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					TGJ4M - Major Project
Step 1 - The Proposal
         This step involves making a written proposal to a mythical/real manager for a project
that will challenge and display your talents and interests. This also describes your objectives
This is a written proposal and exemplars are on the day book.

Step 2 – Timeline of Measurables - Goals and Objectives
This a plan that sets an agenda timeline for the steps that need to be accomplished. A program
manager wants to see ongoing progress and it is up to the facilators (you) to set a timeframe to
meet mid-project goals and standards throughout the process.

Example – Proposal submitted April –
             Pre-production -       Script submitted – April - 16
                                   Story Board submitted – April - 20
             Production            Filming started – April 24 - Filming ending April – 30
             Post production – April 30 – May 8
             May 8 – Final Presentation

A Check list needs to be created, posted and updated after each ‘measurable’ deadline is met.
A checklist is posted on the Daybook.

Step 3 – meet Goals and Objectives – these are the Measurables. If these deadlines are met,
they keep you focused and on task.

Step 4 – Final Presentation
       At this point you will present you campaign, film or project to your customer. This is
where you find out if your client with buy the final product and pay for your services. It needs
to be good!!

AMC – The Pitch

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