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of McIntosh Florida by benbenzhou


									                                     McIntosh Town Council Workshop Minutes
                                                 Civic Center
                                                      July 9, 2009 6:00 pm

I)     The meeting was called to order with The Lord’s Prayer and pledge to the American Flag.

II)    Roll call was taken with Council President Ciotti, Council Member Callahan, Council Member Kingsley, Council Member
       Hamilton, Mayor McCollum, Attorney Baris, and Town Clerk Miller present. Council Vice-President Deaderick was absent.

III)   Budget Discussion:
       Council President Ciotti complimented Town Clerk Miller on the proposed Budget Message, and Council Member Kingsley
       agreed that it was an impressive document. Town Clerk Miller explained the budget documents which she presented to the
       Council. A monthly summary, as well as a yearly summary was presented for the Council’s clarification. Additionally, a
       general ledger of the current year’s income and expense was included for discussion purposes. The budget, as presented,
       resulted in additional funds in the amount of $27,037 over expense. The first discussion item concerned solid waste collection
       fees. The budget includes monthly service charges of $3,328.60 from Emerald Waste Service (EWS). Emerald Waste’s 5-year
       contract expires on September 30, 2009, and Mayor McCollum and Town Clerk Miller reported that they had met and negotiated
       with EWS to hold their proposed increase ($15.94/resident from $15.13/resident) for the first year of an anticipated new 5-year
       contract. Previously, the Town had received an unsolicited monthly bid from Florida Express at $11.13/resident. At last
       month’s meeting, the Mayor expressed concerns about Florida Express; however, Mayor McCollum stated that he had checked
       on John Paglia of Florida Express, and they did have a good reputation. Town Clerk Miller suggested the possibility of hiring a
       less expensive contractor, while still billing the residents the same amount. For instance, if Florida Express were hired at the cost
       of $2,448.60/month, the first year savings of $880/month could be used to fund a capital improvement program for the water
       department, or use for other purposes. President Ciotti and Council Member Kingsley agreed that the Town should take
       advantage of any opportunity to place additional money in the town coffers. Mayor McCollum stated that he was in favor of
       passing any savings on to the residents. The aging infrastructure and ways to use any additional monies generated from lowering
       the solid waste collection fees were discussed. The water system will be operating at an estimated $10,000 deficit in the
       upcoming year.

       Sean Dowie, Chairman of the Tree Committee, had researched, with Town Clerk Miller’s help, the amount spent on past tree
       work. The Town had spent $9630 in 2002 for routine tree trimming work, and FEMA had cleaned up a lot of tree debris after
       the 2004 hurricane season. Sean presented a proposal to the Town from Evergreen Tree Service in the amount of $1,100/day
       (which would include 2 truckloads) to perform maintenance, including moss removal, on Town trees. Sean reminded the
       Council that the trees have been losing large branches, possibly from neglect of routine maintenance. Mayor McCollum
       suggested that Sean get an estimate from Lee’s Trees, as well. Council Member Callahan suggested increasing the tree
       committee budget to about $5000, and Town Clerk Miller suggested making the budget an even $5500 to cover 5 days of
       maintenance. As $2000 was already allocated to the tree committee, an additional $3500 would be subtracted from the budget
       bottom line. A straw poll of the Council showed that there was unanimous consent to this adjustment. The change to $5500 was
       for the fiscal year beginning in October, 2009.

       Town Clerk Miller had previously sent notice to the Council that Dr. Colasante was possibly interested in leasing the clinic space
       owned by the Town. In fact, she was interested in leasing the entire building, including the space currently occupied by the
       McIntosh Area School. The medical clinic portion is estimated at 1765 square feet. Entire building space was estimated.
       (Actual measurements showed that the entire building space is 3552 square feet.) Mayor McCollum expected that the Town
       could probably charge about $1500 - $2000/month for the entire building, and President Ciotti proposed that he would approach
       Chip Bazemore regarding possible negotiations for relocation of the school offices. Mayor McCollum pointed out that it would
       probably take a few months to place an office trailer for the school. The Council directed the Clerk to write an initial offer letter
       to Dr. Colasante to lease the entire space for $1500/month. Other considerations could be negotiated with the doctor if she was

      interested in signing a long-term lease. The Town had always subsidized the medical clinic rent to aid in offering physician
      services to town residents. Dr. Colasante had expressed her desire to Town Clerk Miller to lease as of August 1 st. The Town had
      made a lease offer to the chiropractor, but had not heard back conclusively from Dr. Heubner. President Ciotti had informed Dr.
      Heubner that a physician was interested in leasing the clinic space, and that the window of opportunity was closing on our offer.

      Council Member Callahan asked what, if anything, had already been budgeted for the civic center renovations. Town Clerk
      Miller responded that nothing had yet been budgeted. Council President Ciotti stated that committee involvement was not
      needed in the future. Council Member Callahan agreed, but stated that money needed to be allocated to upcoming renovations,
      possibly to include bathroom remodeling, roofing, electrical, painting, etc. The Town spent $16,400 in last year’s budget for the
      civic center. Council Member Callahan was in favor of allocating $20,000 towards the building. The Council was indecisive in
      allocating that amount of money. Council Member Kingsley suggested improvements to the fire house when asked by the Clerk
      where else the money might be applied. Mayor McCollum suggested that the fire house could be renovated into a town hall
      building to save $400/month in rent. Town Clerk Miller suggested an option to specifically allocate $10,000 towards the civic
      center and reserving the remaining $10,000 to allocate towards general capital improvements. In that way, the money could be
      used at the civic center, if needed. A straw poll of the Council approved this idea.

      President Ciotti suggested allocating additional money to code enforcement. Mayor McCollum related that he felt that all
      building codes and enforcement should be turned over to Marion County. Regarding that matter, President Ciotti expressed
      concern over supervision of the town’s historic district. The Mayor believed that the County would handle those matters, as
      well. Council Members Kingsley and Callahan expressed their doubt about this suggestion. The Mayor was not in favor of
      spending money on code enforcement and not getting any reimbursement. Council Member Kingsley agreed that the users of the
      service should pay the bill. President Ciotti expressed that he wants the Town to follow state statutes, and if it means putting a
      code enforcement officer on payroll, that would be fine. President Ciotti stated that he wanted to hire a new code enforcement
      officer and expressed dissatisfaction with what the current code enforcement officer is charging the Town. Council Member
      Kingsley agreed. Town Clerk Miller explained the allocation in site plan/code enforcement expense in the current year’s budget
      and attributed the cost increases to changes in the site plan inspections. In the past, Mayor McCollum stated that he has always
      refused to go to Ocala to purchase a permit. It was easier to ask forgiveness after the fact. President Ciotti asked regarding the
      qualifications to be a code enforcement officer and permitting specifications. Council Member Kingsley stated that a code
      enforcement officer did not need to be an engineer. The Clerk was asked to place an ad in the paper for a new code enforcement

      Council Member Callahan thought that extra money should be allocated toward maintenance payroll, as Melvin would
      unexpectedly not be returning to work. Full time/part time employment was discussed. Council Member Kingsley stated that if
      we didn’t have Paul, we’d be in a mess. The Council discussed the likelihood of hiring an employee to replace Mel who would
      have the same qualifications as those possessed by Paul. (Mel’s hourly rate is $14.20/hour.) Discussion agreed that an
      employee should be hired that Paul was comfortable with and who could be trained. The balance of the unallocated money,
      about $3500, would be allocated to maintenance payroll.

Meeting Adjourned,

Debbie Miller
Town Clerk


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