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					Add CheckBox inside DataGridView in windows

This article will explain you how to insert Checkbox inside DataGridView in windows
application. This article is for beginners.

First create a windows application from Visual Studio Menu File->Project-> Then select C#-
>Windows Form Application.

Then add DataGridView from toolbox of Visual Studio. And also add One Button to test the
CheckBox Value inside DatGridView.

Now from the property window of DataGridView Select the Columns Property.
You will see this screen:

Click on the (Collection) button from the above shown window.
You will see the below screen:
From this window click on "Add" button.
You will see below window:
From the above window select "Type" as "GridViewCheckboxColumn" Column as shown in
above window
Then press Add Button from above Window.
Now you have added the checkbox DataGridView in windows application. Now it's time to
add some code in your .cs file .

Now create one function, which will return a DataTable with sample data containing in it.
This Data Table will bind to DataGridView.

         /// <summary>
         /// Create DataTable to add to DataGridView
         /// </summary>
         /// <returns>DataTabe</returns>
         private DataTable SampleDataTable()
             DataTable dt = new DataTable("MyDataTable");

              //Create columns and add to DataTable;

              DataColumn dcID = new DataColumn("ID");
              dt.Columns.Add(dcID); //ID column created and add to DataTable

              DataColumn dcSomeText = new DataColumn("SomeText");
              dt.Columns.Add(dcSomeText); //LastName column created and add to

              //Now Add some data to the DataTable
              DataRow dr;
              for (int count = 0; count <= 9; count++)
                  dr = dt.NewRow();
                  dr["ID"] = count;
                  dr["SomeText"] = "Some Text " + count;

              return dt;


On the FormLoad_Event add this line of code to bind SampleDataTable() as a datasource of
of windows application like this

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
      myDataGridView.DataSource = SampleDataTable();


Now on Button click Event add this line of code to check what all rows user has selected
from DataGridView.

private void btnSubmit_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
     foreach (DataGridViewRow dr in myDataGridView.Rows)
         if(dr.Cells[0].Value != null) //Cells[0] Because in cell 0th cell we
have added checkbox
                    MessageBox.Show("Rows " +dr.Index + " selected");

Now, its time to run the application,once you run your application you will see the output
window like this:
Now, select the check box and press the Get Selected Rows Button. You will see this

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