Roles by lanyuehua


									Topic: Managing curriculum change through holistic planning

Parties concerned       Responsibilities
School head             -   Plan specialised teaching
                        -   Form working committee
                        -   Choose curriculum leaders
                        -   Employ teachers and assistants to support teaching
                        -   Purchase resources to facilitate effective learning and
                        -   Create time and space for co-planning and lesson
PSMCD                   -   Support the principal to know more about the Eng
                        -   Initiate the study of TSA results and discuss
                            problems identified with the Eng panel heads
                        -   Arrange co-planning and lesson observation for all
                        -   Arrange double lessons per week for each level
                        -   Arrange morning reading period before lessons start
                        -   Apply for language support from LLSS
                        -   Decide the levels and teachers for co-planning with
                        -   Invite publishers to arrange seminars and workshops
                            for teachers and parents
                        -   Arrange internal staff development activities
Teacher librarian       -   Find resources on related themes and modules for
                        -   Choose appropriate reading materials for students to
                            read during reading time

Eng panel heads         -   Organise PD activities on process writing, reading
                            and TSA
                        -   Organise TSA and internal assessment data analysis
                            and sharing meetings
                        -   Assign co-ordinators in each level for professional
                        -   Encourage professional dialogue and exchange
                            among members
              -   Organise co-planning for all levels to develop a
                  collaborative learning culture
              -   Co-ordinate vertical and horizontal planning
              -   Co-ordinate the resource bank
              -   Co-ordinate the development of the writing resource
              -   Co-ordinate and arrange external sharing of P3
                  co-planning writing project
              -   Build an English-rich environment by organising
                  activities such as English Fun Day
              -   Liaise with the NET in co-planning and organisation
                  of English activities
Teachers      -   Share the vision of the Eng panel and work towards
                  the goals
              -   Co-operate with the curriculum leaders to accomplish
                  the tasks
              -   Contribute in planning and sharing meetings
              -   Reflect and make improvement
NET           -   Co-plan with teachers of other levels
              -   Design and organize English activities and
                  programmes such as lunch broadcasting, storytelling
                  and poetry appreciation
              -   Conduct PD activities for English teachers
EMB officer   -   Conduct PD activities for teachers on process writing
                  and TSA and internal assessment data analysis
              -   Organise co-planning writing project with teachers of
                  P3 and P5
              -   Conduct lesson observation
              -   Act as consultant to teachers by giving professional
              -   Guide teachers in horizontal planning
              -   Arrange sharing on reflection and celebration of
                  success of teacher and student development
                  e.g. experience sharing in the territory-wide TSA

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