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Expand Software Program to 10 Workstations in the Staff Center
John Doe
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Expand Software Program to 10 Workstations in the Staff Center
Actions Log

                                                                                                    Not Started
Ref                                                    Action Description   Assigned To             In Progress
                                                                                                      On Hold
 1    Pick top 10 workstations                                              Tim Doe         2      In Progress
 2    Security Installation                                                 Jane Doe        1      Complete
 3    Test Installation                                                     Barbra Doe      3      Complete
  Date        Date        Date
 Raised     Expected    Completed
mm/dd/yy    mm/dd/yy     mm/dd/yy

 01/01/11    04/10/11
 01/01/11    04/10/11     04/10/11
 01/01/11    04/10/11     04/10/11
Expand Software Program to 10 Workstations in the Staff Center
Risk Log

     Date Raised Inactive/
Ref.                                     Risk Title                        Risk Description
      mm/dd/yy    Open/

                                                              Work performed inefficiently, redundantly,
                                                              incompletely, inaccurately, lacking quality.
                                                              Issues generated due lack of clear
                                                              direction, decision making and unorganized
                             Work begins before project       communications. Inefficient project
  1 02/03/12     Closed      planned.                         management.
                             Security software did not work   Security sofware written for Linux not
  2 02/13/12     Closed      properly on Operating System     windows
                                          of Risk
          Risk Response                 becoming               Priority
   Mitigate/Transfer/Accept (with        an Issue            =probablity x          Trigger
          explanation text)               High=1                Impact

Accept: Project was in flight when                                           Learn work being done
assigned to PM.                             1           2          2         before plan developed.
Mitigate: Switched to Unix instead of                                        Discuss project with IT
Windows                                     1           2          2           team before hand.
  Owner        Update              Action/Notes

 Henry Doe    02/28/12   PM Plan developed and reviewed.   03/30/12

Deborah Doe   02/28/12   PM Plan developed and reviewed.   03/30/12
Expand Software Program to 10 Workstations in the Staff Center
Issues Log

        Date        Status
        Raised      Open/
Ref.    mm/dd/yy    Closed   Issue Title

       1 02/14/12   Closed   Demo File

       2 02/28/12   Closed   RFID Testing Failed

                             Staff Center Testing
       3 03/08/12   Closed   remains open
ons in the Staff Center

                                                                                 Priority         Severity
                                                                                 1= highest       1= highest
                                                                                 2= medium        2= medium
            Issue Description                                                    3= low           3= low           Valuation

            Potential technical constraint as Medical Center implementation
            approach requires local security file while main campus
            implementation relies on centralized file.                                        2                2               4

            Testing the RFID on New imaged workstations has failed. A
            practitioner should be able to swipe ID card to log-in to Security
            system. Currently, the User ID and PW field are not autopopulated.                2                2               4

            Testing to date unsuccessful.                                                     1                1               1
            Update                                                             Date Closed
Owner       mm/dd/yy   Action/Notes                                            mm/dd/yy

                       Concluded as having no impact on deployment to 10
                       workstations in Center but requires resolution for
Alex Doe    02/16/12   service definition. Solution is defined as centralized 02/16/12
                       3/1 OS installed. 3/2 Software to be installed
                       (obtained from Peter Doe ). Dennis Doe working with
                       Stan Doe. 3/5 Issue identified involving driver. 3/6
                       reimaging, reinstalling, retesting. Stephanie Doe
                       indicated that RFID is not a requirement to
                       successfully deliver as per the IT Commission. 3/8
Alex Doe    03/13/12   closed as successful.                                     03/08/12
                       Late since 2/27. 3/5 not successful. Couldn't find
                       correct PC. Very lax communications from Dept. 3/6
                       Stan Doe coordinated medical center to visit. 3/7
                       Medical center went to help them test and after finally
                       finding correct pc, failed as couldn't log in. Medical
                       Center resolved in 15 mins by adding tag to Security
                       System. They didn't notify Dennis Doe. 3/8 John
                       Doe followed up with Mr. Doe in morning and
                       afternoon. Mr. Doe reported 3/7 test failure. Spoke
                       with Mr. Doe to learn of what took place then notified
                       Mr. Doe to retest. Mr. Doe indicated could finalize
                       install 3/12 if can begin 3/9. 3/9 testing did not occur.
                       3/12Mr. Doe tested with medical center team and
                       experienced blank System screen. Escalated to Mr.
                       Doe and provided Mr. Doe further direction to
                       continue testing. Mr. Doe taking point on issue to
                       coord on site visit with Medical center and 2nd
                       medical center on hold. 3/14 Mr. Doe spoke with Mr.
                       Doe the Staff and is arranging visit today after 4:30.
                       Also Mr. Doe out until 3/19 so designated Mrs. Doe
                       as backup. Mr. Doe made arrangements to be on
                       site morning of 3/15. 3/15 did not happen due to high
Peter Doe   03/30/12   priority conflicts. Mr. Doe via Mr. Doe indicated we      03/15/12
Expand Software Program to 10 Workstations in the Staff Center
Decisions Log

  1 02/20/12

  2   02/08/12

  3   02/28/12

  4   02/28/12

  5   03/09/12
Software Program to 10 Workstations in the Staff Center

           An 11th workstation install does not constitute a scope increase.
           Assumption: security software shall not be supported on open desktops." As per Mr. Doe, directionally we
           don't want to be supporting open desktops due to cost and risk. However, should we have to support them
           we will.
           Once Security software is set-up as a service there is an expectation from IT that there will be no charge for

           No charge to the department for the System Admin team time to install to 11 workstations and test RFID, as
           per Adam Doe. Mr. Doe asked to confirm. If issue then to be worked out across ITS and sister team.

           Scope increase: prepare additional knowledge base article to define what ITS and medical center needs to do
           to effect a security install. Is a subset of the workplan we developed for this project.
             Last Update
Agreed By    mm/dd/yy    Action/Notes
Dennis Doe   02/20/12

Jane Doe     02/28/12

Stan Doe     02/28/12
                         Ben decided no
                         chargeback to POIS. See
                         email in PDF in doc
Barbra Doe   03/02/12    repository.

                         Due to the additional steps
                         identified through trial and
John Doe     03/09/12    error with Medical Center.
Expand Software Program to 10 Workstations in the Staff Center
Lessons Learned Log

Ref.       mm/dd/yy    Author   Background

                                Coordinating with medical center and their communication approach requires
       1      03/09/12 John Doe dilligent follow-through.
Lesson Identified
Medical Center was charged with assisting with the Security workstation testing. They identified
an issue, resolved it, but never communicated the resolution to the IT team As such, a day
lapsed which may have impacted a deadline.
Expand Software Program to 10 Workstations in the Staff Center

Contact Name          Company          Title
Michelle Evangelista, RN, MHSA
                      Medical Center   Director Outpatient
Antony Vanegas        Medical Center   Information Services - Back office
Project Role        Location              Work Phone     Mobile Phone
Department client                         555-555-5555
                    On 3rd Floor Nowhere Street
Technical Lead      1300 Nowhere Road 555-555-5555
Fax   E-mail                Comments   6Sigma Black Belt

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