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Marketing Expert Explains About the Importance of SMS Marketing


SMS marketing, the latest sensation in today’s marketing arena

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									      Marketing Expert Explains About the Importance of SMS Marketing

Like social networking sites, mobile has become an integral part of people's life. With more than 4 billion
active mobile users, mobile is proving to be an effective medium to market products and services. But
still, inexperienced entrepreneurs are finding it difficult to make use of SMS marketing effectively for their
marketing campaign. An expert marketing professional from explains about the
importance of sms marketing in today's marketing arena.

Hope, everyone knows the fact that around 80% of businesses fail within the first 5 years. The primary
reason for such huge failure is the use of inefficient marketing campaign that requires huge investment to
setup but may not be as effective as expected. That's why you need to look for cost effective and reliable
marketing strategies that are able to withstand severe global market fluctuations.

"Nowadays, SMS marketing is gaining recognition in the marketing arena with its reliable, fast and higher
response rate than other marketing strategies. When choosing Short Message Service (SMS) as your
marketing tool, you need to pay attention to your messages because irrelevant messages might irritate
your customers. Messages needs to be simple, informative and relevant, don't try to force your customers
to purchase", says an expert marketing professional from is a unit of Micronet Infocom & Logistics private limited. It offers a wide range of sms
marketing services including mobile advertisement, sms broadcast, missed call notification, voice calls
and short & long code and marketing solutions at affordable rates.

"To ensure that your message reaches your potential customers in time, send bulk sms using software.
Bulk sms software is specifically designed to send bulk amount of sms to thousands of customers quickly
and efficiently," adds the marketing professional

SMS marketing is an effective marketing strategy that is gaining recognition among entrepreneurs who
are looking for cheap and effective marketing strategies. Currently, even multinational companies have
started to use sms marketing due to its faster turnaround time and higher response rate.

"We offer free bulk sms software that can be instantly downloaded from our site and can directly send
multiple sms to customers from your excel sheet quickly," he adds further

About is India's leading cheap online bulk SMS service provider. It offers a wide range of
services including bulk sms, short code, long code, voice calls, developer API, mobile advertisement and

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