MACOMB COUNTY - DOC by benbenzhou


									                                                                  MACOMB COUNTY
                                     LOW & MODERATE INCOME HOUSING
For housing lists on Adult Foster Care, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, Respite, & more, contact Robin Autin, Information & Referral Specialist at
   the Dept of Senior Services, at 586-466-8725. Search for housing at or For
answers to housing questions for people with disabilities, those who are homeless, and anyone facing a housing crisis call the Housing Resource
 Center for Oakland and Macomb at 1-866-282-3119               Call 211 for any medical or human service need.

                                                                TRAILER PARKS
    Woodview Mobile Village         5                              0 1 bed       Pay own gas,      2 persons          Cats            Criminal, sexual
         7062 Ready                units       2 weeks            Few 2 bed      lights & water     max per         allowed        background and credit
         Warren, MI                                                0 3 bed        Water =@ $20     bedroom                                checks
                                                                                   per month
        586-754-6865                                                                                                               $25 nonrefundable fee
                                                                Up to $450.00
    Shadylane Mobile Homes          244                         $323-480-1b      Pay own gas,         2 per                       Credit check—will work
            2709 Capitol                       No wait          $353-525-2b      lights & water     bedroom                       with bad credit, as long
             Warren, MI                                           $550-3b         Water =@ $20                                      as no past evictions
                                                                                   per month
           586-381-3704                                                                                                           Security deposit 1½ rent
      Motor City Trailer Park       120        No wait           $349 - 1bd      Pay own gas,      2 for 1 bedr   Small dogs      Criminal & background
          23765 Lawrence                                         $375 - 2 bd     lights & water    4 for 2 bedr     only          checks, proof of income
             Warren, MI
  Twin Pines Mobile Home Park       118     2 wks-Wait            $350 -1bd      Pay own gas,         2 per         Dogs $5          No criminal sexual
        6815 E 11 Mile Rd                   6-Available          $400 - 2bd      lights & water     bedroom         Security      convictions, no evictions
         Warren, MI 48092                                        $500 - 3 bd     Water = @ $20-                   deposit & 1st   from mobile home parks,
           586-757-4932                                                           40 per month                    months rent     will work with bruised credit
   Leslie’s Mobile Home Village                Only 12           Lot rent is      Water and                          Some             Credit check req’d
         25214 Gratiot Ave          168      rentals—all         $361-386 1bd,    electric are      One dog       trailers for
                                                                 $500-560 2bd
        Roseville, MI 48066                   currently                            included         allowed         sale by          Sale price could be
           586-755-5012                       occupied                                                              owner             $2000 to $18,000
           Parklane Court          164         Handyman           $390 lot       Pay own gas,         2 per       Purchase           Bruised credit OK if
                                            specials now for
        3193 E. 10 Mile Rd                                        rent plus      lights & water     bedroom        only—no        sufficient monthly income
                                             $140. - $150.
        Warren, MI 48091                     Each plus title    water/sewer                                         rentals        above lot rent to meet
           586-755-0660                       transfers. All    ($20-25 mo)                                                         expenses (min $200)
                                            others at least 3                                                                       $450 security deposit
                                              months wait
    Continental Communities         266     Fixer-upper:                         Pay own gas,      2 for 1 bedr   Dogs up to         Criminal background
          3127 Maple                          no wait;            $400 - 1b      lights & water    4 for 2 bedr    20lbs or                checks
          Warren, MI                        rental: 30/40         $450 - 2b                                          cats
         586-757-7412                       days subject                                                           allowed
                                             to change
   Willow Point Mobile Homes       284      No Wait List         $500 - 1bd      Pay own gas,     $150.deposit    Lease with      Rent / to own contracts run for
                                                                                                                                  4 years
         43400 Lenfesty                      Availability       $545-575-2bd     lights & water   & $15. mo fee    option to
                                                                                                                                  Down payment is $795-single+
        Harrison Twp, MI                    but changes           $595-3bd       Water = @ $20-      for (non        buy          1st mo rent.
                                                                  Doublewide      40 per month
          586-465-0424                          daily                                              aggressive)                    Double wide 1500. –
                                                                 $725. - $750.
                                                                                                       pets                       1st mth. rent
There are dozens of trailer courts in Macomb. See the Yellow Pages under MANUFACTURED HOUSING-COMMUNITIES or check
the internet. Many parks do not have rentals available, but instead have trailers for sale, or rent-to-own. The monthly payment and
lot rent together may be as low as $400. Many parks will help with financing to purchase a trailer.

                                           OTHER LOW INCOME HOUSING
  Stilwell Manor (&JosephCoach)               1 to 2                             heat, included    1 bdrm--2      Resident of          Elevators in bldg.
             26600 Burg             120     months wait         Efficiency-283      no pets        2 bdrm--2        Warren               income max:
               Warren                          list               1B $395                                          only, age            single-$20,000,
            586-758-1310                                          2B $448                                            60+                double-$28,000
      Memphis Manor           32         Wait list     423-623 for       Heat & water         No pets              2 for        All other information on
80521 & 80585 Henderson                 unknown.       1 bed, 423-       included, pay                         disabled, 11    these units are currently
    Memphis, MI 48041                  taking apps       684 for 2        own electric                             units              unavailable.
       810-392-3292                   for 1 & 2 bed        bed                                                  subsidized
       Joseph Coach          264         1 month        1 br -$490           Water           1 bdrm--2           seniors              bldg has AC
        26600 Burg                        Varies        2 br -$535         Included          2 bdrm--4           only age      Same as Stilwell Manor
          Warren                        (Wait List)                                                                55+          Disabled Available/Per
       586-758-1310                                                                                              Disabled         Req. (Independent)
    Clinton Rivers Apts       32      No wait list      1bdr $490-        water, a/c, &     Max of 4 in 2                         Section 8 Vouches
   220 Shadyside Drive                 Varies 30-        2bdr$590        heat Included       bedroom                                   Accepted.
        Mt. Clemens                    Day Notice                        pay own electric                                      1st Floor Immobility Imp.
        Rolling Oaks          74       No wait         1bdr $499-         Heat, water         1bdrm            seniors 62+      Some subsidies available
      1500 Fruit Road                 Varies- 30          $690.            included            2ppl if         & disabled       Minimum & Maximum
    Algonac, MI 48001                 Day Notice       Ground floor           Ok              married.                           income limits apply
       810-794-2440                                      to $710          Small pets                                             (newly remodeled)
     Belle River Court        24                        1bdr $453          Heat and         all 1 bedroom        Seniors       Rural development and
   81393 Belle River Rd                 Wait List       Only 1bdr            water            Aprtms, 2         only 62+       City of Memphis partial
    Memphis, MI 48041                 6-12 months      Apartments          included         persons max        Disability +          subsidized.
       810-392-3274                                                        Pets Ok                              Child Ok
     Park Place Tower        187                        (Sec 236 is       heat, lights,                          seniors         Annual income can’t
       34 Park Street                 1 – 2 months       not sec 8)         & water             2 per             only         exceed $24,450 (single)
        Mt. Clemens                                     $469, then         included           bedroom           62 & over        or $27,950 (couple)
       586-469-6446                                      30% AGI                                                                 (changes annually)
                                                       after wait list     pet policy
     Grant Manor Apts        117       Wait List       1 bdrm$495-           Water              2 per            seniors        Elevator for 2nd & 3rd
    9 Mile & Donald St.                30-Days          2bdrm$685          included           bedroom             only             floor. Will accept
        Eastpointe                      Varies          Starting rate       Pets-Ok                             55 & over       vouchers for rent/not
                                                       varies per unit
      586-771-3374                                                           Small                                                    low income.
                                                                                                                                       Credit Ck.
      Madonna Villa           86      as available     $550--1155        heat, lights, &       1bdrms            seniors        Retirement village --
      17825 15 Mile         (most      no waiting       includes 3       water incl-dog     2max-married          only         must be able to care for
     Clinton Township         are       list, 1st       meals per        or cat up to 20      Couples           60 & over       self. Most meals are
      586-792-0358          effncy)   come basis            day          lbs w fee/dep       Ind. Living                               included

                                           SUBSIDIZED COMPLEXES
 Apple Valley Townhouses    130 are      Wait list        30% of              Water         2 per bedroom      Senior 62+       Credit and criminal
 231 Apple Blossom Way      section    1 bed senior      adjusted           included                           or disabled.     background check.
    Romeo, MI 48065          8/ low   only– 8 mths.        gross             Senior /                                           Sec. deposit varies/
      586-752-4166          income    2 bed – 1+ yr.      income         disabled only                                          based on rent and
                                      3 bed - closed                       1 small pet                                                income.
         Ahepa 371            79         Wait List        30% of          heat, lights,         2 max            seniors         Mobility Impaired-
      26700 Crocker                      Under 12        adjusted           water incl                            only           Disabled 8 units
        Mt. Clemens                        mo’s            gross            pets OK                             62 & over         5 years wait for
       586-465-4540                                       income          under 30 lbs                                             handicapped
       Autumn Ridge          250                          30% of            water incl      2 per bedroom        Seniors        several barrier free
     36300 Dequindre                  2 bd 5 yrs         adjusted        heat provided                          only tower              units
      Sterling Heights                3 bd 10 yrs          gross           for seniors                          1 bd 2yrs       Accepting Disability
       586-978-7378                                       income         only- no pets                         2 bd 4-6 yrs            Apps.
Autumn Woods Townhouses      286       Waiting list       30% of           Water incl       2 per bedroom      Multi- family    Credit checks & criminal
                                                                                                                    No             reference checks
    44401 Bridal Lane                   currently        adjusted
                                                                                                                                Applications taken M - F
  Sterling Heights, 48313                closed            gross                                                 disabled       9:00–11:00 & 1:00–4:00
       586-731-8600                                       income            No pets
   Bramblewood Sr Apts        32                          30% of         Trash, Heat &        1 per 1 bd         Seniors       Credit report required
        31950 Clark                    6 mo’s-1 yrs      adjusted            water            2 per 2bd           62+ &          Criminal Ck Req.
      New Haven, MI                     Open List          gross           included         Unless caregiver     disabled
                                                                                             stays full time
       586-749-9268                                       income         Pets allowed                            any age.
     Center Line Park         300         Wait List         30% of     heat, lights,       1 bdrm - 2       seniors 62+         handicapped
    8033 E. 10 Mile Rd                 55-61 8-12          adjusted     water incl         2 bdrm - 4       & disabled           accessible
       Center Line                     months                gross     cats & dogs                          any age. 55+      Req: 55+ Older
                                       62 +                                                                 live
      586-755-2270                                          income     up to 25lbs                          independent.    Barrier free available
                                       6 mths – 1 year
 Church of Christ Housing      52                           30% of      Water incl                           seniors        5 handicapped units
     23559 15 Mile Rd.                     5 years         adjusted                                           only            available for the
     Clinton Township                                        gross                                          62 & over         mobility impaired
       586-792-6441                                         income     pets allowed                                           no one under 50
      Clemens Tower           288       3 - 6 months        30% of      for seniors      2 per bedroom        Seniors       4 – 5 bed units now
        50 Church St.                  for seniors or      adjusted    heat, lights,                            62+          available – taking
        Mt. Clemens                    disabled aged         gross       water incl                          Disabled           applications.
       586-468-1434                          55+            income    small pets OK                             55+
   Clinton Twp Housing        100            62+ --         30% of    seniors: Heat,     2 per bedroom       56 are for     44 units Closed for
                                       Section 8 Closed.                Water &
     34947 Village Rd                                      adjusted                                           seniors            families.
                                       Not accepting                   appliances
         Clinton Twp                   apps.                 gross                                             (62+)       Open for Seniors only
       586-791-7000                                         income      Included
     Clinton Place Apts       283       62+ No Wait         30% of    Heat, water &      2 per bedroom       62+ only        Credit & criminal
      147 N. River Rd                  Under 62: 2         adjusted   gas appliances                                              checks
        Mt. Clemens                    -4years Wait          gross     incl--pets w                                           62+ Immediate
       586-468-8415                                         income       deposit                                                Occupancy
Dunn Sr Citizens Residence    108                           30% of     heat, lights,        studio -- 1       seniors        2 stories, has an
      8400 Engleman                     1br 8 mos+         adjusted      water.&           2-3 mo wait          55+               elevator
         Center Line                                         gross     appliances           1 bdrm –2                       no barrier free units
       586-756-3322                                         income      included           7-9 mo wait                       now only seniors
      Eastpointe Apts         232      Waiting list is      30% of     heat, water,         4 per unit                        1-2 bdr-closed
  39616 Chateau Rouge                    closed            adjusted    appliances
      Sterling Heights                                       gross      included
       586-939-4090                                         income       no pets
   Eastland Senior Apts       134         3-6 mos,          30% of     heat, lights,     1 per bedroom       seniors          a few accessible
      18330 Eastland                      resident         adjusted      water, &                             only           Roseville residents
          Roseville                      preference          gross    appliances incl                       60 & over      preference/Section 8
       586-778-1360                                         income     pets allowed                                                closed
    Elizabeth Lee Doles       100      No wait list for     30% of     heat, lights,     1 per bedroom       seniors         Must be physically
     42700 Colchester                  Seniors 62+         adjusted      water                                62+ &         disabled and require
     Clinton Township                   Ages 18-61           gross                                          disabled       special apt features—
       586-463-0500                        1 yr             income    pets allowed                             only        1 yr wait for disabled
Errin & Chestberry Manor’s   2 bldgs     Wait List          30% of    heat, lights,      Disabled must       seniors              50+ only
    15701 E. Nine Mile         164       62+ 3-6           adjusted   water incld.          meet age        50+ only.         (Part of Eastpointe
         Eastpointe           Units      months.             gross                        requirement
       586-445-5099           Total       50-61             income     1 small pet                                               Handicapped
                                          2 year                          only.                                                   accessible
      Fraser Woods            241      Unless 62+           30% of      Water incl                            211 units        30 units are for
                                       waiting list
17195 Fraser Woods Drive                                   adjusted    (small pets                             are for              families
                                       closed. 62+
         Fraser                        waiting is 6 – 12     gross     allowed for                           seniors 62     12 unit handicapped
     586-294-3952                      months               income    seniors only)                            & over             accessible
    Lakeside Towers           115        Wait List          30% of     heat, lights,       1 Small pet      seniors         *Disabled must have
  15000Shoreline Drive                  1 bed 1 yr.        adjusted       water             with $50.       62+.            Dr. letter stating they
    Sterling Heights                   2 bed 2+ yrs.         gross      included.        Deposit + $10.     Disabled       need total accessibility
     586-247-7411                       Only two 2          income                         A moth. Till     any age*       units. There are only 5
                                         bd. units                                         $300. Paid.                       of these units total.
      Lawrence Park           230       Wait for Senior     30% of      Senior units     1 small pet with   Senior units   Family Units –
                                       62+ or disabled-2              included water                        Highrise       townhouses
     7000 10 Mile Rd          units                        adjusted                      deposit for
                                              yrs.                       and heat.
       Center Line            total      Family-5 yrs        gross                       senior only. No
      586-757-0502                                          income      Family units     pets in family      8 – 2 bed     94 - 2 bed (6 handicap)
                                                                         only water                         118 – 1 bed    24 – 3 bed
      Leisure Manor           212         Resident          30% of      heat, lights,    1 per bedroom       seniors           Family, Section
   1000 Blossom Heath                   preference /       adjusted      water, &                             62+ &              8 Closed
     St. Clair Shores                  waiting list for      gross    appliances incl-                       disabled
      586-773-9200                     families-7 yrs.      income     small pets OK                           only
      The Meadows                       124     Only 2 1bd. Avail      30% of    Water, Trash       2 per bedroom        Multi-         4 handicapped
                                                 at any time wait
   31860 Nardelli Lane                                                adjusted    included                             Family 2-4      accessible units
                                                 list 4 yrs. 2 & 3
         Roseville                               bed wait list 2-4      gross                                           yr. wait     2 1 bed and 2 2 bed.
       586-296-3622                                      yrs.          income      No pets
 New Baltimore Place Apts               100                            30% of    heat, lights,      2 per bedroom       seniors         Qualify: Credit &
    51140 Hooker St.                            1 bdr-closed          adjusted    water incl                             62+ &        criminal Background
      New Baltimore                             2bdr-Open               gross                                           disabled               Ck.
       586-725-8470                             Wait List              income    pets allowed                             only            1st mo’s Rent
       Newport Apts                     328        Wait list           30% of     heat, water       2 per bedroom                    handicapped welcome
      24213 Lotus Ct                                closed            adjusted   incl in some
        Mt. Clemens                                                     gross        units                                           must have good credit
       586-469-0010                                                    income       no pets                                                   No Fee
   Peace Presbyterian                   55       Waiting list          30% of     heat, water       2 per bedroom       seniors       social and rec areas
    17275 15 Mile Rd.                            4-6 months           adjusted     incl. pets                            only          (all apartments are
    Clinton Township                                                    gross    under 25 lbs.                         62 & over     one bedroom and not
       586-790-4500                                                    income    OK w deposit                                          suited for families)
     Perry Acres Apts                   24          Wait list          30% of       Nothing         2 per bedroom      age           Credit & criminal back
                                                 1bd: 18-24 mos                                                        requirement
   32560 James Curtin                                                 adjusted     included                                              ground checks.
                                                 2bd: 12-18 mos                                                        - 18 and
      New Haven, MI                                3 bd. 2 yrs          gross
       586-749-9268                                                    income       No pets                            older to
        Pinewoods                       88         Wait List           30% of      Water &          2 per bedroom            age           31 units for
  30100 John Rivers Drive                        8 12 months          adjusted    Trash incl                           requirement      disabled /senior
   New Haven, MI 48048                                                  gross     Pets under                              - 18 and   58 townhouses with 2-
      586-749-6570                                                     income     25 pounds                               older to        3 bedrooms
     Schoenherr Towers                  152        Wait List           30% of       Heat                 Mostly         seniors      Disabled tenants must
      37500 Schoenherr                          8 - 12 months         adjusted   & water incl         1 bedroom          62+ &        also be seniors 62+
 Sterling Heights, MI 48312                                             gross    For Seniors        units. Only 4 2     disabled
        586-264-6410                                                   income    Small pets OK        bed. units
  St. Clair Shores Housing               2 Sr       Wait list          30% of       Seniors         Wait list for       seniors         taking senior and
 Office: 1000 Blossomhealth blvd.       bldgs   Seniors 1 yr. for     adjusted   utilities incld.   Family housing 7    62+ Or         family applications
(Houses located throughout the city)      39    SCS resid.              gross     Family utility    yrs.               disabled.               now
         586-773-9200                  homes    2 yr. non resd.        income    allow to help w
                                                                                                                                     section 8 apps Closed
      St. George Towers                 205        Wait List           30% of    All Utility’s        1 bedroom         seniors             Mobility
       42250 Hayes Rd.                            6 – 9 mnths         adjusted      Included           units only        62+ Or      Impaired/handicapped
          Clinton Twp                            for 62+. 3yrs          gross     pets OK w/        2 persons max       disabled          Units/Accept
         586-286-7212                            for under 62          income     pet deposit                             only            Applications
                                                                                                                                       Independent Living
         Tivoli Manor                   80      Wait List              30% of    Heat, Water,           1 bdrm           seniors         Must be mobility
     28103 Imperial Drive                       3 – 6 mnth.           adjusted      Trash            Apartments/         62+ Or       impaired if under 62
            Warren                              Mobility                gross     included           Independent         Mobility
        586-558-9860                            Impaired 1-3yr         income                           Living          Impaired
     Ukranian Village                   146        Wait List           30% of     Heat, water          15/Units          seniors      2 story with elevator
     26377 Ryan Rd.                             4-6 mo’s 3-           adjusted   included Ok            Are for          62+ Or        Section 8 Housing
         Warren                                   4 years for           gross    S.Dep300.00            Mobility         Mobility      disabled must be
      586-755-1610                               Mobility Imp.         income     small pets           Impaired         Impaired       mobility impaired
Warren Glenn Presb Village              68         Wait List           30% of    Heat & water       1 or 2 persons       seniors     Income must be under
 2950 E. Twelve Mile Rd.                        6 – 12 months         adjusted     included         in 1 bed units        62+ &           $ 22,900 (1)
    Warren, MI 48092                              Accepting             gross     Sec. Deposit                          disabled          $ 26,150 (2)
      586-751-5090                               applications          income                                              only          7 Units-1st floor
                                                                                 Small Pets-OK
                                                                                                                                     Disabled/ Mobility Imp.

                (A DOWNPAYMENT IS REQUIRED—what is a cooperative? See )
     Cordova Courts Apts     174     1 & 2b-1yr    1-$527      heat, water, trash   2 per    *Moderate      $1000 down, cooperative
                                                                appliances incl.                           equity $2,805--$3470 due at
       34168 Wallace                 3b - closed   2-$602                         bedroom     Income
                                                                cats, birds, fish                          signing—no financing
       Clinton Twp MI                              3-$630             OK                       Based*      available
    Eastwick Sq Townshouses       92      No wait (with     Mo Fee              Water,           2 per         Market rate          *Coop Deposit:
         27752 Eastwick                    purchase        $319 – 1bd        Taxes, Mo         bedroom           Coop             $20,000 to $40,000
            Roseville                       deposit)       $389 – 4bd       Fee included                       No rentals          handicapped first
          586-792-8457                                                      Pets allowed                                                 priority
      Hanover Grove Coop         520      2bdr-3bdrm        1 bd. -$476.     heat, water      2-per bdrm         Stove &        *Coop fee: $10-16,000
                                                           2 bd. - $525.
       15750 Sabre Lane                    Available                          included                          refrigerator     Will accept vouchers.
                                                           3 bd. - $600.
              Fraser                      1bdrm-Wait      Min. regardless                                        included        Residence preferred.
          586-293-5150                         List       of 30% income        no pets                                              Section 8 Wait 4yrs
    James Townhouses Coop        158        No wait        Care Fee:         Heat, water,     2 per bdrm          $50.00        *Coop members*equity (Care
                                                                                                                                Fee-Member owned
          24074 Grange                    Open/Accept     1bdrm-$414         Gas, Taxes.      *Moderate         Application
        Clinton Township                  Applications    2bdrm-$444          included         Income*             Fee          1bdrm,$ 9,600;
          586-868-0320                                    3bdrm-$457        Pets Ok Small                      Credit/Crim      2bdrm; $11,575.
         Kramer Homes            500      No wait (with   1bdrm $312          Only water         2 per         Not low income       *Coop deposit +
                                                                               included                        Not subsidized
        8830 10 Mile Rd                    purchase       2bdrm $340                           bedroom                            improvements: about
          Center Line                       deposit)       3brm $360                                           requirements          $5,500-8,500
         586-757-1240                                                       1 small pet OK                                          not handicapped
                                                                                                               Buy In Only
   Oxford Square Townhouses      206           Not          Purchase          Only heat          2 per            *Not           *Coop equity required:
         34594 Lipke St.                    accepting          Of             included         bedroom            Low                   1b: $914
           Mt. Clemens                         any         townhouse                                            Income*                2b: $1114
          586-791-3040                    applications                        No pets                           Moderate               3b: $1516
                                            for 2 yrs.
      Roseville Townhouses       155       No wait w/      Care Fee:         Only water          2 per             *Not          *coop equity required,
       25621 New England                    purchase.     1bdrm$325           included         bedroom             Low             about $15,000.00-
             Roseville                       Buying       2bdrm$358                          *1 deed/155         Income*               42,000.00
          586-776-6413                        Share       4bdrm$382         Pets allowed     Share-Loan          Moderate             *Cash only*
    Townhouse Green Coop         255         Wait List     Care Fee:         heat, water         2 per         *Moderate          *Coop buy-in: Equity
       19286 N. Highlite Dr                    Per        1 br--$335          included         bedroom         income              1 bed: $8,500.00
         Clinton Township                  Availability   2 br--$385*                                          required*            2 bed: $9,500.00
          586-791-8230                     Buy/Share      3 br--$408          cats OK                                              3 bed: $10,500.00
        Townhouse Plaza          217      4 Sale               (coop)        heat, water      Market rate        Not Low              0% financing
                                                            1bd. $366.
    19000 Highlite Dr. South              By Owner.                           included         realtors.          Income               0 Deposit
                                                          2bd. $417- 439.
         Clinton Township                 No wait list    3bd. $463.                           1bd. Are         *Moderate        Sales price to sellers.
          586-791-0370                                                        1 pet OK       senior friendly     Income*
   Village Square Cooperative   Indepen     Vacancy       Carrier Fee:       Heat, water         2 per           Not Low           Co-op deposit is
        45510 Kensington          dent       Varies          (coop)           included         bedroom            Income            $8000.- 10,000.
               Utica             Co-Op        Thru         2bdrm$479                                            *Moderate        Plus $ 3000. -20,000.
          586-739-7570                    Community        3bdrm$505          Pets OK                            Income*             inprovements
   Yorkshire Plaza Twnhouses     130      Applications    Coop Fee:          heat, water         2 per           Not Low          Coop buy-in: Equity
         20702 Hunt Drive                   2-3 brm       2bdrm$406           included         bedroom            Income          approx. $6,500.00-
             Roseville                     availability   3bdrm$442                                            *Moderate*               7,900.00
          586-228-1060                                                         no pets                                           100.00 Credit/Criminal

HOUSING COMMISSIONS offering public housing:
      ALGONAC, 1205 St. Clair River Drive                      810-794-9369
      CLINTON TOWNSHIP, 34947 Village Road                     586-791-7000
      EASTPOINTE, 15701 E. 9 Mile Road                         586-445-5099
      MT.CLEMENS, 50 Church St.                                586-468-1434
      NEW HAVEN, 30100 John Rivers Drive                       586-749-6570
      ROSEVILLE, 18330 Eastland                                586-778-1360
      ST. CLAIR SHORES, 1000 Blossom Heath                     586-773-9200
      STERLING HEIGHTS, 40555 Utica Road                       586-264-6410

Individual SECTION 8 SUBSIDIES (not restricted to one location): The Macomb list is expected to be closed to new applications at
least until 2010. If you submitted an application at the last open enrollment and want to find out the status or report a change in
address, you can call 586-466-5863. For general information about Section 8, call 313-456-3540. Current and future recipients of a
section 8 subsidy should ask about the Family Self Sufficiency program: MSHDA will credit an escrow account with approximately
the amount that the subsidy decreases due to an increase in the family’s earned income. Some Housing Commissions listed above
also have Section 8 vouchers available via periodic open enrollments. To report a change of address/contact information for a
homeless section 8 voucher application, call Shinan (formerly Derocha Associates) at 586-468-1775.

ROOMMATES: Information, websites to search for background checks, and other things to consider about roommates is at CHN’s (& much more info via Google. ..)

NURSING HOMES: To obtain a list of the nursing homes in Macomb, call Citizens for Better Care (CBC) at 1-800-833-9548 or
consult the Yellow Pages. For housing lists on Adult Foster Care, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, Respite, & more, contact
Robin Autin, Information & Referral Specialist at the Dept of Senior Services, at 586-466-8725.

CREDIT PROBLEMS: Call GreenPath at 800-547-5005. You should not be charged more than $9.00 for a credit report (available
free if you are on assistance), and you should receive a copy. You are now entitled to one free credit report every 12 months from
Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion by phone, mail, or at

ASSISTED LIVING & RETIREMENT COMMUNITIES: Consult the yellow pages, or call 248-350-0730 to have a free copy of
SENIOR ALTERNATIVES FOR LIVING GUIDE mailed to you. This guide contains information and resources for seniors.

HOMELESS HOTLINE: 800-A-SHELTER (800-274-3583) will assist callers to secure a bed in a shelter the same night. Within
Detroit, will pick up callers and transport them to a shelter that night.

                                       HOME PURCHASE RESOURCES
                                                         (Rehab Programs)
   MSHDA DOWN                800-327-9158        Eligible individuals may receive a loan of up to $7,500 for down payment
    PAYMENT                  517-373-6840        assistance. The deferred loan has zero-interest and no monthly payments.
   ASSISTANCE                  MSHDA              The loan may be used toward the minimum cash requirements needed to
    (1% Down)                                        close, including the down payment required, closing costs, prepaid
                                                     expenses, and a home inspection.
                                                  The maximum purchase price is $224,500
                                                  Borrowers must complete a LINKS to Homeownership course.
                                                  Borrower's minimum contribution must be at least 1% of the sales price.
                                                  Borrower's household income must not exceed the limits for this program.
                                                     (Income limits are $69,800 to $97,720 depending on location and family
                                                 These second mortgage loans are MSHDA funded.
                                                 This program is available through the Single Family Mortgage Program.
THE SINGLE FAMILY            800-327-9158        Offers 1) below market fixed rate loans or “step loans” with minimum down
    PROGRAM                  517-373-6840        payments from $0 to 5%: 2) up to $10,000 down payment assistance loan (0
                               MSHDA             interest, no payments) if there is a dependent child under 18 in the family, 3)
                                                 Acquisition/Rehabilitation loan includes funds to make repairs to the home
                                                 being purchased. Application for the MSHDA loan can be made at a local
                                                 participating lender. Income limits ($26,220 for 1; $29,940 for 2; $33,720 for
                                                 3; $37,440 for 4, etc) and other conditions apply. For more information see
                                       >homebuyers> MSHDA Financing>Down Payment
                                                 Assistance Program.
   MICHIGAN                 800-327-9158         For homebuyers with income below 30,000 (credit is less if over 30,000),
MORTGAGE CREDIT            MSHDA hotline         provides a federal tax credit that reduces monthly mortgage payments. Call
CERTIFICATE (MCC)                                for a free pamphlet and list of participating lenders
   FHA & VA                     Insured/guaranteed loans by these agencies make it easier for low-income &
  PROGRAMS                      poor credit persons to qualify for mortgages. Settlement costs can be
                                financed, allowing the down payment to be as low as 2% to 3%. VA is the
                                most generous: with a VA mortgage, you make no down payment, and you
                                don’t have to pay private mortgage insurance—a savings of $60 to $90 per
                                month for a standard loan. Also you need only average credit, and there are
                                no income restrictions, top or bottom. Real estate agents are a major source
                                of information about these programs. Real estate firms often hold free
                                seminars about FHA & VA
RURAL PROGRAMS                  The Direct Single Family Housing Loan is an insured loan offered by the
                                Department of Agriculture to assist first time home buyers to purchase
                                property in rural areas. Household must be at/below 80% of median income,
                                have acceptable credit, and be eligible for a mortgage. Loans have no down
                                payment, & rate reductions may reduce interest as low as 1%, based on
                                ability to pay. Contact the Dept of Agriculture, or realtos in rural areas.
  “CREATIVE                     Some examples are: rent with an option to buy, land contract, sweat equity
  FINANCING”                    (fixer-upper), seller-financing, foreclosures & auctions, kit homes, shared
                                equity, family loans, co-signing a mortgage, go farther away, share a house
   3% DOWN                      Most lenders participate. This program requires buyers to participate in pre-
  PROGRAMS                      purchase homeowner seminars and post-purchase homeowner seminars and
                                post-purchase financial counseling. Also required is inspection/home
                                warranty. In Detroit the 3% can come from a credit card or loan.
CITY OF WARREN   586-574-4686   Up to $3,500 per eligible low/moderate income first time homebuyers is
DOWNPAYMENT                     provided as a forgivable loan -- payments are deferred and the loan is
  ASSISTANCE                    forgiven after 5 years of owner occupancy. Purchases must be in the City of
   PROGRAM                      Warren. Homeowners must pay $1,000 with their own funds. The City’s loan
                                is applied down payment and closing costs. The lender must also provide
                                financial assistance.
REHAB PROGRAMS                  Various cities in Macomb offer Housing & Emergency Rehab Programs Taxes
                                must be current, and total household income limits, minimum equity, and a
                                waiting list apply. A zero interest loan is due & payable upon the sale of the
                                home. To apply, contact: Clinton Twp—Ed Manninen (586-286-9325);
                                Warren—Rose Furlong 586-574-4500; St. Clair Shores—Liz Koto (586-445-
                                5200); Roseville—Mike Conners (586-445-5440); Sterling Heights—Stephanie
                                Burgess (586-446-2382); Mt. Clemens & Harrison Twp & Eastpointe & Center
                                Line & all of Macomb north of M-59—Mike Rozny (586-469-5285). Rehab
                                loans are paid back in small monthly installments or are deferred until sale or
                                refinancing of the home, depending on income level and program.
 MSU EXTENSION   586-469-6430    Affordable Housing for 1st time homebuyers (including families in trailers or
   SEMINARS                     whose housing is inadequate), on renting vs buying, affordable
                                neighborhoods, government and bank loan programs, down payment
                                assistance, saving money, and cleaning up credit; Home Ownership house
                                hunting & evaluating a house, qualifying for a mortgage – lending criteria,
                                mortgage options, computing costs from purchase to closing, realtors,
                                lawyers, & closing documents; Money Management spending plans &
                                budgeting, pre-and post purchase home buyer counseling, credit and debt
                                management; and Home Repair and Maintenance wall & window repair,
                                plumbing, electrical, weatherization, landscaping, heating/cooling, inspection.
   LIGHTHOUSE             586-350-6543        Home Ownership Program – a full service HUD and MSHDA counseling
                                              service, assists low income home buyers with completing MSHDA forms,
                                              required classes, one-on-one budget counseling, reviewing realtor and lender
                                              documents, and more. Ask for David Everett
   HABITAT FOR            586-263-1540        Builds new houses for low income persons/families. Payments are low with 0
    HUMANITY                                  interest. Buyers must assist at the site, volunteers are welcome. To be
                                              eligible, a family must meet minimum income guidelines and other ability to
                                              pay criteria (for a family of 4: $20,000 to $34,917 annual income). Must have
                                              a tie or connection to Macomb. Anyone over 18 in the household must
                                              contribute 250 volunteer hours. For more information, see
       IDAs               586-469-7378        These accounts provide a 4 to 1 or 3 to l match for savings up to $1000 (for a
    (Individual             (MCCSA)           $5000 total) toward down payment and closing cost expenses for low income
   Development                                working persons or families below 200% of poverty who can save at least $28
    Accounts)            586-759-3895         per month. You must have fair credit and attend information & orientation
                       (Leaps & Bounds)       sessions to sign up, and also attend money management classes. More info
                         313-841-9641         about IDAs is at MCCSA also offers HUD’s
                          (Southwest          American Dream Downpayment Initiative (google it) which lets $2500 saved
                       Housing Solutions)     be matched by $7500

                          FORECLOSURE & MORTGAGE ASSISTANCE

      586-469-5180               MSU EXTENSION FORECLOSURE COUNSELORS

      313-815-3646               SOUTHWEST HOUSING SOLUTIONS

      586-350-6543               LIGHTHOUSE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT

      248-928-0111               COMMUNITY HOUSING NETWORK
    NEW USA               Apply online at         If you are currently receiving unemployment benefits, up to $750 or 50% of
   MORTGAGE            www.stepforwardm monthly payments for a maximum of 12 month and up to $3,000 to correct a
   ASSISTANCE                mortgage delinquency (Unemployment Mortgage Subsidy Program)
                         (one application for all Up to $5,000 for eligible homeowners who are behind on their mortgage or
                       three programs--be sure
       from             to read the FAQ’s first!) second mortgage (Mortgage Loan Rescue Program)
                                                  Onetime help of up to $10,000 for homeowners with reduced income seeking
      MSHDA                 866-946-7432          to modify their mortgage loans. The lender must agree to match the principal
                                                  reduction with the same amount (up to $20,000 total maximum) and modify
                                                  (reduce) the loan balance. (Principal Curtailment Program).

DHS—Mt. Clemens           586-469-7700        May assist with lump sum payments to prevent foreclosure through the State
DHS—Sterling Heights      586-254-1500        Emergency Relief ($2000) & Emergency Services programs combined, often
   DHS—Warren             586-427-0600        with the combined contributions from the customer and other helping
                                              agencies, such as MCCSA, The Salvation Army, etc, if there will be sufficient
                                              income to maintain mortgage payments in the future.
                                                            Revised by Dan Pfaff 8/24/12 More lists are at

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