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									Indian Health Service Intern Training Program Survey
                    Facility Name       Location         IHS Area                   Rotation Type   Max #students/time

NOTE: Clinical Preceptors at individual facilities may change. If Preceptor has changed, please ask for the Chief or Deputy Chi

Kyle Hlth Ctr                         Kyle, SD      Aberdeen
Rosebud                               Rosebud, SD Aberdeen          Pharmacy                                3
Standing Rock I.H.S.                  Fort Yates, NDAberdeen        Ambulatory                              2
SWO Hlth Ctr                          Sisseton, SD Aberdeen         I.H.S.                                  1
Winnebago PHS                                     A
                                      Winnebago, NEberdeen          Hospital                                2
Wagner Hlth Care Ctr                  Wagner, SD Aberdeen           Ambulatory                              2
Spirit Lake Hlth Ctr                  Ft Totten, ND Aberdeen        Ambulatory                              2
Rapid City PHS                        Rapid City, SDAberdeen        Institutional                           3
Santee Clinic                         Niobrara, NE Aberdeen         Ambulatory                              1
Lower Brule Hlth Ctr                                Aberdeen
                                      Lower Brule, SD               Amb, rural health                       2
Pine Ridge Ind Hosp                                Aberdeen
                                      Pine Ridge, SD                Amb, inp                                2
Trenton Community Clinic              Trenton, ND Aberdeen          Ambulatory                              1
Ft Thompson Health Center                          SD
                                      Ft Thompson, Aberdeen         Ambulatory                              3
Alaska Native Medical Center                      Alaska
                                      Anchorage, AK                 Ambulatory/ Inpatient              2 Amb, 1 Inp
Samuel Simmonds Meml Hosp             Barrow, AK    Alaska          Ambulatory                              1
Kic Tribal Health Clinic              Ketchikan, AKAlaska           Ambulatory                              1
Norton Sound Health Corp              Nome, AK      Alaska          Ambulatory                              1
Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation    Bethel, AK    Alaska          Ambulatory                              2
Mt Edgecumbe Hosp                     Sitka, AK     Alaska          Ambulatory                              2
Albuquerque I.H.S.                                 Albuquerque
                                      Albuquerque, NM               AmCare-Healthy Heart                    1
Albuquerque I.H.S.                                 Albuquerque
                                      Albuquerque, NM               Ambulatory                              3
Santa Clara Hlth Ctr                  Espanola, NMAlbuquerque       Ambulatory                              1
ACLSU                                 Acoma, NM     Albuquerque     Ambulatory                              3
Zuni Indian Hospital                  Zuni, NM      Albuquerque     Ambulatory                              2
Jicarilla Service Unit                Dulce, NM     Albuquerque     Ambulatory                              1
Southern Ute Health Center            Ignacio, CO   Albuquerque     Ambulatory                           1/ year
Santa Domingo Clinic                              Albuquerque
                                      Santa Domingo, NM             Ambulatory                              1
Alamo Navajo Health Center                        A
                                      Magdalena, NMlbuquerque       Ambulatory                              1
Mescalero Indian Hospital                         Albuquerque
                                      Mescalero, NM                 Ambulatory                              1
Pine Hill Health Center               Pine Hill, NM Albuquerque     Ambulatory                              1
San Felipe Clinic                                  Albuquerque
                                      San Felipe, NM                Ambulatory                              1
Santa Fe Indian Hospital              Santa Fe, NM Albuquerque      Ambulatory                              2
White Earth Health Center             Ogema, MN Bemidji             Ambulatory                              2
Cass Lake Indian Hospital                         Bemidji
                                      Cass Lake, MN                 Ambulatory                              2
Hannahville Health Center             Wilson, MI    Bemidji         Ambulatory                              1
Menominee Tribal Clinic               Keshana, WI Bemidji           Ambulatory                              1
Peter Christenson Health Care                     Bemidji
                                      Lac du Flambeau, WI           Ambulatory                              1
Red Lake Indian Hosp                  Red Lake, MNBemidji           Ambulatory                          1/rotation
Blackfeet Community Hosp              Browning, MT Billings         Ambulatory                              3
Blackfeet Community Hosp              Browning, MT Billings         Ambulatory                              3
Crow Service Unit                                  MT
                                      Crow Agency, Billings         Ambulatory                        2/year/school
Fort Peck Service Unit                Poplar, MT    Billings        Ambulatory                              4
Northern Cheyenne Serv Unit                       B
                                      Lame Deer, MTillings          Ambulatory                              2
Wind River Service Unit                            Billings
                                      Ft Washakie, Wy               Ambulatory                              2
California I.H.S.                                 California
                                      Sacramento, CA                Ambulatory                              1
Indian Health Council                 Pauma, CA     California      Ambulatory                              1
Ofc of Clinical Serv.                      Rockville, MD Headquarters E.   Public Hlth                           1
Ofc of Clinical Serv.                      Rockville, MD Headquarters E.   Public Hlth                           2
Cherokee Indian Hospital                   Cherokee, NCNashville           Ambulatory                            6
Crownpoint                                              N
                                           Crownpoint, NMavajo             Ambulatory                            2
GIMC                                       Gallup, NM     Navajo           Ambulatory                            3
Kayenta I.H.S.                             Kayenta, AZ Navajo              Senior Year                           2
Northern Medical                           Shiprock, NM Navajo             Ambulatory                            2
Chinle                                     Chinle, AZ     Navajo           Ambulatory                            1
Ft Defiance Ind Hosp                                     N
                                           Ft Defiance, AZ avajo           Ambulatory                            4
Tuba City                                  Tuba City, AZ Navajo            Ambulatory                            2
Winslow                                    Winslow, AZ Navajo              Ambulatory                            2
Tohatchi Health Center                     Tohatchi, NM Navajo             Ambulatory                            2
Pinon Health Center                        Pinon, AZ      Navajo           Ambulatory                            2
Haskell Hlth Ctr                           Lawrence, KSOklahoma            Ambulatory                            2
Claremore Ind Hosp                                     Oklahoma
                                           Claremore, OK                   hosp, amb, admin                  O in Dec, 7
WW Hastings Ind Hosp                                   Oklahoma
                                           Tahlequah, OK                   Amb/Hosp                              6
Pawhuska Indian Health Clinic              Pawhuska, OKOklahoma            Ambulatory                            1
El Reno Indian Health Clinic               El Reno, OK Oklahoma            Amb/Clinic                            1
Carnegie Indian Health Clinic              Carnegie, OK Oklahoma           Prof Practice                         1
Kickapoo Health Center                     McCloud, OK Oklahoma            Ambulatory                            1
OK City Indian Clinic                                  Oklahoma
                                           Oklahoma City, OK               Ambulatory                            2
Pawnee Indian Health Center                Pawnee, OK Oklahoma             Ambulatory                            1
Choctaw Nation Health Services Authority   Talihina, OK Oklahoma           Amb, Specialty, Community, Hosp       4
Phoenix Indian Medical Center              Phoenix, AZ Phoenix             Amb/Inpt                              3
Whiteriver Ind Hosp                        Whiteriver, AZPhoenix           Ambulatory                            2
Reno-Sparks Tribal Hlth Ctr                Reno, NV       Phoenix          Ambulatory                            1
Parker Indian Health Center                Parker, AZ     Phoenix          Ambulatory                            1
Cibeque Clinic                             Cibeque, AZ Phoenix             Ambulatory                            1
HuHuKam Memorial Hospital                  Sacaton, AZ Phoenix             Ambulatory                            2
Fallon Tribal Health Clinic                Fallon, NV     Phoenix          Ambulatory                            1
Las Vegas Paiute Clinic                                Phoenix
                                           Las Vegas, NV                   Ambulatory                            1
Not-Tsoo Gah-Nee                                          P
                                           Fort Hall, Idaho ortland        Ambulatory                            2
Sophie Trettevick                          Neah Bay, WAPortland            Ambulatory                            1
Warm Spgs                                             P
                                           Warm Spgs,ORortland             Ambulatory                            1
Klamath Tribal Hlth Ctr                    Chiloquin, ORPortland           Amb/Outpat                            2
Chemawa Health Center                      Salem, OR      Portland         Ambulatory                            1
Wellpinit IHS                              Wellpinit, WA Portland          Ambulatory                            2
San Xavier Hlth Ctr                        Tucson, AZ     Tucson           Ambulatory                            1
Sells Indian Hosp                          Sells, AZ      Tucson           Ambulatory                            4

*not from same university
Updated September 23, 2008
              Housing Avail                 Coordinator

or the Chief or Deputy Chief Pharmacist at the facility.

                   Yes        John Schuchardt
                   Yes        Billie StClair
                   No         Holly Rice
                   No         Carlos Christenberry
                   No         Annie Reiner
                   No         Cindy Gunderson
                   Yes        Linnea Putnam
                   No         Teri Creager
                   No         Steve Gray
                   Yes        Sara Caldwell
                   NO         Dorothy Gjorven
                   Yes        Jacquie Roth
                   No         Anne Marie Bott
                   No         Napleon Onyechi
                   Yes        Sandy Beyer
                   Yes        Daniel Essim
                   Yes        Melanie Gibson
                   Yes        Jill Reid
                   No         Mary Jo Zunic
                   No         Pedro Solis
                   No         Albert S. Bowie
                   Yes        Wil Darwin
                   Yes        Thang La
                   Yes        Patrick Hogan
                   No         Jeanette Harrell
                   No         Judy Romero
                   Yes        Jonathan Trujillo
                   No         Jean Hickey
                   Yes        Kristi Turney
                   No         Julie King
                   Yes        Gina Jorgenson
                   No         DeAnne Udby
                   No         Joanna Ferraro
                   No         Sally Oliver
                   No         Gary Lewandowski
                   No         Mark Miller
                   No         Kimberly Zietlow
                   Yes        Harold Clarke
                   Yes        Harold Clarke
                   Yes        Erik Chosa
                   Yes        JoEllen Maurer
                   Yes        Alex Townley
                   Yes        Mark Black
                   No         Greg Speicher
                   No         Ed Wiegand
Yes   Scott Giberson
Yes   Jim Bresette
Yes   Robin Barlett&Russell Appleby
Yes   Joy Lee
No    Gabriella Sanchez
Yes   Steven Labrozzi
Yes   Thad Koppenhafer
Yes   Shinta Imansjah
Yes   Chikanele Onyegam
Yes   James Young
No    Selena Ready
No    Kofi Sallar
Yes   Hellen Hong
No    Kelly Battese
No    Ryan Schupbach
no    Stacey Thornton
No    Jodi Goodfox-Jones
No    Cody Crouch
No    Ryan Stevens
No    Nancy Parker
No    Alice Youngbear
No    Bill Lavalley
Yes   Generosa Jones
No    Jennifer Post
Yes   Ken Say
No    Amber Pagano
Yes   Jeff Maxon
Yes   Kenneth Say
Yes   Michelle Garland
No    Sherri Yoder
Yes   Frank Ricotta
No    Kathleen Payne
Yes   James Lindsay
Yes   Mitzie Allen
no    Marcus Cox
No    Grace Cho
No    James C Jordan
No    Daniel Boyle
Yes   Maya Thompson
                                                                             Contact Information

t the facility.

                  400 Soldier Creek Road, (605) 747-3256,
                  10 North River Road, Ft Yates, ND 58538 (701)854-8340,
                  100 Lake Traverse Dr (605)698-7606,
                  PO Box HH (402) 878-2231 ext 2040
                  111 Washingtron NW, Wagner, SD 57380 605-384-3621
                  PO Box 309, Ft Totten, ND 58335; 701-766-1612;
                  3200 Canyon Lake Drive, Rapid City, SD 57702; (605)355-2392;
                  110 S Visiting Eagle St, Niobrara, NE 68760 (402) 857-2300,
                  601 Gall St, Lower Brule, SD 57548, (605)473-8226,
                  PO Box 1201 Hwy 18, Pharmacy Dept, Pine Ridge SD 57770, (605)867-3197,
                  PO Box 210, Trenton, ND 58853 (701)774-0461
                  Hwy 47 Box 200, Ft Thompson, SD 57339 (605)245-1503
                  4315 Deploymacy Dr. Anchorage, AK 99508 (907) 729-2143
                  Box #29 Barrow, AK 99723 (907) 852-9277
                  2960 Tongass Ave, Ketchikan, AK 99901 (907) 225-0320
                  3006 5th Ave Nome, AK 99762 (907) 443-3314
                  P.O. Box 287, Attn: Pharmacy, Bethel, AK 99559 (907) 543-6992
                  222 Tongass, Sitka, AK 99835 (907) 966-2411
                  Healthy Heart Project 801 Vassar Drive NE; (505) 248-7741;
                  801 Vassar Dr NE (505)248-4028,
                  RR 5 Box 446, Espanola, NM 87532 (505) 753-9421,
                  PO Box 130, San Fidel, NM 87049; (505)-552-5393
                  Attn Pharmacy: PO Box 467, Zuni, NM 87327 (505) 782-4431
                  PO Box 187, 12000 Stonelake Rd, Dulce, NM 87528 (505) 759-3291
                  PO Box 899 Ignacio, CO 88137 (970)-563-4581
                  85 West Hwy 22 Santa Domingo, NM 87052 (505)465-2996
                  PO Box 907 Magdalena, NM 87825 (505) 854-2626
                  Box #210 Mescalero, NM 88340 (505) 671-4441
                  PO Box #310 Pine Hill, NM 8757 (505) 775-3271
                  PO Box 4344 San Felipe Pabalo, San Felipe, NM 87001 (505) 867-2739
                  1700 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505 (505) 988-9821
                  40520 Co HWY 34, Ogema, MN 56569 (218) 983-6375,
                  Cass Lake, MN 56633 (218)335-3313
                  N15019 Hannville B-1 Rd 49896 (906) 466-2782
                  Keshana, WI 54135 (715) 799-5482
                  450 Old Abe Rd Lac du Flambeau, WI 54538 (715) 588-9812
                  PO Box 497 Red Lake, MN 56671 281-679-0173
                  Pharmacy ATTN: Harold Clarke PO Box 760 Browning, MT 59417 (406) 338-6110
                  Pharmacy ATTN: Harold Clarke PO Box 760 Browning, MT 59417 (406) 338-6110
                  P.O. Box 9, Crow Agency, MT 59022 (406) 638-3353
                  P.O. Box 67, Poplar, MT 59255
                  (406) 477-4400
                  PO Box 128 Ft Washakie, Wy 82514 (307) 332-3924 ext 5982
                  4400 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95841 (916)929-976,
                  (760) 749-1410
801 Thompson Ave, Suite 300, Rockville, MD 20852, (301)443-4644,
8081 Thompson Ave, Suite 300, Rockville, MD 20852, (301)443-4644,
Hosp Rd Caller Box C-268 Cherokee, NC 28719 (828)497-9163 ext 6369 and
PO Box 358 Crownpoint, NM 87313 (505) 786-6344,
516 E Nizhoni, Gallup, NM 87301 (505) 722-1885
c/o Pharmacy, IHS Clinic POB 368 Kayenta, AZ 86033 (928)697-4167,
PO Box 160 Shiprock, NM 87420 (505) 368-7255,
Rt 191 Drawer PH, Chinle , AZ 86503, 928-674-7042,
Ft Defiance Indian Hosp (928)729-8328
Box 600 Tuba City, AZ 86045 (928) 283-2091
500 N. Indiana Ave Winslow, AZ 86045
07 Choosgai Dr, Tohatchi, NM 87325 (505) 733-8218
PO Box 10, Pinon, AZ 86510 (928) 725-9514
2415 Massachusetts, Lawrence, KS 66061, (785) 832-4892,,
101 S Moore; (918)342-6455,
100 S Bliss, Tahlequah, OK 74464 (918) 458-3105;
715 Grandview, Pawhuska, OK 74056 (918)287-4491 ext 400
1631-A East Highway 66, El Reno, OK 73036 (405)262-7631
PO Box 1120, Carnegie, OK 73015 (582)654-1100
Box #1059 McCloud, OK 74851 (405) 964-2081
4913 West Reno, Oklahoma City, OK 73127 (405)948-4900
1201 Heritage Circle, Pawnee, OK 74058 (918)762-2517 bill.lavalley
One Choctaw Way, Talihina, OK 74571 (800)349-7026 ext 6727
c/o Pharmacy Dept, PIMC, 4212 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016 (602)263-1506,
Whiteriver Indian Hosp ATTN: Pharmacy,PO Box 860 Whiteriver, AZ 85941 (928) 338-3504
34 Reservation Rd Reno, NV 89502 (775)-329-5162 ext 220
12033 Agency Rd, Parker, AZ 85344 (928) 669-3330
PO Box 80039 2 West 3rd St, Cibeque, AZ 85911 (928) 332-2560
483 West Seed Farm Road, Sacaton, AZ 85247 (602)528-1229
1001 Rio Vista, Fallon, NV 89406 (775)423-3634
1257 Paiute Circle, Las Vegas, NV 89106 (702) 382-0784
Box 717 Mission Road (208)238-5415,
PO Box 410, Neah Bay, WA 98357 (360)645-2431,
1270 Kot-num Rd, Warm Springs, OR 97761 (541) 553-1196
330 Chilquin Blvd, Chilquin, OR 97624 (541) 783-3551;
3750 Chemawa Rd Salem, OR 97303, (503)304-7603
PO Box 357 Wellpinit, WA 99040 (509) 258-4517 ext 113
7900 S.J. Stock Road 520-295-2550;
Sells Hospital, Pharmacy Dept, PO Box 548 Hwy 86 West, Sells, AZ 85634 (520)383-7350
                                                            University Affiliations

Wayne State, SDSU
Creighton Univ., Univ. of Nebraska, St. Louis, SDSU,Drake
SDSU, Creighton
NDSU, SDSU, U of NE, U of AR, Creighton, St Louis; U of WY
Ohio N, SDSU, Pittsburgh, NOVA, SE
U of NE, Creighton, Butler, Wayne State, U of LA, U of Wy, U of AR
SDSU, Nova, Southwestern, Florida, U of AR
Creighton, Idaho, Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth Univ, Montana, Univ of Nebraska,

South Carolina, Oregon State, Washington State

U of Houston, U of GA
U of Az; U of NM
Univ. of New Mexico
Univ. of New Mexico
U of NM, U of WI, Drake, Creighton, U of MD, Rutgers, Hampton, U of FL, NOVA, U of SC, South, Midwestern of OH
Mass, U of WI, U of NM, Iowa, Pittsburgh, Ohio Northern, Rutgers
U of NM
U of CO
U of NM
U of NM
UNM, U of AR, Howard U, U of Washington
multiple-- all over
U of MN-Duluth, U of MN-Minneapolis, NDSU
U of MN
U of Madison, U of Minnesota, U of Chicago
Creighton Univ.
Univeristy of Minnesota
Samford University, U of South Carolina
Washington State U, U of Montana, U of North Carolina, Drake University
U of Montana, U of Michigan
Ohio Northern U, NDSU, U of Montana, Midwestern U in Chicago, U of Pittsburg
U of Michigan
U of AL, U of Tenn, U of Wyoming
No Response
Wilkes University
Univ of Maryland, Palm Beach Atlantic U
Loma Linda, U CO, Howard, NOVA SE, U of FL, South, Midwestern, Butler, Xavier, St Louis, U MO-KC, Rutgers, Campbell, U NC, Wingate, Lake Erie, U Pit
Temple, UNM, U of Appalachia
Mercer, Idaho State, UNM, UNE
Rutgers U, Auburn U
U of AR, St Louis, U of VA, U of WY, U of NM, U of Houston, U of CO, U of WA, Ohio Northern, VA Commonwealth, LEACOM
Creighton Univ., UNM, U of A, VCU, Albany
Midwestern, Auburn, Mercer, Temple, Ohio Northern, Rutgers, Campbell
U of IL
Wilkes University
U of AZ
U of KS
U of OK, SWOS, Campbell
Southwestern Oklahoma State, U of OK, Drake University -- no other slots available
Oklahoma U, Southwestern Oklahoma State
U of Oklahoma
Southwestern Oklahoma State U
U of Oklahoma
U of Oklahoma

Drake U, U of OK, SWOS, UNC
Univ. of AZ
Butler, Duquesne, U of FL, U of Houston, Midwestern U, Oregon State, U of Pittsburgh, U of SC, Ohio State, U of AZ, UNMC
Butler U, U of Iowa, U of Southern Nevada
Mercer, Campbell, U of AZ, U of Southern Nevada
U of Houston
U of Toledo, Butler
any school
Henderson, NV; U of Southern Nevada
Idaho State Univ.
Oregon State, U of WA
No Response
Oregon State
Oregon State U, Pacific U
U of Florida, Washington State U, Oregon State U, Nova Southeast (FL)
U of AZ
U of AZ, U of KY, U of Pittsburgh, Purdue, Rutgers, U of TN
NC, Wingate, Lake Erie, U Pittsburgh, U RI, U SC, U TN, Hampton, WV

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