCOM S1 support software.
This enables the overcurrent and
earth fault protection to be
integrated into a blocked
overcurrent busbar protection

Supervisory functions
Circuit breaker failure
Two stage circuit breaker failure
protection may be used for tripping
upstream circuit breakers and/or
the local secondary trip coil.
The circuit breaker failure logic may
also be initiated externally from
other protection devices if required.

                                                 Figure 4: Programmable scheme logic editor (MiCOM S1)

Independent protection                    Bias current           Iabias Ibbias   Disturbance records
settings groups                                                  Icbias          The internal disturbance recorder
The settings are divided into two         Differential                           has 8 analogue channels, 32
categories; protection settings and       current                Iadiff Ibdiff   digital and 1 time channel. Data is
control and support settings.                                    Icdiff          sampled 12 times a cycle and
Four setting groups are provided for                                             typically 20 disturbance records,
                                          3rd harmonic
the protection settings to allow for                                             each of up to 10.5 seconds
                                          neutral voltage        Vn3
different operating conditions and                                               duration are stored in non-volatile
adaptive relaying.                        Temperature            RTD1 …RTD10     memory. All channels and the
                                          Phase currents and phase to neutral    trigger source are user
Measurement and                           voltages are available in true rms     configurable. Disturbance records
recording facilities                      and fundamental quantities.            can be extracted from the relay via
                                                                                 the remote communications and
The P340 series is capable of             Integrated values                      saved in the COMTRADE format.
measuring and storing the values of                                              These records may be examined
                                          Wh VArh
a wide range of quantities.                                                      using MiCOM S1 or any suitable
All events, fault and disturbance         Peak, average and rolling demand:      software program.
records are time tagged to a              Ia Ib Ic
resolution of 1ms using an internal                                              Plant supervision
real time clock. An optional IRIG-B       W VAr
port is also provided for accurate                                               Trip circuit monitoring
time synchronisation.                     Post fault analysis
                                                                                 Monitoring of the trip circuit in both
A lithium battery provides a back-                                               breaker open and closed states can
                                          Event records
up for the real time clock and all                                               be realised using the programmable
records in the event of supply            Up to 250 time-tagged event            scheme logic.
failure. This battery is supervised       records are stored in non-volatile
and is easily replaced from the front     memory, and can be extracted           Circuit breaker state
of the relay.                             using the communication ports or       monitoring
                                          viewed on the front panel display.     An alarm will be generated if there
                                          Fault records                          is a discrepancy between the open
The measurements provided, which                                                 and closed contacts of the circuit
may be viewed in primary or               Records of the last 5 faults are       breaker.
secondary values, can be accessed         stored in non-volatile memory.
by the back-lit liquid crystal display,   The information provided in the        Circuit breaker condition
or the communications ports.              fault record includes:                 monitoring
Phase notation is user definable          • Indication of faulted phase          The circuit breaker condition
using the MiCOM S1 text editor.                                                  monitoring features include:
                                          • Protection operation
Instantaneous measurements                                                       • monitoring the number of breaker
                                          • Active setting group
Phase voltages        Van Vbn Vcn                                                  trip operations
                                          • Relay and CB operating time
Line voltages         Vab Vbc Vca                                                • recording the sum of the broken
                                          • Current, voltage, power and            current quantity ˙Ix, 1.0√ x √2.0
Neutral voltage       Vn                    frequency
                                                                                 • monitoring the breaker operating
Phase current         Ia1 Ib1 Ic1         • Fault duration                         time
                      Ia2 Ib2 Ic2
                                          • Temperatures                         • monitoring the fault frequency
Neutral currents      In ISEF                                                      counter
Sequence currents and voltages
Single and three phase power
Active power          Wa Wb Wc
Reactive power        VAra VArb VArc
Apparent power        VAa VAb VAc

Local and remote                       Local communications                       Hardware description
communications                         The front serial communications port       All models within the MiCOM P340
                                       has been designed for use with             series include;
Two communication ports are            MiCOM S1, which fully supports
available; a rear port providing       functions within the relay by              • A back-lit liquid crystal display
remote communications and a front      providing the ability to program the
port providing local                                                              • 12 LEDs
                                       settings off-line, configure the
communications.                        programmable scheme logic,                 • An optional IRIG-B port
Remote communications                  extract and view event, disturbance        • An RS232 port
                                       and fault records, view the
The remote communications are          measurement information                    • An RS485 port
based on RS485 voltage levels.         dynamically and perform control            • A download/monitor port
Any of the protocols listed below      functions.
                                                                                  • A battery (supervised)
can be chosen at the time of           PAS&T can also be used with the
ordering.                                                                         • N/O and N/C watchdog
                                       local communications port.
                                       Diagnostics                                • Supervised +48V field voltage
The Courier language is a protocol
                                       Automatic tests performed including        • 1A/5A dual rated CTs
which has been developed
specifically for the purpose of        power-on diagnostics and                   The hardware variations between
developing generic PC programs         continuous self-monitoring ensure a        the P342 and P343 are:
that will, without modification,       high degree of reliability. The results
communicate with any device using      of the self-test functions are stored in
                                                                                                        P342     P343
the Courier language.                  non-volatile memory.
                                                                                  100 - 120V or         4    4
Modbus                                 Test features available on the user        380 - 480V VTs
                                       interface provide examination of
Modbus is a master/slave protocol,                                                CTs                   5    8
                                       input quantities, states of the digital
whereby the master must have           inputs and relay outputs.                  Opticially isolated   8   16
knowledge of the slave’s databases                                                inputs
and addresses.                         A local monitor port providing
                                                                                  Relay output        3N/O 6N/O
                                       digital outputs, selected from a
The Modbus implementation              prescribed list of signals, including                          4C/O 8C/O
supported by the MiCOM P340            the status of protection elements,         RTDs                 10   10
series is RTU mode.                    may be used in conjunction with
                                       test equipment.
IEC 60870-5-103
                                                                                  The optically isolated inputs, relay
                                       These test signals can also be
The relay is compliant with the                                                   outputs and 8 of the LEDs are
                                       viewed using the Courier and
transmission protocol defined by the                                              preconfigured as a default, but may
                                       Modbus communications ports.
specification IEC 60870-5-103.                                                    be programmed by the user.
                                                                                  The optically isolated inputs are
The standarised messages based on
                                                                                  independent and may be powered
the VDEW communication protocol
                                                                                  from the +48V field voltage.
are supported.
                                                                                  The relay outputs may be
DNP 3.0                                                                           configured as latching or self reset.
                                                                                  All CT connections have integral
The DNP 3.0 protocol is defined                                                   shorting.
and administered by the DNP User
Group.                                                                            A system overview of the
                                                                                  MiCOM P343 is shown in Figure 5.
The relay operates as a DNP 3.0
slave and supports subset level 2 of
the protocol plus some of the
features from level 3.

                                                          E1    5A                                                                                                                               J11
                                                IA(2)                                                                                                                                                 Relay failed
                                                                                                                                                                       Watchdog                  J12
                                                          E2                                                                                                                                     J13 Relay healthy
                                                                1A                                                                                                                               J14
                                                          E4    5A                                                                                                                                   + J7
                                                                                                                                                                                                             48V field voltage
                                                IB(2)                                                                                                                                                   J9
                                                                                                                                        kA, kV, Hz
                                                                                        50N    51P           1        4       0   0     kW, kVA, kVArs
                                                                1A             50P                                                                                                                  + J8
                                                          E6                                                                            kWh, kVArh                                                        48V field voltage
                                                          E7    5A                                                                      Sequence components                                           J10
                                                IC(2)                          51N      67N                                             Thermal state                                            + J2
                                                                                               46           Measurements                Temperature
                                                          E8                             64                                                                                                           Auxiliary voltage
                                                                1A                                                                                                                                 J1
                                                                               50BF     CTS    87G                                     IN > 1     Start ON
                                                          C13   5A                                          250                                                               See note 3
                                                                                                            Event                      00:12:00 01/01/99
                                                    C14                                                                                                                                                          Time
                                                                                                            records                    Trip A B C       ON                        IRIG-B                         synchronisation
                                                                               51V      21    27TN                                     00:12:01 01/01/99
                                     IN                         1A
                                  Sensitive                                                                                                                                       RS232                               Courier
                                                                                   27   59      81                                                                                               J17
                                                    C19                                                     20                                                                    RS485                          Courier
                                                                                                            Disturbance                                                                          J18             Modbus
                                               VA                                  32   24      40                                                                                                               IEC60870-5-103
                                                                                                            records                                                                       LEDs
                                               VB                                  27   VTS    59N
                                                    C21                                                                                                                                             User programmble
                                                                                                            5                            Fault A-B-C   15ms
                                                                                        78                  Fault                        Ia = 1000 A Ib =
                                               VC C22
                                                                                                            reports                      1000 A Ic = 1000
                                                          C1    5A
                      See note 1          IA         C2                                                                                                                             RL1                R1 Trip CB
                      See note 2                                                                                                                         1                          RL2          H3
                                                                1A                                                                                                                               H4    R2 Trip PrimeMov
                                                          C3                                                                                &            1      &
                                                          C4    5A                                                                                                                  RL3          H5    R3 Any trip
                                          IB                                                                Programmable scheme logic                                                            H6
                                                                                                                                                                                    RL4          H8    R4 General alarm            User
                                                                1A                                                                                                                               H9
                                                          C6                                                                                                                                                                       programmable
                                                          C7    5A                                          Breaker                   No. trips      = 100                                       H10                               (defaults shown)
                                          IC         C8                                                     monitoring                SUM I2         = 1000 kA                      RL5          H11   R5 CB fail
                                                                                                                                      CB opt time    = 100 ms                                    H12
                                                                1A                                                                                                                               H13
                                                          C9                                                                                                                        RL6          H14   R6 E/F trip
                                                          C10   5A                                                                                                                               H16
                                                                                                                                                                                    RL7          H17   R7 Volt trip
                                                    C11                                                                                                                                          H18

                                                          C12                                                                                                                                    G1
                                                                                                                                                                                    RL8                R8 Freq trip
                                                C23                                                                                                                                              G3    R9 Diff trip
                                                                                                                                                                                    RL9          G4
                                          VN C24                                                                                                                                                 G5
                                                                                                                                                                                    RL10               R10 SysBack trip
                                                D2                                                                                                                                               G7                                User
                                                                L1 Setting group                                                                                                    RL11         G8    R11 NPS trip
                                                D1                                                                                                                                               G9                                programmable
                                                D4                                                                                                                                                                                 (defaults shown)
                                                                L2 Setting group                                                                                                                 G10
                                                D3                                                                                                                                  RL12         G11   R12 FFail trip
                                                D6                                                                                                                                               G12
                                                                L3 Block IN>2                                                                                                                    G13
                                                D8                                                                                                                                  RL13         G14   R13 Power trip
                                                                L4 BlockI>2                          User                                                                                        G15
                                                D7                                                   programmable                                                                                G16
                                                D10                                                                                                                                              G17   R14 V/Hz trip
                                                                L5 Reset                             (defaults shown)                                                               RL14
                                                D9                                                                                                                                               G18
                                                                L6 Ext prot trip
                                                                L7 52a
                                                D13                                                                                                                                   B1
                                                D16                                                                                                                          49       B2               RTD 1
                                                                L8 52b                                                                                                                B3
                                                F2                                                                                                                                                                    Optional
                                                                L9 Not used                                                                                                  38
                                                F1                                                                                                                                                                    10 RTDs
                                                F4              L10 Not used                                                                                                         B28
                                                F3                                                                                                                           26      B29               RTD 10
                                                F6                                                                                                                                   B30
                                                                L11 Not used
                                                F8              L12 Not used                         programmable
                                                F7                                                   (defaults shown)
                                                F10             L13 Not used
                                                F12             L14 Not used
                                                F14             L15 Not used
                                                F16             L16 Not used

ANSI Numbers
                                                                                                                                                                                     Note 1: All CT connectors have integral shorting.
50P        Instantaneous phase overcurrent                      51V        Voltage controlled overcurrent             40          Loss of field
                                                                                                                                                                                             These contacts are made before the internal
50N        Instantaneous neutral overcurrent                    21         Underimpedance                             50/27       Unintentional energisation at standstill
                                                                                                                                                                                             CT circuits are disconnected.
51P        Time delayed phase overcurrent                       27TN       100% stator earth fault                    VTS         Voltage transformer supervision
51N        Time delayed neutral overcurrent                     27         Undervoltage                               87G         Generator differential                             Note 2: 1A CT connections shown.
67N/64     Sensitive earth fault/restricted earth fault         59         Overvoltage                                59N         Residual overvoltage
46         Negative phase sequence                              81         Over/underfrequency                        26          Field winding temperature                          Note 3: The bridge rectifier is not present on the 24
50BF       Breaker failure and backtrip                         32         Reverse/low forward/over power             38          Bearing temperature                                        – 48V dc version.
CTS        Current transformer supervision                      24         Overfluxing                                49          Stator winding temperature
                                                                                                                      78          Pole slipping

Figure 5: MiCOM P343 system overview
(not intended for wiring purposes, refer to external connection diagram 10 P343 01 for connection details







                                             Figure 6: User interface

User interface
The front panel user interface      (6) An upper cover identifying the             The user interface and menu text
comprises:                              product name. The cover may                are available in English, French,
                                        be raised to provide access to             German and Spanish as standard.
(1) A 2 x 16 character back-lit
                                        the product model number,                  Labels supplied with the device
    liquid crystal display.
                                        serial number and ratings.                 allow customised descriptions of the
(2) Four fixed function LEDs.                                                      LEDs. A user selectable default
                                    (7) A lower cover concealing the
                                                                                   display provides measurement
(3) Eight user programmable LEDs.       front RS232 port, down
                                                                                   information, time/date, protection
                                        load/monitor port and battery
(4) Menu navigation and data                                                       functions and plant reference
                                        compartment. The front of the
    entry keys.                                                                    information. The ability to customise
                                        cover can display the name of
(5) “READ”       and “CLEAR”                                                       the menu text and alarm
                                        the product or any user defined
    keys for viewing and                                                           descriptions is also supported.
    acknowledging alarms.
                                    (8) Facility for fitting a security lead

                                                                                     Password protection
                                                                                     Password protection may be
                                                                                     independently applied to the
                                                                                     front user interface, front
                                                                                     communications port and rear
                                                                                     communications port.
                                                                                     Two levels of password
                                                                                     protection are available
                                                                                     providing access to the controls
                                                                                     and settings respectively.

Protection setting ranges
                                                            IEC/UK curves                                                              IEEE/US curves
Generator differential                                      TMS = 1                                                                    TD = 7
Mode              Percentage bias/            1000                                                                           100

                  high impedance
Is1               0.05In to 0.5In
k1                0 to 20%                      100

Is2               1In to 5In

                                            time (s)

k2                20 to 150%

                                                                                                                           time (s)

100% stator earth fault                                                                                        UK LTI

• 3rd harmonic neutral                                                                                         IEC SI             1
                                                                                                                                                                                  IEEE MI
  undervoltage                                          1
                                                                                                                                                                                  IEEE VI

     0.3 to 20V       (100 – 120V)                                                                             IEC VI
                                                                                                                                                                                   US CO2
     1.2 to 80V       (380 – 480V)                                                                             IEC EI                                                             US CO8
                                                                                                                                                                                  IEEE EI
                                                   0.1                                                                         0.1
• Vph-ph< inhibit                                           1                10                              100                       1                10                     100
                                                                   Current (Multiples of Is)                                                Current (Multiples of Is)
     30 to 120V       (100 – 120V)
     120 to 480V      (380 – 480V)                          TMS 0.025 to 1.2                                                           TD 0.5 to 15
• Definite time       0 - 100s
                                               IEC Standard inverse         t = TMS x                                   IEEE Moderately inverse
• P < Inhibit                                                                            ( ) -1
                                                                                                                                                                              + 0.114
                                                                                               Is                                                                      0.02

     (4 to 200) In W (Vn = 100/120V)
                                                                                                                                                             ( ) -1

     (16 to 800) In W (Vn = 380/480V)          IEC Very inverse
                                                                            t = TMS x                                   IEEE Very inverse
• Q < Inhibit                                                                             ( ) -1
                                                                                                   Is                                           t=
                                                                                                                                                                              + 0.491
                                                                                                                                                             ( ) -1
     (4 to 200) In VArs (Vn = 100/120V)
     (16 to 800) In VArs (Vn = 380/480V)       IEC Extremely inverse        t = TMS x                    2
                                                                                                                        IEEE Extremely inverse
                                                                                          ( )-1I
                                                                                                   Is                                           t=
                                                                                                                                                                       2      + 0.1217
• S < Inhibit                                                                                                                                         7
                                                                                                                                                             ( ) -1

     (4 to 200) In VA (Vn = 100/120V)          UK Long time inverse         t = TMS x
                                                                                                   120                  US CO8 Inverse
     (16 to 800) In VA (Vn = 380/480V)                                                    ( )-1I
                                                                                                                                                                       2      + 0.18

• Third harmonic neutral
                                                                                                                                                             ( ) -1

  overvoltage                                                                                                           US CO2 Short time
                                                                                                                        inverse                      TD           0.02394
                                                                                                                                                t=      x              0.02   + 0.01694
     0.3 to 20V (100V - 120V)                                                                                                                         7
                                                                                                                                                             ( ) -1
     1.2 to 80V (380 - 480)

Unintentional energisation at
standstill                                                      Figure 7: IEC and IEEE/ANSI IDMT curves
• I>                  0.08 to 4In
• Vph-ph<
                                           Biased differential/restricted                                                   Phase fault
  10 to 120V          (100 – 120V)
                                           earth fault                                                                      IDMT/definite
  40 to 480V          (380 – 480V)
                                                                                                                            time stage                                     0.08 to 4.0In
• Definite time       0 to 10s
                                            I DIFF                                                                          Definite time stages                           0.08 to 10In
• Drop-off timer      0 to 10s                                    Trip
                                                                                                                            Definite time                                  0 to 100s

                                                                                                                            Standard earth fault
                                                                                        No trip
                                                            K1                                                              IDMT and definite
                                            I s1                                                                            time stage                                     0.02 to 4.0In
                                                                I s2                           I BIAS                       Definite time stages                           0.02 to 10In
                                                                                                                            Definite time                                  0 to 200s

Sensitive directional earth             Undervoltage                            1.2W to 60W
fault                                                                           (In = 1A, Vn = 380/480V)
                                        • Voltage settings, Vs
IDMT/definite                                                                   1.5W to 75W
                                          10 to 120V       (100 – 120V)
time stage             0.005 to                                                 (In = 5A, Vn = 100/120V)
                       0.1In              40 to 480V       (Vn 380 – 480V)
                                                                                6W to 300W
Definite time          0 to 200s        • Time settings                         (In = 5A, Vn = 380/480V)
Polarising voltage     0.5 - 80V          Definite time    0 to 100s          • Compensation angle
                       (100 - 120V)       IDMT             t = k/(1 – V/Vs)     -5° to +5°
Characteristic angle -95° to +95°         k                0.5 to 100         Overpower
Wattmetric characteristic               Overvoltage                           • 4W to 300W
• Power threshold (1A)                  • Voltage settings, Vs                  (In = 1A, Vn = 100 – 120V)
  0 to 20W           (100 – 120V)         60 to 185V       (100 – 120V)       • 16W to 1200W
  0 to 80W           (380 – 480V)                                               (In = 1A, Vn = 380 – 480V)
                                          240 to 740V (Vn 380 – 480V)
• Power threshold (5A)                                                        • 20W to 1500W
                                        • Time settings
  0 to 100W          (100 – 120V)                                               (In = 5A, Vn = 100 – 120V)
  0 to 400W          (380 – 480V)         Definite time    0 to 100s
                                                                              • 80W to 6000W
The IEC and IEEE/ANSI IDMT                IDMT             t = k/(V/Vs – 1)     (In = 1A, Vn = 380 – 480V)
curves for the above protection           k                0.5 to 100         • Time settings
settings are shown in Figure 7.
                                        Residual overvoltage                    Definite time         0 to 100s
Voltage dependent
                                        • Voltage settings, Vs                  Drop-off timer        0 to 100s
                                          1 to 80V         (100 – 120V)       • Sensitve overpower
mode             Voltage controlled/      4 to 320V        (Vn 380 – 480V)      0.3W to 100W
                 voltage restrained                                             (In = 1A, Vn = 100/120V)
                                        • Time settings
Current                                                                         1.2W to 400W
threshold        0.8 to 4In               Definite time    0 to 100s            (In - 1A, Vn = 380/480V)
Definite time    0 to 100s                IDMT             t = k/(V/Vs – 1)     1.5W to 500W
                                          k                0.5 to 100           (In = 5A, Vn = 100/120V)
K factor         0.25 to 1.00
                                                                                6W to 2000W
TMS              0.025 to 1.2           Under and overfrequency
                                                                                (In = 5A, Vn = 380/480V)
• Vs             (Voltage controlled)   • Frequency settings     45 to 65Hz
                                                                              Loss of field
  Vs1, Vs2       (Voltage restrained)   • Time settings          0 to 100s
                                                                              Mho characteristic settings
  20 to 120V     (Vn 100 – 120V)        Reverse power/low forward             (secondary ohms)
  80 to 480V     (Vn 380 – 480V)        power
                                                                              Mho offset
                                        • 4W to 40W
Underimpedance                                                                0 to 40/InΩ              (100 – 120V)
                                          (In = 1A, Vn = 100 – 120V)
• Z<    2 to 120Ω                                                             0 to 160/InΩ             (380 – 480V)
                                        • 16W to 160W
        (Vn 100 – 120V, In 1A)
                                          (In = 1A, Vn = 380 – 480V)          Diameter
        0.4 to 24Ω
                                        • 20W to 200W                         25/In to 325/InΩ         (100 – 120V)
        (Vn 100 – 120V, In 5A)
                                          (In = 5A, Vn = 100 – 120V)
                                                                              100/In to 1300/InΩ       (380 – 480V)
        8 to 480Ω
                                        • 80W to 800W
        (Vn 380 – 480V, In 1A)                                                Linear characteristic    15° to 75°
                                          (In = 5A, Vn = 380 – 480V)
        1.6 to 96Ω                                                            Time delays              0 to 100s
                                        • Time settings
        (Vn 380 – 480V, In 5A)
                                          Definite time      0 to 100s
• Definite time 0 to 100s
                                          Drop-off timer     0 to 100s
                                        • Sensitive reverse power/low
                                          forward power
                                          0.3W to 15W
                                          (In = 1A, Vn = 100/120V)

Negative phase sequence                Technical data                           Current transformer
thermal                                                                         requirements
Alarm                 0.03 to 0.5In                                             • For voltage dependent
                                       Inputs:                                    overcurrent flield failure and
t>                    0 to 100s
                                                                                  negative phase sequence
Trip                  0.05 to 0.5In    • AC current (In)                          protection
                                         1A/5A dual rated ac rms
k                     2 to 40s                                                    Vk ≥ 20In (Rct + 2RL)
                                       • AC voltage (Vn)
tmax                  500 to 2000s       100 – 120V or 380 – 480V rms           • For stator earth fault protection
tmin                  0 to 100s          nominal phase-phase                      Vk ≥ Is (Rct + 2RL + RR)
Overfluxing (V/Hz)                     • Rated frequency           50/60Hz      • For generator differential
• V/Hz trip and alarm                  • Operative range           5 to 70Hz      protection:

     1.5 to 3.5V/Hz     (100 – 120V)   • Auxiliary voltage (Vx)                   Low impedance diff
                                                                                  Vk > 50In (Rct + 2RL)
     6.0 to 14V/Hz      (380 – 480V)
                                        Nominal      Operative range (V)          High impedance diff Vk > 2 Vs
• TMS (trip)            1 to 63          (V) dc          dc            ac         where Vs = 1.5If (Rct + 2RL)
• DT (trip and alarm) 0 to 100s                                                   Rs = Vs/Is1
                                         24 - 48     19 - 65             -
Pole slipping                           48 - 110    37 - 150         24 - 110   Digital inputs
                                       110 - 250    87 - 300         80 - 265   • Optically isolated inputs may be
• ZA (lens forward reach),
  ZB (lens reverse reach) and                                                     energised from the supervised
  ZC (reactance line)                                                             48V field voltage provided or an
                                                                                  external battery.
     0.5 to 350Ω                       • Field voltage supply
     (In = 1A, Vn = 100/120V)                                                   • Operating voltage       >30V dc
                                         48V dc (current limit: 112mA)
     0.1 to 70Ω                                                                 • Max. input voltage      60V dc
     (In = 1A, Vn = 380/480V)                                                   • AC immunity             50V rms
                                       • Nominal voltage circuit
     2 to 1400Ω
     (In = 5A, Vn = 100/120V)            Vn 110 – 120V <0.02VA at 110V
                                         Vn 380 – 440V <0.1VA at 440V           • Contact ratings:
     0.4 to 280Ω
     (In = 5A, Vn = 380/480V)          • Nominal current circuit                  Make:     30A and carry for 3s
Lens angle    α          90° to 150°     Phase           <0.15VA                  Carry:    5A continuous
                                         Neutral         <0.2VA
Blinder angle     θ      0° to 90°                                                Break:    dc   50W resistive
                                       • Auxiliary voltage                                       25W inductive
Timers T1 and T2         0.02 to 1s
                                                                                                 (L/R = 40ms)
                                         Size 8 (40TE)  minimum 11W
Reset timer              0 to 100s
                                                        or 24VA                             ac   1250VA resistive
Zone 1 and 2 slip count 1 to 20          Size 12 (60TE) minimum 11W                         ac   1250VA inductive
                                                        or 24VA                                  (P.F. = 0.7)
Resistance temperature
detectors (RTDs)                       Maximum is with no optos and no            Subject to maxima of 5A and
                                       relays energised.                          300V
• RTD alarm temperature
        0 to 200°C                     Each additional opto input -             • Watchdog contact ratings
                                       0.26W or 0.35VA
• RTD trip temperature                                                                      dc   30W resistive
         0 to 200°C                    Each additional output relay
                                       0.55W or 0.70VA                                      dc   15W inductive
• Alarm and trip time delays                                                                     (L/R = 40ms)
        0 to 100s                      Thermal withstand
                                                                                            ac   375VA inductive
                                       • AC current inputs                                       (P.F. = 0.5)
CT supervision
                                         4.0In continuous                       • Durability:
• Neutral voltage level detector
                                         30In for 10s
  settings VN (V)
                                         100In for 1s                             Loaded contact
     0.5 to 22V in 0.5V steps for                                                 10,000 operations minimum
                                       • AC voltage inputs
     100/120V ac VTs
                                                                                  Unloaded contact
                                         2 Vn continuous                          100,000 operations minimum
     2 to 88V in 2V steps for
                                         2.6 Vn for10s
     380/480V ac VTs

Rear communications port               Download/monitor port                 Electrical environment
• Connection                           This is a 25 pin D-type female        • DC supply interruption
  Multidrop (32 units)                 connector located on the front user
                                                                               IEC 60255-11: 1979
                                       interface and is specifically
• Cable type
                                       designed for test purposes and          The unit will withstand a 20ms
  Screened twisted pair
                                       software download.                      interruption in the auxiliary
• Cable length    1000m max                                                    supply, in its quiescent state,
                                       • Isolation        ELV
                                                                               without de-energising.
• Connector       Screw terminals
                                       • Local access
                                                                             • AC ripple on dc supply
• Signal levels   RS485
                                       High voltage withstand                  IEC 60255-11: 1979
• Isolation       SELV
                                       • Dielectric withstand                  The unit will withstand a 12% ac
• Remote access
                                         IEC 60255-5: 1977                     ripple on the dc supply.
Protocols supported                                                          • AC voltage dips and short
                                         2kV rms for 1 minute between all
• Courier                                case terminals connected              interruptions
• Modbus                                 together and the case earth.          IEC 61000-4-11: 1994
• IEC 60870-5-103                        2kV rms for 1 minute between all      20ms interruptions/dips.
                                         terminals of independent circuits
• DNP 3.0                                with terminals on each              • High frequency disturbance
Note: An interface to an optical         independent circuit connected         IEC 60255-22-1: 1988 Class III
      fibre, type 850nm, BFOC            together.
                                                                               At 1MHz, for 2s with 200˝
      2.5 connector is available for     ANSI/IEEE C37.90-1989                 source impedance:
      IEC 60870-5-103.                   (r1994)
                                                                               2.5kV peak between
Front communications port                1kV rms for 1 minute across the       independent circuits and
                                         open contacts of the watchdog         independent circuits and case
• Connection      Point to point
                                         relays.                               earth.
• Cable type      Multi-core
                                         1kV rms for 1 minute across           1.0kV peak across terminals of
• Cable length    15m max                open contacts of changeover           the same circuit.
                                         output relays.
• Connector      RS232 DTE                                                     Excluding the RS232 and
  9 pin D-type female                    1.5kV rms for 1 minute across         download/monitor ports
                                         open contacts of normally open
• Protocol        Courier                                                    • Fast transient disturbance
                                         output relays.
• Isolation       ELV                                                          IEC 60255-22-4 : 1992 Class IV
                                       • High voltage impulse
• Local access                                                                 4kV, 2.5kHz applied directly to
                                         IEC 60255-5: 1977
IRIG-B Port                                                                    auxiliary supply
                                         Three positive and three negative
• Carrier signal                                                               4kV, 2.5kHz applied to all
                                         impulses of 5kV peak, 1.2/50µs,
  Amplitude modulated                                                          inputs.
                                         0.5J between all terminals and
• Cable type                             all terminals and case earth.         Excluding the RS232 and
  50 ohm coaxial cable                                                         download/monitor ports
                                         This is not applicable to the
• Connection       BNC                   RS232 and download/monitor          • Surge withstand capability
• Isolation        SELV                                                        IEEE/ANSI C37.90.1 (1989)
                                                                               4kV fast transient and 2.5kHz
Internal battery
                                                                               oscillatory applied directly across
• Battery type:    1/ AA,   3.6V                                               each output contact, optically
                                                                               isolated input, power supply
                                                                               circuit, RS485, IRIG-B, VT and CT

• Radiated immunity                  Atmospheric environment             Cases
  C37.90.2: 1995                     • Temperature                         P342 MiCOM 40TE
  25MHz to 1000MHz, zero and           IEC 60255-6:1988                    P343 MiCOM 60TE
  100% square wave modulated.
                                       Operating      –25°C to +55°C     • Weight
  Field strength of 35V/m.
                                       Storage and transit                 P342 7.9 kg
• Electrostatic discharge
                                                      –25°C to +70°C
                                                                           P343 11.5 kg
  IEC 60255-22-2: 1996 Class 4
                                       IEC 60068-2-1: 1990/A2:1994
  15kV discharge in air to user
                                       Cold                              Additional information
  interface, display and exposed
  metal work.                          IEC 60068-2-2: 1974/A2:1994       Technical Guide             TG8614

  IEC 60255-22-2: 1996 Class 3         Dry heat                          Operation Guide             OG8614

  8kV discharge in air to all        • Humidity                          Courier Communications       R4113
  communication ports. 6kV point       IEC 60068-2-3: 1969               MiCOM S1 User Manual         R8610
  contact discharge to any part of
  the front of the product.            56 days at 93% RH and +40°C       MiDOS Parts Catalogue
                                                                         and Assembly Instructions    R7012
• Surge immunity                     • Enclosure protection

  IEC 61000-4-5: 1995 Level 4          IEC 60529: 1989                   Case
  4kV peak, 1.2/50µs between all       IP52 Protection (front panel)     The MiCOM relays are housed in a
  groups and case earth.               against dust and dripping water   specially designed case providing a
                                       at 15° to the vertical.           high density of functionality within
  2kV peak, 1.2/50µs between
  terminals of each group.                                               the product, a customisable user
                                     Mechanical environment
                                                                         interface, and additional
  Excluding the RS232 and            • Vibration                         functions/information concealed by
  download/monitor ports                                                 upper and lower covers. Physical
                                       IEC 60255-21-1: 1996
• EMC compliance                                                         protection of the front panel user
                                       Response Class 2                  interface and prevention of casual
         89/336/EEC                                                      access is provided by an optional
                                       Endurance Class 2
  Compliance to the European                                             transparent front cover, which can
                                     • Shock and bump                    be fitted or omitted according to
  Commission Directive on EMC is
  claimed via the Technical            IEC 60255-21-2: 1995              choice since the front panel has
  Construction File route.                                               been designed to IP52 protection
                                       Shock response Class 2
                                                                         against dust and water. The case is
  Generic Standards were used to                                         suitable for either rack or panel
                                       Shock withstand Class 1
  establish conformity:                                                  mounting as shown in Figures 8
                                       Bump Class 1
  EN50081-2: 1994                                                        and 9.
                                     • Seismic
  EN50082-2: 1995
                                       IEC 60255-21-3: 1995 Class 2
• Product safety
  Compliance with European
  Commission Low Voltage
  Compliance is demonstrated by
  reference to generic safety
  EN61010-1: 1993/A2: 1995
  EN60950: 1992/A11: 1997

23.30           155.40            8 off holes Dia. 3.4
                                                                                                                       Figure 8: Case size P342 (40TE)
          A B                BA
                                                                                     Sealing strip
159.00                            168.00          (4U)
          AB                 BA

10.35            181.30                                                  483 (19” rack)
                                            Flush mounting panel
        A = Clearance holes
                                            Panel cut-out detail
        B = Mounting holes

                200.00                     Note: If mounting plate
                                           is required use flush
                                           mounting cut out dimensions

                                                                                All dimensions in mm

                                                                       Secondary cover (when fitted)
                Front view                                                  240.00
                                                                          Incl. wiring

                                  177.00                                                      157.5 max

                                                                           Side view
                206.00                              30.00

                                  116.55     142.45                                                                                  Sealing
                  23.25                                       12 off holes Dia. 3.4                                                  strip
                             AB            A B           BA

                   159.00                                                         (4U)

                             AB            B A           BA

                  10.30           155.40   129.50
                                                                                                           483 (19” rack)
                                                                        A Clearance holes
                                                                        B Mounting holes

                                                                                         All dimensions in mm

                                                                                                     Secondary cover (when fitted)
                                       Front view                                                         240.00
                                                                                                        Incl. wiring

                                                              177.00                                                      157.5 max

                                                                                                          Side view
                                       309.60                                       30.00

          Figure 9: Case size P343 (60TE)

MiCOM P342/P343
An integrated generator protection            provided for sensitive and restricted   The relay shall store factory default
solution shall provide                        earth fault protection. It shall be     protection and scheme logic settings
comprehensive protection against              possible to set the power element       for restoration or upload to a PC.
phase and earth faults and                    for under power or reverse power
                                                                                      Time-tagged event, fault and
abnormal voltage, frequency,                  as well as for over power.
                                                                                      disturbance records shall be stored
power, field failure and overfluxing          Programming of the device shall be      in non-volatile memory. The internal
conditions.                                   possible using a front panel user       disturbance recorder shall have a
Specific protection functions shall           interface, local and remote             capacity to store 20 records, each
include; overcurrent, standard,               communications ports.                   record shall store sampled data
sensitive and restricted earth faults,        A configuration feature shall be        from 8 analogue and 32 digital
(100% stator earth fault), neutral            provided to enable selection of         channels over a period of 10
displacement, voltage dependent               required functions. This shall allow    seconds.
overcurrent, under and overvoltage,           menu customisation, removing
                                                                                      The vendor shall be able to provide
under and overfrequency, reverse              unwanted functions and settings
                                                                                      software support for local and
power/low forward power/over                  groups from the settings displays.
                                                                                      remote programming, and
power, loss of field, negative phase          The front panel user interface shall
                                                                                      extraction of records from the
sequence thermal, overfluxing, (pole          provide independent keys for the
slipping), (unintentional energisation        viewing and acknowledgement of
at standstill) and (generator                 alarms.                                 A comprehensive range of
differential) protections, as well as                                                 instantaneous and integrated
                                              Fixed and programmable scheme
10 temperature measuring points                                                       measurement values shall be
                                              logic shall be provided uploadable
using RTDs                                                                            available for viewing on the user
                                              from relay to PC and PC to relay.
                                                                                      interface and the communications
Two stages of phase overcurrent                                                       ports. These values shall include the
and earth fault protection shall be                                                   temperature measurements that are
provided, with a selection of nine                                                    taken from the ten monitoring
IDMT characteristics for one of the                                                   points.
stages. An additional CT shall be
                                                                                      Note: The functions in brackets
                                                                                            should be included if the
                                                                                            P343 is required and
                                                                                            excluded for the P342.

     Accessories                                                                               Please quote on order

     Rack frame, (in accordance with IEC 60297)                                                      FX0021 001
     Case to rack sealing gaskets are available to improve the overall IP                            GN2044 001
     rating of the panel, (10 per order)
     M4 90˚ pre-insulated ring terminals:
                                Blue - Wire size 1.04 - 2.63mm2 (100 per order)                      ZB9124 900
                                Red - Wire size 0.25 - 1.65mm2 (100 per order)                       ZB9124 901

     Secondary cover:           P342                        Size 40TE                                GN0037 001
                                P343                        Size 60TE                                GN0038 001

     Blanking plates:           Size   10TE                                                          GJ2028   002
                                Size   20TE                                                          GJ2028   004
                                Size   30TE                                                          GJ2028   006
                                Size   40TE                                                          GJ2028   008

Information required with order

   Relay type                                                              MiCOM        P 3    4

   Generator Protection Relay


   Generator protection                                                                             2
   Generator protection with differential prot., 100% stator earth fault and pole slip protection   3

   Vx aux rating

   24 – 48V dc                                                                                          1
   48 – 110V dc (30 – 100V ac)                                                                          2
   110 – 250V dc (100 – 240V ac)                                                                        3

   Vn rating

   100 – 120V ac                                                                                            1
   380 – 480V ac                                                                                            2

   Hardware options

   Standard version                                                                                             1
   IRIG-B input                                                                                                 2
   Fibre optic converter (IEC 60870-5-103)                                                                      3
   IRIG-B input & fibre optic converter (IEC 60870-5-103)                                                       4

   Product specific

   No resitance temperatuire detectors                                                                              A
   10 resistance temperature detectors                                                                              B

   Protocol options

   K-Bus                                                                                                                 1
   Modbus                                                                                                                2
   IEC 60870-5-103 (VDEW)                                                                                                3
   DNP 3.0                                                                                                               4

  Note: For high impedance differential or high impedance REF protection, external stabilising resistors and metrosils
  may be required.

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24124 -Bergamo - ITALY                   INDIA                              Fax: +52 5 358 83 93
Tel: +39 035 5791611                     Tel: +91 44 236 8621     
Fax: +39 035 5791662                     Fax: +9144 236 7276          Central and South America
                                         South East Asia                    ALSTOM INTERNATIONAL (PERU)
Spain and Portugal
                                         ALSTOM T&D P&C Ltd                 Edificio Las Naciones
                                         31 Kaki Bukit Road 3               Avenida Central 643 - Piso 1
Paseo de la Castellana, 257
                                         #02-05, Techlink                   San Isidro
28046 Madrid
                                         Singapore 417818                   Lima 27
                                         SINGAPORE                          PERU
Tel: +34 91 334 59 43
                                         Tel: +65 843 3130                  Tel: +51 1 221 7954 /1208
Fax: +34 91 334 59 42
                                         Fax: +65 846 1796                  Fax: +51 1 221 1209
South Africa
ALSTOM MEASUREMENTS                      China and North East Asia          Brazil
PO Box 24
                                         ALSTOM T&D P&C                     ALSTOM T&D Ltd
Primrose 1416
                                         Room 910-912, 9th floor            Protecção e Control
                                         New Kowloon plaza                  Avenida Interlagos 4211
Tel: +27 11 820 5111
                                         38 Tai kok Tsui road               CEP-04661-300 São Paulo
Fax: +27 11 820 5323
                                         Kowloon, Hong Kong                 São Paulo
                                         CHINA                              BRAZIL
                                         Tel: +852 2833 6265                Tel: +55 (0)11 3491 70 00
Germany                                  Fax: +852 2834 5279                Fax: +55 (0)11 3491 73 00
And Eastern Europe             

Germany and Switzerland                  ALSTOM T&D Shanghai                South America
Russian Speaking Countries               Power Automation Co. Ltd
ALSTOM ENERGIETECHNIK GmbH               1/B Building                       ALSTOM ARGENTINA SA
Bereich Schutz- und                      No. 499 Kangyi Road                Protección y Control
Schaltanlagenleittechnik                 Pudong Kangqiao                    Av. Leandro N. Alem 896 - Piso 5
Lyoner Straße 44-48                      Industrial Development Zone        1001 Buenos Aires
D 60528 Frankfurt/Main - GERMANY         Shanghai 201315                    ARGENTINA
Tel: +49 69 66 32 33 33                  CHINA                              T el: +54 11 4891 9600 / 9666
Fax: +49 69 66 32 25 48                  Tel : + 86 (21) 6472 5157          Fax: +54 11 4311 1040           Fax : + 86 (21) 6472 3347


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  Tel: +33 (0) 134 80 79 00 Fax: +33 (0) 134 80 79 13 Email: Internet:

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