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					                                           Lamar T. Hawkins
                                          950 22nd Street North
                                                Suite 632
                                       Birmingham, Alabama 35203
                                 Off.:(205)458-8516; Fax.(205)458-8810

                                     E-MAIL: LTHPC@AOL.COM

EDUCATION                                   Auburn University, Civil Engineering (1963)
                                            Birmingham School of Law, Juris Doctorate (1988)
                                            James Madison University, Administrative Skills for the Mgr.

PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATIONS                  Professional Engineer, State of Alabama, PE #16695
                                            Professional Engineer, State of Georgia, PE #024748
                                            Professional Engineer, State of Mississippi, PE #13794

CERTIFICATIONS                              Attorney, State of Alabama

TECHNICAL CERTIFICATIONS                    Construction Certification Program
                                            Level III, Civil, Level II, Survey


- BWR and Balance of Plant Training                  - Electric Fundamentals
- Project Planning and Control                       - Rotating Mechanical Equipment
- Business Writing                                   - Structural Steel Painting & Coatings Training
- Welding Seminars                                   - Highway Safety Issues
- Effective Staff Briefing                           - Quality Cost Estimating-SCSI
- Advanced Supervision-Construction                  - Extensive Management Training
- SSPC Coating Seminars                              - Project Controls Forum
- Mechanical Instruments & Controls                  - Power Transformers
- ANSI/OSHA Safety Training                          - Hazard Analysis Techniques in Evaluating
- Alabama Governor’s Safety Conference                  Product Safety
- OSHA General Industry Safety & Health              - PC Fundamentals Courses
  10 Hour Training (1999, 2003 & 2007)               - Trench Excavation, Blasting and Safety Training


2/98 - Present   Lamar T. Hawkins, P.C.

                 Practicing Civil Law in the legal areas of personal injury, worker comp and social security
                 Disability And Provide Engineering Consulting for Construction of Commercial
                 Buildings, Highways, Bridges, Railroads and Safety Consulting as well as Expert
                 Testimony in the related Areas.
Lamar T. Hawkins
Work Experience Cont.

1/91 – 2/98    Southern Nuclear Operating Company (B’ham, AL)
               Senior Engineer/Project Manager

               Project Manager on special projects. Duties include budgeting, scheduling, design
               preparation planning, and on-site managing of projects and personnel during refueling
               outages at Plant Hatch. Some of the projects included the following:
                        (a) Circulating Water Pumps (5000 HP) Refurbishment.
                        (b) Recondition Concrete Circulating Water Tunnel and Flume and install
                             Protective Coatings.
                        (c) Perform Surface Preparation on Bldg Floors and Install Protective Coatings.
                        (d) Repair and Recondition various large Air and Water Valves for different
                             Mechanical Systems.
                        (e) Repair and Replace Cooling Towers Water Distribution Conduits, Valves
                             and replace the Fill and Drift Eliminators as well as Large Turbo Fans.

6/91 - 6/93    Corporate Office Safety Coordinator

               Duties were, in addition to Project Manager, to manage monthly safety meetings and
               access all risk in offices and grounds of Corporate Headquarters to eliminate hazards.

10/90 - 2/91   Georgia Power Company (Hatch Nuclear Plant, Baxley, GA)
               Senior Systems Engineer

               Systems included: Reactor Water Clean-up (RWCU), Fuel Pool Cooling (FPC), Cooling
               Towers and Recirculating Water System. Duties were to keep systems running

1/88 - 9/90    Alabama Power Company
               Civil Department - Miller Steam Plant

               Supervise installation and construction of electrostatic precipitator Unit Nos. 3 and 4
               Miller Steam Plant as well as installation of electrical conduit, transformers and cable
               tray. Also, coordinator for all assured grounding and tools for the Civil Department at
               Miller Steam Plant.

3/87 - 7/88    Alabama Power Company
               Project Engineer

               Project Engineer for the renovation and construction of the building to house Southern
               Chronar and Project Engineer for renovation and construction noise abatement, Control
               Room and Superintendent’s Office, and Access Roads at Logan Martin Dam.

3/83 - 2/87    Alabama Power Company
               Civil Project Engineer and Assistant Superintendent

               Civil Project Engineering and Assistant Superintendent for construction of a Corporate
               Headquarters Building and parking facilities in Birmingham. This Project included an 18
               floor Tower Building, with Tile embedded in large Concrete Panels, tying into an existing
               1925 brick veneer building. Also, the Tower Building was connected to a seven level
               Parking Deck by a bridge over 7th Avenue.
Lamar T. Hawkins
Work Experience Cont.

3/82 - 2/83        Alabama Power Company
                   Engineer I-Supervisor
                   Responsible for earthwork implementation and access roads and architectural building
                   work, including managing production personnel, scheduling and tracking civil production,
                   managing Quality Control for the installation and construction of Harris Dam and
                   Powerhouse, near Clay County Alabama.

1/64 – 3/82        Executive and Superintendent of Highway Construction Company
                   Constructed highways, bridges, dams and railroads. I was involved with bidding,
                   supervising, Obtaining bonds, insurance, banking and managing of all various functions
                   of the Company at different times During this period of eighteen years. A large amount of
                   this time in 1966 thru 1974, I managed much highway construction design and layout.

5/75 - 3/77        Officer and Manager of Coal Company - strip mining and marketing coal.

5/78 -10/81        Manager of small rock company – mining, excavating and blasting, monitoring blasting,
                   crushing and gradation of aggregates.

1956 - 1959        Quality Control, Survey Routes, Bridge Inspection for Blount County Engineering

Who’s who in South and Southeast 1973 and 1974, Dean’s List, Auburn University 1963, Kappa SIG Law
Fraternity 1986 - 1988, Engineer of the Year 1997 ASPE Birmingham Chapter - Alabama Society of
Professional Engineers ( ASPE), 2004 Distinguish Service Award ASPE, Nominated Engineer of the Year
1998 for Engineering Counsel of Birmingham (ECOB), 2007 Distinguish Service Award ECOB, 2004-
2006 Vice President National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) and Member of Board, Fellow
Member NSPE.

- Alabama Bar Association                      - National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)
                                                 Fellow Member and SE Regional Vice President
-American Bar Association                      - Civil Engineering Generation Fund
- Huffman Baptist Church (member,              - Greater Auburn Fund
   Finance Committee and Board of Deacons)     - Chapter President Alabama Society of Professional
- National Management Association                Engineers (ASPE) and State Secretary
- Boy Scout, 1998 Friends of Scouting          - Journal of Protective Coatings & Linings
-Alabama Society of Professional Engineers,    - National Safety Council
  ASPE (SE Regional Director)                  -Member of Birmingham Exchange Club and
- American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)     Board of Directors
- National Academy of Forensic Engineers(NAFE) - NSPE State Deligate 2006-2008

I next list other cases in which I have testified as an expert at trial, or by deposition, within the past eight

Parties                               Subject                      Client              Year
Billy Meadows v.             Const. of warehouse;                  Jeffrey C. Kirby        1993
Shannon, Strobe              safety & OSHA issue                   Pittman, Hooks,
                                                                   Marsh, Dutton & Hollis
                                                                   Birmingham, AL 35203
Ronald Newton              Injury on stair; issue            Bruce N. Adams          1993
v.                         does stairs meet bldg             Rice & Adams
Anniston Housing Code      codes                             1130 Quintard Twr
Authority                                                    Anniston, AL

Robert Garner              Safety of const.                  John F. Cameron         1994
v.                         OSHA erection issue               P.O. Box 1404
Hutcherson Const.                                            Montgomery, AL
Co., et al.

Moss                       House settling &                  Carla M. Handy          1994
v.                         cracks; improper                  Gary J. Bone            &95
Moss                       construction                      Law Office
                           CV- 94-077                        756 Walnut St.
                                                             Gadsden, AL

Georgia Hill               employee hit by                   Mark Tredwell                  1995
v.                         golf ball at work site            Oliver & Sims
Coosa Resort               adjacent to driving               129 Coloumbus St.
Inc.                       range. No safety net              Dadeville, AL

Walker                     Const. of sanitary                Randy Myers                    1995
v.                         along hwy. In Auburn              Richard Jordan
Neil Guest,                Death of worker                   & Randy Myers
Et al.                     Improper shoring                  302 Alabama St.
                           Of trench                         Montgomery, AL

Va. L. Bartley                      Injury on curb ramp;     John Galvin &                  1995
v.                                  Issue:Does ramp meet     Jeffrey C. Kirby               &96
J.C.C., Inc.                        Code requirements        Pittman, Hooks,
                                                             Dutton & Hollis
                                                             1100 Park Place
                                                             Birmingham, AL

John Doe                            Injury and Death on      Daniel G. Evans                1996
v.                                  intersection and curve   The Evans law Firm
Georgia Hwy Dept., et al            GA State Highway         1736 Oxmoor Rd
                                    Is there proper design   Birmingham, AL

Maurice Rogers                      Issue: Can access to     Maurice Rogers                 1996
v.                                  his real property be     712 18th St. Ens.
State of Ala.                       Provided safely from     Birmingham, AL
Hwy. Department                     highway adjacent

Eliz. Thompson                      Safety issue of proper   William L. Utsey               1997
v.                                  stacking goods &         Utsey, Christopher
Wal-Mart Stores,                    warehousing              & Newton
Et al.                                                       112 So. Mulberry Ave.
                                                             Butler, AL

Melissa Leach                       Parking lot and curb     James Haggerty                 1998
v.                                  const. safety issue      & Tom Burgess
Hwy. 160 Video,                                              Burgess & Hale
Et al.                                                       450 Park Place
                                                             Birmingham, AL
Estate of Kenneth Lane            Const. safety, OSHA    J.B. Baird                       1999
v.                                Boring under Highway   Mountain & Baird
Lucas Eng. et al.                 Death                  2618 7th Street

Randy Collar                      Highway Safety issue   Dennis Weaver
                                                         Cory, Watson, Crowder & DeGaris
v.                                leaving hazard         2131 Mag. Ave                   1999
Moore & Wallace, Inc.                                    Birmingham,AL.

Ann Williamson                    Slip & Fall            Kirby Farris                     2000
v.                                sidewalk               2025 3rd Ave N.
City of Birmingham                                       Birmingham, AL

John Doe                          Highway Paving         Buck Watson & Clay Martin        2000
v.                                Safety Issue           Watson, Jimmerson, Givhan, Martin
Alabama State Hwy. Dept, et al   Jefferson Co.           P.O. Box 18368
                                                         Huntsville, AL 35804-8368

Herbert Fry                       Slip & Fall            William Melton                   2000
v.                                curb                   100 Liberty Hill
Junior Food Stores                                       Evergreen, AL

Paul McGinty                      Fall from              David Tidmore                   2000
v.                                const. floor wall &    Cory, Watson, Crowder & DeGaris
                                  platform               2131 Magnolia Ave.
Brasfield & Gorie, et al                                 Birmingham, AL

Beyer                             Highway Signage        Stanley Walker, Jr.              2001
v.                                safety issue           203 South Edward
City of Daleville                                        Enterprise, AL

Barbara Coy                       Trip and Fall          John Haley                       2001
                                                         Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton
v.                                Building Code          2025 3rd. Ave. North, Ste 800
Rickey Ray Building               Issue                  Birmingham, AL 35203

Roscoe Lay                        Scaffolding Fall       Shay Samples & Ken Riley         2002
                                  Construction of bldg   Farris, Riley and Pitt, LLP
v.                                                       2025 Third Ave. North, Ste 200
Eugene Turner, et al                                     Birmingham, AL 35203

Katharina Daws                    Ramp Slip & Fall       William Melton                   2002
v.                               (Const. Of Ramp)        100 Liberty Hill
Boston Investment Company                                Evergreen, AL 36400

Christopher O’Dell                Trip & Fall on         D. Keith Bennett                 2002
v.                                Grating                Henry C. Dailey, Jr., P.C.
                                                         2217 Cahaba Valley Drive
Tommie Corporation                                       Birmingham, AL 35242

Phyllis Greaves                   Trip & Fall, Const.    Ronald R. Pierce                 2002
v.                                Parking Lot            P.O. Box 97207
Treasure Bay Corp., et al                                Pearl, Mississippi 39288-7207
Helen Branton                   Trip & Fall on            Leon Storie                      2002
v.                              Luggage Display           James D. Smith Law Office
McRae’s of Alabama, Inc.                                  2820 7th Street
                                                          Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

CP                              Improper Construction    Jeffrey Kirby
v.                              Of Processing Plant &    Pittman, Hooks, Dutton, Kirby &   2002 &
P F Moon, et al                 Water Distribution System1100 Park Place Tower             2003
                                                         Birmingham, AL 35203

Alvis Johnson                   Slip & Fall on            Tom Ellis                        2002
v.                              Parking Lot Pavement      300 Office Park Dr.
Oxmoor Ridge Apts., et al       with Ice                  Suite 309
                                                          Birmingham, AL 35223

Brenda Rice                     Safety Issue of Isles     David Eaton                      2003
v.                              and Displays              Aultman, Tyner, Ruffin & Yarborough
Home Depot USA                                            P.O. Box 750
                                                          Hattiesburg, MS 39403

Wynn                            Deck Fell,                Ken Riley                        2003
v.                              Wood Decay                Farris Riley & Pitt, LLP
Mitchell                                                  2025 Third Ave. North, Ste 200
                                                          Birmingham, AL 35203

Neiters                         Improper Construction & William Melton                     2003&
v.                              and Safety of Loading   P. O. Drawer 800                   2004
Salvation Army, et al           Dock                    Evergreen, AL 36401

Kaci Bowlin, et al              Const. Of Roads in        Jon Vickers                      2004
v.                              Sub Div.- Is const. And   Cleveland & Vickers
MMC Mining Construction, Inc.   Blasting being done       2101 6th Ave. North
                                Properly?                 Birmingham, AL 35203

Martha Butera                   Fall on Stairs, Safety    Kirby Farris                     2004
v.                              Issue, Handrails, Tread   Farris, Riley & Pitt, LLP
Park Tower Condominiums         & Risers Improper         2025 3rd Ave. North
                                                          Birmingham, AL 35203

Pamela H.Brock                  Fall on Exit Step,        William Melton                   2005
v.                              Ingress & Egress Issue,   P. O. Drawer 800
Crenshaw Christian Academy      Fall Exit School          Evergreen, AL 35203

Chip and Emily Moore            Flooding of Residence     Justin Cluck                     2005 &
v.                              due to lack of planning   Smith Whaley, PLLC               2006
Chad and Olivia Russom, et al   for creek drainage of     P.O. Drawer 849
                                Sub-Division              Holly Springs, MS 38635

William Long                    Fall from Roof,           Hubert Hamilton                  2006
v.                              lack of Fall Protection   P.O. Box 158
Wheeler, Inc., et al            OSHA Issue                Rossville, GA 30741
Tracy Lusk                            Premises Liability         Arthur F. Jernigan              2006 &
v.                                    Fall Protection & lighting Harris Jernigan & Geno, PLLC    2007
Cedar Grove Inn, et al                Building Code Issues       P.O. Box 3380
                                                                 Ridgeland, MS 39158

Amanda Vaughn Estate                  Fall Protection and       Tom Albritton                     2006 &
v.                                    OSHA Issues               Albritton, Clifton, Alverson & Bowden 2007
ATC, et al                            Fall from Cell Tower      P.O. Box 880
                                                                Andalusia, AL 36420

Shelia Dupree                         Premises Liability,       Monique Montgomery               2007 &
v.                                    Fall Protection,          Montgomery Law Firm              2008
Barnhills Buffet, Inc.                Building Codes            200 6th Street North
                                                                Columbus, MS 39701

Dale Stinnett, et al                  Highway Re-surfing        Warren Rowe                      2006 &
v.                                    and Drainage Issues       Warren Rowe Law Firm             2008
City of Enterprise, et al                                       P.O. Box 311305
                                                                Enterprise, AL 36331

David R. Short, et al                 Ground Subsidence      Brian Clark                       2007&
v.                                    House Damage           Wiggins, Childs, Ouinn & Pantazis 2009
Alabama Power Co., et al              Underground Coal Mines 2017 5th Ave. North
                                                             Birmingham, AL 35203

Estate of Otis Morrow                 Fall Protection and       J. Michael Comer                 2009
v.                                    Lack of Adequate          Patterson Comer, LLC
R. R. Dawson Bridge Co., et al        Warnings                  303 Main Ave.
                                                                Northport, AL 35476

Skate Palace, Inc., et al             Improper Design for       J. Adam Clayton                  2009
v.                                    Installation of           Farris, Riley & Pitt, LLP
Construction Materials, Inc., et al   Tilt Up Concrete Panels   2025 3rd Ave. North
                                                                Birmingham, AL 35203

Hartwell and Gail Hubble              Improper and Negligence Warren Rowe                        2009
v.                                    Const. of Residence,     Attorney at Law
Billy Cotter Const. Co., et al        failure to adhere plan & P.O. Box 311305
                                      Spec.                    Enterprise, AL 36331

Donald Latham                         Premises Liability        Nicholas Hughes                  2010
v.                                    Lack of Inspect &         J. Knox Argo, P.C.
UAB Health System                     Maint. Of Walks &         6706 Taylor Circle
                                      Ingress/Egress            Montgomery, AL 36117

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