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					The Professional Wood Base Diffuser from The Ananda Apothecary

Thank you for your purchase! This wood-base professional nebulizing diffuser is a state-of-the-art
aromatherapy tool designed to help you receive the greatest therapeutic benefit from your essential oils. To get
the most from your diffuser, and to keep it running in top condition, please read through and understand these
instructions. There is also an instructional video available online at:

How to use your new diffuser:

Initial Setup: Connect the power supply to the wood base, and plug the power supply into a wall socket. Insert
the narrow end of the glass reservoir into the rubber 'grommet' atop the wood base. Do this by gently pressing
straight down, using a little 'side to side' motion if necessary. Do not twist or 'screw' the glass into the base;
always push the reservoir straight in to best care for the rubber tubing within the base.

Adding your oils: Remove the silencer (small glass 'cork') from the top and fill the reservoir with essential oil.
You may start with as little as 10-20 drops of essential oil, and you may certainly add more. Do not overfill:
keep the oil level ¼ inch below the top of the two small glass tubes at the bottom of the reservoir. Be sure to
use only pure essential oils, or blends which contain only pure essential oils – even small amounts of carrier oil
will prevent your essential oils from diffusing properly. Check your ingredient list!

Do not allow essential oil to run down the outside of the glass and come in contact with the black rubber
grommet in any way. It is best practice to use a pipette or eye dropper to add oils to the diffuser. If you are
using an essential oil bottle with an orifice reducer in the top, you can easily remove the orifice reducer and
then use a pipette; otherwise be very careful to ensure your essential oil does not drip on the outside of the

Adjusting the output: Replace the silencer and turn on. Adjust to desired output – for the great majority of
uses, running the diffuser at or near its lowest setting is most appropriate. With some essential oils, you may
see a light mist emitting from the diffuser. Mist may not appear with thicker oils, and can often not be seen
depending on the lighting in the room. Use your nose as the judge of the strength of the aroma in your space.
Using the diffuser at high output settings tends to only be necessary in a very large space.

Be conservative with your oils: For the most beneficial aromatic result, the diffuser should only be run a few
minutes every hour. European protocols indicate running the diffuser for only 2-7 minutes ever hour.
Otherwise, your olfactory sense (your sense of smell) will become accustom to the aroma in the air, and you
won't be able to detect it – though someone who has just walked in the room will! This is completely natural. To
get the most enjoyment (and value) from your oils, find the lowest output setting and the shortest duration of
the diffuser being 'on' every hour that gives you your desired result. There are of course times when running
the diffuser continuously is appropriate: Supporting immune system function or 'cleaning' the air are examples.

Changing oils: You may simply remove the silencer and pour one variety of essential oil back in to the bottle
from which it came, and then add another. If you want to prevent mixing of your oils, you can run the diffuser
until it is 'dry' before adding another. It is generally not necessary to clean the diffuser when changing oils –
additional glass reservoirs are available, if you would like to keep each filled with separate oil varieties. Leaving
oils stored for long periods (more than a week) in the reservoir without the diffuser running is not
recommended. Stored in the reservoir, some essential oils may evaporate and thicken, clogging the diffuser so
that it requires cleaning.

Cleaning the diffuser reservoir: First remove the silencer. Then remove the glass from the base by holding
the rubber grommet in-place with two fingers of one hand, while pulling up on the glass with the other. Fill ¼ of
the way with alcohol, and with your fingers on the top and bottle holes, shake well. Pour out any excess alcohol
such that the alcohol is not over the top of the tubes when vertical. Wipe the outside of the glass so it is
completely dry, and insert into the base. Run for 10 seconds, turn it off and pour out all the alcohol. Allow the
glass to completely dry before using again.
Please note these important points:

    •   When inserting or removing the glass reservoir from the base, use a gentle pushing or pulling motion.
        Rocking back and forth is OK, but DO NOT twist the glass in a circular motion.

    •   The rubber holding the glass in the base is designed to create an air-tight seal. It is somewhat fragile, and
        can deteriorate if it comes in contact with some essential oils. Do not allow essential oil to run down the
        outside of the reservoir when filling, or come in contact with the rubber grommet at any other time.

    •   Only use 100% pure essential oils, or essential oil blends only containing pure essential oils. No carrier oils
        should ever be put in the diffuser reservoir. If you are using essential oil blends, be sure to read the
        ingredient list and check for a carrier oil. Your warranty does not cover issues related to using a carrier oil in
        the diffuser. Often users believe their diffuser is not working properly when they unknowingly used a blend
        containing a carrier oil. PLEASE CHECK YOUR BLEND'S INGREDIENT LIST!

    •   The best therapeutic effects are often achieved by using the least amount of essential oil for your purpose.
        For aromatic use, it is best to only run the unit only a few minutes at a time. Typical usage cycles are
        between 3 and 7 minutes every hour. This ensures your olfactory sense will not get over-saturated with the
        aromas. Use the lowest output setting necessary to achieve the aromatic intensity you desire. REMEMBER:
        it is more likely the case that one's nose has become accustom to an aroma than needing to diffuse the oil
        longer, or at a higher setting.

    •   When running, keep your diffuser in a relatively dust-free location to prevent clogging of the nebulizing tubes
        from outside contamination.

Limited 90 day Warranty

Your diffuser is covered by a 90 day warranty, beginning the day your packaged is delivered to your door. The warranty
covers defects in parts and workmanship. If you find your diffuser is not working when it first arrives, or within these first
90 days, contact us at, or 303.494.5561 and we'll be happy to help. This warranty does
not cover clogging if the diffuser glass, malfunction due to carrier oils being in a blend, deterioration or tearing of the
rubber grommet and tubing, or other damaged caused by mis-use of the diffuser. Customers will be liable for shipping
and/or part costs if it is determined the diffuser malfunction is due to mis-use as described in these instructions.

Thank you for your purchase. We hope you enjoy your new diffuser!
~ The Ananda Apothecary Staff

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